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PELCRA Research Report No. 01/JTW/2018 University of Lodz, Institute of English Studies, ul. Pomorska 171/173, 90-236 Łódź, Poland

Jacek Tadeusz Waliński

Verbs of rolling in coextension path expressions in the British National Corpus 1. Introduction Movement is used to describe a plethora of more or less abstract concepts, including trends, moods, prices, etc. Fictive motion refers to figurative representations of motion attributed to immobile material objects, states, or abstract concepts, in which the meaning of motion verbs is semantically extended to express relations that do not involve motion per se nor change of state.1 Coextension paths are a specific category of fictive motion expressions used to depict spatial configurations of stationary objects in terms of motion over the object’s extent.2 This report focuses specifically on fictive motion in this particular narrow sense of coextension paths. It demonstrates the use of motion manner verbs that encode rolling in coextension path expressions in the British National Corpus. 2. Manner semantics in fictive motion Matsumoto (1996) observes that both English and Japanese exhibit certain similarities with respect to some aspects of motion that must be expressed, as well as some aspects of motion that cannot be expressed in coextension paths. These aspects, or conditions as he terms them, effectuate in certain restrictions on the kinds of motion verbs that can occur in fictive motion sentences, as well as accompanying adpositional and adverbial phrases. Firstly, Matsumoto (1996) argues that coextension path expressions in both English and Japanese are subject to the path condition, which states that “some property of the path of motion must be expressed in fictive motion sentences” (Matsumoto, 1996, p. 194). The condition posits that if the verb itself does not convey information about the path, a concomitant adverbial or adpositional phrase must be used to describe it, which is demonstrated in (1). (1) a. John began to run. b. ? The road began to run. c. The road began to run along the shore. Sentences (1a–c) demonstrate that when the verb run, which does not encode any information about the path, is used to represent actual motion, as in (1a), it does not require any prepositional or adverbial phrase describing some property of the path. Comparing it to (1b) demonstrates that fictive motion requires some path-related information to be always present, 1 2

Langacker, R. W. (2008). Cognitive Grammar: A Basic Introduction. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Talmy, L. (2000). Toward a Cognitive Semantics, Vol. I: Concept Structuring Systems. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.


which can be provided by a prepositional phrase, as in (1c). Secondly, Matsumoto (1996) proposes the manner condition, which states that “no property of the manner of motion can be expressed unless it is used to represent some correlated property of the path” (Matsumoto, 1996, p. 194). It is illustrated in (2). (2) a. The path zigzags up the hill. b. ?The path rolls up the hill. These sentences demonstrate that if a manner-conflating verb is used to express fictive motion, the information on manner conveyed by the verb must be related to some property of the path. For instance, in (2a) the verb zigzag enables us to infer the overall shape of the path. However, the manner of motion conflated in the verb roll in (2b) is difficult to relate to any specific property of the path. For that reason, it is unlikely to feature in coextension path expressions. Matsumoto (1996, pp. 195–203) argues that the manner condition restricts the manner information irrespective of whether it is encoded in the verb or in adverbials. Matlock (2004b) argues that travelable paths, i.e. paths that can be traversed, tolerate manner verbs to a greater extent than paths not normally associated with motion (see Matsumoto 1996 for a comparison between English and Japanese). For instance, the fictive motion sentence (3a) includes the verb crawl, which is used to describe a highway that tends to be congested during rush hours. The sentence (3b) includes the verb race, which has the opposite meaning and can be used to describe a highway that does not have much traffic. (3) a. The highway crawls through the city. b. The highway races through the city. In these sentences the verb of motion manner does not describe actual motion or a spatial configuration of the path, but the property of speed is used to convey information about how motion is known to occur along the path. Matlock (2004b, p. 232) points out that the semantics of manner verbs in fictive motion potentially enables us to infer various properties of the path, which may expand far beyond the association with speed. For instance, in the sentence “The footpath staggers from the bar to the outhouse” the semantic information included in the verb stagger is used to describe an erratic shape of the footpath. Although the verb is not typically used in fictive motion expressions, it fits in this contexts because bars are associated with drinking and drunk people tend to walk in an erratic fashion. Matlock (2004b, p. 232) admits that although such coextension path expressions may sound somewhat poetic and less conventional, they are perfectly acceptable in the right context. 3. Verbs of motion manner Talmy (1985, 2000b, 2007) sketches a basic motion event as a situation that “consists of one object (the Figure) moving or located with respect to another object (the reference object or Ground)”. The basic schema of Motion event has four internal core components, which apart from the above-mentioned Figure and Ground, include also Motion and Path. The Path is a path followed or site occupied by the Figure object with respect to the Ground. The component of Motion “refers to the presence per se of motion or locatedness in the event” (Talmy, 2000b, p. 25), despite the fact the in the latter motion as such does not occur. Moreover, Talmy (2000b, p. 26) distinguishes an associated Co-event: “a motion event can be associated with an external Co-event that most often bears the relation of Manner or of Cause to it”. Thus, besides the above-mentioned four internal components of the core schema of motion, the Manner component reflects the manner in which the motion takes place, and the Cause is the cause of its occurrence.


