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Jul 1, 2013 ... All original parts including hammer forged barrel. •. Very Good Condition. •. Sidefolding (Paratrooper) model. Galil Rifle. • .223 cal (5.56 x 45).


A Message From CNC Warrior LLC _________________________________________ Thanks so much for purchasing from our company. We truly value your business and hope to serve you in the future. RECENTLY ADDED! Parts Kits Micro Galil (MAR) • • • •

.223 cal (5.56 x 45) All original IMI parts Excellent Condition Extremely Rare

Romanian G AK • • •

7.62 x 39 caliber All original parts including hammer forged barrel Very Good Condition

Czech VZ58 • • • •

7.62 x 39 caliber All original parts including hammer forged barrel Very Good Condition Sidefolding (Paratrooper) model

Galil Rifle • • • •

.223 cal (5.56 x 45) All original IMI parts Good Condition Brand New IMI chrome lined, hammer forged barrel

M44 Mosin Nagant Rifles Own one of these awesome 7.62 X 54R bolt action rifles with folding bayonet and short overall length (40”)

available now for the low price of $245. Limited supply left.

Razorback Muzzle Brake Presale Our new “Razorback” brake utilizes an advanced design to reduce recoil and muzzle climb more effectively than any other brake we’ve tested. Available soon… for most of the battle rifles that we support.

ON SALE………… THIS MONTH ONLY! Ported 5.5 Muzzle Extensions --- 20% off Saiga / Vepr12 ga. Demon Muzzle Tips --- 30% off



We encourage you to provide honest feedback regarding our products, website, and customer service. This will help our new customers with their purchase decisions. In the month of July, we’re awarding $10 rebate to 5 random customers who make purchases and submit one of the following: • • • •

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OVERVIEW CNC Warrior sold it’s first gun part in July of 2001, but our machine shop has been in business since 1955. We have been keenly aware of the de-industrialization that has decimated our country’s economic engine over the past few decades. Under the guise of “free trade” and touting the false benefits of globalization, the powers-that-be destroyed many manufacturing businesses in our area and throughout the country. This motivated us to use everything at our disposal to survive, first of all, then to promote changes which may help return prosperity to the USA. We try to make vital gun parts available at affordable prices and of great quality, then back them up with excellent service. Hopefully this helps you and, in some small way, helps strengthen the backbone of this great nation by providing patriots and gun owners everywhere with the parts that they need. Thanks for your business & Happy Independence Day! Denny Butts Member Manager CNC Warrior LLC 1-877-511-9277