2 December - Ulverston Town Council

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Jan 6, 2014 ... of the war memorial from the proceeds of 'My Boy Jack'. • Cllr's Irving, Wilson, Clough and Harris for joining her on the Pop Up. Council events ...
ULVERSTON TOWN COUNCIL Town Clerk: Jayne Kendall Town Mayor: Cllr Judy Pickthall Deputy Town Mayor: Cllr Helen Irving Our Ref: JK/SY/

Town Hall Queen Street Ulverston Cumbria LA12 7AR Telephone: (01229) 585778 E-mail: [email protected] Website: www.ulverstoncouncil.org.uk Twitter: @UlverstonTC Office Hours: Monday – Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm

Minutes of the Meeting of Ulverston Town Council held in the Town Hall on Monday 2 December 2013 at 7.00pm Present: J.Pickthall (Chairman). N. Bishop-Rowe, J. Clough, P.Cooper, J.Harris, M.Hornby, J.Jenkinson, H.Irving P. Jones, P.Lister, C.Pickthall, J.Prosser, A.Rigg, B.Rajan, M. Wilson. Also Present: Public (15) Police (1) Press (1) County Councillor J. Airey, Town Clerk. Apologies: B.Marr, P. Smith, B. Tate (All Personal) S148



DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST: Cllr Jenkinson declared that she is a member of SLDC Planning Committee Cllr Rajan declared that he is a member of SLDC Planning Committee Cllr Prosser declared a personal interest in SL/13/0962 Cllr Bishop Rowe declared a personal and interested in SL/13/0962


TOWN MAYOR’S ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Mayor congratulated:  Westmorland Youth Orchestra for their stirring concert in the Coronation Hall on Saturday.  The volunteer Dickensian Festival Committee for successful mounting what has been generally described as one of the best festivals ever. The Mayor thanked:  Ulverston Outsiders for their donation of £200.00 towards the restoration of the war memorial from the proceeds of ‘My Boy Jack’.  Cllr’s Irving, Wilson, Clough and Harris for joining her on the Pop Up Council events on Devonshire Road and in the Indoor Market.  The British Legion for organising Remembrance Sunday and Remembrance Day and also thanks to the Churches  Churches Together for their Carol Service at the Dickensian Festival and their Remembrance Sunday Services. 



All those Community Groups who took part in the Community Resilience Meeting.

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION: It was proposed that the all members of the public present for the presentation by Cllr Barry Doughty, Cumbria County Council Cabinet Member for Safer and Stronger Communities and Adrian Buckle Assistant Chief Fire Officer for Cumbria Fire and Rescue Services, that was held prior to the town council meeting, should remain in the chamber and continue to ask questions. It was further resolved that the public participation session would

be for a full half hour and would incorporate the session scheduled to be held at the end of the meeting. Proposed Cllr Lister. Seconded Cllr Smith. This was unanimously approved. At the presentation prior to the council meeting all councillors expressed their grave concern about the potential changes to the emergency cover in Ulverston. Members of the public commented as follows: Paul Johnson LA12 9SY Mr Johnson queried the amount of time it would take for the Ulverston pump to travel to and from Barrow in the event of a fire in Ulverston. He queried what the outcome would be if there were simultaneous emergencies. Simon O’Neil LA12 9D8 He referred to the Integrated Risk Management Plan which was over 5 years old and asked what would happen after this. He said having several fire engines could help to split the risk. Ian Shaw. LA12 He said that the retained fire fighters were the best asset the town has and did much work in their spare time. He said that the regular fire service could not provide the comprehensive cover of retained fire fighters. Whilst he appreciated the issues raised with the potential closure of the Dalton fire station he said that Ulverston had a larger population. He said that the service shouldn’t be cut. Peter Hanks LA12 9TP He said that whilst things were better in terms of fire safety generally, if there was a major incident there would be insufficient staff. Geoff Dellow LA12 7BU He said that the fire and rescue staff care about the town and do a lot of work in the community. He also commented on the parking on double yellow lines which appeared to be happening across the town with nobody enforcing any regulations. Pat Appleton LA12 9HZ She said that if there was a reduction of staff at the sharp end of a major accident on the A590 could be very serious. S152

MINUTES: The Minutes of the Town Council Meeting held on 4 November 2013 together with the Minutes of the Council Meeting held on the 4 November 2013 – Part II Proposed Cllr P.Lister, Seconded Cllr. J. Clough and unanimously approved.


COUNTY COUNCILLORS/DISTRICT COUNCILLORS/POLICE: Cumbria County Councillors and South Lakeland District Councillors:  Cllr Wilson and Cllr Airey both expressed their deep concern over the length of time it is taking to implement a Traffic Order on New Market St. The latest timescales they have is that it will be in place in Mid-May. The project has been on-going since 2011 and all those present expressed concern.  Cllr Wilson said that there was a CCC South Lakes Local Committee Grant meeting in February and urged groups to put forward applications. He said that the Library was hosting IT sessions with a local young person who was an IT apprentice.


