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Terminology. Architectural drawings are mostly prepared for practical purposes . While they often ..... example of Haenke's idiosyncratic Ar t. Nouveau detailing ...
Catalogue of an Exhibition of Drawings from the Queensland Architectural Archive in the Fryer Memorial Library

University of Queensland Published with the assistance of the Friends of the Fryer Library University of Queensland Library St. Lucia


Catalogue of an exhibition Held at the Brisbane City Hall

Art Gallery and Museum 1-29 June 1988

ISBN 0 �71 10


Researched and written by

Don Watson and Fiona Gardinet.


FOREWORD In April1986 the University of Queensland Library submitted to the Design Board of

the Australia Council a proposal for assistance in a project to collect Queensland architectural records. The decision to support the development of architectural collections was made by the Library for a number of reasons. New interest in the nation's history had led to greater appreciation of the significance of buildings as social and cultural records. Two collections of records were already held in the Fryer Library- one from the firm A.B. and R.M. Wilson, established in Brisbane in 1884, and the other from the architect I