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New Material Also Appears at the Front of the book now. This is a living book ...... For the last five years, we have be
Special Edition 3/31/2017 New in this edition: 1. Fatal Prescription Side Effects. 2. New Book Format. 3. Maple Syrup is anti-Cancer. 4. Diabetes Advances. 5. Home medical tests and equipment.


Not a novel. Not fiction.


Will David Mitchell

BA, MS, MBA, Master Nutritionist

Revelation: The Best Die Young

Doctors Athletes Billionaires Heads of State Unnecessarily. They perish at about a generation (20 years) earlier than the rest of the population, despite having so much left to give the world, despite having the best of medical care. They lose the most productive 20 years of their lives. The rest of us die about thirty years before our time. It’s tragic and does not have to happen. Our goal is for everyone to become centurions.

New in this edition: 1. Fatal Prescription Side Effects. 2. New Book Format. 3. Ordinary grocery store Maple Syrup fights cancer. Maple syrup is a serious alternative to chemotherapy, fighting the most common and deadly cancer of all. Probably suppressed, this news hit the Internet Feb. 2, 2015. Did you or your doctor get the memo? How about the thousands who have received damaging chemotherapy for colorectal cancer since then? 4. New diabetes info. A 5-day fasting diet with plenty of water and 500 calories, has been developed in England, showing excellent results in regrowing the pancreas! 5. Home medical test kits available with No Prescription. A few of the items available are surprising.

NEW IN THIS EDITION 1. Deadly Drugs “Someone Ought To Go To Jail.” Thus say a growing number of doctors. I had a shocking revelation this morning, watching lengthening commercials between the evershorter TV show segments. The announcer said something we’ve all heard and disregarded many times, “Severe side effects, sometimes fatal, have occurred.” Wait a minute! This drug has killed people, probably in trials. It still kills people on the open market and they’re still selling it? What’s right about that? Anything? 

If the required pharmaceutical tests were negligent and/or incomplete but people lost their lives, that would constitute the crime of Manslaughter.

If the company knew about deaths due to the drug and either began or continued selling it anyhow, that would constitute the crime of Murder.

It would be Manslaughter or Murder in nearly every other venue, war being the only major exception. If a car company sells cars and after a year the brakes start to fail, that might be called error. The remedy would be a recall to fix the brakes. If the car company fails to test the brakes adequately before selling the cars, then Manslaughter charges can be filed as soon as negligence is shown. If the car company tests the brakes and discovers that they tend to fail in a year, but sells the cars anyhow, then charges of Murder can be filed. This is how it has sometimes been in the past and how it should proceed in the future. However, for one reason or another, some car companies and component makers like Makata (airbags to Honda, BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru and Toyota ), Toyota and Nissan (stuck throttles), Ford (Pinto exploding gas tank), General Motors (deadly ignition switch) have found ways to buy or delay themselves out of trouble.

Sometimes they actually make a profit by doing so. Big Pharma sometimes gets fines for making errors. Ditto for hospitals. The largest fines are minuscule compared to the profits they make on those “errors.” Fines to hospitals are a minor irritant compared to the profits. Doctor errors are the third leading cause of death in the USA according to JAMA. All drugs are inherently dangerous, by definition. If they were not dangerous, they would not be drugs. Drugs are controlled by prescriptions, doctors, pharmaceutical companies and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) so that their good effects will not be overweighed by their bad effects. They all have bad effects, which must be monitored. 1. Without doctor prescriptions, patients cannot even purchase drugs. The prescriptions tell pharmacists what dosages are prescribed. 2. We have controls by the FDA on what drugs can be prescribed for what illnesses. 3. We have instructions and warnings on the labels put there by pharmaceutical companies, to help consumers take the proper dosages. So all drugs are dangerous, by definition. Below, I list the most common drugs, pretty much the ones advertised the most on TV and their statistical side effects. Laws say that drug companies and doctors MUST report bad side effects to the FDA. More than 90% of the time, they DO NOT make such reports. One study claims that only 1% of the time do they make reports and the 2011 Quarterwatch report, found at says that 179,855 “reported” serious or fatal drug reactions occurred that year. If that’s so, the math says that between 1,798,550 and 18- million people were seriously injured, most dying early, or were killed due to prescription drugs that year. That’s roughly 2-17 Million. Are you frightened? You should be. No serial killer is anywhere nearly as successful at killing people. It’s like crashing between two and twenty 787 Dreamliners into every county seat in the nation, year after year. Since drugs are so dangerous, why do we even take prescription drugs? I know people who don’t. I haven’t in about a decade.

We are trading a probable short-term benefit, such as extending a life or reducing pain, for a probable short or long term bad effect, such as kidney disease, heart attacks or diabetes. We might think the trade is worth the price. The price might be light or heavy but there is always a price. The benefit might be light or heavy as well. We have to choose whether or not to accept the offer, the trade, the drug. Deal? Or no deal? A personal example: As history, my wife and I were in auto accident about 40 years ago. As a result, she has a scar, a skin graft, over her right temple. The temporal artery is right there. Recently, 40 years later, she complained of a headache during a fairly routine doctor visit. The doctor checked the pulse at her two temples. “My God!” he actually panicked. “You have Temporal Arteritis. We have to treat this immediately, today, because you can go blind in seconds or have a brain stroke and die in a minute. It can happen at any time.” We sat, stunned as he told us the only treatment was heavy doses of prednisone for two to three years. That would almost certainly kill her from diabetes and obesity, conditions she controls with vitamins and minerals. By the way, arteritis is not arthritis. Arteritis is an inflammation of the artery inner walls, reducing blood flow. Arthritis is a condition of the joints, caused by a simple calcium deficiency, which in turn might be caused by a magnesium and/or potassium deficiency. Although neither of us is deaf, we often communicate covertly via the deaf-mute sign language. Few people notice when we do and fewer still can read our private dialect of the language. With the flick of a frown and a move of my left hand, I conveyed that I thought the highly acclaimed doctor had a very bad idea. She agreed in sign language, so we relaxed and got the doctor to discuss it more deeply with us. He handed her the prescription and she handed it back to him, saying she can’t take prednisone. In discussion, he convinced us to have a temporal artery biopsy. I didn’t realize it meant removing about 2” of the artery so it can be examined under a microscope. At the time of emergency surgery, the surgeon explained that the artery was not necessary. Other arteries take over if it’s compromised. I disagree with that argument because God (or nature for that matter) is too efficient to let unnecessary body parts exist. Spares in case of injury – yes. Unnecessary parts -- no. It might have merely been a language barrier. He’s Swedish but one can barely tell. His proudly displayed diplomas are from the best USA Universities. He removed the artery, letting me hold my wife’s hand throughout, and he was good. There is no scar.

The nurse assured us, “The instant I get the results, I will call you.” So we spent the weekend wondering. She never did call us. Nobody from that clinic has ever called us and that was a year ago. We pressed our primary physician and he said he wanted to do the other artery. I had to use ‘vocal strength’ in requesting the biopsy report. It showed negative for Temporal Arteritis. The doctor said that the Mayo protocol called for a second biopsy of the other temporal artery and immediate, high doses of prednisone in the meanwhile. Even if the other artery shows no problem, long term, high doses of prednisone are necessary. Remember that car accident? My wife does not even have a temporal artery on her right side. She has a skin graft there. That’s why there was no pulse there! Her plastic surgeon likely removed that temporal artery 40 years ago and tied it off to prevent further bleeding. That’s why she had no pulse there. As it turns out, “temporal arteritis” is our physician’s specialty. When it comes to that condition, he’s the man. It’s almost like, as he wryly jokes, “When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Question: Have you ever heard of temporal arteritis? It’s a rare condition, rare enough that I have never heard of it. The doctor thought he’d spotted a nail and was willing to prescribe enough prednisone to kill my precious wife in one to three years. Even after a biopsy was negative, he wanted to prescribe it. She finally agreed to a 10-day trial to prevent headaches but the headaches grew massively worse and she had a number of other terrible side effects. She stopped after four days. Only then did the doctor declare, “Since the headaches got worse, it might not be temporal arteritis.” Even at that point, he wanted her to try a 25% smaller dosage! We declined. He and at least three other doctors and two PAs, backed by nurses and the Mayo Clinic, agreed 100% -- and were dead wrong. They were willing to take (not merely risk) my wife’s life to prove they were wrong. Clinical trials of prednisone are clear. It causes elevated blood sugar, massive weight gain and a host of other problems, while it fights inflammation. The question is simply this: Is the patient willing to reduce painful inflammation for a while, and suffer the terrible effects of diabetes and morbid obesity for a few years before probably dying early? The other question is simply this: Is the doctor going to ask the patient that simple question?

If you and I were convicted of Murder for killing someone intentionally or Manslaughter for killing someone via negligence, we’d spend Years in the penitentiary. However, if Pfizer or Bayer kills someone through negligence, charges are almost never forthcoming. I call for a higher standard. For instance, if a drug kills someone during trials, then like any murderer, it should be cast out of normal society. It should never go on the market, period and if found there, it should be removed. If it harms someone, then we have to remember that every drug has side effects, by definition. If there were no side effects, then there would be no need for it to be called a drug, controlled by physicians writing prescriptions, monitoring the side effects and reporting back to the drug companies and the FDA. I also call for penalties against doctors and drug companies who scoff at the law and fail to report dangerous side effects to the FDA.

2. New Material Also Appears at the Front of the book now. This is a living book, being updated regularly. New material appears at the FRONT of the book as well as in-text. This way, you can read the news without having to re-read the whole book. I re-read it quarterly anyhow, as a refresher but I’m a nutritionist. You might not need to do that. You can download the latest edition and read the front matter, staying up to date. At the time of each next edition, I’ll replace the old front matter with new. The replaced material will still go into its proper place within the book. New editions are still free. You can get them at http://FreeBook.DM1.US or http://Goo.Gl/3Stmbe

3. Maple Syrup Fights Cancer. Did your cancer doctor get the memo on February 2nd, 2015 about Maple Syrup being more effective on colorectal cancer than chemo? That’s when the news hit the Internet. Unsurprisingly, maple syrup has fewer side effects than chemo. Surprisingly, researchers say it’s effective!

It’s also a whole lot cheaper. IFL/Folfiri cost $38,000 in 2008 for six cycles of chemotherapy. Maple Syrup is about $15 per quart. Not only that, Big Pharma can’t patent and restrict Maple Syrup. It’s unsurprising that this isn’t Big News told to all cancer patients. There’s no serious money in maple syrup as a cancer treatment. gives the complete details. Next is the Abstract of the well-done article. You can read the full report at the link above.

Inhibitory effect of Maple Syrup on the cell growth and invasion of human colorectal cancer cells Maple syrup is a natural sweetener consumed by individuals of all ages throughout the world. Maple syrup contains not only carbohydrates such as sucrose but also various components such as organic acids, amino acids, vitamins and phenolic compounds. Recent studies have shown that these phenolic compounds in maple syrup may possess various activities such as decreasing the blood glucose level and an anticancer effect. In this study, we examined the effect of three types of maple syrup, classified by color, on the cell proliferation, migration and invasion of colorectal cancer (CRC) cells in order to investigate whether the maple syrup is suitable as a phytomedicine for cancer treatment. CRC cells that were administered maple syrup showed significantly lower growth rates than cells that were administered sucrose. In addition, administration of maple syrup to CRC cells caused inhibition of cell invasion, while there was no effect on cell migration. Administration of maple syrup clearly inhibited AKT phosphorylation, while there was no effect on ERK phosphorylation. These data suggest that maple syrup might inhibit cell proliferation and invasion through suppression of AKT activation and be suitable as a phytomedicine for CRC treatment, with fewer adverse effects than traditional chemotherapy. My reaction is “Wow.”  

