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1 pinch ground black pepper, to taste. · 180 g zucchini, peeled into tagliatelle ... Velouté means 'velvet' in French.





10 min

35 min


4 portions



· 1 garlic clove · 80 g brown onion, cut into pieces · 30 g olive oil · 500 g water · 1 tbsp vegetable stock paste · 220 g leek, white part only, cut into pieces · 370 g nadine potatoes, cut into pieces · 8 chicken tenderloins (approx. 400 g) · 1 sprig fresh tarragon, leaves only · 1 pinch salt, to taste · 1 pinch ground black pepper, to taste · 180 g zucchini, peeled into tagliatelle · 340 g carrots, peeled into tagliatelle · 1½ tbsp crème fraîche · 2 tsp Dijon mustard

1 Place garlic clove and brown onion into mixing bowl and chop 3 sec/speed 7. Scrape down sides of mixing bowl with spatula. 2 Add olive oil and sauté 3 min/120°C/speed 1. 3 Add water and vegetable stock paste to mixing bowl. Insert simmering basket and weigh leek and potato into it. 4 Place chicken onto Varoma tray and top with tarragon leaves. Season to preference with salt and pepper. Insert Varoma tray. Place Varoma into position, secure Varoma lid and and steam 17-20 min/Varoma/speed 1. 5 Weigh zucchini and carrot tagliatelle into Varoma dish, secure Varoma lid and steam 5 min/Varoma/speed 1. Ensure chicken is cooked through. Set vegetable tagliatelle and chicken aside in a thermal serving bowl or other large bowl to keep warm. Remove simmering basket with leek and potato with aid of spatula. Retain liquid in mixing bowl. 6 Add boiled leek and nadine potatoes into mixing bowl and purée 1 min/speed 5-9, increasing speed gradually from speed 5 to speed 9. Transfer almost all of the soup into another thermal serving bowl or large bowl, leaving only enough soup in the mixing bowl to cover the bend in the blades. 7 To make the sauce, add crème fraîche and Dijon mustard to mixing bowl and mix 10 sec/speed 3. 8 Serve soup first, followed by chicken with zucchini and carrot tagliatelle, topped with the sauce in mixing bowl.



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· Chicken velouté meal is a two course meal in one. You make the soup, a sauce and steam the chicken and vegetables all at the same time. · Make your vegetable tagliatelle by using a vegetable peeler to slice the zucchini and carrots into super thin strips. · See Vegetable stock paste recipe to make it fresh in your Thermomix · Velouté means 'velvet' in French. It describes the creamy, light texture of the sauce. VARIATION

· Salmon velouté meal: replace tarragon with dill and replace chicken tenderloins with 4 skinless salmon fillets. Decrease cooking time to 11-14 min/Varoma/speed 1 in step 4, and proceed as per recipe. To book your TM5 Cooking Experience, get in touch with your Consultant, contact us online or on 0800 766 966.