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May 4, 2015 - Website ... Pg. 15 Scratch Policy, Upcoming Meets ... to have both Coach Chuck and Coach Allis

Club Warriors Newsletter May 2015


Head Coach, Russ Franklin’s Article on “Why Should I Get Involved In Club Warriors?”

Head Coach Russ Franklin’s Article on “Why Should I Get Involved in Club Warriors” - Group photo of coaches

Why should I get involved with Club Warriors?

Pg. 3-5 All the Swim Coaches

Group updates

Pg. 6 Thinula De Silva, Sets 7 New Club Warrior Records! Pg. 7-8 Pg. 9

Swimathon 2015 Update and Collage of Pictures Article on “Top Food Mistakes Made by Swimmers”

Pg. 10 WOSA SC Regional Collage of Pictures and Results. Pg. 11-12 Tutorial, how to Find Your way around Website Pg. 13 Ontario - Canada Games Development Swim Team Pg. 14 Red vs. Black CW In-house Meet Collage Pg. 15 Scratch Policy, Upcoming Meets Pg. 16 Club Warriors Contact info.

As a parent you may ask yourself the above question, and follow it up with “I pay my fees what more should I do”? The first and most powerful answer is the simplest, “I should help because it benefits my child”. The second answer is that Clubs like CW cannot function without substantial volunteer help. The economics are not there for a full professional staff to do all the things that need doing. The Club needs a little bit of time from everyone, a little more from some and on occasion, a great deal from a few. A simple Club goal is to devise a system where the coach is left free to do what they do best…Coach. This means that parents take responsibility for Fund Raising, Administration, Club Communication and similar items. How can I get involved? Fund Raising – bring in dollars to make up the difference between operating budget and club fees. There aren’t many organizations with enough operating funds and we are no exception. Most of us are experts at spending and less expert at raising money. Much help is needed here. 

Continued Pg. 2...

Club Warriors Newsletter May 2015 Head Coach, Russ Franklin’s Article on “Why Should I Get Involved In Club Warriors” Contd. Publicity – In house through bulletins, write ups, newsletters etc. and in the Public eye with newspaper articles TV/Radio coverage. Letting people know about the Club, its goals, aims, results and personal stories. Membership – Recruit, Register, Educate, Retain. There are many possible “jobs” to volunteer for. If you are interested in this area talk to a Board Member. Administration – The Board of Directors takes on most if not all of the Administrative duties, volunteering to help out by sitting on a committee or being an apprentice is important. Swim Meets – For now, the swim meets that CW run are strictly In House so we do not use them as a source of revenue for the Club. The plan for the future is to eventually have a strong enough parent group of officials that we could host “Invitational Meets” that would generate more monies for the Club. Whether the meet is an In House or Invitational meet, they cannot be run without a large number of parent volunteers. A virtual army of officials ( just like you) run the meets for our swimmers. No parents – No Swim Meet! Stability is what helps build an organization, stability in Philosophies and Staff as well as Stability in membership. Since the Club’s inception, CW has been lucky to have both Coach Chuck and Coach Allison build the club into what it is today. A key for the Club’s continued success is a membership that contributes to that Stability and grows with the Club. As your child progresses in swimming, stay with your club, and help it progress. And remember, it is all for FUN and all for your youngster!! Russ Franklin

CW Swim Coaches For the 2014/2015 Season Back Row (Left to Right): Rob Taylor, Russ Franklin, Jesse MacLeod Middle Row (Left to Right) : Jonah Read, Jennifer Kay, Madison Stecho, Mary McPhee, Allison Meklensek, Nathan Wilson Front Row: Lexi Meklensek 

Club Warriors Newsletter May 2015 Russ Franklin “Head Coach” Elite/Jr. Elite Group

There is great group chemistry which will go a long way in helping us succeed in the Long Course Season.

Elite/Jr. Elite Group:

Good job coach Rob!

Coming off a very successful Short Course Season and the welcomed March Break, the Elite and Jr. Elite groups went back to basics working on Stroke and Racing techniques. As their coach, I understand how hard it is to progress by solely focusing on the conditioning aspect of the sport. We need to be more efficient when we swim and we need to improve all of our starts and turns. This is an exciting time for CW because of our club’s rankings at the various championship meets that took place in February. This excitement can be felt in the pool during our training sessions.

We all welcome Ella Kleinknecht and Andres Paz who have been promoted from the 11&12 group.

