4th Week

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The Voyage of the Frog by Gary Paulsen. 1. It was so bright and shining a thing that the Frog seemed to be moving through. 2. He saw first the glowing curved ...


OCTOBER 24, 2011 [email protected] 584-4675

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Mrs. Montes Classroom Newsletter Our website address is: http://edweb.tusd1.org/borman/grade5/

Homework Mon. – Thurs.

□ Study Spelling We wanted to let parents know the school plans for Friday, Oct. 28th – the Friday before Halloween. We are celebrating with fun activities on this day instead of Monday as it fits better into our weekly schedule. Students are welcome to bring their costumes to school in a bag on Friday only. They will be able to put them on after lunch. We’re sure you know this already, but children are not allowed to bring fake weapons or costumes that squirt blood (that actually happened one year – yuck.) If you would like to send treats for the whole class – this is fine, too. In the afternoon, each student will read the suspense-filled story they have written. The plan is to sit in a circle and each child will get a turn to read their story aloud. To give an appropriate atmosphere, we’ll turn off the lights and read the stories by flashlight.


□ Spelling Dictation Test


□ Work on homework packet

□ Complete reading and math log

□ Math quiz on division (Thurs.) Don’t forget to take your reading book home on Wed. to re-read the story "Woodsong” for the story test on Thursday,

Correct and reflect -

□ Review Building …….. Thinking Skills ………... Packet

□ Spelling/Reading Comprehension packet.

□Turn in Reading/Math Log -Facts Master Test every Wednesday

Have you completed the Building Thinking Skills Packet and Reading Comprehension/Spelling Packet in class? (They are due Friday)

We’ve started reading a new chapter book after lunch.

Upcoming Events: Borman Harvest Festival Tuesday, October 25th from 5-7

Spelling Dictation Sentences Focus: Literature/ The Voyage of the Frog by Gary Paulsen

1. It was so bright and shining a thing that the Frog seemed to be moving

through. 2. He saw first the glowing curved line around the head of the creature

and the line showed him that it was the front of a dolphin. 3. It rose in a clean curve just in front of the bowsprit, five, six feet out of

the water in a leap of joy that only dolphins can make. 4. It carried with it a shroud of splashing blue-green fire that whirled and

spiraled in the darkness. 5. And just as suddenly as it appeared, the dolphin was gone.