   

For one thing, it’s well known that your hair won’t fall out. The 31 careful researchers tested three varieties of syrup, ranging in color from (I) slightly golden to (II) amber to (III) very dark brown. Since cancer cells feed on sucrose, they adjusted the sucrose levels of the three varieties of syrup slightly to be equal. They used syrup bought at the grocery store. You can get the same stuff for $15 a quart. The darker varieties of syrup have the greatest effect. Researchers found that the cancer cells grow more slowly and are less invasive when fed maple syrup than when fed sucrose. The obvious conclusion is that if you find you have cancer, you should suppress common sugar (sucrose) and if you want sugar, use Maple Syrup.

Barely mentioned in the report was that Maple Syrup decreases blood glucose (blood sugar.) As you know, the dread disease diabetes is a condition characterized by high blood sugar (glucose.) So if you are fighting diabetes, swap out your common sugar for maple syrup.

How about maple sugar? It’s untested so far but I would suspect it contains the same cancerfighting compounds as maple syrup. Check the label. You can find “maple flavored” syrup. Get the 100% pure stuff.

4. New diabetes research. Scientists have recently grown human pancreas cells in mice, only about seven miles from my home. British scientists reported in January, 2017 that a five-day water-only fast seems to reboot the bodies of diabetic rats, causing them to regenerate their pancreases. Human trials are pending. The hope is that they will be able to cure diabetes with a simple water-only fast for five days. You can find their report online. Further information is at and here If you search the Internet for Diabetes Fasting Diet, you will find more information than I can report in a book. Please perform that search. I suggest that if you are able to cure your diabetes, you have one more crucial thing to do. You must lay off the sugar. That’s most likely what caused your diabetes in the first place. And don’t think Diet Cokes are good substitutes for Regular Cokes. There is ample research indicating that diet soda is worse than sugared soda. If you’re going to have a soda, at least choose one with cane sugar like Pepsi Throwback with Real Sugar, not a sugar substitute and not the more modern drinks like ordinary Pepsi or Coke. There is one soda that’s not nearly so bad. It’s Blue Sky Stevia and it comes in some tasty flavors. Caution – not all Blue Sky is made with Stevia. Look at the can. Stevia is the only sugar substitute I have found that has no criminal record. Even there, take a little care that the product is Stevia, not Made From Stevia. I’ll get more into that later.

5. Home Medical Tests. A surprising array of non-prescription medical tests are available at pharmacies and big-box stores like Walmart. Many are listed just before the appendix section of this book.

Champion athletes like this lovely track star look and feel exceptionally healthy. Most don’t know that exercise without supplementation is dangerous, even suicidal because with every workout, we sweat out the crucial minerals our body needs for long term health. Do work out. Do keep your body strong. Do supplement your diet with the essential minerals. Your body cannot make minerals and you must consume them. I celebrate our world’s fine athletes. Because most books have mandatory blank pages for formatting purposes. I decided to place photos of honored athletes there instead. While I do have permission to use the photos of people in this book, I don’t have their specific endorsements of its concepts, except for a few like: Theo Ratliff, Drew Pearson, Suzanne Somers, Mike Glen, Gene Nelson, Steve Hess and Marilu Henner.

Michael Johnson Winning the 400-meter race at IAAF Worlds, Greece, 1997.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE Copyright 2015, 2016, 2017 Will David Mitchell, All rights reserved. With written permission from the author only, you may copy and distribute specified unmodified portions of this work according to the permission given. This book is in a constant state of revision and updating as new science emerges. The copyright applies to all revisions but not to any original sources that might be owned by others. All quoted sources are properly attributed in this book. Published by Intellectual Properties SD.

Theo Ratliff, NBA superstar. Brand ambassador for Youngevity. Theo credits Youngevity’s Rebound™ for restoring his basketball career after injuries forced him to lose nearly all of an NBA season and quit.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Will David Mitchell is blessed with uncommon energy. People say he’s 76 going on 40. At 74 years of age, last Good Friday, he spent the afternoon running all over a soccer field, showing people how to fly 4-line stunt kites. This story is a repeat of the same story, years previous. These kites are difficult to keep in the air. They are always crashing, so David was running here and there to re-launch a kite, show a flying technique, launching another, etc. The kite fliers, however, were mostly stationary. After more than three hours, the fliers were winding up their lines, seeking park benches and asking him to go home. He was certain he’d be sore the next day, but wasn’t. The next day, they repeated the playful session. The third day, again, he was not a bit sore and was playing the saxophone as usual in his church’s worship band. He attributes this energy and fitness to the minerals he consumes, quipping that as an USAF pilot three decades ago, he would have been barely moving by Sunday. The minerals weren’t available back then. David has the gift of writing. In 2011, he decided to write and publish one full-length book a month for a year and did that. All the while, he ran two multi-million dollar corporations and graduated magna cum laude with his second master’s degree, this time in business administration. All of that takes unusual energy, especially considering the large amount of time he spends with his family. Then in October, 2014, he wrote and published two books in ten days, just because someone asked him to teach two courses on those subjects. He attributes this energy and mentality to the specific, high-quality minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids he consumes daily. There is and can be only one source for these products: Youngevity, because Youngevity has exclusive rights to the mines that produce the minerals, and those are the only such mines on earth. Generously, he makes Youngevity products available to everyone at Wholesale prices. Retail is more than 42% higher. You can find them at his official website:

http://DM1.US. (That’s a numeral 1, not a letter I nor a letter L.)

DEDICATION Foremost, I dedicate this work to my personal Savior, Jesus. The first words of the Gospel of John declare that He made us. That includes our DNA, which encodes how our bodies repair themselves on an hourly basis. All we have to do is feed our bodies the raw materials they need. Second, to my dear wife of 50+ years, Carol Mitchell, the finest model for all womanhood to emulate, as well as to our children and family. Also, to our dear friends and fellow laborers in this nutrition crusade, Tank and Patti Kobarg. In 1999, they were nearing an untimely death and we flew to the hospital to pay our last respects to Patti. Tank listened to a tape by our friend Dr. Joel Wallach, called “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie.” Tank arranged an interview with Dr. Wallach and bought the minerals and vitamins that saved both of their lives. Six weeks later, Carol and I saw them both at a party, many states distant. Convinced, we joined pretty much on the spot. Today, Tank and I are 76 going on 40. And to our dear friends, Dr. Joel Wallach and his magnificent wife, Dr. Ma Lan, who founded Youngevity. I can’t count the number of lives they have saved; nobody can. Surely the count is deep into the millions. They are American heroes of the first order.

Surfing the molten waters of San Diego in winter

REVISIONS This is a “Living” book. When you buy a copy, even if you acquire it as a gift, you receive more than that individual copy. You also gain all revisions, for life, free for the asking. We do need your current email, so we can alert you about new editions to you. Revisions are important because science is an incremental thing. All science is derivative. It is always in the process of building on itself, in spurts of knowledge. No scientist ever discovers or invents anything without building on the works of others. For example, a scientist may invent a unique tool that helps other scientists discover something. Even the tool is based on the work of earlier men and women, perhaps metallurgists or machinists, perhaps optical scientists or atomic scientists, perhaps chemists or computer scientists. Science advances incrementally in the fields of medicine and nutrition also. As new science emerges and as we research new fields, we change this book. Thus we revise it and send you free electronic copies. We want there to be no secrets. Obviously, we can’t revise books that have already been printed but we do offer new editions for purchase at full price. Amazon supports our paid Kindle books by sending you free revisions as soon as we release them. They do that automatically. As we revise a Kindle book, Amazon delivers the new one to you in minutes. Commercially, we sell this book for $49.99 because of the decades of expensive research and experience we’ve all put into this entire project. It is a master’s level course in nutrition, in full color. A comparable college textbook costs more than a hundred dollars. This book may well expand to an encyclopedia, in which case the set will cost a bit more. We won’t charge anyone a hundred dollars for one book. You might not buy it and that means you wouldn’t reap the benefits of this knowledge. More than anything, we want you to be healthy. For revisions, go to http://FreeBook.DM1.US, our website. Leave your name and email address. We’ll email you the secret key so you can download the latest version (write it down). Legally, we can’t send it to you unless you give us permission. Do not worry; we will never share your email address with anyone for any reason. Nobody can make us. Friends don’t betray friends. Check the revision date at the upper left corner of the book cover on the website vs. your book. If we have a newer version available, just download it.

If you don’t have a computer, you might go to a library or use a friend’s computer and read or download the book. You can print a copy or read it online. That’s fine with us. As financing allows, we hope to make audio versions available and will tell you if we succeed. We’ll send you notices of updates and other medical or nutritional news that we uncover. We’re bargain hunters and tell you where you can buy nutritional products at the lowest possible prices – usually wholesale – usually lower than we pay personally. We ask you to tell us about bargains you find, so we can share the knowledge. In particular, we pledge to make Youngevity products available at the lowest possible prices (wholesale) and in most cases we can afford to arrange free 7 to 10% sales tax out of the 8% rebate Youngevity gives us for spreading the nutritional word. Just go to http://DM1.US to browse or shop at wholesale prices. You’ll find a partial catalog at the end of this book, along with information to help you navigate the myriad of their products.

Tom Brady, 2015 Superbowl Champion Quarterback, Washington Patriots

TABLE OF CONTENTS ABOUT THE AUTHOR 15 OTHER WORKS BY MITCHELL 248 Non-Fiction 249 Fiction 249 Mach Books Series (Spy / Fly Thrillers) 249 Dare Series 249 Middle East Series 249

DEDICATION 18 REVISIONS 20 TABLE OF CONTENTS 23 The Best Die Young 34 MODULE 2 37 The Role of Medicine 37 Details 37 A Principle: 40 Those Who Live Furthest From Good Medicine Live Longest. 40 Why Do MDs Die Early? 43 If MDs cannot heal us, Who Can? 47 The Problem With Prescriptions 49 MODULE 3 55 The Nutrition Connection 55 MODULE 4 57 Length of Life 57 MODULE 5 65 The Role of Big Pharma 65 Deficient Nutrition 67 MODULE 6 70 Longevity Limits 70 Alzheimer’s Disease 76 Digestive Diseases 82

Salt and Digestion 88 MODULE 7 91 Financial Aspects of Medicine 92 MODULE 8 95 Kinds of Medical Practice 96 Allopathic Medicine 96 Homeopathic Medicine 99 Colloidal Silver 100 MODULE 9 104 How Nutrition Works 105 Calcium is Essential. 105 Role of Magnesium 108 Supplementation 108 Absorption 111 Solutions 112 Colloids 113 Vitamins 116 MODULE 10 119 Farmland Depletion 119 Summary 121 All Nutrients In Correct Amounts 121 Colloids 123 Shales 123 Depletion 123 Physician Understanding 123 Supplementation 124 MODULE 11 125 The Problem of Big Pharma 125 Allopathic Training 125 Advertising 125 Outside-The-Laboratory Drug Testing 127 Pushing Drugs 128 Insurance 130 A New Form of Taxation 130 Prevention is Better Than Healing 131

MODULE 12 132 Family Nutrition 133 Other Diseases 136 Arthritis 136 Cancer is an interesting, terrible disease. 138 Diabetes 139 Depression 178 MODULE 13 153 OBTAINING THE ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS 153 You Can Grow Them 153 Supplementing Your Soil 154 Bloomin’ Minerals 154 Going Organic 154 GMO 155 Small Plot Gardening 157 Vertical Gardens 158 Recycle Your Water 159 Rotating Crops 160 GMO 160 The Water Bottle Vertical Garden 161 Tools 162 Materials 163 Construction 163 The Tomato Cage Garden 166 Tools 166 Materials 166 Construction 166 The Plastic Picnic Plate Garden 168 Tools 169 Materials 169 Construction 170 The Fencing Garden 174 Tools 174 Materials 174 Construction 174

The Wall Garden 176 Tools 176 Materials 176 Construction 178 Planting 180 Water 180 Light 182 Nutrition 183 Air 184 Temperature 184 Your Planting Schedule 186 Tips to Live and Love Well Past 100: 187 Summary 188 Nutrition News 190 YOUNGEVITY PRODUCTS 191 Wholesale Only. 191 Phone-In Orders 191 Online Orders 191 Payment 191 Direct from Youngevity Orders 192 Literature 192 Product Selection Simplified 193 Specialty Packs Error! Bookmark not defined. When to be Cautious 195 Catalogue 196 Payment 197 Shipment 197 Guarantee 197 Automatic Shipping 198 Customer Service 198 Prices 198 Products 199 Basic Health Body Start Pack 200 HEALTHY BODY START PAK 200 Healthy Body Start Pack 2.0 204

