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May 6, 2013 ... building, IIT Kharagpur has been engaged in a continuous process of development ... Compact 12 weeks course with stretched 3 weeks F2F.
Industry Project:

Course Fees

One month Industry Project to be coordinated and evaluated by CII-FACE during March - April 2013. Last date for submission of Project report to CII-FACE: May 6, 2013

All Nomination forms with Application format duly filled and Demand Draft drawn in name of Confederation of Indian Industry payable at New Delhi to be submitted by January 7, 2013. This includes fees for F2F Modules, Accommodation on twin sharing basis, local transport at IIT KGP, E-learning modules, Course material. Meals not included. v For Domestic Participants: – Rs 1,10,000 + 12.36% S.T: For Annual Sales Turnover above Rs 200 Crores – Limited Discount offers available for Early Birds in Small & Medium Scale v For International Participants: USD 2500 (International Participants need to obtain clearance from Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India)

Medium of Teaching : English

Award of Certificates Joint Certificates by IIT Kharagpur and CII FACE New Delhi, shall be awarded to all successful candidates.

Last Date of Nomination January 7, 2013.

IIT Kharagpur

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

In the post independent India, to cater to the need of trained manpower for higher learning in science and technology, the Indian Institute of Technology at Kharagpur, the first in the chain of fifteen IITs was established in1950. From a modest start in the dilapidated Hijli jail building, IIT Kharagpur has been engaged in a continuous process of development and has secured today a position of preeminence with nineteen academic departments, thirteen multidisciplinary centers/school offering Masters programme, eleven special R&D cells/Centres of Excellence and several sophisticated laboratories and central facilities. The Agricultural & Food Engineering Department, the first of its kind in the country was set up in 1952. As one of the larger departments of IIT Kharagpur, it covers a wide range of areas dealing with Post-Harvest Technology, Dairy and Food Process Engineering. IIT Kharagpur, strives to produce students, scientists, and technologists of the highest caliber to help the nation become self-reliant in its technological needs and to provide leadership in the field of technical education and research. The Institute, dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, has made significant breakthrough in several areas of frontline technology, besides making important contributions to national development.

Food & Agriculture Centre of Excellence FACE is CII’s latest Centre of Excellence dedicated to building efficiencies across the agricultural value chain from farm to fork and improving food security. CII-Jubilant Bhartia Food and Agriculture Centre of Excellence will work with farmers, companies, institutions and NGOs to bring about a quantum jump in agricultural production and productivity, enhance economic value addition, act as an information hub for sharing of global best practices, and undertake research across key segments in the Agriculture sector. With technical support from USAID, the CII-Jubilant Bhartia Food and Agriculture Centre of Excellence will endeavor to adapt and apply global best practices as well as information systems and technology to the Indian market, thereby, positioning itself as the Premier Knowledge Hub in the field of Food & Agriculture in India. For Enquiries & Nominations : Ms Anju Bist CII-Jubilant Bhartia Food and Agriculture Centre of Excellence (FACE) Core 4 A, Ground Floor, India Habitat Centre,Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003 Tel:+91-11-46344611; Mob:+91-9818878840; Email: [email protected] Nomination Forms can be downloaded from and

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur


FOOD PROFESSIONAL COURSE 18 February - 6 May 2013

Modules of First Batch (2 Batches / 12 Months)




Face-to-Face (F2F) Programme at IIT Kharagpur during February 18, 2013 to 8 March, 2013 Lectures

18 February - 6 May 2013

The 1st IIT Kharagpur and CII- FACE & Short Term Certificate Course for Food Professionals under Continuing Education Program of IIT, Kharagpur and CIIJubilant Bhartia Food and Agriculture Centre of Excellence (FACE) Developing Professional World Class Facilitators for Food Sector SMEs with added proficiency in Laboratory techniques, Manufacturing Hygiene, Food Science & Processing, Quality and Food Safety of benchmark standards

Benefits to Participating Companies v


Benefit to Participants

All in One program for developing In-house Facilitators (Auditor, Analyst, Manufacturing Hygiene, Innovation, HACCP & Consumer Safety Champion role) Compact 12 weeks course with stretched 3 weeks F2F Residential Module, 5 weeks distance learning and 4 weeks industry project preferably in the participants work station


Focus on Practical Training and Insights


Exposure to World Class Laboratories and IIT technology environment


Evaluations & Tests equivalent to best in class standards


Best in Class faculty from IIT AGFE, CII FACE, Industry & Institutes



This is a novel program where academia and industry have come together to raise the standards of the Indian Food & Agriculture industry to global standards. The existing lacunae and the growing demand of Food safety and quality professionals by SMEs with first-hand knowledge on benchmark laboratory techniques, food science, manufacturing hygiene and quality and food safety systems were identified through the CII FACE surveys and interactions with the SME Food sector. The program was designed accordingly with these inputs from the industry and IIT to address the current concerns faced by SMEs.

