CAE key word transformations 1 answer key

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CAE Exam Practice. Key Word Transformations 1. Key. 1. do not appeal to me. 2. (that) he could protect. 3. is against the law to. 4. is generally considered (to be).
CAE Exam Practice Key Word Transformations 1 Key 1. do not appeal to me 2. (that) he could protect 3. is against the law to 4. is generally considered (to be) 5. inland the wilder 6. should avoid going 7. is (to) hope for 8. lost her nerve 9. looking forward to seeing 10. were lucky to avoid 11. regret having made / regret making 12. can’t afford to buy 13. denies meeting / denies having met / denies that he has met 14. any difference in the 15. tended to be keener 16. does not look as if it / as though it 17. were passed over due / owing 18. what matters (the) most to 19. not overslept he would not have 20. would be grateful if you 21. had not been for Brian’s advice 22. the report all by 23. made up her mind whether 24. have been held up