Additions to the Healthy Body Start Pack 206 For High or Low Blood Sugar. 206 HEALTHY BODY BLOOD SUGAR PAK 207 (Original) 207 For Bones and Joints 208 HEALTHY BODY BONE AND JOINT PAK 209 HEALTHY BODY WEIGHT LOSS PAK 212 ANTI-AGING HEALTHY BODY PAK (Original) 213 Cell Shield alone is $40.50. 213 Imortalium is $59.50. 213 It may just be mental, but I feel younger every day. HEALTHY BODY BRAIN AND HEART PACK 214 DEFICIENCY CHART 219 Blood Sugar Imbalance (Chromium and Vanadium) 220 Calcium Deficiencies (Calcium, Magnesium, Glucosamine and Chondroitin) 221 Digestive Disorders (HCL, Enzymes, Flora) 222 Essential Fats and Cholesterol Deficiencies (Omega 3,6,9 and Selenium) 222 SELECTED SCIENTIFIC STUDIES 225 High Fructose Corn Syrup Increases Levels of Three Indicators of Cardiovascular Disease. 225 Cancer and Tangy Tangerine (From Clemson University) 226 AL International (JCOF) Announces Results of Youngevity Clinical Research Studies Performed by Clemson University – Institute of Nutraceutical Research 227 Youngevity University of Manitoba Study 230 Salt, 3/4/2015 232 Study Title: Cutaneous Na+ Storage Strengthens the Antimicrobial Barrier Function of the Skin and Boosts Macrophage-Driven Host Defense 233

Highlights 233 Summary 235 TEXT 235 RELATED WORK ON SALT 236 BIBLIOGRAPHY 238 Making Colloidal Silver 239 WHERE TO FIND THIS BOOK 250

FORWARD Question: Who’s worthy of our dietary trust? 

The US government? They told us to restrict salt because it causes high blood pressure. o At last, they admit that’s a faulty idea and that we should salt to taste. Unfortunately, a huge number of people have developed severe and deadly digestion problems due to insufficient salt to make stomach acid. o Two new facts emerged 3/5/15. You can find the whole article later in this book, with references.  

First, salt is important in fighting infection and inflammation. Second, the overly-low recommended salt intake increases risk of heart attacks by a factor of 2 to 3, especially among people who are already at risk for heart disease.

The government told us to use antacids to reduce stomach acid. o Research has shown that the problem is too little acidity in the stomach, allowing bad organisms to flourish and destroy digestive enzymes. They also cause gas and acid reflux. The problem is too little acidity, not too much.

The government told us to restrict eggs because they cause high cholesterol. o Now, they say eggs are fine and are a good source of inexpensive protein, and it’s okay to eat 6-12 a day. What a reversal! o However, on June 10, 2015, headlines declared that a panel is urging the FDA to approve a new, injectable, cholesterol medication which dramatically lowers cholesterol. It interferes with the liver’s ability to make cholesterol. The drug would cost a patient around $10,000 a year. So expensive injections might replace pills. The madness continues.

The government told us to concentrate our diets on grains, using the food pyramid. o Now, they’ve debunked that idea, inverting the pyramid and saying meats and beans are far better for us than grains.

The government spent untold millions defending the falsehood that selenium is poisonous, and then that selenium is not effective as a food supplement.

o A private citizen spent millions of his own money to force the government to admit Selenium may be effective against Prostate, Lung and Breast cancers. That qualified health claim now includes cancer of the Respiratory tract, Bladder and urinary tract, Colon and digestive system, Liver, Thyroid and Brain. The FDA says that scientific evidence supporting those claims is convincing but not yet conclusive. Source: FDA website. http://FDA.GOV and search Selenium. 

The government said that Omega-3 Fatty Acids are bad for us. o They lost a lawsuit on that issue and have been forced to admit Omega-3 Fatty Acids promote heart health.

The government tried to convince us that GMO foods are safe. o At last, they are begrudgingly admitting that GMO foods contribute to all manner of diseases. o In March, 2015, however, I read that they are allowing a new GMO Granny Apple to be produced, merely because it resists browning from oxidation! They admit that cooks have added lemon juice to apples for decades, to prevent browning. They don’t seem to care that Granny Apples will still oxidize like the rest – but that their spoilage will be hidden from the consumer! o That was followed quickly by a bruise-free GMO potato. It bruises and decays there but it doesn’t show the bruise. Now, shoppers won’t know when a potato goes bad.

For 39 years, the government told us to restrict red meat, lobster, shrimp and other foods high in cholesterol. o In mid-March, 2015, they admitted that high cholesterol does not cause any form of cardiovascular disease.

I attended a class on diabetes recently and the nurse giving the lecture taught a very different story. I pointed out that the FDA decided not to make a cholesterol recommendation in 2015. She had heard that and discounted the news. In her opinion, the FDA made a mistake. I think she did. That’s not even the half of it. Butter is vindicated over margarine but that story is far from over. Fried foods are still considered okay, despite the carcinogenous nitrites and nitrates forming naturally in the hot oil.

Sugar is considered fine for school children despite its effects on teeth and body fat and despite public perception to the contrary. Some school districts are removing soda and candy machines. In April, 2015, the headlines screamed that $4,000,000,000 a year is wasted by over-treating breast cancer, because of errors in reading mammograms that give false positive readings on lumps that are unlikely to cause problems. That’s 4,000 Millionaires a year! Someone got that Four-Billion Dollars and it wasn’t the people who pay insurance premiums. If we cannot believe the federal experts, who should we believe? Their track record isn’t good. In March, 2015, because of their failures in nutritional research, the Federal Government admitted that nutrition science ‘obviously’ needs a lot more research money. In my opinion as a scientist, that clever spin on their abject failure is hogwash! Nutrition science needs a lot more common sense, not a lot more riches for the researchers who seem to get it wrong so consistently. There are a few learned people who have been on the right track all along. They have been preaching: 1. Don’t restrict salt. Salt to taste. Your body needs salt and will tell you how much is correct for you because the food will taste right. You will heal faster and will lower your heart attack risk by 200% to 300%. 2. Avoid GMO foods. Nearly all corn is from GMO seed. Look for the labels but someday those labels will no longer be required on food. Fresh corn has an 87% chance of being genetically modified. You can find GMO apples and potatoes already. About 90% of the soybeans planted in 2016 were genetically modified (GMO). 3. Eliminate gluten completely from the diet, especially from the grains Wheat, Rye, Barley and Oats. Gluten blocks the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, all of them, including the vital minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids you need to thrive. Moreover, its effects are long-lasting because it destroys the cilia in the intestines. Cilia are the body’s means of absorbing nutrients. They can regrow over time. 4. Eat plenty of eggs and red meat, so you will have enough cholesterol in your diet to keep your brain and nervous system functioning well. Dr. Wallach, Dr. Glidden, I and many others eat 6-10 eggs a day.

5. Avoid fried food. It’s not so much for the added fat as for the nitrates and nitrites that heat creates in the oil. Frying oil turns rancid almost instantly at high heat and converts into cancer-causing nitrates and nitrites. Some soak into the food. If you’re going to fry an egg, at least use butter and low heat. Poaching is better. Hard boiled and soft boiled eggs are fine because the water keeps the temperatures high enough to cook the eggs but low enough for sarety.. 6. Cook in butter, never margarine or any kind of plant-derived oil. Even olive oil goes rancid in the bottle. It commonly sits for a long time before use and every time you open the bottle, new oxygen enters, making it become rancid. Plant derived oils oxidize in the frying pan at much lower temperatures than animal derived oils like butter and lard. Oxidized oils are dangerous. 7. Consume Omega-3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids. If you don’t want to get them from fish, get them from Evening Primrose or Flax Seed. 8. Take inexpensive Selenium to prevent many cancers and other diseases and to strengthen your cognition and heart function. 9. Supplement your nutritionally-deficient food with a total of 90 Essential Minerals, Vitamins, Amino Acids and Fatty Acids. Such forward-looking people include:  Dr. Joel Wallach  Dr. Ma Lan  Dr. Peter Glidden  Dr. Bernhard Schrauser  Dr. Richard Renton I could list 25 others. These people and other like-minded research scientists, not the Federal Drug Administration (FDA,) nor Big Pharma nor the government, are the kinds of people to follow if you want to “live long and prosper” in great health. I pause a moment to honor Leonard Nimoy, a fine, prolific and wide-ranging actor and poet. Despite fame and fortune, Leonard died quite prematurely in his Bel Aire home. The whole world has enjoyed his portrayal of Mr. Spock on Star Trek.

Gymnast above the Balance Beam

MODULE ONE The Best Die Young Why do:     

Doctors, Professional Athletes, Powerful Politicians, Rich and famous Actors, Billionaires die decades before their time?

A few gain wisdom and understanding, living long, healthy lives. Gertrude Weaver was born on the 4th of July in 1898, in Arkansas, near the border with Texas. Jeralean Talley was born ten months later and Susannah Mushatt Jones was born a year later on July 6th 1899. She passed away in July of 2016. They are US citizens. Jeanne Calment of France was 122 years old when she died in 1997. Get wisdom. The Bible says: “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.” James 1:5. New International Version.

Here are some other wise, long-lived people: Art Linkletter, the originator of “Kids Say The Darndest Things,” understood wisely. He researched longevity, learned its secrets and made it to age 97. Bob Hope and George Burns understood it and lived past 100. Linkletter, Hope and Burns are comedians. The very funny lady Betty White is 94 and working at this writing. Maybe it’s related to comedy. Some say laughter is the best medicine. I’m convinced that generous people live longer.

Most rich, highly trained people don’t live long. Only one recent, professional athlete has lived to 100. Sadly, they die at an average age of around 60. They train and exercise in their youths and throughout their careers. They do punish their bodies but they do it to be strong and remain healthy for longer lives. Instead, they are more prone to injury than the rest of us and they die an average of 16-years earlier than couch potatoes. Their diligence fails to lengthen their lives. You should exercise but you must supplement your diet with the minerals your body sweats out during workouts. Then, you’ll be healthy and long-lived. However, the average couch potato lives nearly two decades, or one full generation, longer than the average athlete who doesn’t supplement his or her diet correctly. Athletes who do supplement their diets, live long lives. Those who don’t, just don’t. Billionaires are remarkably short-lived. They have access to the finest medical treatment. Strangely that doesn’t keep them as healthy as the couch potato watching TV and eating junk food. Uncounted wealth couldn’t save Steve Jobs recently. The rich die early for the same reason professional athletes do. Even omitting assassinations from the statistics, powerful leaders of nations die too young. We watch young presidents age from TV appearance to TV appearance, almost before our eyes. The reason? It’s the same. So what chance do the rest of us have? Evidently we have a better chance than the rich and famous! It’s an issue that’s certainly worth examining. Read on. There’s mighty wisdom in the coming pages.

Maiya Tanaka

MODULE 2 The Role of Medicine Some of the world’s best researchers claim that these early deaths have something to do with medicine and I agree. Here is the counter-intuitive pattern: Those who can afford the best medicine die young. Those who can’t get it – live longer! One would think the opposite would be true.

Details In 2008, the average American lived to an age of 78. As of 2008, the World Health Organization reports that citizens of forty-three countries, whether they were developed nations or not, lived longer than Americans. Find the USA in this list of countries and their average life spans.