Scientific / Technical / Managerial staff in a Food Industry & allied institutions with degree in basic / applied sciences or engineering


Play the role of a Food analyst and Food Safety Internal Auditor Work as a Production supervisor /Manager depending on their prior exposure

Food Safety and Quality Management Systems

Enumeration of Bacteria, Yeasts and Molds

Good Manufacturing & Good Hygienic Practices

Determination of Water Activity & Moisture Content (Oven/Distillation/Karl fisher/Moisture Analyzer)

Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Points in Food Processes

Determination of Protein, Fat, Crude Fibre & Total Ash

Food Additives, Contaminants & Adulterants

Estimations of Minerals by Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

Food Pathogens & Toxicity

Determination of Vitamins & Enzyme activity

Novel Food Processing & Preservation Technologies

Determination of Antioxidant Activity

Innovations in Food Packaging Materials & Technologies

Estimation of Reducing, Non-reducing and Total Sugars

Effects of Chilling and Freezing on Safety and Quality of Food Products

Determination of Food Colour & Texture

Safety and Quality of Thermally Processed Foods in Hermetically Sealed Containers

Determination of Flavour through e-Nose &PCA Rancidity in Oils and Fats Grain Milling & Cooking Quality

Food Storage Science & Engineering


Make interpretations of food regulations within the holistic environment of a business

Safety and Quality Effects in Foods Stored under Controlled & Modified Atmosphere Conditions

Differential Scanning Calorimetric (DSC) & Thermo gravimetric Analysis (TGA)


Prove ability to think independently and handle projects through to completion

Food Process Control & Instrumentation

Determination of Adulterants& Toxicants

CIP, Waste Disposal & Management in Food Industry


Concurrently multi-task in a time sensitive environment

Indian Food Laws, Standards and Regulations

Food Component analysis using FT-IR& FT-NIR Spectroscopy


Champion to protect consumer safety

Internal Auditing of International Quality and Food Safety Systems (Theory)*

Internal Auditing of International Quality and Food Safety Systems (Tutorial) *


Make effective presentations to diverse groups

E-Learning Programme Organised through Webinars organised by CII- FACE during March 15, 2013 to April 22, 2013

Excerpts from Mr Chandrajit Banerjee Director General CII


LECTURES TOPICS Food Safety & Quality Attributes



Prof Damodar Acharya Former Director IIT Kharagpur IIT Kharagpur and CII-FACE Certified Food Professional Course is the first such initiative between IIT KGP and CII FACE for developing capable Food Professionals in the SME Sector. With the added focus on practical laboratory insights & exposure to state of art technology environment of IIT KGP, this All-in-One program for developing In-house Facilitators is the need of the hour to build capacity and make Indian food and agriculture sector globally competitive.

Mr Hari S.Bhartia Chairman, CII-FACE and Co-Chairman Jubilant Bhartia Group 'Capable persons with the right skills in the areas of Manufacturing practices, Laboratory techniques, Quality and Food Safety management who could help businesses comply with global standards and domestic regulatory requirements on a day to day basis, are lacking in the SME Food processing industries. This gap is more pronounced in the supervisory, midmanagerial & entry levels. As a first mover, IIT and FACE have come together to address this emerging requirement and build capacity for enhancing supply efficiencies and global competitiveness through this short term Certified Food Professional Course.'


Course Calendar (1630 - 1800 hrs)

FSSA 2011

Mar 15

Codex Alimentarius & General Principles of Hygiene

Mar 18

Cleaning & Disinfection Principles)

Mar 20


Mar 22

Risk Analysis & HACCP


Course Calendar (1630 - 1800 hrs)

Allergen Management

April 5

Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)

April 8

ISO 17025

April 10

Manufacturing Hygiene

April 12

Mar 25

Quality Management in Innovation of Food Products and Processes)

April 16

ISO 9001 QMS

April 1

Operational Risk Management SHE

April 18

ISO 22000 FSMS

April 3

Written Examination (2hrs)

April 22

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

FOOD PROFESSIONAL COURSE February 18 - May 06, 2013

Kindly send your reply to: Ms. Anju Bist Executive Officer CII Jubilant Bhartia Food & Agriculture, Centre of Excellence (FACE) India Habitat Centre, Core 4A, Ground Floor Lodi Road, New Delhi - 110003 Tel: 011-463 44611 Email: [email protected]

Nomination Form (To be filled in by Applicant Organisation) 1. Name__________________________________________________________________________________ Designation_________________________ Mobile_______________ Email___________________________ 2. Name__________________________________________________________________________________ Designation_________________________ Mobile_______________ Email___________________________ 3. Name__________________________________________________________________________________ Designation_________________________ Mobile_______________ Email___________________________ 4. Name__________________________________________________________________________________ Designation_________________________ Mobile_______________ Email___________________________ Our Demand Draft No________________________ Dated____________________________for INR / USD ______________drawn in favour of 'Confederation of Indian Industry' payable at New Delhi is enclosed. Name_____________________________________________Designation_____________________________ Organisation______________________________________________________________________________ Address___________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________




Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur


FOOD PROFESSIONAL COURSE February 18 - May 06, 2013

1. Name__________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Date of Birth____________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Pan Number____________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Mobile Number_________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Present Address_________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Permanent Address______________________________________________________________________________ 7. Work Experience 7.1 Present Organisation Name of Organisation

Date from_____ To____

Current Designation

Products and Services of the Organisation

Current Designation

Products and Services of the Organisation

7.2 Previous Organisations ( Last 2 only) Name of Organisation

Date from_____ To____

8. Educational Background Degree/ Diploma


Application Form (To be filled in by Applicant)

Major Subjects


Year of Passing

Percentage obtained


Telephone____________________________________ Fax_________________________________________ Email_____________________________________________________________________________________ For Overseas Participants, Clearance certificate from Ministry of External Affairs, Govt of India, attached _______________________________________________________________________Yes / No

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