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Support for Mac OS v10.10.1 ... The application could sometimes unexpectedly hang if an error or ... requiring a full re
Avid Editing Application ReadMe

Changed in Media Composer v8.2.2 The following has changed with v8.2.2. •

Support for Mac OS v10.10.1

Fixed in Media Composer v8.2.2 The following have been fixed in Media Composer v8.2.2.

Bug Number: MCCET-205. Background services did not start for new users with Administrator rights.

Bug Number: MCCET-420. In some instances, exporting as QuickTime Reference resulted in audio looping.

Bug Number: MCCET-418. In some instances, when a bug created a crash report, multiple crash report windows were displayed. Now, only one crash report window will be displayed.

Bug Number: MCCET-419. The application could sometimes unexpectedly hang if an error or warning dialog was displayed after double-clicking from the Interplay Window

Bug Number: MCCET-416. Online captured media would sometimes incorrectly show up as offline as soon as Dynamic Relink was enabled.

Bug Number: MCCET-410. Opening the Effect Editor from the Tools menu might have resulted in a “MonPane:: SetComposition” error.

Bug Number: MCDEV-1708. Performing a Bypass on a Track effect, might not have worked properly.

Fixed in Media Composer v8.2.2

Bug Number: MCDEV-1971. After inserting an Audio Track Effect to the track and changing some parameters in the effect, playback would hang the system.

Bug Number: MCDEV-977. The text in the Undo menu listed “RTAS effect” instead of “Audio Track effect.”

Bug Number: MCDEV-1847. Enabling Play Standby might have resulted in an “AMPI_SESSION_MIXER_CONTROL_NOT_FOUND” error.

Bug Number: MCDEV-1592. The Effects window for Audio Track Effects did not open after changing the sequence mix format in Source Monitor.

Bug Number: MCDEV-1209. The “Include Master Fader” export option was not saved after you closed the Export window.

Bug Number: MCDEV-1886. When patching a width changing effect on a track, the next track insert did not allow different width AAX plug-ins to be inserted.

Bug Number: MCDEV-1979. Fixed an intermittent hang scrubbing multi-channel audio sequences while waveforms are building. When encountered, playback was permanently broken requiring a full restart of the editing application to recover.

Bug Number: MCDEV-481. With the Audio Mixer tool open, using the Alt+Option Key did not work to select all Mute Solo or Group.

Bug Number: MCCET-299. Choosing OMF transcode in a DMF folder should not have been listed as an option.

Bug Number: MCDEV-1833. Performing an audio scrub with complex sequences sometimes resulted in a “hardware underrun” error.

Bug Number: MCCET-293. In some instances, when Dynamic Relink was enabled, opening a sequence took a long time.

Bug Number: MCCET-352, MCCET-373. Changing the sequence start time in Media Composer did not have the expected result in Pro Tools.

Bug Number: MCDEV-1204. The D-Verb AudioSuite plug-in was missing from the AudioSuite Tool.

Bug Number: MCDEV-539. In some instances, the Convert source bit depth Import Setting was ignored when importing QuickTime audio.


Fixed in Media Composer v8.2.2

Bug Number: MCCET-312. A “file not found” error appeared intermittently when performing a background transcode for AMA linked media on different workspaces.

Bug Number: MCDEV-1164. In some instances, performing an OP1a export for a sequence longer than 5 minutes and 30 seconds resulted in a “Exception:std::consumer sample” error.

Bug Number: MCCET-386. Copy and pasting markers from one clip to a shorter clip might have resulted in a “freed object” error.

Bug Number: MCCET-48. In some instances every 15th frame of an XDCAM50 capture was distorted.

Bug Number: MCCET-56. (Interplay environment) The BCC effects created by an earlier version of BCC plug-ins might have resulted in the segments missing in the Timeline after opening them with BCCv8.2 or later.

Bug Number: UDevC00178918. You could not print 2 or more copies of a bin in Media Log.

Bug Number: MCCET-267. In some instances, it would take an extremely long time to open a bin.

Bug Number: UDevC00184514. You could not successfully import markers that crossed the 00:00:00:00 Timecode.

Bug Number: MCCET-226. If you have long clip names, moving columns in bin view resulted in text overlapping.

Bug Number: MCCET-64. The wrong window might become activated after dragging a tabbed bin.

Bug Number: MCCET-222. Stories with blank titles in iNews did not appear properly in the NRCS Tool.

Bug Number: MCCET-100. If you had Media Services set as a Site Setting, the “Use STP Encode” option would not be available on new projects.

Bug Number: MCCET-232. You might have received “Core consistency check” errors when playing back h.264 proxy media in Media Composer or in Avid Interplay Assist.

Bug Number: UDevC00185881. Importing mp3 files from a shared workspace was very slow.

Bug Number: MCCET-300. DV was missing from the video format pulldown menu in the Export settings. 3

Fixed in Media Composer v8.2.2

Bug Number: MCCET-373. (Video Satellite) Changing the sequence Start time did not take effect until you closed and then relaunched the editing application.

Bug Number: MCCET-272. When you initially opened the Export dialog box, it would take a long time to open.

Bug Number: MCCET-260. Modified JFIF files imported as Media Offline.

Bug Number: MCCET-136. The Verify directory path On login option did not work properly. The path was not always displayed.

Bug Number: MCDEV-2155. You might have received an “unrecognized effect” error when dragging an AudioSuite effect from a bin to the Timeline.

Bug Number: MCCET-303. In some instances, Stereo and mono in a sequence would increase in volume after performing an audio mixdown.

Bug Number: MCDEV-1841. Rendering In to Out for some AudioSuite plugin effects did not render all the effects.

Bug Number: MCCET-281. When using the Marquee Title Tool with a specific custom font, the letter O did not display properly.

Bug Number: MCDEV-1971. The Audio Track Effect window might not display if you accessed it from Tools->Audio Track Effect Tools.

Bug Number: MCDEV-2028. After switching from the Audio Track Effect Tool and changing parameters in the effect, playback did not work, and in some instances, the editing application crashed.

Bug Number: MCCET-177. You could not Preview an AudioSuite Normalize effect.

Bug Number: MCCET-128. When in Best Performance or Draft quality mode in the Timeline, you might have seen video artifacts on media that did not display artifacts in previous versions of the editing application.

Bug Number: MCCET-304. In some instances, files did not AMA link or file import with the correct dB levels.

Bug Number: MCCET-155. The editing application would crash if you resized the Project Window while also opening the Font dialog box using a mapped key.


Fixed in Media Composer v8.2.2

Bug Number: MCCET-213. After adding a Freeze Frame effect, and then changing the Project Format, the editing application would freeze.

Bug Number: MCCET-178. After lifting a segment and then playing the sequence in the Timeline, the system would appear to hang.

Bug Number: MCCET-256. An OpenCube MXF file would not import or AMA link.

Bug Number: MCCET-131. Timecode did not update when shuttling a deck.

Bug Number: MCCET-157. When minimizing and then restoring the Interplay Window, the window did not come into focus. Instead it would open behind other windows in the User Interface.

Bug Number: MCCET-162. If you had Mac Drive installed on your Windows system, the editing application would freeze when trying to eject a CD.


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