Antigua and Barbuda






San Marino




Hong Kong
















Cayman Islands


















Faroe Islands






Virgin Islands








New Zealand








Saint Pierre and Miquelon 78.76 European Union


United Kingdom




Isle of Man




Puerto Rico


Bosnia and Herzegovina




Saint Helena


United States


There we are! That was in 2008 and the USA lagged Andorra, the best nation by 5.5 years. By 2014, the United States moved up a couple of points to #42. The whole world lived longer too but it was primarily due to better sanitation, not medical advances. In 2014 People in little Monaco lived to 89.57 years. People in the USA lived to 79.56 years, worse by more than 10 years! So in five years, the United States went from 5.5 years behind Andorra, the #1 nation to 10 years behind Monaco, the new #1 nation. Source: the World Health Organization.

A Pattern:

Those Who Live Furthest From Good Medicine Live Longest. Considering smaller cultural groups instead of entire nations, people who live the farthest from ‘modern’ medicine tend to have the very best longevity on earth. Often they are driven to inaccessible areas, such as high in the mountains, by political forces. Such people live far longer than people in the United States do. Often, their water is polluted by minerals from glacial runoff – called Glacial Milk because it’s not clear. It’s so filled with minerals that it’s the color of milk. Some researchers like Dr. Wallach have shown that this kind of mineral pollution is exactly what the rest of us need. Dr. Wallach got his first clues about minerals in the water as a veterinarian in Africa. He watched how large wildlife avoided drinking fresh water and instead preferred water polluted by mud and dirt. Later, he realized that the animals knew to get their daily minerals that way. Fresh water was simply not nutritious enough. Our house cats are the same way. Inside, they drink from a small fountain, when they can’t go outside. Outside, however, they seek pools of rain water that we humans would consider to be unfit for consumption. In the wild of Africa, Dr. Wallach who spent many years there, reports that wild animals of all kinds actively seek polluted, dirty water and avoid clear water. If you find a clear water source, there are plants all around it. If you find a dirty water source, there are no plants whatsoever. They have been eaten and trampled by all of the animals drinking that water. The animals all spurn clear water. It’s universal. African animals even eat dirt. They crave the life-giving minerals in dirt and dirty water. Yeah!


Li Zijun, Ice Dancer

Why Do MDs Die Early? I have a see-through sign on the rear window of my car, saying: DEAD DOCTORS DON’T LIE FREE CD 858-538-9455 I get curious tailgaters. It’s okay. I keep sufficient distance from the car in front, stay away from the brakes and let them read. Occasionally, someone will call on my cell phone while I’m driving, and inquire about the sign. When I ask where they are, they will say they’re right behind me. In California, it’s okay to answer or dial out while driving but one can’t talk and hold the phone. So I go to hands-free mode, ask them to do the same and explain to them, “The reason Dead Doctors Don’t Lie is because they can’t. They are dead.” After sharing an ironic laugh, I explain what the sign means. The doctors are dead because they follow their own advice. Their longevity is proof positive of how good or bad their advice is. They die at an average age of 57, more than 20 years before average couch potatoes do. Obviously physicians take their own advice. That proves they are advising their patients poorly. Here’s something astonishing: Homicide Detectives are the only professionals who live shorter lives than doctors.

Their statistics are skewed. They make their living by putting themselves in harm’s way, such as by surviving gun battles. Worse, they have a high suicide rate. Source: Wikipedia. Since the suicide rate of doctors is not very high, that means doctors are Dead Last in terms of longevity. Before I explain these grim statistics to my caller, I try to find out why they called me. If it’s because they are facing a crisis, particularly a medical crisis, the odds are huge that I can help. A lot.  Bone and Joint Pain? They can be pain-free in 10 days and free of arthritic symptoms in 3-5 months. It can take longer.  Blood Sugar Problems? It usually takes about 60-120 days to bring blood sugar under control. However, if they are overweight, they have to lose that weight for optimum results.  Cancer? Some types disappear quickly, others more slowly. Better longevity is all but assured.  Muscular Dystrophy? High Cholesterol? Alzheimer’s? Lou Gehrig’s? Multiple Sclerosis? Dementia? All are related. Dr. Wallach says all can be improved or reversed.  Dietary diseases and Celiac can be stopped and gradually reversed. If the intestinal cilia are damaged, such as by gluten, the improvement follows as the cells regenerate, but it’s a slow process.  Hereditary Diseases simply aren’t hereditary after all. Dr. Wallach wrote of this in his book Epigenetics. We don’t get them from our parents (nor from our kids!) Nutrition prevents and fixes them, although the damage can be long-lasting. Prenatal supplementation is a must.

Cynthia Kragve, Taekwondo Champion

If MDs cannot heal us, Who Can?

It’s a simple, profound concept. The human body heals itself. You knew that. MDs know that. Everyone knows that. All you have to do is to help it by providing the essential raw materials. You and your parents have been doing that all of your life. There’s almost no medical difference between healing and growing up. Physicians admit that they can’t cure or heal anything. The body heals itself. 1. If they let it. 2. Sometimes they give the healing process a boost by killing off or removing some harmful organisms that may be occupying some of the body’s resources. 3. Sometimes they mask symptoms instead of treating the disease. That’s always a risky tactic but sometimes the benefits outweigh the danger. 4. Sometimes, the symptom-masking drugs they prescribe must be taken for the rest of one’s life. I call that prescribing an addiction. In early 2015, a physician who’s acknowledged in Southern California as the best in his field, admitted it to my wife and me, saying with a smile, “We are addicted to air and water so what’s the difference if we become addicted to pain pills?” The massive difference is that there are no adverse side effects when we breathe air and drink water. He continued with a smile, “Of course, I wouldn’t give this to an 18-year old.”

In other words, he gave us a lot of encouragement, implying that my dear wife isn’t going to live much longer anyhow, so what’s the difference. MASSIVE difference. My dear wife is going to live long and prosper in great health.

The Problem With Prescriptions “Every prescription drug has adverse side effects, by definition.” WDM. That’s precisely why it’s only administered by prescription. If it had no side effects, it wouldn’t be a prescription drug! A doctor must monitor the side effects and deleterious problems the drug causes. If there were no side effects, there would be no medical need for it to be prescribed by doctors. Each time a physician writes a prescription, the patient is trading one set of symptoms for another set of symptoms, called side effects. Hopefully, it’s a good trade. For example, ordinary water has almost no side effects. It is not a drug, precisely because it has almost no side effects. Doctors don’t pull out their prescription pads when advising people to drink plenty of water. You can get quite sick from drinking too much water, but water is not a prescription drug. Neither do they write prescriptions for air, food or food supplements. It is precisely because these things don’t have bad side effects. The effects are all good – when those things are taken within reason. Of course, any good thing is bad when taken to excess.

The body regulates its health in amazing ways we don’t appreciate.  Getting full at a meal is one of them. Our bodies know how much food is right and unless we seduce our palates with sweets and tasty cuisine, our bodies will tell us when to stop eating.  Using the right amount of salt is another way our bodies are amazing. Our bodies crave salt but not too much. A steak is ruined when the chef puts too much salt on it. That’s why we have salt shakers in restaurants. We all need and desire differing amounts of salt. Every farmer and rancher puts out blocks of salt for the cattle to lick. As Dr. Wallach says, nobody tells the cow how many licks to take. The cow knows. So do the deer and other animals that use the same salt licks. Salt’s benefits have been so highly prized by humans in history that it has served as money. The word ‘salary’ is derived from the Latin word for salt. Salt does NOT elevate blood pressure. A study saying it did was fatally flawed. That study found a statistically insignificant rise in blood pressure in a small number of individuals Who Already Had Extremely High blood pressure. Even that result was statistically insignificant, meaning the tiny elevation might have been attributed to any number of other factors. For the rest of the population, there was no increase. On the basis of that, the FDA recommended salt restriction! Source: Dr. J. D. Wallach. In nature, salt nearly always contains vital trace minerals. Our bodies learned long ago that we need those minerals and that the presence of salt tells us that we’re getting the minerals. Our table salt is particularly well refined, containing only sodium chloride and some added iodine. Edible formulations without side effects (such as steak, beans, breakfast, air, water, salt, silver, minerals, vitamins) are classified as food and are sold without a prescription. Minerals and vitamins are considered food by the law, precisely because they are safe.

In the 1980s and 1990s, pharmaceutical companies tried to get food supplements declared drugs. They wanted to put the food supplement companies out of business and take over. They lost that fight over the side effects issue. There’s a more sinister reason drugs exist. Companies can patent drugs. That’s why pharma companies wanted vitamins and minerals to be classified as drugs, so they could patent and restrict them, increasing the prices. This doesn’t mean that foods are impotent in the treatment of disease. Silver, listed above, cannot be patented. It has been classified as a food. That means that it doesn’t fit under the purview of physicians – despite the fact that it is an effective antibiotic -- when in colloidal form as opposed to being a silver salt. For more than half a century, my family has been using zinc lozenges (not the tiny pills) to knock out respiratory illnesses before they take hold. We suck a tasty lozenge at the first sign of a sore throat. Most such illnesses begin in the back of the throat and the zinc prevents viruses and bacteria alike from reproducing. On a recent trip to Chicago, the family who hosted me, and I suddenly got sore throats. I convinced them we needed to buy some cheap zinc lozenges and twenty minutes after we dissolved them in our mouths, the soreness was gone. Permanently. Very recently, Youngevity has added a product called Zinc Plus, along with other remedies for seasonal illnesses like influenza and colds. I’ve tried it. It has a great taste and it’s very effective. For the last five years, we have been adding colloidal (not ionic salt) silver to our zinc regimen for the same thing. We swish some around the back of the throat and swallow. Colloidal silver has no taste. It works even better than zinc. Incidentally, ionic silver in the stomach converts into silver chloride, so ionic silver should not be swallowed. It is fine for a wound. Colloidal silver is a different creature entirely and is safe to swallow. It is also fine for a wound. It’s easy to make your own. Doctors are prescribing silver for viral diseases like Ebola. Although silver is a food, a dozen research teams are reporting good success against Ebola using various ways to deliver colloidal and ionic silver.

Our friend Dr. Cesar Garcia in Mexico has been using colloidal silver to reverse and eliminate HIV/AIDS in humans. I tested and proved the safety of the electronics used in Dr. Garcia’s treatment. Dr. Garcia’s first human trials were on 500 people. In six weeks 497 had negligible to zero viral count in their bloodstreams. Three died of other causes. It was a resounding success. His treatment is approved by the Mexican FDA and is poised to be released to the rest of the world. Have you even heard of it? HIV/AIDS is an immensely profitable disease. Source: Robert Maddux and personal interview of Dr. Cesar Garcia by author. Since everything that is a drug has side effects, by definition, every drug is dangerous to some significant degree and must be monitored by a physician. If there were no danger, it wouldn’t be classified as a drug. That is the law. Some drugs are far more dangerous than others. At one extreme, heroin and cocaine are famously addictive drugs. They still have a few, very rare medical uses. They dull pain. They dull the mind and prevent it from thinking. They also deteriorate the body. When a patient tries to stop taking them, the withdrawal symptoms ravage the whole body. They are debilitating. They cause such extreme withdrawal pain that the body may perish and in any case, the addicts hope they will die. Other drugs are less ‘dangerous’ only because they may take a longer time to cause severe or fatal damage. Withdrawal can be equally devastating and deadly. Just watch the TV ads for proof.  A widely-prescribed ($18 billion in 2008) class of drugs called statins, for instance, gradually ruins the kidneys. “Tell your doctor if you have any kidney problems,” the TV advises on statin commercials. According to their labels, statin side effects also include Diabetes, Cancer, Lower Mental Acuity and liver problems.  Tylenol is the most widely taken and prescribed pain killer. It and its cousins ruin the liver. It may take years but without kidneys, without a liver, the body perishes from very nasty conditions the doctors call diseases.

