2013: Summer

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Dodge A100 pickup. The Slant 6 engine and 3 speed manual transmission were pushed back, and the seats got dropped down into that va- cant area.
Michigan Region LCOC

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Director’s Comments


Dear Fellow Members,

The Gilmore Museum sits on a beautiful 90 acre site with a dozen buildings devoted to the heritage of the automobile. We had opportunity to take a tour of the newly dedicated Model A Museum. It contains a replica of a working Model A dealership and showroom with many original fixtures from showrooms around the country. On June 11th we had a great membership meeting at Archie’s of Livonia. There were 23 members in attendance. Three of the attendees have been members for several years, and were excited to participate in their first meeting and look forward to enjoying future activities that the club has planned. The July 9th membership meeting was at Duggan’s on Woodward. We were able confirm our Dream Cruise event.

A 1940 Lincoln Continental greeted art patrons attending the opening of the “Michigan Modern” display at Cranbrook Art Museum. As patrons strolled up to the museum on June 13th for the opening, they were greeted with a line of cars from Detroit manufactures past and present. Cranbrook’s grounds have been used in the past as the background of many automotive ads. The Art Museum’s Triton Pools and open Peristyle have appeared behind various manufacturer’s products. Michigan Modern represents the effect the state of Michigan has had in the American Modernism art movement. This includes Michigan based individuals like architects Albert Kahn, Minoru Yamasaki and Eliel Saarinen, plus furniture designers Charles and Ray Eames. The show runs until October 13th.

August 17th will be the Woodward Dream Cruise. This will be a large event for our club. Doctor Steven Shanbom has offered his parking lot at 28747 Woodward Avenue, Berkley, Michigan and we will have 40 parking spaces for members and invited guests. The event is scheduled from 10:00 A.M. until 3:00 P.M. on that Saturday. The charge is $10 per person and it will cover lunch and refreshments. Bring your own lawn chair. Please register online at [email protected]. Make your check out to “LCOC” and mail to me at 46896 Brookslane, Plymouth, Michigan 48170. You can contact me at 734-536-8007 (cell) or 734-453-5544. See you soon, Dennis

1959 Buick ad taken at the Cranbrook Art Museum

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une 1st was a big day for the Lincoln Museum. The ground breaking took place at the Gilmore Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan. Dan and Ann Szwarc joined Louise and me for the ceremony. Dan is a board member for the museum and was able to participate by helping to dig the first shovel of dirt for the new building.


1940 Continental Cabriolet at “Michigan Modern” Art Opening

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Lincoln Museum Breaks Ground

Jul/Aug/Sep 2013 2 Page 0000 Hurry up guys! We can see the bulldozer coming from the right!

On Saturday, June 1st our very own Dan Szwarc helped break ground for the Lincoln Museum at the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, MI. Dan is on the board of the Lincoln Motor Car Foundation (LMCF), which is having the Lincoln Museum built. Also taking a shovel to the ground were: Jerry Capizzi - Lead gift and board member Jack Eby - Chair of LMCF board of trustees Earle Brown - Executive Vice President of LMCF Vaughn Koshkarian - Vice President of LMCF Bill Parfet - President of Gilmore Foundation Micheal Spezia - Exec Director of Gilmore Steve Bosch - Architect of the museum. Gordon Groves - Cornerstone (contractor) Also in attendance were Ann Szwarc, our Director Dennis Garrett and his wife Louise, plus Bill and Patti Nawrot from the Lake Shore Region.

With the generous donation of Jerry Capizzi, the Museum is finally becoming a reality. The outer structure should be completed by the end of this December, with the interior being finished in the spring of 2014. Some of the ground breakers got a laugh when their shovels bent, as they were forced into the ground. Not everyone realized that shiny ceremonial shovels were only for posing with. At least the gloomy sky didn’t release any rain.

Should have had a tag: CAUTION! Not a real shovel

Photos by Bill Nawrot

Just because the ground for the Lincoln Museum has been broken, that doesn’t mean that need for donations has let up. The need for funds still continues. Please continue to donate to LMCF. Funds are still needed to complete the interior and for annual operating costs.

Wally Wigand Attends the Detroit Tiger Car Show

Jul/Aug/Sep 2013

Wally Wigand and his 79 Mark V attended the Detroit Tiger car show/baseball game on June 8th. He took his wife Ginny, their granddaughter Amanda, and Amanda’s friend Megan.

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The car show started at 11:00am and the baseball game lasted until 7:30pm. Our Tigers did beat the Cleveland Indians.


Get your cat off my car

Cars and Tigers

Wally realizing his vinyl top is about to become a scratching post

Hines Park Ford Show in Milford

Part of the June 15th day of car shows included the Hines Park Ford show out in Milford. Over eight LCOC cars were able to make an appearance. The show raised $596 for the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. Bill Rowland

Bob Pilarowski

Dennis tries to recruit a new member

Continental News Jul/Aug/Sep 2013

Motor Muster 2013

Motor Muster at Greenfield Village on June 15th and 16th was attended by at least three LCOC members. They were Bob and the ever so lovely Myrt Gilstorff, Brian Ventura, plus Jerry Majeske and his daughter. The Gilstorff ’s brought their 47 Cabriolet, Brian came with his 62 Sedan, and Jerry had his 62 sedan.


A gentlemen from Crown Point, IN brought a rare 1951 Lido Coupe. The Lido was green with a white top.

