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Intrathecally administered ketamine has central sedative effect and so the patient does not suffer from hallucination and irritability.7. Since intrathecal ketamine ...

116 Indian J. Anaesth. 2004; 48 (2) : 116-120


A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF CLINICAL EFFECTS OF INTRATHECAL HYPERBARIC BUPIVACAINE AND KETAMINE IN HYPERBARIC SOLUTION Dr. Dipasri Bhattacharya 1 Dr. Arnab Banerjee2 SUMMARY Hundred patients belonging of ASA I and II grades who were scheduled for lower abdomen and lower extremities under spinal anaesthesia were divided into two groups of 50 patients each. The first group received 0.5% hyperbaric bupivacaine while the second received solution containing ketamine 2 ml (100 mg), 2 ml 5% dextrose and 1 ml of 1 in 10,000 (0.1 mg) adrenaline. From the study it could be concluded that intrathecal ketamine in comparison with 0.5% bupivacaine had some significant clinical properties like shorter onset of sensory and motor block (P

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