 TV advertisements are rife with drug ads that list the side effects and then tell you to: ”Ask your doctor if {drug-x} is right for you.” In other words, they say you should try to persuade your doctor to prescribe it, because you know more than your M.D. does about this drug – you saw it advertised on TV, with beautiful people playing badminton or throwing a Frisbee on the beach. Although they’re probably actors, it’s possible that they might be taking that drug. The implication is that they are and they have no adverse side effects and that they are cured. Of course, the implication is that those side effects won’t happen to you – you hope. Reality says they will, universally. Like all humans, you are human. More importantly, the ads imply that as a patient, you provide income to your doctor, and so your MD should honor your request and keep your pay flowing into his or her coffers. After all, the average general practitioner earns $195,000 per year in the USA and the average specialist earns $284,000 a year. That’s $10,000,000 in a lifetime. That’s something for a doctor to protect! Is that how it should be? Or perhaps should your carefully earned and saved money pay for the doctor’s unbiased opinion? Yes, that’s it. After all, the MD knows that drug exists, watches TV and has studied its side effects. The drug companies spend millions, perhaps billions to make sure the doctor knows the drug exists. Perhaps we shouldn’t try to bias the doctor. Perhaps Big Pharma shouldn’t be allowed to advertise prescription drugs on TV. I think the word “perhaps” doesn’t belong in those last two sentences at all.

 Various other drugs cause diseases of the kidneys, liver, brain, heart, intestines, nervous system – and doctors prescribe those drugs with full knowledge of what they do. Doctors aren’t out to kill you. The whole idea is to trade temporary relief for a shortened life. There is a better way, a safer way, a permanent way. The body heals itself, given even a partial chance.

MODULE 3 The Nutrition Connection The body wants to heal itself. The only way to stall this miracle of healing is to starve the body of the 95 nutrients it needs for life. Remove any of those essential nutrients and the body sickens and dies from one condition or another. Sometimes the sickening process takes minutes, as in the case of oxygen starvation. Sometimes it takes decades, as in the case of calcium starvation. It’s inevitable in any case. Let’s examine oxygen, one of those essential 95 things more deeply. Let’s compare its lack with what happens when you take certain drugs. Suddenly deprive the lungs of oxygen and the effects are fast. Confusion, memory loss, inability to think clearly, all happen immediately, generally quicker than people can think to save themselves. Inability to focus the mind and the eyes, tunnel vision, blackouts, muscle tremors, weakness and a host of other problems develop in the span of three breaths, the time for oxygen-depleted blood to travel from the lungs to the brain. They progress to unconsciousness and death in minutes. However, a feeling of euphoria accompanies the initial symptoms of oxygen starvation. The person feels great until it’s too late. Does that or does it not sound like the symptoms caused by potent painkillers? The immediate cure for oxygen deficiency is obvious. Provide oxygen. In the case of painkillers, there is no immediate cure. The kidneys and liver primarily must filter or metabolize these agents out of the blood stream and somehow eliminate them from the body.

Oxygen is only one nutrient. We have to have it continuously because there is so much of it around us and the body doesn’t have to store very much internally. Similarly, a fish, which lives in water, will die quickly when taken out of water. A person perishes of thirst in a matter of days. Water is far less abundant than air, so our bodies store a greater percentage of our needs for water, than air. Similarly, we need three classes of foods: proteins, carbohydrates and fats. We can live without food for around 6 weeks, sometimes longer, as Gandhi repeatedly showed. You know all of that. Our bodies store more food than water or oxygen. This book is more about failing to provide food nutrition than air or water. However, the ill effects of air and water deprivation are easier to demonstrate. They are immediate. The visible effects of food starvation are caused by the body depleting its internal stores of food. It literally stays alive by feeding on itself. For instance, muscles shrivel to provide nutrition for the heart, brain and other more vital organs. The story continues with another 90 Essential Nutrients for our body. They are less plentiful than protein, carbohydrates and fats, although do we get them from food. Since they are less plentiful, we must store more and we require less of these essentials. We can live for years without replenishing some of these 90, but without them, disease is inevitable. When the land is depleted of these Essential Nutrients, as it usually is, so is our food from plants and food from the animals that eat plants, etc. The food chain begins with plants. When the land is depleted, we must somehow supplement our diets with what is missing. Most of us are smart enough to provide ourselves with air, water and three kinds of food. That accounts for five nutrients. Most of us don’t know enough about the other 90. This is exactly why I write. We need all of the essentials. That’s why they are called “essential.”

MODULE 4 Length of Life Let’s return to Doctors’ Longevity. Doctors die at an average age of 57. The average American lives past age 78. The latest number is 79.5. Source: Wikipedia On the average, doctors die Two Decades early. They must be doing something very wrong. Why is that? It’s an important question, well worth examining. After all:  If, for example, people in Hinkley, California were found to be dying ONE decade before their time, all kinds of scientists should be examining that town’s ground, its air, its well water, the power lines, local radioactivity, the electromagnetic spectrum, anything to find an explanation.

 Remember Erin Brokovich? Despite severe persecution and threats, she found such a culprit. It was hexavalent chromium, aka CR-6 in the industrially poisoned ground water of Hinkley, California, two hours north of where I live. The Pacific Gas and Electric utility company conspired with health officials to conceal the short life spans in Hinkley, so scientists would not wonder why. Amazingly, the deception continues. A study, released in 2010 by the California Cancer Registry, showed that cancer rates in Hinkley "remained unremarkable from 1988 to 2008". An epidemiologist involved in the study said that the 196 cases of cancer reported during the most recent survey of 1996 through 2008 were less than what he would expect based on demographics and the regional rate of cancer. Who believes that! Decoded, it is cleverly deceptive circular reasoning. All he claimed was that the cancer rate has decreased, from its previous high, now that CR-6 has been identified, the levels have been reduced and people knew what kind of treatment to seek. Erin’s main contribution was exposing the early deaths caused by terrible forms of cancer, as well as identifying hexavalent chromium in ground water and tracing it to its source, a PG&E plant that used it as an anti-corrosive. They disposed of it as

waste in unlined ponds, from which it seeped into groundwater. They knew it would do that. Incidentally, some 200 Million Americans have detectable amounts of CR-6 in their drinking water!

 If a whole profession, such as automotive painters were dying that early all across the nation, there would be an investigation of their work conditions, their materials, anything surrounding their profession. Agencies would spring into action to regulate whatever was causing the problem. There would be fights and lawsuits about who was right about the cause. Headlines would scream. That actually happened and now some kinds of paint are banned. Other kinds of paint require extreme respiratory gear.

 If a group of people who consumed large quantities of, say, alcohol or cigarettes or lead or mercury, were found to be dying early, governmental agencies would impose stringent notices, safeguards, rules, regulations and laws. Eventually. This would happen soon after the suppliers of these poisonous products no longer were able to suppress the early death statistics.

That is precisely what happened to the alcohol, tobacco, paint, asbestos, coal mining and fish industries. First there was denial and suppression. When that tactic failed, the public forced the government to regulate those industries at huge public expense.

Cardiomyopathy Shocker on the Field of Play.

Why An Average Age Of 57? It’s a well-documented fact that physicians die too early. It’s revealed in their own records and obituaries. Therefore, it’s worth examining the problems that afflict them. We need our doctors and we need for them to be healthy. We need for them to outlive the rest of us, as examples to follow. Doctors and the American Medical Association (AMA) have denied and tried to hide the evidence. They are embarrassed over that fact, which tends to indicate that doctors don’t understand what they are advising. The record is clear. Doctors die early at age 57 on the average. Dead Doctors Don’t Lie. Neither do their obituaries. One would certainly think that doctors would live longer than the average person, for many reasons:        

They follow their own medical advice. They have superb incomes, ten million dollars in a short lifetime. They can afford the most expensive health care and they have access to it. They know what that care is, so they can prescribe to their patients. They can prescribe to themselves and treat themselves. Their colleagues will often provide the finest, cutting-edge care – free. They can afford the best food. They can afford the newest and best medicines, even medicines not available to most people.  They have unparalleled access to the latest research.  They have a very low-risk profession. o About the only risk is catching something from a patient. o If they do catch something, they should be able to treat it in themselves as they do with patients. After all, that’s why the patient came to them.  They understand disease prevention. o They know how to avoid catching something from a patient. They can take preventative measures on themselves and their families.

 Their suicide rate is low.  Their car accident rate is low.  They have wide enforcement powers. So what is lacking? Why do the physicians die young? Why do they deny the facts? The answer to the second question is probably ‘embarrassment.’ Let’s return to answering the first question. One common denominator is that they know too little about nutrition and so they neglect it – in their patients and in their own lives. A second common denominator is that their profession, their allopathic philosophy, their schooling and most importantly, their suppliers of medicine and equipment conspire against them and keep them in the dark.

MODULE 5 The Role of Big Pharma It’s profitable, highly profitable for medical suppliers to keep physicians in the dark about treatments that would negate the need for mega-dollar scanners, million-dollar regimens of prescription drugs, hugely profitable tests paid for by insurance, etc. I wrote about that profit motive in a thriller novel entitled. “The Seduction of DoctoRx”, published by Intellectual Properties, SD, 2012 and 2017. But wait. So what? Insurance-reimbursed tests are free to the patient, right? Okay, so there’s a small co-pay. Enbrel™ costs the patient $46 for a six-week supply. It costs the insurance a couple thousand dollars. So it’s basically free by comparison, right? Hardly. Nothing is free. We collectively pay for those tests and expensive drugs. Consider insurance premiums to be a tax on the general public, except that it’s paid to the insurance companies, instead of to the IRS. Functionally, it’s the same as a tax. It costs us money and we all must pay. The US Government (Obamacare) even supports this tax. It exceeds income tax for some people, especially those on low incomes who pay little tax. Trump promises to repeal and replace it with a cheaper, more effective plan. After Obamacare implodes, he just might. Do you like your forever-increasing insurance premiums? Do you have any friends who do? Do you understand why insurance costs have to be so high? The preceding paragraphs and a small amount of thought explain it. The answer is a shocker: keeping people sick would be highly profitable, whereas healing them would stop the money stream.

Are all physicians such crass schemers? Of course not! Are some of the leaders in Big Pharma? The evidence and logic are conclusive. Yes, they must be.

Deficient Nutrition Poor nutrition kills people. That’s obvious. It kills physicians more quickly than the rest of us, simply because doctors don’t know what good nutrition is. Unknowingly, doctors eat more poorly than the rest of us. As I wrote above, the proof of that disturbing statement is in physician obituaries. The terrible conclusion is that while we need and honor doctors to sew us up on the battlefield and after motorcycle accidents, we can’t afford to follow their advice about nutrition. We would die too early, just like they do. The dead doctors have died young because while they are alive, they were ignorant of (or even lied to) about nutrition. I contend that most physicians are highly honorable and high-minded. Most physicians rarely lie but because they are misinformed by their profession and their suppliers, the effect has been worse. By thrusting themselves into a position of authority and then teaching people error, the effect has been worse than if someone with no reputation taught the same things. Believing a lie does not make it truth, any more than denying the truth makes it a lie. Doctors have a moral responsibility to be correct or to say nothing and in my experience most of them do violate that responsibility. When they don’t know everything, they should always say so. They have a grand excuse, that the answer is outside of their specialty. Instead, most of them are blindly parroting much of what the large pharmaceutical companies and their universities (who are largely controlled by pharmaceutical companies) and their research papers (largely controlled and sponsored by the same companies) say. To be fair, most doctors don’t like Big Pharma any more than you do.

However, doctors don’t have much of a chance. They typically take a single halfhour course in nutrition during their 12 years of college work. Even that course is heavily biased toward eating grains. They simply don’t understand nutrition. A slowly-increasing few do. They have made extraordinary efforts to learn about nutrition, risking their careers. Most don’t. Otherwise, they’d protect their lives with great nutrition. They can afford the best. A nutritionist can read physician obituaries and recognize nutrition-related diseases that kill doctors early in life. The most common are simple deficiencies in calcium, copper, selenium and magnesium. How sad!

Roger Federer, Tennis Champion, Poetry in Motion.

