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ANSWER KEY. Oedipus the King. Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle. ACROSS. 2. catharsis. 4. climax. 5. rout. 8. seer. 11. conspiracy. 12. surmise. 13. omen.
ANSWER KEY Oedipus the King

Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle ACROSS 2. catharsis 4. climax 5. rout 8. seer 11. conspiracy 12. surmise 13. omen 14. dénouement 15. clairvoyant 16. explicit 19. treachery 20. peripeteia

DOWN 1. hamartia 3. hearsay 6. oracle 7. crisis 9. incitingincident 10. fate 17. furor 18. exposition

TEACHER INSTRUCTIONS: This crossword puzzle would be best if used before reading, as an introduction to some of the essential vocabulary of the play, and through the beginning of reading if necessary. Variations can be easily made at Assessment/Extension After introducing the vocabulary words and having students complete the crossword puzzle, understanding of these words can be enhanced through a simple activity. Provide each student with an example of the chart below. Students can create their own charts in their vocabulary journals or class notebooks. Students should create a chart for each vocabulary word on the crossword. This collection may be added to throughout reading as teacher or student see fit.

Draw the word

Define the word

Use the word in a sentence


Aimee Pierce, BYU, 2003