Talmy (1985, 2000b, 2007) observes that different languages conflate the semantic components of the Motion event in different ways. He identifies three main typological patterns of the mappings between the meaning and form for the expression of motion events. The Motion+Co-event pattern (Talmy, 2000b, p. 27–29) can be illustrated with sentences, such as “The rock rolled down the hill” (Motion+Manner), or “The napkin blew off the table” (Motion+Cause). The Motion+Path pattern (Talmy, 2000b, p. 49–53) can be illustrated with the following sentences from Spanish: “La botella entró a la cueva (flotando)” [Lit. The bottle MOVED-in to the cave (floating), i.e. “The bottle floated into the cave”)], and “La botella salió a la cueva (flotando)” [Lit. The bottle MOVED-out to the cave (floating), i.e. “The bottle floated out of the cave”)]. The Motion+Figure pattern (Talmy, 2000b, pp. 57–59) expresses the fact of Motion together with the Figure. English verbs of motion tend to conflate manner, but still there is a substantial lexicon of verbs that designate paths and their directionality (Talmy, 1985, 2000b, Part 1, 2007). Rappaport Hovav and Levin (2010) argue that verb meanings can be systematically categorized as manner or result, with directionality counting as the result for motion verbs. Rappaport Hovav & Levin (2010, pp. 28–33) propose that the result verbs, which include the directed motion verbs, do not have to be telic, however, they must specify scalar changes. In contrast, verbs of motion manner specify non-scalar changes. A non-scalar change cannot be specified in terms of an ordered set of values of a single attribute. Non-scalar changes typically involve a combination of multiple changes for which there is no single, privileged scale of change. As non-scalar, verbs of motion manner are not lexically associated with any particular change. Although they entail change, as all dynamic verbs do, the change is not directed along a particular path. For instance, the manner verb walk describes an action involving a specific pattern of movements of legs, which are different from the pattern associated with run, but collectively these movements do not represent a motion in a particular direction (see Goddard, Wierzbicka, & Wong, 2017). Neither is any one element in the pattern privileged as being the starting point of motion: one can start running by moving the left or the right leg first. In her earlier work, Levin (1993, p. 264), characterizes verbs of motion manner as follows: “These verbs describe motion that typically, though not necessarily, involves displacement, but none of them specifies an inherent direction as part of its meaning. All of these verbs have meanings that include a notion of manner or means of motion”. Levin (1993, pp. 264–270) distinguishes two classes of these verbs that differ from one another in terms of the specific manner or means. (1) Roll verbs generally relate to manners of motion characteristic of inanimate entities. They describe motion that typically (though not always) involves displacement. None of them indicates the direction of motion without an additional prepositional phrase. Many of the roll verbs that describe motion around an axis take a restricted range of prepositions describing the path of motion (Levin, 1993, Ch. 51.3.1). Examples include: bounce, drift, drop, float, glide, roll, slide, swing, coil, revolve, rotate, spin, turn, twist, whirl, and wind. (2) Run verbs typically describe different manners of motion of animate entities, but some of them may be used to describe the movement of inanimate entities, too. Generally they describe displacement in a particular manner or by a particular means without specifying the direction of motion, unless they are accompanied by an explicit directional phrase. Examples include: crawl, creep, dart, dash, fly, gallop, hasten, hike, hop, hurry, jog, journey, jump, leap, march, parade, plod, prowl, race, roam, run, rush, skip, sneak, speed, stagger, stomp, stride, stroll, stumble, sweep, swim, tiptoe, travel, trek, waddle, walk, wander, and zigzag. Levin (1993, Ch. 51.3.2) notes that this category probably requires a further subdivision.


Levin (1993, Ch. 51.5) distinguishes also a related class of waltz verbs, which are zero-related to names of dances and mean roughly “perform the dance”. She notes that basically any dance name gives rise to a zero-related verb of this type and that verbs taking their names from dances involving partners appear to show slightly different behavior from those that do not. Examples include: dance, jive, polka, samba, tango, waltz, etc. Although distinguishing classes of manner verbs on the basis of syntactically salient properties of the verb with reference to argument and adjunct makes a rational line of studies, there is no fully established consensus among scholars as to the types of semantic components relevant to the manner of motion. One problem, as pointed out by Slobin Ibarretxe-Antunano, Kopecka, and Majid (2014, p. 704), is that the property of manner is often approached in the linguistic literature as an allembracing category that covers a heterogeneous collection of verbs, which, apart form basic motor patterns, express also effort, posture, rhythm, speed and other dimensions that characterize motion see Slobin et al., 2014 for a broader discussion). Taking into consideration primitive semantic components of argument structure, semantic role selection, and event structure, Mani and Pustejovsky (2012) distinguish two basic predicative classes denoting movement, which essentially corresponds to the distinction between path and manner verbs proposed by Talmy (1985, 2000b, 2007). The class of manner predicates can be characterized as these verbs that “indicate motion, but with no particular source, goal, or path associated with this motion” (Mani & Pustejovsky, 2012, p. 40). According to Mani and Pustejovsky (2012, pp. 40–41), manner verbs can be considered subtypes of an atomic predicate for motion, which they call move (cf. Jackendoff, 1990, Ch. 5.2). The atomic predicate move “takes as its arguments the figure and the tracing of the movement by the object in motion, which is a path”. For this reason, such verbs can be referred to as path-creating predicates and characterized as follows: a. There is an action (e) bringing about an iterated non-distinguished change of location. b. The figure undergoes this non-distinguished change of location. c. The figure creates (leaves) a path by virtue of the motion. d. The action (e) is performed in a certain manner (Mani & Pustejovsky, 2012, p. 41). The motion expressed by manner predicates can be differentiated according to a parameter identifying manner types. Slobin et al. (2014) used a free naming task to elicit descriptions of movement based on video-clips for Basque, English, French, Polish, and Spanish. The results demonstrate a primary split between walking and non-walking gaits, with two major clusters of running and walking, as well as clear nodes of crawling and jumping. By additionally examining descriptions of the motion manners submitted by labelers and employing elaborate statistical measures, Slobin et al. (2014, p. 717) propose to distinguish the following major human gait types for English: (1) basic level: walk, run; (2) normal pace walking: clop, cruise, dance, hike, march, pace, etc.; (3) relaxed walking: amble, meander, saunter, stroll, wander; (4) labored progress: bumble, creep, dawdle, lumber, mope, plod, etc.; (5) impaired walking: hobble, limp, stagger, stumble; (6) quadrupedal movement: crawl, walk-on-all-fours; (7) running: gallop, jog, prance, sprint, trot; (8) rapid movement: bob, charge, dart, frolic, hurry, hustle, jaunt, etc.; (9) smooth movement: float, slide, slither, squirm; (10) punctuated, repeatable movement: bounce, bound, hop, jump, leap, skip, etc. 4. Methodology This research employs the British National Corpus (henceforth, the BNC), which is a 100 million word collection of samples of written and spoken contemporary British English from


a wide range of texts. The texts are not limited to any particular subject field, genre or register (see Aston & Burnard, 1998; Burnard, 2000; see www.natcorp.ox.ac.uk for more information). The reason behind picking this corpus for the investigation of fictive motion expressions is twofold. First, this is probably the most famous reference corpus for English used by numerous researchers in a multitude of studies and widely regarded as the standard reference for English. Because of wide availability and stability of corpus data, any variation between this study and other studies may result from the methodology contained in research, but not from differences in the linguistic data under examination. Second, the use of fictive motion is a stable linguistic phenomenon, therefore there is no need to worry about its underrepresentation in the corpus that is relatively old. Because at the syntactic level fictive motion expressions are practically indistinguishable from actual motion expressions, they are problematic to pick out selectively from corpora. For this reason, the examination of verbs in coextension paths was implemented with a procedure that involves looking for landmarks that can potentially feature in coextension paths in combination with motion verbs. Selecting suitable landmarks followed observations that coextension paths usually describe elongated or spatially extended objects (Langacker, 2005; Matlock, 2004a, 2004b). Starting with a few prototypical objects, such as “road”, “wire”, “fence”, “coast”, etc., WordNet (2010) was consulted to find hyponyms, meronyms, and other sister terms in order to identify spatially extended entities that are potentially fit for descriptions with fictive motion. For the purpose of the present study the following four categories of landmarks were distinguished: (1) Travelable paths: “alley, artery, avenue, boulevard, bridge, flyover, footpath, highway, lane, motorway, overpass, passage, passageway, path, pathway, pavement, railway, road, roadway, route, street, subway, thoroughfare, track, trail, tunnel, underpass, viaduct, walkway, way”. These spatial entities are distinguished by Matsumoto (1996) as paths intended for traveling by people. (2) Travelable environmental entities: “beach, canyon, cliff, coast, coastline, crag, desert, escarpment, field, forest, glacier, glen, grassland, gulf, gully, hill, island, land, littoral, meadow, mountain, plateau, ravine, ridge, scarp, seashore, shore, valley, wasteland, wilderness”. These natural extended landmarks can also be traveled, however they were not built for this purpose. (3) Non-travelable connectors: “cable, conduit, conveyor, duct, hose, line, pipe, pipeline, tube, wire”. These elongated objects are used for transmitting energy or transporting substances over long distance. However, they are classified by Matsumoto (1996) as non-travelable paths because they are not traveled by people. (4) Non-travelable barriers: “barrage, barricade, barrier, dam, fence, hedge, hedgerow, palisade, rampart, wall”. These spatially extended entities typically serve as barriers and are not normally used for traveling, but they often stretch over a relatively substantial distance.