Two swimmers from the group, Hannah Baird and Kelton Langman, were selected to participate in the two day Regional Learn To Train Camp held on March 28-29 at the Guelph University pool. Six CW swimmers were selected to attend the four day “Tri Youth Camp” as part of Team Ontario. This camp is coming up in May and will be held at Montreal’s Olympic Pool.Congratulations to Canek Bracho, Hannah Baird, Sarah Chapman, Tori Meklensek, Sophie Richard and Avery Willis. Russ Franklin

Rob Taylor Advanced/ 11-12 Age Group

races and contributed many points towards our award for ‘Best Backstroke Team’. Ella Kleinknecht, Gillian Fabian, Quitze Bracho, Michael Redding, Ben Chandler, Andres Paz, and Nathan Landry all showed tremendous improvement.

Advanced Group and 11-12 Age Group:

At the conclusion of short course season athletes in both groups were challenged to test their strength. They were asked to complete six strength exercises and the total number of repetitions was calculated to determine the strongest male and female athlete in each group. Quitze Bracho and Vicky Zhan emerged as the strongest swimmers in the 11&12 group while Noah Betik and Lia Heard were declared the strongest swimmers in the Advanced Group. Way to go!

A lot has happened since our last newsletter. First I would like to congratulate the swimmers in both groups for their hard work during short course season. A special congratulations to Ella Kleinknecht and Andres Paz. Their consistent effort and improvement in the pool has moved them into the Junior Elite Group. Best of luck the rest of the season you two! Our short course championship season concluded at the Winter Festival meet at the Etobicoke Olympium in February. While the meet setup is not conducive to high performance, we had a number of great swims at the meet. Thinula De Silva won medals in multiple

I would like to thank all of the swimmers and parents who came to the Red and Black meet and Swim-a-thon. It was great to see so much enthusiasm and team spirit and those events. Normally I would continue to sum up what we have been doing in workouts, but instead I would like to write about  something else. I want to write about pride.

Club Warriors Newsletter May 2015 Congratulations to all the Advanced and 11-12 Age Group Swimmers, Championship Belt Winners Andres Paz

Thinula De Silva (twice)

Lia Heard

Michael Redding

Ailidh Mackellar

Kaitlyn Fabian

Gillian Fabian

Are you a proud athlete? You may think so, and you may be right. An honest evaluation of your habits will tell you whether you are, or whether you aren’t. I’ve said it to my athletes before, “Every time you step up on the blocks to race, no matter the stakes, you are always racing for pride”. Who are you when you race? Are you the swimmer that goes to, or beyond, your limit in order to win? Do you regularly race your teammates at workouts? Do you put forth an honest effort on main sets that challenge you? Or do you cut corners when the coach isn’t looking? You do not have to be the fastest swimmer or the strongest athlete in your group to be proud. All you must do is give your best when your best is required. When I started swimming competitively I was not the fastest swimmer. I swam at Regionals at the end of my first season and won some medals and I was happy with that. The next year I qualified for Provincials. I was excited to have qualified for the meet, but swimming there left me frustrated. So many swimmers were faster than I was. What had made them so much faster? Upon self evaluation I realized that I hadn’t put forth my best effort in training. 

Kadi Zheng

From that day I started to hold myself to a higher standard. I put forth 100% effort in everything, even warm up. My teammates probably hated me for that. I honestly tried my best all the time. In doing so I went from the back of the ‘slow lane’ to leading it. I started winning races at local meets against athletes who had beaten me at Short Course Provincials. Eventually I started to beat the fastest swimmers in my club. At Long Course Provincials at the end of the year I won my first provincial title in the 50 Fly. That was one of the proudest moments in my swimming career. The point of the story is not that you will win a provincial title in the 50 fly if you put forth 100% effort in workouts. But if you do put forth 100% effort you will start to improve. Maybe you will move from the ‘slow lane’ to the ‘fast lane’. Maybe you will become stronger. Maybe you will qualify for that meet you just couldn’t get to in short course season. No matter what happens, you will definitely start swimming up to your potential, and that is something you can be proud of.

Club Warriors Newsletter May 2015 Nathan Wilson 9 - 10 Age Group

Lexi Meklensek 7 - 8 Age Group

9 - 10 Age Group:

7 - 8 Age Group:

The 9-10 group has been training very hard since Regionals/Festivals in preparation for the long course season. After our big meets we went back to the basics to focus on skills and build up for the rest of the year. The kids are also excited about the recent improvement in the weather and the promise of finally going outside for dryland. The training the swimmers of done definitely paid off at the Victor Davis Meet in Guelph. It was the first long course meet of the season and our group had 90%+ best times, with most swimmers besting their previous short course best times! We also had Andrei Ciorogariu make Regionals for the first time in the 50 free and we had Haley Thomas make another Festivals time in the 100 fly. Overall this meet was very promising for our group and we will look to continue to improve as we head into our May and June meets! 

