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Here at Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) you will experience a wonderful campus atmosphere, you could find everything you need here.

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RICH Chinese Summer Camp was first hold in 2002. It hosted by RICH Learning Center of Beijing Language and Culture University. We are proud of offering high quality campsite at BLCU campus ---- best campsite and accommodation among camps based in Beijing. We provide a brand new learning style for kids and teenagers to lra Chinese efficiently while having fun with friends from all around the world. Join us to have a perfect vacation here in China! Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) was founded in 1962. It is the only international university in China with its main task set at teaching the Chinese language and culture to foreign students.

Reasons to Join Us Learn Chinese language in the most famous language university in China A full board camp with excellent service and care Over 1,000 family's trust and choice for the past 10 years

This The theme of 2014 summer program is "observe-think-act". Activities include our distinguished program in Chinese course with various subjects (including AP/IB/IGCES Chinese), Chinese culture course, one-to-one tutoring, culture enhanced trips and hiking. Course and activities are selected over our years of experience on camp operation. Our philosophy is a unique camp environment of friendship, integrity and teamwork in which campers will have a wonderful experience in exploring China.



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100% Safe & Great Campus Atmosphere Here at Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) you will experience a wonderful campus atmosphere, you could find everything you need here. Students of RICH summer camp will live and study in BLCU campus. Therefore, it will be safe and convenient. We have a group of friendly bilingual camp counselors from BLCU will accompany us. You can practice your Chinese everyday and everywhere. The counselors are nice and courteous, hope you can make Chinese friends in Beijing.

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4 Stars On-campus Hotel Students will stay in an on-campus four-star universityowned hotel -- Geosciences International Conference Center. It is safe and comfortable. They will stay in a twin room with bathroom with 24hours hot water shower; air-conditioner; all sets of furniture; cable TV; etc. There is free WIFI connection in the lobby and free cable internet access in rooms.


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Over 100 Hours of Study with Maximum Culture Absorption mix One-to-one Tutoring Our distinguished Chinese courses focus on developing the four main language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing, while each has its own emphasis in interesting and high efficient ways. A set of culture courses such as Kong-fu, Chinese painting, calligraphy, paper cutting, etc. will help students get a thorough understanding of Chinese culture in a relaxing way. One-to-one tutoring focus on developing in depth the language skills in Chinese as well as built up self-confidence and communication ability.

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Beijing City Tours Trips always are the most exciting part of our camp. Students will enjoy the great view of Beijing on the Great Wall, 2008 Beijing Olympic stadiums, the Forbidden City and traditional Hutong. Also have fun time in the water park of Water Cube -- the largest water park in Asia, best choice in hot summer time! Hiking, canoeing, picnic, show... and a lot more!

PYP students will go to Tianjin and Chengde Visit the Airbus Factory,the ancient culture street Visit the biggest and best preserved Sumer Resort in the whole world, take boat on the lake the Temple of Potaraka Doctrine – it is modeled on the great Potala Monastery in Lhasa and is thus also known as the Little Potala MYP students will go to Ningxia Visit Shapotou desert park,desert ATV,riding camels and fun desert activities,Desert hotel with beautiful view Visit the Hui national park; Nanguan mosque;Western Xia tomb




1. Distinctive academic advantage of Beijing Language and Culture University Students will be immersed in the best Chinese learning atmosphere all over China. Qualified teaching team, professional teaching style and careful selection of textbooks will enable students to improve Chinese proficiency to the highest degree in “little United Nations”. 2. Customized language levels offered We provide all together 6 types of classes for students with different Chinese proficiency levels, therefore we can best cater to particular needs of each student. One hour of one-on-one tutoring every day is designed to enhance writing and speaking skills which are the two most commonly applied language skills used daily. 3. Quality meals and accommodations Students are arranged in a 4star hotel which offers buffet style breakfast. Other meal choices include authentic Chinese restaurants as well as in demand gourmet ones. We also provide bilingual counselor for every five students who ensures the safety and well being. The hotel and university security guards will be on watch 24/7. 4. 12 outings supplement classroom instruction The camp will include visits to Beijing tourist sites and teens’s amusement venues. This will present students the opportunity to get contact with local Chinese which will augment language acquisition, build up self-confidence and strengthen team morale.