Altogether, 80 landmarks were selected for analysis, including 60 landmarks for travelable paths and 20 landmarks for non-travelable paths. This selection seems to be reasonably adequate for the purpose of investigating coextension path expressions. Enumerating all landmarks that can potentially feature in this context is impossible, if only due to the unlimited creativity of linguistic expressions. The search for the manner semantics in fictive motion expressions was implemented by looking for combinations of the selected landmarks with third-person singular simple present and past forms of the verbs of motion manner using the following pattern: LANDMARK (NOUN SING.) + MANNER MOTION VERB (3RD SING. PRESENT/PAST TENSE)


Because a satisfying classification of the verbs of motion manner has not been found in the existing studies, the division of manner verbs used in this study was worked out on the basis of the above-reviewed classifications proposed by Levin (1993, pp. 263–269) and, in relation to manners of human gait, by Slobin et al. (2014), as well as VerbNet. Additional pointers were provided by the discussion about schematic structural elements involved in the cognitive schema of LOCOMOTION contributed by Dodge & Lakoff (2005). A starting point for dividing manner verbs is the split between roll and run verbs proposed by Levin (1993, Ch. 51.3). The verbs of motion manner analyzed in this study include verbs of rolling, which are divided into two subgroups of verbs of sliding and verbs of coiling (following Levin’s (1993) proposal). 5. Verbs of rolling The group of motion verbs investigated in this report includes includes verbs of rolling (Levin, 1993, Ch. 51.3.1), which refer to “manners of motion that are characteristic of inanimate entities (i.e., where there is not necessarily protagonist control on the part of the moving entity)” (Levin, 1993, p. 265). None of these verbs specifies the direction of motion, unless accompanied by an additional prepositional or adverbial phrase. Levin (1993, pp. 264–265) subdivides them further into two subclasses. The first subclass includes verbs of sliding, which describe the motion that occurs smoothly and is typically not externally controllable by the Agent of motion. VERBS OF SLIDING: drift, float, glide, slide, slither, swing. (6 verbs)

The other subclass taken into consideration includes verbs of coiling. They describe motion around an axis and take a restricted range of prepositions relating to the specific path of motion around an axis (Levin, 1993, p. 265). The verb roll, which demonstrates properties of both the sliding and coiling class, is included in this batch. VERBS OF COILING:

coil, curl, revolve, roll, rotate, spin, spiral, swivel, turn, twirl, twist, whirl, wind, pivot. (14 verbs)

6. Queries This research is based on the BNC World edition published in 2001. The corpus was searched with SlopeQ for the BNC, a part-of-speech-sensitive concordancer with support for proximity queries developed by Piotr Pęzik.3 The vertical bar symbol or pipe ( | ) used in queries indicates logical AND, which enables executing multiple queries in a single line. For example, the query [road rolls|rolled] substitutes for two separate queries “road rolls” and “road rolled”. The following queries were used: Verbs of sliding alley|artery|avenue|boulevard|bridge|flyover|footpath|highway|lane|motorway|overpass|passage|passageway|path|pathway |pavement|railway|road|roadway|route|street|subway|thoroughfare|track|trail|tunnel|underpass|viaduct|walkway|way|bea ch|canyon|cliff|coast|coastline|crag|desert|escarpment|field|forest|glacier|glen|grassland|gulf|gully|hill|island|land|littoral| meadow|mountain|plateau|ravine|ridge|scarp|seashore|shore|valley|wasteland|wilderness|cable|conduit|conveyor|duct|hos e|line|pipe|pipeline|tube|wire|barrage|barricade|barrier|dam|fence|hedge|hedgerow|palisade|rampart|wall drifts|drifted|floats|floated|glides|glided|slides|slid|slithers|slithered|swings|swung


For more information, see: Pęzik, P. (2015). Spokes – a Search and Exploration Service for Conversational Corpus Data. In Selected Papers from CLARIN 2014, 99–109 Electronic Conference Proceedings (pp. 99–109). Linköping University Electronic Press: Linköping University Electronic Press.


Verbs of coiling alley|artery|avenue|boulevard|bridge|flyover|footpath|highway|lane|motorway|overpass|passage|passageway|path|pathway |pavement|railway|road|roadway|route|street|subway|thoroughfare|track|trail|tunnel|underpass|viaduct|walkway|way|bea ch|canyon|cliff|coast|coastline|crag|desert|escarpment|field|forest|glacier|glen|grassland|gulf|gully|hill|island|land|littoral| meadow|mountain|plateau|ravine|ridge|scarp|seashore|shore|valley|wasteland|wilderness|cable|conduit|conveyor|duct|hos e|line|pipe|pipeline|tube|wire|barrage|barricade|barrier|dam|fence|hedge|hedgerow|palisade|rampart|wall coils|coiled|curls|curled|revolves|revolved|rolls|rolled|rotates|rotated|spins|spun|spirals|spiraled|swivels|swiveled|turns|tur ned|twirls|twirled|twists|twisted|whirls|whirled|winds|wound|pivots|pivoted

