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Sep 18, 2015 - new online store on the 24th September 2015. Through ... to Milan where she worked as an Art Director at
18th  September  2015                                  



Kathaline  Page-­‐Guth:  A  New  Unique  Jewellery  Brand  from  Florence    

  Kathaline  Page-­‐Guth,  a  fine  jewellery  designer  based  in  Florence,  Italy,  will  be  unveiling  her   new  online  store  on  the  24th  September  2015.     Through   her   designs,   Kathaline,   who   was   born   in   Geneva   in   1961   and   has   studied   at   the   Gemological  Institute  of  America,  explores  the  female  world,  drawing  inspiration  from  her   own   personal   experiences,   travels   and   passion   for   ancient   geometry,   cultural   contaminations  and  precious  materials.   To  mark  the  occasion,  the  new  luxury  brand,  which  proposes  an  exclusive,  limited  edition   range   of   handcrafted   designer   rings,   necklaces,   earrings,   pendants   and   broches,   will   be   launching  four  distinctive  collections:    

Empowered   is   a   unique   range   of   assertive,   statement   pieces,   showcasing   an   eclectic   selection   of   designs   with   meticulous   artisanal   accents.   The   height   of   the   collection   is   the   striking   ‘Claw’   ring,   featuring   a   generous,   London   Blue   Topaz   stone   in   a   Diamond   pavé,   feline  claw  setting.  

  Empowered  collection:  Claw  ring                                                                      Alter  Ego  collection:  Kati  ring  

Glamourous  and  indulgent,  the  Burlesque  collection  is  the  epitome  of  feminine  sensuality   and   luxury.   The   range   features   a   sophisticated,   ‘Passementerie’   ring   with   curvaceous,   snake-­‐like   lines,   punctuated   with   a   shimmering   array   of   brilliant   cut,   white   or   black   Diamonds.   In  Alter  Ego,  the  designer  explores  the  dark  side  of  the  female  psyche,  expressed  through   glinting  shark’s  teeth  and  striking  geometric  forms.  One  of  the  highlights  of  the  collection  is   the  18  karat  yellow  gold,  ‘KATI’  ring,  featuring  a  distinctive,  circular  motif  with  brilliant  cut   diamond  accents.   As  the  name  dictates,  the  Romance  collection,  pampers  to  the  gentler  side  of  a  woman’s   nature.  And  it  is  here  that  the  designer  gives  free  reign  to  her  creativity,  crafting  unusual,   playful  and  extravagant  designs  of  a  timeless  yet  contemporary  quality.  One  of  these  pieces  

is   ‘Greedy’,   an   exquisitely   colourful   dragon   broach,   made   of   a   striking   array   of   minute   Tourmaline   cabochons,   Sapphires,   Tsavorites,   Diamond   pavé,   and   a   single   Chrysoprase   briolette.   “I  wanted  to  create  a  collection  that  expresses  the  true  spirit  of  the  modern-­‐day  woman.   An  independent  woman  who  knows  what  she  wants;  a  woman  who  doesn’t  have  to  wait   for   a   man   to   buy   her   a   ring   or   a   special   piece   of   jewellery.   For   me,   a   piece   of   fine   jewellery   is  more  than  just  an  ornamental  accessory.  It’s  a  rare  and  valuable  work  of  art;  a  symbolic   and  emotional  investment  piece  to  be  worn  and  treasured  for  generations  to  come”,  states   Kathaline  Page-­‐Guth  about  her  new  collection.   Each   piece   is   made   entirely   in   Italy,   by   highly   skilled   Florentine   artisans,   using   only   the   finest   quality   materials,   and   all   of   the   diamonds,   precious   and   semi-­‐precious   stones   are   ethically  sourced  and  certified  through  the  Kimberley  Process  Certification  Scheme  (KPCS).   Kathaline   Page-­‐Guth   jewellery   is   available   on   the   official   website   and   in   selected   online   stores,  with  prices  ranging  from  €2000  to  €24.000.   For  further  information  visit  www.kathalinepageguth.com  



Press  contact     For  further  information  or  to  arrange  an  interview,  please  contact:     Kathaline  Page-­‐Guth   Tel  :  +39  335  5355110   E-­‐mail:  [email protected]    

About  Kathaline  Page  Guth   Born  to  Hungarian  and  American  parents,  in  1961,  Kathaline  Page-­‐Guth  grew  up  in  Geneva,   where  she  first  studied  Art.  After  graduating  in  Business  Administration,  in  1982  she  moved   to   Milan   where   she   worked   as   an   Art   Director   at   an   advertising   agency   for   five   years,   continuing  to  design  and  create  in  her  own  free  time.     She  finally  went  freelance  and  channelled  her  passion  for  design,  aesthetics,  luxury  objects,   cultural  crossovers  and  pattern  making  into  everything,  from  furniture  and  home  objects,   to  fabrics  and  clothes.   Kathaline’s  move  to  Florence  in  1997  was  a  real  turning  point  in  her  career.  It  was  here  that   she   came   into   contact   with   the   Florentine   ateliers   and,   under   the   mentorship   of   Simone   Rucellai,  began  to  learn  the  prestigious  art  of  fine  jewellery  making.   Convinced   this   was   the   ideal   way   to   vent   her   obsession   with   sacred   geometry,   symbols,   history   and   intercultural   aesthetics,   she   enrolled   on   a   number   of   courses   at   the   Gemmological   Institute   of   America   and   began   designing   and   creating   her   own   jewellery   collection.     The  Collection   This  exclusive  range  of  limited  edition  jewellery  is  inspired  by  the  raw  and  multi-­‐faceted   vitality  of  the  female  experience.  Women’s  desires,  sexuality  and  emotions,  embodied  in   luxurious  yet  understated  designs  that  express  the  dynamic  and  independent  spirit  of  the   modern-­‐day  woman.   Meticulously   crafted   heirlooms   that   aren’t   necessarily   worn   just   on   special   occasions   or   chosen  for  us  by  someone  else,  but  sophisticated  pieces  that  radiate  the  true  essence  and   complexity  of  who  we  are.   Fine  jewellery  designed  by  a  woman  for  women.   Workmanship   For  Kathaline  Page-­‐Guth  a  piece  of  fine  jewellery  is  more  than  an  ornamental  accessory.  It’s   a  rare  and  valuable  work  of  art;  a  symbolic  and  emotional  investment  piece  to  be  worn  and   treasured  for  generations  to  come.   This  is  why  every  design  is  handcrafted  with  the  utmost  care  and  precision  by  highly  skilled   artisans,  trained  in  the  century-­‐old  goldsmith  tradition  for  which  Florence  is  so  renowned.   Each  piece  is  made  from  only  the  finest  quality  materials  and  all  of  our  diamonds,  precious   and  semi-­‐precious  stones  are  ethically  sourced  and  certified  through  the  Kimberley  Process   Certification  Scheme  (KPCS).