The 7/8 Group had been working very hard this month. They have filled their marble jar once again and will be receiving another play day very soon. The group recently did SwimAThon and almost everyone who participated completed 200 widths of the deepend! Huge shoutout to he parents who decided to come out and swim with us too! The 7/8 coaches are all very pleased with the work the group has been doing and are excited for their upcoming meets. Lexi 

Thanks, Nathan

Jesse MacLeod 7 - 8 Age Group 7 - 8 Age Group: As we get closer to the end of the season, it is great to see how well everyone has improved in the pool. Our last few meets of the season should yield some exciting results! Keep up the good work and lets try to enjoy the spring weather! Jesse

Club Warriors Newsletter May 2015

Thinula De Silva, Sets 7 New Club Warrior Records 2014 - 2015 Swim Season

WOW…! 7 New Club Records Competing In his last meet as a 10 yr. old, Thinula De Silva took aim at the Club Warriors’ Record Board breaking 7 Long Course Records. The meet was the “Victor Davis Memorial” swim meet held on the weekend of April 10th at the Victor Davis pool in Guelph. Training with coach Rob in the 11&12 group, Thinula showed his versatility by breaking records in all strokes but the Breaststroke.

50 Back :39.77

100 Back 1:27.04

50 Fly :36.68

100 Fly 1:26.65

50 Free :33.61

100 Free 1:15.13

Thinula’s Record Achievements:

200 Back 3:03.08

Club Warriors Newsletter May 2015

SWIMATHON Thank you to all for another successful Swimathon. Our club raised $12,560 this year, which is a fantastic accomplishment and has a significant impact on the clubs finances.


Raised $12,560 this year!

A big thanks to all our sponsors! (Ketcos) (Keith Stewart) (Candace Wagner)

Game Day Pizza Party Winners: Repeat winners from last year as the #1 fundraising group is the 11-12 group! The group raised an average $140.22/swimmer.

Our top fundraiser this year was; Sophie Richard (Jr. Elite group). Sophie raised $750 with a very close second place finish by Armaan Kohli (8-9 group) with $745.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

Sophie Richard Armann Kohli Nathan Landry Mick Redding Kiera Beutler

$750 $745 $600 $500 $415

Worth mentioning.... 2nd place - Elite/Jr. Elite with $110.65/swimmer 3rd place - 9-10 with $70.22/swimmer.

11-12 Group, Winners of the Swimathon Pizza Party! 

Club Warriors Newsletter May 2015

SWIMATHON Pictures 2015

Club Warriors Newsletter May 2015 Article on; “Top Food Mistakes Made by Swimmers” Article found at:



have been a nutrition consultant to hundreds of athletes over the past many years. From high school to professional athletes, I see the same mistakes time and time again. This year, let us learn from these mistakes and correct them to help make you the best swimmer you can be.

Mistake No. 1:

Thinking you can eat whatever you want because you are very active.It is true that active young swimmers burn a lot of calories in training and have a higher need for calories because they are growing. However, that doesnít mean you can thrive by eating double quarter pounders with cheese, fries and large soft drinks. That meal contains 1250 calories, easily a third to half of an active swimmer ís calorie needs for the entire day. Every fast food restaurant offers healthier choices these days, even on the value menu, so when faced with choices, make good ones. A better choice would be a regular cheeseburger, small fries and a fruit ën yogurt parfait for about half the calories with the added benefit more healthful nutrients and less fat and sodium. And, it still tastes pretty good if you like fast foods.

Mistake No. 2:

Mistake No. 3:

Thinking more is better when it comes to protein. Protein is very important for athletes, but more isnít better. Research shows that you need 0.55-0.90 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day. Most swimmers should aim for somewhere in the middle of the range. The higher end of the range is needed when you are cutting calories to reduce body fat. For recovery, you need about 20 grams of high quality protein within the first hour after exercise. The double quarter pounder meal has almost 50 grams of protein, way more than needed for recovery. The single cheeseburger meals has about 20 grams of proteinÖjust right. Extra protein isnít stored in the muscles. It is broken down for energy which can be stored as fat. The excess nitrogen (the part that makes protein unique from carbohydrate or fat) gets eliminated in the urine. Overemphasizing the value of supplements and undervaluing the power of healthy foods. I must admit that the marketing for healthy foods is not nearly as exciting as for supplements. Supplement ads promise quick weight loss, bigger muscles, and increased energy; one study of about 600 supplements identified over 800 performance enhancing claims, most of which were bogus without scientific backing. Supplements are no short-cut to improving body composition, building muscle or increasing performance. Supplements have the added risk of containing banned or illegal substances that could harm your health and your sports career. That is why USA Swimming takes a food-first approach when advising athletes.