Implementation of corpus queries based on the regular expression syntax provides for immediate replicability of this research. 7. References Aston, G., & Burnard, L. (1998). The BNC Handbook: Exploring the British National Corpus with SARA. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. BNC. (2001). The British National Corpus [World Edition] Oxford: Oxford University Computing Services. Available from OUCS at: http://www.natcorp.ox.ac.uk Burnard, L. (Ed.). (2000). Reference Guide for the British National Corpus (World Edition). Oxford: Oxford University Computing Services. Dodge, E., & Lakoff, G. (2005). Image schemas: From linguistic analysis to neural grounding. In B. Hampe (Ed.), From Perception to Meaning: Image Schemas in Cognitive Linguistics (pp. 57–91). Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. Goddard, C., Wierzbicka, A., & Wong, J. (2017). “Walking” and “running” in English and German: The conceptual semantics of verbs of human locomotion. Review of Cognitive Linguistics, 14(2), 303–336. https://doi.org/10.1075/rcl.14.2.03god Jackendoff, R. (1990). Semantic Structures. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Langacker, R. W. (1986). Abstract Motion. In Proceedings of the Twelfth Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society (pp. 455–471). Berkeley, CA: Berkeley Linguistics Society. Langacker, R. W. (2005). Dynamicity, fictivity, and scanning: The imaginative basis of logic and linguistic meaning. In D. Pecher & R. A. Zwaan (Eds.), Grounding Cognition: The Role of Perception and Action in Memory, Language, and Thinking (pp. 164–197). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Langacker, R. W. (2008). Cognitive Grammar A Basic Introduction. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Levin, B. (1993). English Verb Classes and Alternations: A Preliminary Investigation. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Mani, I., & Pustejovsky, J. (2012). Interpreting Motion: Grounded Representations for Spatial Language. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Matlock, T. (2004a). Fictive motion as cognitive simulation. Memory & Cognition, 32(8), 1389–1400. https://doi.org/10.3758/BF03206329 Matlock, T. (2004b). The conceptual motivation of fictive motion. In G. Radden & K.-U. Panther (Eds.), Studies in Linguistic Motivation (pp. 221–248). Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. Matsumoto, Y. (1996). Subjective motion and English and Japanese verbs. Cognitive Linguistics, 7(2), 183–226. https://doi.org/10.1515/cogl.1996.7.2.183 Rappaport Hovav, M., & Levin, B. (2010). Reflections on manner/result complementarity. In M. Rappaport Hovav, E. Doron, & I. Sichel (Eds.), Lexical Semantics, Syntax, and Event Structure (pp. 21–38). Oxford: Oxford University Press. Slobin, D. I., Ibarretxe-Antunano, I., Kopecka, A., & Majid, A. (2014). Manners of human gait: a crosslinguistic event-naming study. Cognitive Linguistics, 25(4). https://doi.org/10.1515/cog-20140061


SlopeQ for the BNC. (2017). A part-of-speech-sensitive search engine with support for proximity queries for the British National Corpus data. A general description of the SlopeQ query syntax can be found at: http://pelcra.pl/docs/doku.php?id=slopeq_for_bnc Talmy, L. (1985). Lexicalization patterns: Semantic structure in lexical forms. In T. Shopen (Ed.), Language Typology and Syntactic Description, Vol. 3: Grammatical Categories and the Lexicon (pp. 57–149). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Talmy, L. (2000a). Toward a Cognitive Semantics, Vol. I: Concept Structuring Systems. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Talmy, L. (2000b). Toward a Cognitive Semantics, Vol. II: Typology and Process in Concept Structuring. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Talmy, L. (2007). Lexical typologies. In T. Shopen (Ed.), Language Typology and Syntactic Description, 2nd Ed., (pp. 66–168). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. VerbNet 3.2. (2013). A class-based verb lexicon with mappings to other lexical resources. The unified verb index accessible from: http://verbs.colorado.edu/verb-index/ WordNet Online Search 3.1. (2010). A lexical database for English. Princeton: Princeton University. Available at: http://wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn

8. Concordances The listing of concordance lines retrieved from the BNC with the above queries follows. Queries are presented on yellow background. Results recognized as valid representations of coextension paths are marked with green background.


Verbs of sliding alley|artery|avenue|boulevard|bridge|flyover|footpath|highway|lane|motorway|overpass|passage|passageway|path|pathway|pavement|railway|road|roadway|route|street|subway|thoroughfare|track|trail|tunnel|underpass|viaduct|walkway|way|beach|canyon|cliff|c oast|coastline|crag|desert|escarpment|field|forest|glacier|glen|grassland|gulf|gully|hill|island|land|littoral|meadow|mountain|plateau|ravine|ridge|scarp|seashore|shore|valley|wasteland|wilderness|cable|conduit|conveyor|duct|hose|line|pipe|pipeline|tube|wire|barr age|barricade|barrier|dam|fence|hedge|hedgerow|palisade|rampart|wall drifts|drifted|floats|floated|glides|glided|slides|slid|slithers|slithered|swings|swung Displaying sentences 0 - 27. Index contains 6,024,147 sentences. #

Left Match 1 The is the point where the cliff swings 2 But as the field swung 3 Scorton Playing Field Swings 4 He compromised by gazing fixedly into the middle distance , where moorland and forest drifted 5 The entry of foreign forces into the Gulf swung 6 Bolton , unbeaten before Saturday 's match , fell behind in the opening minute when right-winger Ryan Hill drifted 7 As the gap slowly widened , a mass of land drifted 8 Estate land swings 9 It is also worth checking your transit twice , since sometimes the start line drifts 10 If , as seems likely , this line swings 11 The flared plateau of the upturned mountain drifted 12 The plane climbed ponderously but the mountain slid alkers pointing13at you and shouting ‘ tosser ’ , and landowners chasing after you with a stick as another slice of expensive path slides he thing strained 14 upwards , rolling its dripping head in agony — and something that had been lying tight beneath it on the pavement slid 15 FIVE YEARS OF RAILWAY SLIDES 16 Five Years of Railway Slides 17 This is an addition to the couple of paragraphs that appeared under ‘ Five Years of Railway Slides ( He18started the talk by saying that he had misled us , its true title was ‘ An Excuse for Vic Smith to Look at His Railway Slides 19 We were distracted by a lorry appearing where the road slid 20 As the road slithers 21 Then the road swung 22 We stopped at a gap in the hedge as the road swung 23 It was like that all the way to the intersection where the new road swung ne was chopping 24 mint at the kitchen table and the sound of the Salvation Army band playing as usual on the corner of the street drifted 25 Past the smaller Loch Eilde Beag the track swings 26 The track swings 27 The burning building behind him settled , and a triangular slice of wall slid