MODULE 6 Longevity Limits Okay, so doctors die at an average age of 57. Professional athletes don’t fare much better at 60. Some, like the Canadian Football League players average about 52. Nor do billionaires live longer. The average ‘couch potato’ who seldom exercises and eats all the wrong foods does a lot better. Couch Potatoes live to around 79.5, (in the USA in 2014) but could live longer. I’ll show you how. It’s mathematically trivial to demonstrate that humans have the genetic potential to live far beyond the age of 100. It’s a matter of logic and history. If anyone has ever lived past the age of 100, then obviously it’s possible! Has that ever happened? Of course it has. If someone died at age 110, that means humans have the genetic potential to live at least that long. If someone, anyone, has ever lived past 120, then the potential is at least 120. That’s trivial logic. What is the longevity potential, even discounting a large number of ancients like Methuselah. He lived to age 969? There are entire groups of modern people whose elders routinely live past 100, past 110. Jeanne Louise Calment of France, was born February 21, 1837 and lived 122 ½ years. She remains the eldest fully documented human. Source: Wikipedia.

There are many other reports, perhaps officially unverifiable because of historical records, of people living 140, 150 and even 170+ years. Hanuman Das Baba is still living. He doesn’t know when he was born. However, this Krishna saint’s mother was a servant of the Queen of Jhansi, who died in 1858. He was 12 when Queen Jhansi Rani fought the British in 1857. That makes him 170+. The evidence is solid but there is no birth certificate. Such certificates came into being much later. Source: Obviously we have the genetic potential to live past 120, because it has been done. Interestingly, such long-lived people usually reside far from physicians and have no way to receive a doctor’s care. The reverse is true as well. People in the United States have the finest and most expensive health care in the world. Nobody denies that … … except those who look at the results. Americans spend more on health care than the entire rest of the world, combined. However, we are dead last in infant mortality. We rank 42nd in life expectancy. We’re slipping. It was not always that way. When I was born in 1940, we were first in life expectancy and I remember as a young child hearing we had slipped, not to second, but to fourth in the world that year. My youthful pride in America took a severe wound that day. Decades ago, the President of the USA declared war on cancer. It hasn’t worked, except that not long ago, Doctors Wallach and Schrauser sued the FDA, spending millions of personal dollars and years of time, proving the efficacy of selenium against several of the worst cancers. Those doctors forced an inroad on cancer via selenium. They won the lawsuit and now nutritionists or anybody can state that: “Selenium may reduce the risk of certain cancers*. Scientific evidence supporting this claim is convincing but not yet conclusive.” The list of cancers is wide and growing:

       

Prostate, Bladder and urinary tract, Lung and respiratory tract, Colon and digestive tract, Thyroid, Brain, Liver, Breast Source: http://FDA.Gov

How amazing it is that our honored Food and Drug Administration had to have it proven to them 22 different ways in front of a judge, regarding prostate cancer alone, while the FDA spent millions of our dollars defending against a lawsuit! How amazing it is that the FDA didn’t merely look at the compelling selenium research a decade earlier and proclaim the results to the world! That simple admission would have saved countless people from dying of cancer. Selenium was considered to be a poison until 1957. Arsenic is still considered to be a poison, despite compelling evidence that it is vitally necessary to life. If a person has absolutely no arsenic intake, they get any of four aggressive cancers. If they add the therapeutic dose of arsenic to their water or diet, the cancers die. The therapeutic dose of selenium is a few hundred micro-grams per day, far more than the therapeutic dose of arsenic. How amazing it is that the FDA would act on spurious research regarding salt, eggs, cholesterol, etc., that was later proven to be in error – instead of checking the veracity of that research. It’s as if they have abandoned their solemn duty. The board of the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and the boards of Big Pharma companies swap members back and forth. Members of the FDA board have heavy, personal investments in various pharmaceutical companies, investments that would land politicians and executives of other industries in jail for conflict of interest.

I would hope that this personal conflict of interest is not the reason for the problem. Doctor Wallach has sued the FDA seven more times since his famous selenium lawsuit and has never lost. One by one, he is proving to the courts and the world that the FDA is suppressing various valid treatments. He, Dr. Glidden and others boldly state that physicians who refuse to treat patients properly, when proper treatment is available, deserve jail time. They say that if a few such MDs did go to jail, the rest would think twice before refusing valid treatment. However, if the FDA’s main motive is profit for Big Pharma, and if it’s hugely profitable to keep people unhealthy, then this situation may not be so amazing after all. If this is the case, it’s clearly criminal. If anyone wants to challenge that statement, I challenge them to examine it with logic, not emotion or bias. A few forward-looking physicians are beginning to recognize that their profession has been wrong and selenium is important in the fight against cancer. I know two, besides Wallach, Ma Lan and Glidden. Some are starting to prescribe selenium because it works. Selenium alone is not the answer. It is provably effective but it only one of 90 essentials (besides air, water and three kinds of food.) In particular, selenium needs to be accompanied by the other 89 essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids, plus heavy doses of anti-oxidants so it can be more effective against cancer. The reason is that several of those 89 help cells open up to selenium so it can enter them and fix the problem. That’s the answer; add all of the other essentials. Then selenium is very effective, especially in the presence of ORAC values in the 30,000-160,000 range. I used to consume around 40,000 ORAC points a day. The longest lived people on earth exceed 15,000 a day. I have increased my consumption because my friend, Dr. Wallach consumes 160,000 ORAC points daily.

Dr. Wallach founded Youngevity, which has a brand-new product with 160,000 ORAC points, named BTT 2.0 Tablets. This product also contains the other 87 essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It’s about 20% cheaper than what it replaces. He and I supplement it with daily doses of minerals. If you’re interested in how effective selenium plus its cofactors can be, please write me for some amazing cases, which many physicians would claim are only spontaneous and temporary remission. Humph. If cancer is gone, it’s gone. Everyone knows that! If it doesn’t return, it doesn’t return. That’s obvious. Evidently the FDA doesn’t know that or wants to deny it. They actually got it placed into law that it is illegal for anyone to state that such a patient is cured. Say a person has cancer and it goes into “permanent remission.” If someone else doesn’t want to say it’s cured, then in my opinion, that person has a problem with their knowledge of the English language. Physicians who state they cure anyone of anything are breaking the law, thus they never say they cure anything. The only legal thing left for anyone to do is to state that it appears to be gone and it has not returned, yet. If, at the end of their days, the patients still do not have the disease, then to this author’s mind and knowledge of English, it was provably cured. It’s interesting that people can shout all manner of offensive obscenities on public TV without breaking the law but if anyone, physicians included, were to say something like “selenium has cured some cancers,” the law is broken. Physicians can lose their licenses, their jobs and their ability to practice anywhere in the USA, for saying less. So if curing disease has been made illegal, I wonder why, are we still seeking a cure for Cancer? Or Diabetes? Or Alzheimer’s disease? Or Arthritis? Or ADD/ADHD? Or any number of other diseases, which commonly disappear when patients start taking the best nutrition on the planet?

In March, 2015, I heard the story of a lady who had been the top instructor at one of the world’s largest medical systems. She told my friend that there are two diseases which will never be cured, simply because there is so much money in them: cancer and diabetes. I suppose I could verify that story if necessary. At this point, it’s a third party story, her to my friend to me. Earlier, I heard another friend, a famous and prominent California physician state in public that if everyone in California took the Healthy Body Blood Sugar Pack he’d designed, there would be no diabetes in California in six months. It’s only nutrition. Notably, he didn’t bother to mention the connection diabetes supposedly has with dietary sugar. Perhaps it was an oversight. I think it was significant because he is very careful. *A new report by Kimber Stanhope links high-fructose corn syrup to three indicators of cardiovascular disease. See the Selected Studies chapter at the end of the book. Politically, it’s a good idea to try to cure disease. It wins political points because people want cures. Financially, it’s a bad idea to succeed! This is not a matter of semantics. It’s a serious problem. For one thing, the search for a cure brings in trillions of research dollars, whereas finding that cure would stop the huge inflow of money. Powerful and influential people might have to sell their mansions, Bentleys and Gulfstream jet planes. Who pays for the search? Why the uncured do, of course. Since nobody is cured of anything, that’s everyone in the country. Is it really that callous? Ask Jerry Lewis. Okay, his contract says he can’t talk. So Google him. His name is enough. I posted an authoritative link on http://Mktg.Org about Jerry and “Jerry’s Kids.” He’s the good guy in that story. He’s my hero.

Dr. Joel Wallach found the cure for what ailed Jerry’s Kids and proved it. Wallach could have made a bazillion dollars but being the hero and philanthropist he is, he gave it away. He called Jerry. Jerry got excited. He presented it to his sponsors. They fired Jerry Lewis! They even cited a provision in his contract saying he could never talk about the cure or the reason he was fired. Being the honorable person he is, Jerry complied. The ex-sponsors still rake in billions because they’re still searching for the cure for Jerry’s Kids, long after it has been found. Selenium does the trick. Double-blind studies prove it. They know all about that. They keep the knowledge as secret as they possibly can, while profiting fabulously. Kids die. Bernie Madoff stole from rich people like Jerry’s ex-sponsors. He didn’t go around wasting the lives of children for money. The law put Madoff in jail. As Dr. Peter Glidden and others declare widely, “Someone needs to go to jail!”

Alzheimer’s Disease The spread of Alzheimer’s parallels the medical profession’s 39 year recommendations of lowered cholesterol levels in the blood. *Please see the study at the end of this book about how the government had to reverse itself about Cholesterol. Three prominent physician friends of mine bluntly call Alzheimer’s Disease a “Physician Caused Disease.” They cite overwhelming evidence to support the fact that doctors cause Alzheimer’s Disease. The following is merely a tiny slice of the evidence.

Alzheimer’s Disease appeared out of thin air in the late 1950s, about five years after the medical profession began recommending that people reduce cholesterol in their diets. I witnessed those two events. The spread of Alzheimer’s Disease has paralleled the lowering of cholesterol ever since then. That indicates strongly that lowering cholesterol causes Alzheimer’s Disease only a few years later. I’m a certified master mathematician. I know that when two things are this closely tied, the chances are high that either one causes the other, or else both have the same cause. Furthermore, when there is a sequence like this, the one that appeared second is probably dependent on the one that appeared first. That’s very close to being an axiom. National lowering of cholesterol precedes Alzheimer’s disease by about four years. The lowering curves of cholesterol levels closely mirrors the rising curves Alzheimer’s a few years later. So mathematically it appears that Alzheimer’s is caused by lowering cholesterol. That is not a mathematical proof of course. It is what I’d call a strong suspicion. Statin drugs like Lipator were created to lower cholesterol. Their labels say they cause problems with cognition. Doctors who prescribe these statins warn their patients of lowering cognition, as well as damage to vital organs like the kidneys and liver.