(Editorís Note: Along with the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), USA Swimming considers dietary supplements, such as some protein shakes and powders, as ìtake at your own risk,î placing full responsibility for any effects and repercussions on the athlete. For more information, see our†Dietary Supplements page).

Club Warriors Newsletter May 2015

WOSA (SC), Regionals at Windsor, ON Feb 2015, Collage and Results.

Multiple Gold Metal Winners; Thinula De Silva (10) 100-200 Freestyle and 50-100 Backstrokes. Tori Meklensek (12) 200-800 Freestyles, 200 Backstroke and 400 IM. Avery Willis(11) 800 Free, 100 Breast and 200 IM. Canek Bracho(13) 200 Free and 200 Back. Felix Cao(12) 50-100 Freestyles.

Continuing the Gold Medal Emily Masters(13) - 400 Free Sara Chapman(12) - 400 Free Andres Paz(12) 200 - Breast Kelon Langman(12) - 200 IM Colby Anton(13) 50 - Back Lexi Meklensek(17) - 100 Fly Sophie Richard(12) - 200 Fly Mary McPhee(15) - 200 Breast.

Other Club Warriors Medal Winners:

Club Warriors Finish in Third Place! Forty five swimmers from Club Warriors were among the 1000 swimmers representing 30 clubs competing at the 3 day WOSA Short Course Swimming Championship. The competition was held at the Windsor International Aquatic Center on February 6-8. The CW team placed 3rd overall with 715.5 pts, behind the Burlington Devil Rays with 723 pts. and the winning team from WEST who had 727 pts. Thirty one Club Warriors’ swimmers scored points for the club, contributing to the teams impressive third place finish. Just as impressive was the total number of podium finishes for the club, which brought home 63 medals: 25 Gold, 27 Silver and 11 Bronze! 10

Vicky Zhan(11) Bronze - 200 Breast Gillian Fabian(11) Bronze 50 Breast, 100 Breast Avery Willis(11) Silver - 400 Free, 200 Back, 200 Fly, 400 IM  Katherine Qin(12)  Silver - 50 Fly  Tori Meklensek(12) Silver - 50 Back, 100 Back, 100 Free  Hannah Baird(12) Silver - 200 Free, 400 Free, 800 Free  Sarah Chapman(12) Silver - 200 Breast, 400 IM; Bronze - 200 Free, 800 Free  Sophie Richard(12) Silver - 100 Fly  Emily Masters(13) Silver - 200 IM Felix Cao(12) Silver - 200 Free, 50 Back, 100 Fly, 200 Fly; Bronze 200 Back, 50 Fly Ian Friesen(12) Silver - 400 Free, 800 Free, 200 Back  Andres Paz(12) Silver - 400 IM Silver Kelton Langman(12) 400 IM Bronze Cane, Bracho(13) Silver - 200 IM, 50 Back Bronze Colby Anton(13) Silver - 200 Back

Club Warriors Newsletter May 2015 How To Find Your Way Around, Website Article Created By: Lisa Chandler (11-12 Age Group, Intro Parent)


his article is created to inform you about valuable information the Swimming Canada website provides for Swimming Parents/Athletes and how to manoveur around the site.

1. Shows your childs results/seed times listed in specific events in; a) Club Warriors Standings b) Ontario Standings in their age group 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

c) Canadian Standings in their age group

To see individual race events times for your child and to keep track how they are progressing. To look up upcoming meet pakages for swim meets. See posted results on a paticular meet. To find out the standings for Club Warriors compared to other swim clubs in the Region/Canada. Officiating resources

1: How to look up your childs results on website.

a) First click on tab “Records & Rankings”

b) Then click on “Search for an Athlete” under Canadian Rankings.

c) Select Gender to narrow down search then type in Last Name and First Name of swimmer. d) Click on athletes name that appears below to continue to their swimming information. 2. a) “Click on individual events time” for swimmer to see detailed information on Club, Ontario and Canada Standings for that event. I will click on 50M Freestyle SC to show you a sample.