Right Source Text Id BNC id round to form the dramatic and much less amenable territory of the south face — home to a number Climberofand spectacular Hill KGymw Walker. routes ECH. away from the stands for the first time it became clear that the grey would not have matters entirely Great to races. his liking BXbqw , for first AD7 Kildimo and then T [Parish CouncilVyX5w letters] HPK by and could be contemplated almost casually . The colour of magic. 3BQVw HA3 public opinion strongly behind Iraq , and a number of pro-Iraqi demonstrations were held in theKeesings country during Contemporary Vrnzw August HKX ,Archives. including a march o into the penalty area , met a cross from the left , and fired in from an acute angle . Independent, electronic zO0yw A4P edition of 1989-10-11 eastward , forming first a peninsula and then an island . Kingdoms of the Z5eDw East. CK2 round in a crescent to the east , up to the A19 . Outdoor Action. qPX6w CHH in a current before the anchor grips . Windsurfing: improving kYLRw techniques. AT6 southwestwards at its western end towards the Farmborough Compression Zone , it may account Habitat for of thepalaeozoic otherwise QKKOwgas puzzling B2J in NWdiscrepancy Europe. b towards them . The colour of magic. 3BQVw HA3 beneath us . Independent, electronic mL6xw A1V edition of 1989-10-03 into the burn after being cut neatly away by fat tyres . The first fifty: munro-bagging BP4Ew AS3 without a beard from under its ravaged body and into the basement . Darkfall. 3dBYw G0E Bishop's Castle kRZRw RailwayHHK Society Journal. ( 1966-1970 ) Bishop's Castle VOgow RailwayHHJ Society Journal. ’ — which referred to Col. Savill 's talk — in our last issue . Bishop's Castle Zozew RailwayHHL Society Journal. Again ’ ! ) Bishop's Castle Gk0Kw RailwayHHM Society Journal. out of the dunes . Wheelbarrow rO0Nw across theAT3 Sahara. around Milkovici and into the regional capital of Mostar the illusion is crushed under the weightThe of ruins Scotsman: . aDB1w News and K5L features. left of a forest of palms , where man-made trenches flanked the road and cradled young treesWheelbarrow , and on pastwZbWw across a mud-brick theAT3 Sahara. cafe , and the villa round to the left . Invasion. OqRdw A61 away to the right , the way blocked by stones placed in a line across it . Isvik. 6Gvgw GV6 through the open window . A nest of singing rpBdw birds. G16 north to reach Luibeilt after around two miles of wild walking from the north-eastern end of theOutdoor loch . Action. R3Vlw CMD to the right almost immediately after the bridge . Outdoor Action. vjwYw CME out of place . Krokodil tears.XQv2w CH0

Verbs of coiling alley|artery|avenue|boulevard|bridge|flyover|footpath|highway|lane|motorway|overpass|passage|passageway|path|pathway|pavement|railway|road|roadway|route|street|subway|thoroughfare|track|trail|tunnel|underpass|viaduct|walkway|way|beach|canyon|cliff|c oast|coastline|crag|desert|escarpment|field|forest|glacier|glen|grassland|gulf|gully|hill|island|land|littoral|meadow|mountain|plateau|ravine|ridge|scarp|seashore|shore|valley|wasteland|wilderness|cable|conduit|conveyor|duct|hose|line|pipe|pipeline|tube|wire|barr age|barricade|barrier|dam|fence|hedge|hedgerow|palisade|rampart|wall coils|coiled|curls|curled|revolves|revolved|rolls|rolled|rotates|rotated|spins|spun|spirals|spiraled|swivels|swiveled|turns|turned|twirls|twirled|twists|twisted|whirls|whirled|winds|wound|pivots|pivoted Displaying sentences 0 - 157. Index contains 6,024,147 sentences. # 1 2 3 4 5 6

Left Oh , it was n't like this at all , I 'm sure , yet the shape silhouetted in the snow where the ice met the The road across-country to Crane Twenty tons of It was not going to be a few South of Durlston Head the Even in death , Lang Hancock continued to stir the

Match beach turned Beach wound bridge rolls bridge rolls coast turns desert winds

Right Source Text Id BNC id into our worst fears . The best of Sunday E251wTimes ARB travel. through a sea of sugar cane in undulating waves ten foot high ; passed old stone churches filled Platinum to capacity coast. YqBvw for Sunday-morning FRS worship , into position across the River Leith , as L/Cpl . Glenpatrick News. GeE4w HS2 and the odd glass of lemonade . East of Wimbledon. wGYWw HR8 westwards . The story of Swanage. EO21w EEX of controversy . Daily Telegraph, LBvpw electronic AHN edition of 1992-04

rals show how 7deeply it may cut ; and the rock from which the Sphinx was carved may have first been roughly shaped by 8 Grit whirled in the biting 9 One trusts that the 10 It was a huge thing , hanging in the air from a beam , its 11 Large external 12 On touching down , after completing the first trans-Atlantic flight , the 13 For the man who owns this land , watching what used to be a wheat 14 The main duty of the foresters of fee was of course the safe keeping of vert and venison : the 15 From the evidence of the 16 The road through the 17 The metal road that left the 18 A staircase broad as a major 19 A steep 20 Blackberry 21 When he reached the ticket hall the heat was so fierce the water from his 22 what you can do is wind it like that and the slav Bedroom with 23 late Gothic vaulting by Hans Spiess of 1486 , and beyond , the room used to house the archives of the 24 Leading off the Diet is the room of the New off the Diet is the 25 room of the New Land rolls built in the 16C and decorated with the painted emblems of the clerks of the 26 'The 27 But as the 28 She rode along , swaggering like a man , till she came to where the 29 At a roadside cottage at the end of the village ( a former toll bar ) , a narrow From 30 the A894 between Scourie and Laxford Bridge , in the rugged far northwest corner of Scotland , a little 31 The f Sutton Lane ,32with the fish pond behind them ; Sutton Court itself at the bottom end of Sutton Court Road , where Sutton From the33village centre , the Thornton road descends sharply initially and when it levels , a side road called Oddies 34 Sutton 35 For given k , the after-tax return falls , so that the slope of the budget 36 Beyond , the as unacceptable 37and intolerable suddenly — just like that — became acceptable and tolerable , as the Conservative party ame out through 38the last curtain of trees and found herself looking down over sunlit green meadowland to where a railway 39 40 Let the moon Shine on thee in thy solitary walk ; And let the misty 41 And let the misty 42 But do n't let the lightweight feel fool you — the first time I wore it was during a 70mph 43 Its seven towers claw towards the grey skies like the fingers of a mutated hand , and the bitter Of course44arpeggios and passage-work generally can freely pass through this part of the compass : it is only when a 45 After a mile the The house was 46 n't visible from where they stood , in the cool beneath the branches , and even further along , where the 47 The 48 Just before the gate the 49 Then the 50 Thus , if one search 51 200 yds later , by another stile , fence veers half right , 52 The 53 From Morwenstow , a well marked and well trodden 54 From Achintree Farm , the 55 From Ballintoy harbour , the 56 57 As the 58 A paved serpentine

desert winds desert winds desert winds duct turned field coils field turned field turned Forest rolls Forest rolls forest twists highway twisted highway wound hill wound Hill curled hose turned hose winds land rolls Land rolls land rolls land turned lane turned lane turned lane turns lane winds lane wound Lane turned Lane turns Lane wound line rotates line turned line turned line wound Meadow turned mountain winds mountain winds mountain winds mountain winds passage turns path turned path turned path turned path turns path turns path turns path turns path winds path winds path winds path winds Path winds path wound path wound