Page 0000 Bob Gilstorff

Brian Ventura

Jerry Majeske, Lynn Carr & Lynn’s cousin Roger Williams

2013 MI-LCOC Events *** Events are subject to change ***

September 3rd - 8th LCOC Mid America Meet in Tulsa, OK


October 13th Color Tour with the T-Bird Club 23rd-28th LCOC Western Meet in Phoenix, AZ

2013 MI-LCOC Meetings Aug - No Meeting

Sep 10th - Archie’s of Livonia

30471 Plymouth Road

Livonia, Mi 48150 (734) 525-2820

Oct 8th - Brass Pointe north of 10 Mile Rd. 24234 Orchard Lake Rd.

Mark Sitko is taking orders for regional name tags. Etched cars images include: 40’s Continental Cabriolet Mark II 60’s slabside (shown) Mark III, Mark IV Mark V. Make your check out to “Michigan Region Projects”, and send it to 8331 Rosedale, Allen Park, MI 48101-1631. If you have any questions, call (313) 386-3044.

Farmington Hills, Mi 48336 (248) 476-1377

Dave Saxan Needs Your Vote for LCOC Board

Dave needs you to put a check mark next to his name on the 2014 LCOC Directors Ballot that came with the current issue of the Continental Comments, and mail it in. He has served three terms as a National Director at Large. Dave has participated on all the committees both Regional and National. He has also attended over 25+ national meets.

Newsletters & Announcements by E-mail The Michigan Region of the LCOC is looking into delivering newsletters and announcements by E-mail to most of our members, versus mailing a physical copy. By using E-mail, we would be saving on printing and postage costs. An average newsletter costs $2.81 per copy to print and mail. In order to qualify for an e-mail version you first need to have a valid e-mail address. Second, you need to have either cable or DSL internet access. An E-mail newsletter would take too long for dialup internet access to download. If you would like to receive your newsletters and announcements via E-mail, please send an E-mail to “[email protected]”. Enter “LCOC-MI E-mail Newsletter” in the subject line. Put your name and the E-mail address you want it sent to in the body of the note.


November 1st Annual Dinner at the Ford Country Club

Jul/Aug/Sep 2013

August 17th Woodward Cruise & Picnic at Steve Shanbom’s office at 28747 Woodward south of 12 Mile.

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Continental News

Eyes on Design

Jul/Aug/Sep 2013 6 Page 0000

An LCOC Mini-Meet? If at least eight LCOC vehicles, from three different regions, attend the same car show, can that show be deemed an LCOC Mini-Meet? That’s exactly what happened at the 26th anniversary of the Eyes On Design, on June 16th, 2013. This event was held on the grounds of the Edsel Ford House. The theme of this year’s display was the design evolution from the 50’s through the 60’s. Cadillacs, Lincolns, and Imperials were lined up, so that you could see the design evolution of each brand. Eyes on Design is based on the design of the car, and not so much its condition. Some cars had tiny dings and bumps. One poor attendee from Canada hit a deer with their 1961 Cadillac, on their way to the show. LCOC members that got invited were: Jim McDonald - MI - 1940 Cabriolet Dorothy & John Palmer - MN - 1955 Capri Phil G. D. Schaefer - IN - 1956 Premiere 1970 Mark III 4 door Ed Meurer Jr. - MI - 1958 Continental Mark III Al Gorosh - MI - 1961 Continental Doug Shadady - MI - 1966 Continental

Some of the LCOC Mini-Meet Attendees: Top: Doug Shadady, Al Gorosh, Ed Meurer Bottom: Dorothy & John Palmer, Doug Shadady

Greg Steinmeyer & Ken Martin - MI- 1969 Continental

Jim McDonald’s 1940 Cabriolet

LCOC Mini-Meet Showfield

Continental News Jul/Aug/Sep 2013 7

One of the show’s featured cars was Phil Schaefer’s custom 1970 four door Mark III. This is the car that Lehmann-Peterson began to build and had to be completed by the Mooney Co. How many attendees thought this was just a regular production car, and not the only one built?

The Palmers from Minnesota

Styling Contrasts Deora II, the truck every kid in the 60s’ loved. It was created by the Alexander Brothers in Detroit. It began life as an upright 1965 Dodge A100 pickup. The Slant 6 engine and 3 speed manual transmission were pushed back, and the seats got dropped down into that vacant area. The windshield is the upper half a 1960 Ford station wagon tailgate.

61 Lincoln: Clean and Crisp

61 Cadillac: The “R.I.P. Bambi” look

Continental News It’s Even Better for 2013

19th Annual Woodward Cruise

Jul/Aug/Sep 2013

19 years ago we cruised Woodward separately, trying to find any open spot big enough to fit a Lincoln. Last year Dr. Steve Shanbom allowed us to use his office’s parking lot, which is just south of 12 Mile Road on the southbound side. Our Lincolns were finally “on” Woodward.

Saturday Aug 17th


This year it gets even better, as we are catering lunch. For only $10 per person, everything is included, lunch, beverages and parking. That’s a bargain on Woodwood Cruise day! So that we have enough meals, you need to RSVP to Dennis Garrett.

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Don’t fear rain or baking in the sun, as the building has that huge portico to protect you. Others may be hot or uncomfortable, while you just sit back and enjoy. Come on out and enjoy a day of Lincolns and fun. Just look for the “Welcome LCOC” banner south of 12 Mile Road.

$10/Person Includes Lunch & Beverage



(734 V P : 468 ) 536 D e n 9 nis Mak 6 Brook 8007 s e




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