   


Cllr Rajan reported that there was an affordable housing scheme in Grange with very high environmental standard and he hoped that this could be replicated elsewhere. The issue of loose kerbstones on County Square raised by Cllr Bishop Rowe had been reported by Cllr Wilson Cllr Wilson said that the car parking charges would remain the same and that 20p parking on Stockbridge Lane car park was to remain at this price for 2014. Sergeant Rupert Johnson reported: Across the Neighbourhood Policing team there have been 817 calls to the police, with 218 in Ulverston. There are currently no particular crime trends in Ulverston. The inspector reported an incident free Dickensian Festival. He was also concerned about the length of time it has taken to bring in the new Traffic Order on New Market Street

TOWN PLANNING: S154a. Consultation Period Members were updated on recent changes to the consultation period for planning applications which has been reduced from 28 days to 21 days. Planning applications had already been received that were not on the agenda for the evenings meeting and more were expected before Christmas. The Town Mayor had therefore approved an additional full town council meeting to be held on Monday 6th January 2014 to discuss plans. This was to be in addition to the full council meeting to be held on the 20 January 2014. S154b Plans: The following recommendations were made: SL/13/0962 Storage Building Adjacent to Hall, Lightburn Road Approve SL/13/1027 & SL/13/0379 Reflections, 24 Cavendish St, Ulverston. Approve SL/13/1023 19 Quebec St, Ulverston. Approve. Subject to Planning Committee visiting site. SL/13/1056 27 Beech Drive, Ulverston. Approve SL/13/1065 Land adjacent to Stockbridge House Approve


CORRESPONDENCE: Councillors noted correspondence from:  Cumbria County Council: Invitation to Highways meet and greet event in Barrow on Friday 13th December at 9am. The clerk requested that al members who wished to go let her know so she could inform County.  Cumbria County Council Rights of Way Officer. A meeting had been held with the town clerk regarding footpaths and a letter had been received inviting members to comment on rights of way in their area and to recommend improvements. A map of footpaths was distributed.  An invitation to all members to attend the Friends of the Coronation Hall meeting on Thursday 5th December at 6.30


MINUTES OF OTHER MEETINGS: Cllr Cooper commented on the HR committee minutes and the reference to a staff handbook. He asked if this would include contractors. Cllr Lister said that a separate policy for contractors was being developed. Council noted the minutes of previous meetings:


OUTSIDE BODIES: Council noted reports from external bodies.



ASSET TRANSFER PRE-FEASIBILITY REPORT Cllr Clough said that all members had received the pre-feasibility report. He proposed that the council approve a further application to the Social Investment Business to enable the preparation of a full feasibility, business plan, valuation and condition survey to move the project to the next steps. Proposed Cllr Clough. Seconded Cllr Bishop Rowe Unanimously Approved.


BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT Cllr J. Pickthall reported that the Ulverston BIDS committee was moving forward and had appointed a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Hon Secretary. The post of BIDS consultant would be advertised shortly. She said that she and Cllr Jenkinson were representing the town council on the committee.


SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES ACT Cllr Harris updated members on the Sustainable Communities Act. This Act gives town and parish councils and communities the right to come up with proposals and then submit then to central government. These proposals can be for any government action or assistance that would protect or promote sustainable communities. These are defined as Local Economies, Environmental Protection, Social Inclusion and Democratic Involvement. The Government has six months to respond to any issue raised. Before the Act was brought in only higher level local authorities could submit a question to government.


ULVERSTON COMMUNITY EMERGENCY RESILIENCE Cllr Wilson reported a good first meeting which included support from Cumbria County Council and the Environment Agency. The outcome is that it is now possible to put together a skills database and to begin to start forming a steering committee. Cllr Wilson thanked everybody involved and all those groups who had attended.


FINANCE: a) Management Accounts. These were noted. b) New computer. It was resolved to approve an overspend of no more than £500 on the IT budget to replace the town clerks computer which would shortly become unsupported by Microsoft Proposed by Cllr Rajan and Seconded by Cllr Bishop Rowe. c) Following some queries on the payment schedule it was resolved to approve the payment of accounts for UTC and UCP subject to resolution of the queries. Proposed by Cllr Harris, Seconded by Cllr Lister d) Cllr Lister updated members on new Government legislation which would enable the council to move towards electronic banking.


OTHER MATTERS: Cllr C Pickthall reminded members of the invitation to all members to attend the Friends of the Coronation Hall meeting on Thursday 5th December at 6.30 Cllr Wilson thanked all those volunteers involved with local Food Banks Cllr Harris said that the Talk of the Town delivery had been carried out by Freeman Distribution and asked all members to let he know if copies had been received. The Town Mayor said that it was important to debate all of the issues raised in Cumbria County Councils consultation in addition to issues surrounding the fire service, on its budgets and proposed that this take place before the deadline of the 20th January



DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Members noted the date of the next meeting of Ulverston Town Council which will be held on Monday 6 January 2014 at 7pm. There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.35 Cllr Judith Pickthall – Town Mayor.

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