, for the general outline follows precisely the aerodynamic flow of air over obstacles , swirling away Globalatecology. the end gPrLw to leaveAMS a mass for the head . Take back plenty. bRnLw CJA blowing through Vegas this week represent the winds of change for the better in boxing . Today. 1BWrw CEP to point down over one of the stalls . City of dreams.lRyRw H84 produce the toroidal field . New Scientist.KngZw B79 out to be a bog , and the Vimy went in nose first . FlyPast. E11Ow CGL into a race track has been an eye opener … although he 's well aware of the problems the sport [Central can cause television 5k1Xw . news K1C scripts] show them searching for , arresting and attaching offenders , and indicting them at the Forest The Eyreroyal . forests GQPXw of England. AE9 , however , they seem to have discharged their duties with reasonable efficiency as far as ordinary The royal poachers forests GQPXw were of England. concerned AE9 . and turns like a corkscrew , there is n't more than 100 yards of straight in about 40 miles , and[Spokes: it 's narrow unpublished and E1E2w gravelletters .HPP & articles] between pine-clad hills for more than a mile before it dropped to the lower level of a wide plateau Wilder's that stretched wilderness. M4dzw along HHB the river cliffs . up through the tree , with vast rooms leading off at every landing . The colour of magic. pDvrw HA3 sharply upwards into Monpazier . Tower of shadows. xW3Bw HH8 down then to my right and up again . Angel touch. xxglw HWL to steam before it reached the fire . Today. NaVNw CEN up . 106 conversations dwGZss recorded KD0by `Kevin' (PS0H . Prague: a guide. xOQGw APT built in the 16C and decorated with the painted emblems of the clerks of the land rolls . Prague: a guide. xOQGw APT . Prague: a guide. xOQGw APT into a desert for all practical purposes , ' says Giora Shaham , director of the restoration project The . Environment qpwLw Digest.J3G into the metalled road , and Vitor remained mute , she cast him a glance . Sudden fire. W6lkw JY9 into the field , and there she called out as bold as brass : now , please the powers I may find aThe tigerOxford in the English field mr6Ww ! programme. G3P off the main road to the left and continues beyond a crossroads and the old railway track to start Wainwright a long climb in zLzDw the onlimestone the side ASUofdales. Casterton Fell down to the coast at Tarbet . [RSPB new members jZwGw brochure] HSH in wide loops all the way to Applewick , but by footpath there was a short cut across a field , through The Challenge a woodaZg1w ,book and then of brownie B0B acrossstories. another field south — that part of Sutton Lane later became Fauconberg Road — with the Lawn Tennis Grounds Glimpses on the of Chiswick's southern l5jbw side place ALYand in Chiswick history. Par off to the right . Wainwright in EbN2w the limestone ASUdales. from the hamlet of Little Sutton , southward to Sutton Manor Court and northward to the western Glimpses edge ofofTurnham Chiswick's ZXZRwGreen place ALY, immediately in history. op to the dashed line . Lectures on public YMmXw economics. H9J right into Boundary Road , crossed over the railway on the Wallington/Carshalton boundary , where The tramways the bridge eblGw of had Croydon. to be CBK widened . , with a discipline which I found quite remarkable and which was reminiscent of societies that Conservative [Hansard extracts Members KRdNw 1991-1992] often HHWdismiss contem like a serpent through a cutting at the foot . The ChallengepGPxw book of brownie B0B stories. to marsh . The birdwatcher's kWnzw handbook: F9H a guide to the n be free To blow against thee … ’ Climber and Hill oMvyw Walker.ECG be free Climber and Hill oMvyw Walker.ECG and driving rain and it kept me both warm and dry . Outdoor Action. eBGkw CHJ howl around them like souls damned to torment by the foul sorceries of the Great Enchanter … Castle Drachenfels: q1onwan adventure CLK for Warham and returns on itself within these narrow limits that it becomes both really awkward for the player Orchestral and uninteresting technique: q0M1w ina sound manual GVS . for students. sharply south and the ravine opened into a shallow cup-like depression three or four acres in extent The affair . of the 8da3w forest. BMX , following the contours of the shoreline , they could see only a small part of it , jutting up , white Chung between Kuo the book d2qkw intense one: the green FRF Middle of the Kingdom. surround inland and met the road to Sandweg which cut through arable land , punctuated by low , brooding Tomorrow. barns . b0XRw AEA right , between woodland on the left and a hedge on the right . Outdoor Action. o6qMw CHH due north to the daddy of all potholes , Gaping Gill . Wainwright in LB6Xw the limestone ASUdales. out to be wrong , the planner can recover and try a different path . Algorithmic learning. x40Yw FNR right here , still uphill and now away from fence and bends right a few yards later up to stile into Outdoor field . Action. LVz0w A65 its way around the Newtown river and Clamerkin Lake providing some fine estuary walking and Outdoor taking Action. you inland 26pzwa little A65 . along the cliff edge , past Higher and Lower Sharpnose Point where government satellite receiving Outdoor dishes Action. look gM0vw like monstrous CME props from a its way up the side of Meall an t-Suidhe towards Loch Meall an t-Suidhe . Outdoor Action. dew6w CME round the bottom of the cliffs to Whitepark Bay , a beautiful , curved sandy beach where oyster-catchers Independent, areelectronic LPgdw common A5X edition and fulmar of 1989-10-14 petrels ne through banks of gorse and broom . Outdoor Action. wMbOw G2S behind a clump of sparse trees man and beast disappeared but Mr Dakin still gazed after themVets , listening might fly.3YyWw to the clip-clop G3Sof the hooves on down to the lodge through thick natural woods of cedar and pine , birch and wild cherry , oregon Onegrape shining andsummer. WyZbw wild huckleberry JY6 bushes .

59 The 60 Alongside the wall a narrow 61 A 62 Cade occurs frequently in the early y make complicated 63 pipe runs much easier since the joints can all be assembled , tightened , slackened off again and the 64 As a result of reforms ordained at Cowick in 1323 , 65 The research includes analysis of unpublished data from the Winchester Bishopric 66 [ Public Record Office : Originalia Rolls , E 371 , Fine Rolls , C 60 , and 67 Narrow and deeply potholed , the 68 the coast 69 The 70 Around the next corner he came to a hairpin bend where the 71 At Pitesti the 72 There was a drastic thaw , and in a matter of hours the unmetalled 73 The rain fell incessantly until it seemed they travelled through sheets of water , the old cobbled 74 The old drover 's 75 Lee and Mrs Wright who 'd nearly reached the gate by the 76 Leaving the station at a level crossing , the 77 The former 78 From Morvich , where we suspended our journey south on page 93 , the old 79 Finally the As 80the road leaves Clashnessie Bay , the hamlet of the same name is passed and after a further mile a side 81 A side 82 When the 83 When An Teallach passes from sight behind foothills , the 84 Our uin of Courthill 85 House ( not destroyed by fire as may be supposed but dismantled by its owner to avoid paying rates ) , the 86 When the farm 87 Turn left along this road for three quarters of a mile until the 88 The 89 Go through the forest in a north-easterly direction and when the forest 90 Just before a 91 From Santana a confronted by the 92 uncompromising Ben Hiant ( the Holy Mountain ) which , rising to 1729 feet , bars the way forward , the 93 Then the great waterway of Loch Linnhe appears ahead and the 94From the car park in Traquair turn left and follow the narrow road up the hill for 100yds to where the main 95 At Fabian , three miles further on , a 96 Although it was dark and the 97 The 98 Twenty paces or so beyond the shed the 99 As the 100 From the pastoral comforts of the Plateau de Bénou , the 101 The 102 Beyond Raasay House today , the 103 Once the climb begins , the 104 The 105 The He guides106 us among its ‘ toy-like villas , each different in design and each set against a background of trees A curling 107 This 108 Initially the r at breakfast109 ; perhaps they did not leave Aberdeen precisely ( Boswell says ‘ about eight in the morning ’ ) , perhaps the 110 And over there , ’ he said pointing to the left of the fields to where a small