Also on this page you can print out all your swimmers events/times for SC and LC and it will have all their times from the first time they com- peted and overall % improvement for each event. 11

Club Warriors Newsletter May 2015 How To Find Your Way Around, Website Continued.. Article Created By: Lisa Chandler (11-12 Age Group, Intro Parent)

2. To see individual race events times for your child and to keep track how they are progressing. b) It brings up this page that lists on the right hand side Club Warriors, Ontario and Canada rankings for that particular event. c) If you click on the “number” under Season column (Ontario, Age 11) then another screen will pop up with more informaton on the rankings.

d) The swimmer you are looking up then appears at the top of the list. e) On the top right of the screen you will see a number 1 to a number. This is the number of swimmers in that age categorey that have swam this event this season. f) g)

The swimmer Benjamin Chandler then is ranked at this time, 176 out of 654 swimmers in Ontario for boys aged 11 years old. You can go back to the previous page and check out other events the same way. Also on the previous screen you can check out the rankings the same way for Club Warriors and Canada Rankings, just click on the Season’s column “number” and follow the same directions.

3.To look up upcoming swim meet pakages and for swim meet results. a) Click on “Events & Results”. b) Then click on”Meet List & Results”. c) This screen you can search for your meet by Date, Change Province to “SWIMON”. Also click on Meet Results tab to find results to certain meet. 12

Club Warriors Newsletter May 2015 Club Warriors - 6 Athletes Attended Canada Games Development Team Article Created By: Russ Fraklin, May. 04, 2015



he top twelve Boys (age 13 & Under) and top twelve Girls (12 & Under) in Ontario will be attending a special training camp/meet this May 6-10 in Montreal; in conjunction with similar teams from Quebec and Nova Scotia.

Big congrats to; for making the team and it is pretty cool that “CW swimmers make up 25% of the team!!”  Canek Bracho 13

Sophie Richard 12

Avery Willis 12

Sarah Chapman 12

Tori Meklensek 13

Hannah Baird 12

The top twelve Boys (age 13 & Under) and top twelve Girls (12 & Under) in Ontario will be attending a special training camp/meet this May 6-10 in Montreal; in conjunction with similar teams from Quebec and Nova Scotia. The purpose of the training camp is to provide a high performance opportunity for swimmers as the three provinces prepare for the 2017 Canada Games. Eight swimmers from the Kitchener-Waterloo area have been selected by Swim Ontario for this Development team based on their age and performance results done during this current swimming season. 

“It is great to see that 1/3 of the Ontario delegation is made up of swimmers from KitchenerWaterloo” said Club Warriors Head Coach Russ Franklin. “These kids are young and have a long way to go in their development, but it is good to see they are being recognized now for their hard work and talent.” The Club Warriors Swim Team will be sending six swimmers: Canek Bracho 13, Hannah Baird 12, Sarah Chapman 12, Tori Meklensek 13, Sophie Richard 12 and Avery Willis 12. The two swimmers from the ROW Swim Club will be attending the camp are: Kate Hinsperger 12 and Nicolas Fauteux 13. 13

Club Warriors Newsletter May 2015 RED vs. BLACK Meet held at CW Pool Feb 1, 2015


Club Warriors Newsletter May 2015

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Note all swimmers will be automatically entered into the meets in their swimming group. If your swimmer is unable to participate at a particular meet or session(s), then send an email prior to the Scratch Deadline to: [email protected] If Club Warriors is not notified by the scratch deadline then the parrents will be responsible for all meet fees associated to that meet. Website:

Mailing Address: Club Warriors 5-420 Erb Street West Suite #316 Waterloo, ON N2L 6K6



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Club Warriors Newsletter May 2015 Contact Information for Club Warriors Swimming Coaches:


Russ Franklin

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Rob Taylor

Head Age Group Coach for: Advanced, 11-12 and Intro Groups [email protected]

Nathan Wilson

Head Coach of 9-10 Age Group [email protected]

Allison Meklensek

Head Coach of 8-9 Age Group [email protected]

Jesse MacLeod

Coach 7-8 Age Group [email protected]

Lexi Meklensek

Coach 7-8 Age Group [email protected]

Team Gear and Equipment: [email protected] (email inquiries about Club Warriors clothes, caps, swimming gear)

Justin Fabian

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Jason Baird

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Matt Betik

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Jim Chapman

Club Officials Chair [email protected]

Jeff Slater

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Elly Bradley

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