In another powerful indicator, people who are not concerned about cholesterol, such as Alaskan Eskimos and Aleuts, don’t even have a word for Alzheimer’s Disease in their languages. They don’t get the disease, despite eating almost nothing but foods high in cholesterol. Since they don’t get it, there’s no need for them even to have a word for it. Their cholesterol levels are typically well above 300. That’s considered sky-high in the lower 48 states. However, when these Alaskans abandon their traditional diet and start lowering their cholesterol, they get the same incidences of Alzheimer’s Disease and other neurological diseases as everyone else. Those who stay pure to the Eskimo and Aleut diets – don’t get the disease. What more evidence does science need? That’s more convincing than a mathematical suspicion. So it appears that lowering cholesterol probably causes diseases like Alzheimer’s. The logic extends to MS, MD, Lou Gehrig’s and a host of other neurological diseases. The most respected researchers on earth say “certainly,” not just “probably.” That all makes sense when you notice that the brain is more than 75% cholesterol, by weight, and the nerves are about 85% cholesterol. The cholesterol forms the myelin, which is the insulation around every nerve, making sure the nervous signals stay within the correct nerves and go where the body intends them. Without sufficient cholesterol, the body can’t make enough myelin. When that happens, nerves short-circuit, especially in the brain. Signals get misdirected, misguided. A misguided nervous system means there will be memory loss, twitching, muscular weakness, dizziness, epileptic attacks, seizures and other central nervous system symptoms. If your brain tells your heart to beat and something else happens instead, that’s very bad. Your brain has to tell your heart again – and again and your heart skips a beat. Or two. Or more…

If you want your arm to move and instead you kick your spouse at night, I would suspect a lack of cholesterol, instead of that disputed RLS, or Restless Leg Syndrome. TV used to advertise drugs for that. What side effects they had to declare! Incidentally, drug companies and doctors find that it is hugely profitable to discover a new, treatable syndrome, even if it didn’t exist at all, decades before. Eggs and red meat, which are excellent sources of cholesterol, are still spurned or restricted by most people, because of a couple of spurious scientific studies. In these specious studies, the evidence seems tainted and even the conclusions are illogical. They use circular reasoning, which magically looks reasonable but proves nothing. Interestingly, those cholesterol studies were funded and sponsored by several special interest groups. Some of them would profit by lowered egg and red meat consumption because people are going to eat something. Others would profit from selling cholesterol-lower drugs. By following the money, you often find the motive. I want my cholesterol high. I want to remain able to think on my 120th birthday. Some of the smartest people that I know eat 6 to 10 eggs per day. So do I. Horrors! Eggs are most nutritious with cooked whites and runny yolks. Don’t fry them crisp in hot oil. Olive oil, coconut oil, shortening and other vegetable oils turn into dangerous nitrates and nitrites almost instantly at cooking temperatures. Butter and lard do the same at a higher temperature, so they are much safer. Even so, you must use low temperatures to cook your eggs. That means you should cook your eggs soft poached or soft boiled. Soft scrambled slowly on low heat is okay. Soft fried in butter at very low heat is okay. You can cover them as you fry them, to speed up the slow cooking process. Boiling eggs, hard or soft, is fine because the eggs never exceed the 212degree heat of boiling water. Poaching hard or soft is also okay.

Dr. Glidden cites research that soft or runny yolks are somewhat more nutritious than hard yolks but he doesn’t say hard yolks are bad for us or lack nutrition. I eat plenty of red meat as well as the eggs. I don’t want Alzheimer’s. At age 76, I can still think as well as ever, writing 12 books in 12 months recently, and recently writing two in ten days. I’m running a chain of seven stores, am Dean of a college, and still find plenty of time to be with my cherished family. It’s not me; it’s the cholesterol. And the minerals. And the vitamins. Flawed reasoning says that high cholesterol leads to clogging of the arteries. Here’s what really happens: When arteries clog, the clogging material is mostly cholesterol. The reasoning says that we should reduce blood (serum) cholesterol to prevent these clogs from forming. The real story, however, is that when the interior artery walls are inflamed, the body uses what flows past, cholesterol, to fight the inflammation. It’s rather like forming a scab over a wound, although the process and materials are different. Scabs are made from fibrin, not cholesterol. The problem isn’t the cholesterol, any more than the problem of a wound is the scab. If a wound develops a staph infection, MRSA or gangrene and you cover it with a bandage so you can’t see it, and if you take pills to stop the pain, you will lose the limb or die. Similarly, if someone interferes with their cholesterol levels instead of eliminating the inflammation that is causing elevated cholesterol levels, they are hiding the real illness by covering the symptom. They will sicken and in a few years, they will die. High cholesterol levels are not dangerous. They can be indications, symptoms of a different, potentially dangerous condition, a condition that cries out to be fixed. That condition is inflamed artery walls.

The inflammation is your body telling you that you are deficient in minerals, not that you have too much cholesterol in your blood! If you’re on cholesterol lowering medications, you’ve got to get out of that trap. You must. The only way to spring the trap is through proper nutrition and eating enough cholesterol to keep your brain and nerves alive. In February 2015, national news reported that the government is being forced to reverse their warning about cholesterol. The extensive meetings, held in December, 2014 were recorded and put on the Internet. When the members got to cholesterol, one panelist, appeared to bridle, finally stating: “So we’re not making a (cholesterol) recommendation. Bummer.” Would you care to check the panelist’s investment portfolio? Do you think statins like hugely popular Lipitor or Crestor might be part of it? I didn’t check. The proceedings are all recorded on the Internet. In a later development, a panel of experts is pressing the FDA to approve a new, injectable, cholesterol-lowering drug which is more effective on more people. This, after the government reversed itself on the matter of cholesterol.

Athletes compete despite injuries. Earlier, this man broke a bad fall with his right hand and wrist. Fortunately for him, he was able to make this run.

Digestive Diseases Celiac Disease appeared in massive numbers right after genetically modified (GMO) corn, wheat, barley, rye and oats appeared. These cereals were invented to out-produce older strains of grain and allow saturation-use of pesticides that also kill other plants in the field, which compete with the corn.

As a side-effect, GMO foods contain substantially higher levels of pesticides, because of the added pesticides in the soil. A profitable side effect for companies like Monsanto is that the seeds will grow but their offspring will not germinate. Thus, the farmer is forced to buy new seed each year – from Monsanto, et al. Coincidence? I think it’s the law of cause and effect. Celiac Disease (aka coeliac, nontropic sprue, endemic sprue and gluten enteropathy) is a progressive, nasty, debilitating thing. Sometimes it’s called Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS.) As opposed to Alzheimer’s, it is an ancient disease identified as early as the 1800s. It affects from 1% to 3% of the population but its spread is increasing. It destroys the villi, which line the intestines. They are what dissolve nutrients passing through. Without them, the body simply starves. As celiac progresses, digestion ability diminishes. Along with that, bodies lose the ability to absorb minerals and vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids. Source: Wikipedia and others So the bodies progressively become more deficient in life-sustaining nutrition. The first treatment that must happen, is to rid the diet of gluten. This means no wheat, barley, rye or oats, at all, forever. Incidentally, there is a wheat allergy, which is entirely different. Celiac is a nutrition problem made worse by antacids, which restrict the acid in the stomach needed for digestion. When my digestion seems less than optimal, I find a glass of orange or grapefruit juice settles things fast! What those acidic beverages do is to raise my stomach’s acidity level, not lower it. Tums would lower it and mask digestion problems in the process.

Note, however, that grapefruit interferes with the action of about 80 prescription drugs, which I don’t want to take anyhow. I prefer the grapefruit and dismiss the prescriptions that don’t play well with grapefruit. I think this is the epitome of wisdom. You see, digestion requires a high level of acidity. Antacids and acid reducing pills reduce acid. That’s the wrong approach. Harmful organisms in the stomach and intestines die when stomach acid is too high for them. Hooray! Beneficial organisms flourish. Excellent! However, try telling that to a person who has only gotten acid relief via antacid tablets, which clearly state on the package that they are not for long term relief. Indigestion is a cyclic trap. It makes people think they need less acid. While taking an antacid provides apparent short term relief, it makes things worse. The antacid reduces stomach acid, letting yeast and harmful bacteria flourish. They overwhelm and destroy the beneficial bacteria so at the next meal, the cycle continues. And the antacid makers flourish with more money. The top solution is to add acidity, encapsulated probiotics and digestive enzymes to the diet. If there are ulcers in the digestive system, a physician needs to evaluate the problem and may prescribe antacids, along with a treatment, such as bismuth plus antibiotics. The treatment for ulcers is relatively new but very effective. Most ulcers are caused by a bacillus which burrows into the intestinal walls for protection. Bismuth forces it out into the open but does not kill it. It reproduces inside the intestinal walls, causing ulcers. When the bacillus is protected, antibiotics can do little to eradicate it. However, a brilliant physician did the sums and decided to add the mineral bismuth to a powerful antibiotic. He gave himself a case of ulcers and then removed the problem with his one-two punch of bismuth and an antibiotic. It was an epic event in medicine.

When you take oral antibiotics, be aware that they all have a digestive side effect. They do more than enter into your system and reduce or eliminate infection. They potently kill your digestive bacteria. You must replace the bacteria. Probiotic supplements have become extremely popular in recent years but some provide mixed results, especially in seniors. Here’s why: Probiotics work by replenishing the beneficial bacteria that line our intestines, crowding out bad bugs that cause gas, bloating and constipation. If you have these problems, including what is misnamed as Acid Reflux, you need Probiotics. Acid Reflux is caused by a lack of stomach acid, not an excess. When the stomach is not acidic enough, bad bacteria and yeasts can multiply in vast quantities. Some of them cause gas. Later, when you are trying to sleep, this gas can push stomach contents into your throat. The contents are still acidic, just not acidic enough, and you get an acid burning in your throat. The solution is to increase your stomach acid, not decrease it with antacids like Tums and Alka-Seltzer. When your stomach acid is strong, the gas-causing bacteria and yeasts don’t proliferate and your so-called Acid Reflux goes away. I mentioned elsewhere that a glass of grapefruit or orange juice works for me. You need, we all need, excellent, living and protected strains of probiotics. If you have digestive problems, you need them with every meal, preferably 15-30 minutes prior to eating so they have time to multiply. Probiotics work far better if they adhere to three criteria: 1. Variety. There are dozens of strains of beneficial bacteria in your digestive system. Each one has a specific purpose. Your supplement needs to have multiple strains in these two families a. Lactobacillus and b. Bifidobacteria.

2. Vitality. Dead bacteria do you no good. Avoid supplements that require constant refrigeration. Their bacteria probably won’t be alive by the time you take them. Check the expiration date printed on the label or bottle and don’t bother with anything expired. It might as well be water. 3. Acid protection. If the supplement releases its bacteria in the stomach, the powerful acid there will destroy them instantly. Choose a probiotic that comes with special, delayed protection, such as micro-capsules, so the bacteria are released in the small and large intestines. There, they can multiply and do their job. Microencapsulation is a manufacturing process that coats microscopic groups of bacteria in a material that dissolves slowly. This form of supplement delivery protects the bacteria long enough for them to reach safety in the intestines. Look for microencapsulation when you purchase digestive bacteria. Celiac disease has been linked to IgA deficiency, Dermatitus Herpetiformus, Growth failure, Delayed puberty, Underactive Spleen, hard-to-control Infections, autoimmune disorders, Type-1 Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Primary Biliary Cirrhosis, Colitis (microscopic) and a number of Pregnancy complications. It’s not yet clear, but several diseases like ataxia, neuropathy, autism and schizophrenia may be linked to Celiac. A 2015 study links the incidence of type-2 diabetes to GMO foods. That study predicts that in only 20 years, 50% of the USA will have diabetes. I’m old enough to remember sixty years ago, when diabetes was rare. People with digestive disorders need to avoid gluten (wheat, barley, rye, oats) entirely and forever. Such people with digestive disorders are probably deficient in  Calcium,  Iron,  Folic Acid,  Vitamin B12,  Vitamin D,  Selenium,  Copper,

 Zinc and  Vitamin K, so supplementation of these nutrients should be increased. A good food supplement containing extra digestive enzymes and beneficial flora, will aid digestion. It may take a long time to completely reverse these kinds of diseases because the microscopic, hair-like structures inside the gut must regrow but going gluten-free will help soon. Minerals and vitamins of the highest absorption and quality will help build the body’s strength so it can fight the disease. Most of your body renews itself every few months as cells die and reproduce. Given the correct raw materials, the body’s DNA will try with all of its resources (raw materials) to repair the damage. Cultures and whole nations, such as most of Europe, which have zero or little celiac disease, ban GMO grains – and even the companies like Monsanto, which sell them. It’s no coincidence. We, also, should rid our diets of GMO foods. Today, it’s nearly impossible to stay away from GMO food. Some claim that nearly all people have some degree of Celiac Disease, although it’s under different names and in smaller degrees. Nearly all corn is genetically modified. I found some popular corn chips recently, which proudly stated that they were GMO Free. Bravo! Look for GMO Free on labels.