path wound path wound path wound pipe rolls pipe rotated pipe rolls Pipe Rolls Pipe Rolls road coiled road curled road rolled road turned road turned road turned road turned road turned road turned road turns road turns road turns road turns road turns road turns road turns road turns road turns road turns road turns road turns road turns road turns road turns road turns road turns road turns road turns road turns road twisted road twisted road twisted road twists road twists road winds road winds road winds road winds road winds road winds road winds road winds road wound road wound

in and out of deep ravines , through thick oak and pine forests and dense undergrowth . Natural creation kbLMw & the formative BMY mind. between waist-high nettles to a small structure whose function one could guess at . Stormy petrel.Ze6Rw CKF away from the house , leading through the ridges and furrows of fields long left to nature . Out of the storm. ZR8Dw JYC of Henry II 's reign , where payments to him of around L5,600 are recorded , in settlement of various The Dictionary loans that pDPew of he National hadGT5 made Biography: to the Crown Missin in the joint to get the position right before the nuts are all re-tightened . The Which? book NkRgw of plumbing HH6 and central he ( which recorded the shire revenues of the crown ) grew to be triple and quadruple the size they Church were and under realm: v40Bw Edward 1272-1461. I F9L ; rolls and writs of the , enabling historians to closely monitor prices and wages , as well as yields of grain and other Rapid commodities -- ESRCup N4rgw grant to 1550 abstracts. HJ0 . , E 372 ; V. D. Lipman , The Jews of Medieval Norwich , 1967 ; H. G. Richardson , The EnglishThe Jewry Dictionary underD1EQw Angevin of National Kings GTE Biography: , 1960 . Missin ] without any protective barriers next to vertiginous drops to the valleys below . Ring of fire. 8Rzaw FEP and shed its cast-offs The kiosk on the 3YGew brink. HNS over a hill and curled down among flesh-pink dunes . Wheelbarrow MrG2w across theAT3 Sahara. abruptly inland and up hill to Albert Terrace . Wycliffe and the Gnqyw scapegoat. GW3 left amid a forest of oil installations and then cut south-west to Craiova 120 kilometres further on A game . of sudden ZXgWw death.HTJ to liquid mud . The price of glory: Ld1lwVerdun K91 1916. into a muddy mire , sometimes dangerous with potholes , where a man could plunge waist deep Theinprince water of . darkness. Ledyw H9C aside here and climbed under the rock faces of White Crags to continue its lonely course overDaily GirdleTelegraph, Fell and 0484w down electronic into AHC Redesdale edition of 1992-04 . and waited . Jubilee wood.ey2Gw ABX to follow the shore of Loch Carron towards the sea in the close company of the railway . Wainwright in zP1Pw Scotland. CJH beyond the lane junction and crosses the valley to Morvich , a farming settlement in lovely surroundings Wainwrightwith in zP1Pw Scotland. accommodation CJH and camping south to join the A.87 coming over the causeway on Loch Duich and after passing through a huge Wainwright cutting in arrives zP1Pw Scotland. at Shiel CJHBridge , a pleasa away and makes a long and rough descent , with Loch Hourn dramatically in view ahead , to the Wainwright few buildings in zP1Pw Scotland. of Kinlochhourn CJH where there off to the right and crosses the bare and windswept peninsula , the Ru Stoer , to a lighthouse where Wainwright it ends in lGZow at Scotland. a parking CJH place for cars . off to Achmelvich , renowned for its rocky coast and excellent sandy beaches , but on a recentWainwright visit I was disappointed in lGZow Scotland. CJH to find the place rob sharply left in a hairpin bend , take the footpath ahead into the woodland . Outdoor Action. 1Mkbw CHJ down to scenery of a very different character , to the beautiful trees and parklands of Dundonnell Wainwright and vistas in k6qjw Scotland. of sylvan CJH charm . round the head of the loch to join the A.896 from Shieldaig . Wainwright in k6qjw Scotland. CJH sharply east to enter a ravine where waterfalls are to be seen , and then climbs over a low ridge Wainwright to descend in k6qjw Scotland. to Lochcarron CJH . right , by some chicken sheds , the path goes left towards a metal gate . Outdoor Action. o6qMw CHH sharp right to become Marsh Road . Outdoor Action. o6qMw CHH to follow the cliffs at the nice little village of Socoa , whose old fort once defended the entranceThe to the French harbour Pyrenees. oeaKw of Saint-Jean FA2 . east , carry on going north-east . Outdoor Action. 0OBWw CHK off to the left into the village there is a terrace , the spot where Sir Winston Churchill did his paintings Madeira:ofthe thecomplete l85Vw village . guide. CA7 off to the left which winds up into the Pico das Pedras Park . Madeira: the complete l85Vw guide. CA7 inland for several miles into a bare moorland before the contours relent and permit a return to Wainwright the coast . in DM1Zw Scotland. CJH alongside Corran where , at the loch 's narrowest part , a car ferry operates to the far bank , linking Wainwright with the in DM1Zw Scotland. busy A.82CJH south of Fort William right . Outdoor Action. R3Mlw CMD off to the right up into the mountains : I shall come back to this in a moment . The French Pyrenees. LgkRw FA2 away in both directions , the undertaker had stood still and listened for several seconds beforeWycliffe venturing andupthe 8ql6w thescapegoat. steps GW3 to the front door . and turned , I got my bearings and realised it was north , probably in Petrolia itself . New Statesman VOy3w and Society. CAJ out of sight , and it was from that direction the smell of burning was being carried by the breeze A land . not theirs. R5lmw FRJ uphill , following a ridge with the ground falling away to the right , panoramic views are revealed Offthrough the beaten clearings OMEdw track: ofSwitzerland. the FTU lake down below a abruptly down past the villages of Bilheres and of Bielle , another valley ‘ capital ’ this , with some The fine French fifteenth-and Pyrenees. gNEew sixteenth-century FA2 hous up the mountainside towards El Misti . In the palace of P15Ew serpents.APC inland , an excellent road for so small an island . A walk to the Western gVPvw Isles. G1Y steadily higher through the splendid beech trees of the Foret d'lssaux , forever pointing you inThe a new French direction Pyrenees. gNEew and forever FA2 seeming to have along the coast past the Atlantis Hotel and the Matur Holiday Complex . Madeira: the complete l85Vw guide. CA7 on to Arco de Sao Jorge and then goes in and round a deep ravine before it reaches Boaventura Madeira: ( 65km the) .complete l85Vw guide. CA7 through , but not everything is revealed at once : a chimney for but a moment here , a turret window Northern through Echo:d6L3w aArts gapsection. between K4P two acacia tre through the Park before rejoining the A361 . Northamptonshire 5Q68w Rose BNJ of the Shires. through woodlands of birch and alder and hazel and oak uncharacteristic of the harsh Sutherland Wainwright terrain and in lGZow Scotland. alongsideCJH a dancing beck ; it around to make thirty miles . A walk to the Western 8lVdw Isles. G1Y its way up a hill , ‘ is where one of yer teachers lives . Goodnight Mister vMZew Tom. CAB

