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Regulation of Gene Expression Ali. December 9. 24. Cancer Cell. Saleque. December 11th. Review Session. December 16th. Final. Textbook: Becker's World of ...
Fall 2013 Lecture Schedule Bio-229: Cell and Molecular Biology Mondays and Wednesday 9:30-10:45 am, NAC 0201 Instructors: Dr. Kamilah Ali ([email protected]) Office hours: Monday and Wednesday 11am-noon or by appointment, Marshak 516 Dr. Shireen Saleque ([email protected]) Office hours: Friday 11-1pm, Marshak 716

Course Schedule: Date August 28th September 9th September 11th September 16th September 18th September 23rd September 25th September 30th October 2nd October 7th October 9th October 16th October 21st October 23rd October 28th October 30th November 4th November 6th November 11th November 13th November 18th November 20th November 25th December 2nd December 4th December 9 December 11th December 16th

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Topic The Cell Chemistry of the Cell Macromolecules of the Cell Macromolecules of the Cell Cells and Organelles Bioenergetics Exam 1 Enzymes Membrane Transport Across Membrane Glycolysis and Fermentation Photosynthesis Signal Transduction Exam 2 Signal Transduction Structural Basis of Cell Info Cell Cycle, Replication, Mitosis Gene Expression I Gene Expression II Exam 3 Techniques Techniques Cytoskeletal Systems Regulation of Gene Expression Regulation of Gene Expression Cancer Cell Review Session Final

Textbook: Becker’s World of the Cell 8th Edition


Lecturer Ali Ali Saleque Saleque Saleque Ali Saleque Ali Ali Ali Saleque Saleque Saleque Saleque Saleque Ali Ali Saleque Saleque Ali Ali Ali Saleque

Additional resources: Syllabus, lecture schedule, and lecture slides are available on Blackboard site. In addition, the Blackboard site will be used to post announcements and grades. Tutorial sessions: Mondays at 3 pm, MR 1005. Students must registrar on-line via the CCAPP office located on the plaza level. Walk-ins ok, but strongly encouraged to pre-registrar. Writing Center (http://www.ccny.cuny.edu/writing/) The CCNY Writing Center offers one-on-one assistance for students working on writing assignments and projects from across the disciplines. Location: The CCNY Writing Center @ The Samuel Rudin Academic Resource Center, NAC Building, Amsterdam Ave Plaza, 3rd floor South. Tel: 212-650-8104 Attendances: Lectures and labs will begin promptly on schedule and latecomers are responsible for any missed material. If you miss the laboratory due to illness or extenuating circumstances, please notify lab instructor immediately. Unexcused absence from any lab will result in a grade of zero for that lab. If need to switch labs due to approved excuses, you must obtain permission from lab instructor to sit-in another lab section. Anyone with more than two absences from lab without prior arrangement will be dropped from the course. There will be no make-up exams for lecture or quizzes for lab. If you miss an exam or lab quiz due to extenuating circumstances (a letter from the appropriate university official or a documented medical excuse) your other exam/quiz grades will be adjusted accordingly. Unexcused absence from any exam/quiz will result in a grade of zero for that exam/quiz. Laboratory: Always bring lab manual to the lab. It is essential that you read and understand the lab material before each lab. Some parts of the lab manual have been eliminated or revised and instructor will notify you at the beginning of each lab. Evaluation of your performance in the lab will be based on your participation, the two lab quizzes, and two written scientific lab reports. All written lab assignments are due at the beginning of lab. For all written assignments, a printed, typed copy of the lab assignment is due. Electronic copies will not be accepted unless previous arrangements have been made with the instructor. You may not copy any part of somebody else’s written lab work (this is plagiarism); this is an automatic grade of a zero for the lab report and a report will be filed with the Office of the Academic Integrity Official to document such cases.


Laboratory safety rules: Please read the laboratory safety rules carefully. Your instructor will provide additional information if necessary. Anybody entering a biology laboratory must abide by these rules. Basic rules are as follows: 1. There is no eating or drinking in lab. 2. Must wear appropriate attire at all times. No open-toe shoes, hair pulled back, and legs covered (no shorts). 3. All coats, purses, and backpacks must be stored under the bench or the entrance of the lab. Academic integrity: The CCNY policy on academic integrity will be followed. Document is posted on Blackboard as well as the CCNY website (CUNY policy on academic integrity—link is at the bottom of the home page) or http://web.cuny.edu/academics/info-central/policies/academic-integrity.pdf. Make sure you have read the details regarding plagiarism and cheating, in case you are not clear about the rules of the college. Cases where academic integrity is compromised will be prosecuted according to these rules. Grading policies: Lecture Exam 1: 10% Exam 2: 10% Exam 3: 10% Final Exam: 20% Total= 50% Laboratory Lab quiz 1: 15% Lab quiz 2: 15% Written assignments (2): 10% Participation: 10% Total=50% Final grade: Lecture + Lab= 100%

Letter grades will be assigned at the end of the semester. The range of grades will be: A range: A-: 90-93%, A: 94-97%, A+: 98-100% B range: B-: 80-83%, B: 84-86%, B+: 87-89% C range: C-: 70-73%, C: 74-76%, C+: 77-79% D: 60-69%, F: less than 60%