29th Annual Hladky Tournament Bracket Gillette, Wyoming June 26 ...

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Jun 28, 2014 - Pool A. Pool B. Gillette,WY. Boulder, CO. Eaton, CO. Longmont, CO. Greeley, CO. Ralston Valley, CO. Jacks

29th Annual Hladky Tournament Bracket Gillette, Wyoming June 26-June 29, 2014 Pool A Gillette,WY Eaton, CO Greeley, CO Jackson, WY Thursday June 26 9:30 Eaton vs. Jackson 12:00 Longmont vs. Ralston Valley 2:30 Boulder vs. Longmont 5:00 Ralston Valley vs. Sheridan 7:30 Greeley vs. Gillette

Pool B Boulder, CO Longmont, CO Ralston Valley, CO Sheridan, WY Saturday June 28 8:00 Greeley vs. Jackson 10:30 Boulder vs. Sheridan 1:00 3A vs. 4B (Game 1) 3:30 3B vs. 4A (Game 2) 6:00 1B vs. 2A (Game 3) 8:30 1A vs. 2B (Game 4)

Friday June 27 9:30 Boulder vs. Ralston Valley 12:00 Longmont vs. Sheridan 2:30 Greeley vs. Eaton 5:00 Jackson vs. Gillette 7:30 Eaton vs. Gillette

Sunday June 29 8:00 Loser 1 vs. Loser 2 (7th/8th Place) 10:30 Winner 1 vs. Winner 2 (5th/6th Place) 1:00 Loser 3 vs. Loser 4 (Consolation) 3:30 Winner 3 vs. Winner 4 (Championship) 6:00- Awards Presentation

-Gillette will be home team in ALL games it plays and have 1st base dugout -First two days will be pool play format -The next two days will be bracketed based upon seeding from pool play Tiebreaker criteria/Seeding) - Overall Record from pool play - Head-to-head competition throughout pool play - Team that had the least runs allowed through all their combined pool play games. - Team that scored the most runs through all their combined pool play games. - Coin flip.

2014 HLADKY TOURNAMENT RULES 1) Rules are governed by The American Legion Rule Book. Bats must be -3 BBCOR 2) Starting pitchers and/or his replacement will be allowed up to 8 initial warm-up pitches. Pitchers will then be given 5 pitches to warm-up between half innings. (UMPIRES: Enforcement of the 5 pitches between innings is mandatory) Pitchers can throw a maximum of 12 innings every 3 days or 4 appearances every 3 days. 3) Can use DH for Pitcher only. Courtesy runner is allowed for catcher only. 4) Games will be 7 innings in length. Eight run rule applies after 4 1/2 (if the home team is leading) or 5 innings (if the visiting team is leading). 15 run rule applies after 2 1/2 or 3 innings. 5) There will be no time limit in tournament games. However, in an attempt to remain on schedule, and with games scheduled 2 1/2 hours apart, there may be no pre-game infield/outfield. We have extra fields a few blocks away at BiCentennial Park if you need pre-game practice. 6) Home team will be determined by coin flip prior to game. In the 2 rounds of match play we will use the higher seed as home team. Coin flip if two teams have equal seeds. Gillette will automatically be the home team for all games and will have 1st base dugout. 7) Game times on the last day may be altered to allow teams a chance to get on the road. The final decision will be made by the tournament committee. Please be understanding. 8) Ground rules will be explained during the pre-game coaches meeting. - Coaches must wear their protective helmet. - Players and equipment are to remain within the confines of the dugout. - Ball is dead when it “breaks the vertical plane” of the front of the dugout. - Gates are to remain closed to bullpen area and near dugout. - On deck batters should assist with passed-balls (with no runners on) and foul balls behind home plate. Each team should assist with foul balls down their base line. - If bat boys/player coaches are used, they must wear a helmet at all times. 9) (Tiebreaker criteria/Seeding) - Overall Record - Head-to-head competition - Team that had the least runs allowed through all their combined pool play games. - Team that scored the most runs through all their combined pool play games. - Coin flip. TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR NATE PERLBERG-307-689-4542

PAST WINNERS OF HLADKY TOURNAMENT 1986 Cheyenne WY 1987 Cheyenne WY 1988 Gillette WY 1989 Gillette WY 1990 Riverton WY 1991 Gillette WY 1992 Miles City MT 1993 Gillette WY 1994 Sioux Falls SD 1995 Miles City MT 1996 Greeley CO 1997 Greeley CO 1998 Greeley CO 1999 Greeley CO 2000 Greeley CO 2001 Greeley CO 2002 Greeley CO 2003 Twin Cities NE 2004 Greeley CO 2005 Greeley CO 2006 Greeley CO 2007 Dakota Ridge CO 2008 Spokane WA 2009 Greeley CO 2010 Colorado Outlaws, Denver CO 2011 Greeley CO 2012 Dothan AL 2013 Longmont CO