Apart from the 111track itself the forest had been partially felled for about twenty feet on either side so that except where the 112 The d found the books 113 to be Bibles : it was all clear now , they were going to a week-day preaching , and shortly after , as the 114 We passed a small public garden with tiny , stunted trees ; through an arch , the 115 The 116 The 117 Green fields through which a 118 The Minchmoor 119 Near Marston Doles the 120 Where the main leisure 121 The cycle 122 Beyond the joining of the rivers , now called the Tisza , the 123 After 200yds , at a cross roads , the 124 The 125 The 126 The e is a fertile farming 127 area blessed with a series of long , wide sandy beaches and long afternoon sessions of steady cross direction , singing 128 a high , careless tune , breaking off now and again to laugh rather wildly , so that several people in the 129 Several of the men in the 130 Approaching from Sedbergh , The 131 Then the index fell by almost 20 points below Monday 's close after Wall 132 This was the face that Paradise 133 The ancient HIGH 134 The hand side of bank 135 ahead , following it until reaching electricity posts , then bear quarter right to gate at brow where a clear 136 When the 137 Here a 138 After a further mile towards Chapel-le-Dale , a 139 A narrow 140 The 141 The long 142 Onward and upward the 143 Padding the streets and prying into the window of a man 's life , and the 144 From there a nature 145 The wind was behind as he moved , the mist more noticeable as the 146 An empty drink 147 The key to the system is that the inner tube is stationary while the outer 148 A huge window filled the end of the corridor where the 149 You 're impatient to see the whole tep-ladders were 150 hanging an elegant modern chandelier , there was a smell of fresh paint and sawdust , and against one 151 The new 152 He walked on away from the green and the houses up the bit of the Jackley road from which Tace 153 The 154 To prevent the ‘ feet ’ of wheelbarrows wearing away prematurely , reinforce them with a coathanger 155 The person who severs the 156 A length of iteline , either157 by capstan fitting , as shown for the camera carrier on page 75 , or held by a stop on the line with pigs ' tail

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sharply it was possible to see a long way ahead . The affair of the bzeLw forest. BMX gradually upwards towards the Downs — only the English could call uplands downs — until I was Angel clear touch. of the xxglw motorways HWLwhich cut through down a glen over a burn , I met the Free Church minister on his way to the place of meeting . Highland journey. e5Vyw B1N upwards to the hotel , perched like a toy on medieval ramparts . A woman of my 38V5w age. CEX past fields and passed through a thicket of young trees . The other sideJx34w of heaven. G17 away from the Martin farm into the outskirts of the village . Daughters of the 5Wdrw house.GUK , not tiled like the tunnel floor but just as white ( the deep white dust of chalk hills in August ) soReady that the to catch tunnel dBPgw him floorshould seemed AR2he fall. to carry on an right and drops down to Yarrowford . Outdoor Action. R3Mlw CMD south , past Priors Hardwick , Upper and Lower Boddington to Aston-le-Wall , near which it crosses The making the Banbury-Daventry ofWEeZw the English FAG landscape. road . left to Culworth , continue on the A361 through Chipping Warden and on to Wardington . Northamptonshire 5Q68w Rose BNJ of the Shires. sharp right and passes the West Gate entrance to Hopetoun House , Scotland 's finest Adam [Collection mansion and of leaflets kVPkw home offrom the GXJ Marquess Lothian Council] of Linlith north towards Russian and eventually becomes the frontier between Hungary on the left bankCanoeist. and the Soviets PbLbw on the right G27 . left onto the farm road through Holly Farm . Outdoor Action. o6qMw CHH south-easterly after Gatun , through the deep chasm of the Gaillard Cut — eight miles of near-straight The Pacific. canalxEanw where theCJD labours ant tribulati away from the Ffos-y-Mynach at Waun Lodi where the path is boggy and dangerous . Outdoor Action. R3Mlw CMD its way round the south end of the lake and through rugged mountain passes to the Russian/Mongolian Ayrshire heritage. border XYqLw . BM6 . Falcon Sailing.4GGDw G2B to stare at her , surprised . Tortoise by candlelight. eV0dw HH9 to get a better look at her and I could appreciate their point of view . Murder forestalled. ynVYw FAP off to the right immediately after Rawthey Bridge and climbs steeply before contouring , with excellent Wainwright views in QBxaw the denied limestone toASU the dales. motorist on the A a tentative opening into a 25 point slump . The Guardian,Yj8rw electronicAA3 edition of 1989-12-2 on outsiders . Coffin in fashion. OYxXw K8V up between the Town Hall on the right and Purbeck House seen at the top of the picture . The story of Swanage. mxbRw EEX and twisted through the desert hills . Old serpent Nile. y83nw A journey FEMto the source. left across corner of field then continues to Pengold farm . Outdoor Action. wMbOw G2S sharp left , go right , stepping over a small stream then up the hill to a metal gate . Outdoor Action. DGy6w CHK off to the right to mount the gentle slope where , at mid-height , a short detour to the left reveals Wainwright Storrs Cave in LB6Xw the . limestone ASUdales. off the road to the left and goes down to the beck in the valley bottom , arriving at a section roofed Wainwright by a natural in LB6Xw the arch limestone ofASU considerable dales. length steeply up the lower slopes through dense forest , and then areas of bamboo and giant heather Climber . and Hill Keaaw Walker.A15 past one last stand of trees , then petered out as it reached a wide , open space at the top of the Forgotten hill . fire.ZraLw H8F behind me , past dark , high-gabled houses , the hard-packed snow winking in the ivory moonlight The white . roseMoLbw murder. HU0 , clinging to the side of the ridge like a pale slippery centipede . 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