Salt and Digestion I already wrote that salt does not cause or even increase high blood pressure. Dr. Wallach has been saying this for decades. I initially heard the information from him and have verified it from other researchers. The myth that it does was totally discredited years ago. It persists though. Late in 2015, I overheard a physician telling a patient to remember to restrict salt in his diet, so he didn’t get high blood pressure. I wanted to email him group of studies but I realized it would be a wasted effort. He’s king and I’m not. “Oh, I will,” his patient said, dutifully. I shuddered physically. Salt is necessary for digestion. The problem with salt reduction is that salt is vital for the production of stomach acid, thus for digestion. Here’s how it works: Table salt is NaCl and stomach acid is HCl. The body merely exchanges Na (sodium) for H (hydrogen) to produce HCl. Notice that “Cl” in both molecular formulas. It’s the chloride ion. To make HCl, the body must acquire that Cl from somewhere. It gets it from NaCl (salt). It gets the H from water (H2O.) Without good digestion, I predict my ex-doctor’s patient will increasingly become deficient in certain minerals that control blood pressure – copper, calcium and magnesium – and will probably develop the life-threatening condition known as high blood pressure. What he was prescribed to lower blood pressure will eventually raise it! Slightly disgusted, I walked out of the waiting room and quietly canceled my next appointment. When the receptionist called a week later to reset the appointment, I told her no thanks, that I would be seeing another doctor.

When she persisted a third time, I told her why I had ‘fired my MD.’ Her response was to offer to reschedule the appointment, now that I had demonstrated that I knew more than my doctor about salt. That’s great salesmanship! It’s terrible medicine. She also asked that since I have free medical care, why should I care about another patient’s health concerns? Medical care is Not free and I Do care. Deeply. I should clarify. As a pilot, I must take annual physical exams or not fly. As a decorated military retiree, I have earned inexpensive (not quite free) medical care, in return for 22 years of service and 106 aerial combat missions, earning a chestful of medals like the Distinguished Flying Cross. I lost friends. In WW-II, most pilots didn’t survive twenty combat flights, let alone 106. It’s God’s grace. But my medical care is mostly pre-paid. So why should I care? I care enough that I want to go to a physician who doesn’t make such blatant mistakes as telling someone to restrict salt to lower blood pressure! I vote with my money. Bloodletting will lower blood pressure too. Nobody would recommend that! I have noticed since childhood that a wound tastes more salty than the surrounding skin. Now I know why. A study done at Vanderbilt University shows that the body accumulates massive amounts of sodium (a component of table salt) locally, to boost immune response wherever needed. The body can’t do that without salt. Healing is needed in such areas as artery walls, stomach lining and intestine lining, which become inflamed. Those inflammations contribute to or cause:  High blood pressure due to clogged arteries and cardiovascular disease,  Ulcers,

 Celiac and its myriad of cousins. Rubbing salt into a wound hurts! Now we know why anyone would even consider doing that. Salt has been known for centuries to help cleanse a battle wound and prevent infection. It turns out that as the researchers state: “Sodium deposits build up where skin infections take place, increasing the activity of immune cells called macrophages that consume microbes.” Jens Titze, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN. The study is at

Karni Liddell, Paralympic athlete

MODULE 7 Financial Aspects of Medicine At times, Doctors are wrong in ways that benefit them and their employers financially. Lest you think otherwise, I am making a serious charge. A friend of ours canceled her knee replacement because her knees were doing so much better now that she had corrected her mineral deficiency with nutrition and had added glucosamine and chondroitin to her diet. Her physician agreed with her. Good for him! The story doesn’t stop there. Knee replacement surgery starts at around $35,000 per knee and has common complications. Complications cost extra. Much extra. Some complications threaten lives or even kill. When the same friend called about another condition caused by a calcium and magnesium deficiency, the receptionist tried mightily to reschedule the knee replacement, but with a different physician who wanted to do the work. This happened at probably the finest hospital in that half of her state. The receptionist, who is not a doctor was clearly practicing medicine without a license by selling, recommending and prescribing a medical procedure. The fact that the new physician would probably ratify the receptionist’s recommendation – does not diminish the fact that she was practicing medicine illegally. Moreover, the new physician had never seen the patient. The hospital, perhaps not so fine after all, pestered our friend for three weeks, until she told them emphatically “Put me on your do not call list.” That had no effect, so she had the phone company block all calls from that number.

As a barely irrelevant note, the FCC sponsors a new telephone blocking service at You enter your phone number and it blocks all known telemarketers and gets updated continuously but it never blocks pharmacies or physicians. It works on cell phones and fax machines just like it works on land lines. The only downside is that you have to wait for the second ring, to give it a chance to intercept and block that call. Our friend no longer has the other condition either. It wasn’t legally “cured” of course. Curing is impossible, according to the law, but she no longer has it and is more healthy in many other ways. Earlier, I mentioned ‘deadly’ side effects. Another dear friend, who’d recently had an optional, double knee replacement, nearly died suddenly. He developed a fastspreading, excruciating, life-threatening infection in one of his new knees. He spent a week in the hospital, during which time they re-opened his knee and cleaned out the infection, barely averting amputation. They saved his life. He received months of prayer from many people. There is only one possibility. The infection had to be caused by something not sterile in the operating room, as if any operating room could ever be completely sterile. Industrial clean rooms are more sterile than hospital operating rooms! As evidence of insterility, despite Herculean procedures and precautions, professionals attending Ebola patients catch and succumb to that disease. Almost nothing can filter out viruses and bacteria – certainly not the masks surgeons and nurses wear to breathe. It is claimed that Ebola is not airborne but a simple sneeze will transfer Ebola laden droplets over an area, so even that claim is deficient of truth. After a week, the hospital let our friend go home but required him to return every day for massive doses of intravenous antibiotics, the most powerful known to man. They even installed semi-permanent tubes into his veins for the injections. Now, those tubes are removed and he takes massive amounts of antibiotics orally. It caused a chain reaction. Those antibiotics quickly ruined his digestion by killing the good bacteria needed for digestion – all because of a botched knee replacement. He has to take doses of digestive bacteria every day now.

The hospital might get a small fine but probably won’t. The feds reserve token fines for hospitals that have thousands or even tens of thousands of such errors in a year. On the other hand, if you botch a left turn in your car and injure a pedestrian who might die, you pay a heavy price. Heavy. You might never get to drive or work again. Our friend’s surgeon has undoubtedly performed knee replacements ever since, at perhaps $35,000 apiece. Like your successful left turns, most of those surgeries probably work out fine. Highly skilled surgeons and those who police them obviously hold themselves to a lower standard than ordinary drivers making left turns. Epilog: Our friend has had his third knee replacement surgery. A once-vibrant man, who could do anything, now limps around.

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, Canadian Gold Medalists in Ice Dancing.

MODULE 8 Kinds of Medical Practice Allopathic Medicine Doctors are taught to take an Allopathic view of the body. This means that they only treat the specific part of the body, which seems to be malfunctioning. That’s fine if the problem is a bullet wound. Doctors are good at fixing things like that. Battlefield medicine is nothing short of amazing, compared with only a few decades ago. Did you know that penicillin was once a substance that was Classified? England (Fleming) discovered it, the USA (Florey, Chain, Heatley and Hunt) enhanced its production and Germany didn’t have it. The USA wanted to keep things that way until the end of the WW-II for wartime reasons. The death rate from battlefield infection dropped dramatically due to penicillin. In the case of pneumonia, it dropped to 1/18th its former rate. First, it was applied directly to a wound, allopathically. The first patient died due to insufficient penicillin being available. Later, when it became more widely available, doctors started injecting it into large muscles, a homeopathic treatment of the whole body. Originally Super Glue was developed as a battlefield tool for gluing wounds back together to stop bleeding. It’s non-toxic and its ability to glue skin together is legendary. It’s an allopathic treatment. Today, in China, several herbs are military secrets and can only be used by the Chinese military. I don’t even know what they are named, just that the Chinese government has recently declassified some but others still exist. Herbs that treat the whole body are examples of homeopathic medicine.

In general, however, a disease does not affect just one body part, allopathically. In general, diseases are homeopathic, that is, systemic. One or more body parts, such as heart, liver or lungs may be more symptomatic than the rest but in general it takes a homeopathic treatment to rid the body of disease. Some so-called allopathic treatments are actually homeopathic. For instance, if your physician gives you an allopathic oral course of antibiotics by mouth, the entire body goes under treatment. The body doesn’t know the difference between the two terms. The body is homeopathic in nature, reinforcing the fact that it must be treated homeopathically. If an elbow has arthritis, the condition exists to various degrees, all through the body. It looks allopathic but it is homeopathic. Even cancer is rarely localized. Some tumors are slow spreading but they are rarely localized for long. One study declares that every human has cancer cells floating around in the body. That’s a very logical statement. The immune system keeps them in check. When the immune system becomes compromised, often through poor digestion, the cancer overwhelms the immune system and localized cancers grow. Cancer is clearly a homeopathic problem because one must treat the entire body and keep the immune system at a normal level, or else cancers can localize and grow. The allopathic approach of cutting out the cancer, rarely gets it all and simply ignores the rest of the cancer cells in the body. Chemotherapy is a homeopathic treatment but it has a dismal failure rate. Radiation is allopathic because it targets the cancer mass and ignores the rest of the body, lest the general dose be deadly. Both chemo and radiation devastate the body’s immune system. Diabetes is systemic. It affects the entire body because the blood flows throughout. Systemic problems are homeopathic. Things like arthritis and ADHD are systemic, homeopathic, whole-body illnesses. Digestion problems are not just localized to the stomach and intestine because they affect the entire body. They starve it of key, health-giving nutrients. Moreover, other parts of the body produce hormones needed for digestion.

A diseased kidney isn’t the only part of the body that’s ill. The sickened kidney might be only the symptom of a disease that the kidney is trying to cure by filtering out the toxins the true disease is causing. Alternately, the diseased kidneys might be sick because they’ve been filtering out drugs, like statins, which damage kidneys and other organs, prescribed to alleviate some other condition. The allopathic approach isolates conditions and treats them separately. Allopathic medicine is a seemingly logical approach that is wrong in most cases, the exceptions including trauma. However, allopathic medicine is the only kind taught by most medical schools.

Homeopathic Medicine As illustrated above, nearly all diseases, syndromes, conditions and medical problems are Homeopathic in nature. Homeo indicates all-inclusive. It pertains to the whole body, not just parts. The entire body becomes sick, not just one part. So the whole body must be treated, not just a single part. Some conditions are chronic and others are acute. Chronic diseases are those which persist for a long time, even a lifetime – as opposed to Acute diseases like throat infections, which the body is able to manage. In general, all chronic diseases require homeopathic treatments. Some acute diseases can be treated allopathically. I treat a sore or ‘scratchy’ throat with a zinc lozenge (not a pill to swallow) and a squirt of colloidal silver. It’s like applying antiseptic to a scraped elbow. I simply do not get colds or the flu. More accurately, I get both but they die out in a few minutes or hours after treatment with zinc and silver. Often a physician prescribes something to assist the body in curing itself. As an example, an antibiotic can help cure an infected wound but even the physician admits that the human body cures itself. The antibiotic merely immobilizes or kills the offending bacteria. The infection leaves but the wound remains. The body makes the resulting wound heal by producing new cells according to the master plan in the DNA.

Colloidal Silver Colloidal silver applied to the back of a sore throat as a gargle, is an allopathic treatment. It is very effective at immobilizing the infection bacteria or virus until the body can homeopathically cure the sore throat, usually in a few hours. It prevents bacteria and viruses from multiplying. Sore throats treated this way rarely develop into colds, influenza or more serious ailments. Colloidal silver is an excellent, nontoxic, tasteless and inexpensive antibiotic. You can buy it at http://DM1.US, searching for “silver” or you can make your own for pennies, as shown in an attachment. You can apply it to a wound or put it in a drink. It takes a homeopathic approach to help the body cure itself. No legal entity can fault the body for curing itself, so the ‘cure’ word is entirely appropriate to describe healing. Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize winner, stated, “You can trace every disease and ailment to a mineral deficiency.” He went a little further, stating that all diseases go away if treated with proper nutrition. It takes a homeopathic approach to prevent and to reverse nearly all diseases. Dr. Pauling’s stature trumps the stature of just about any other doctor. Nutrition is homeopathic. It affects the entire body in a positive way. The difference between Homeopathic and Allopathic medicine is easily illustrated. Car engines wear out. Mechanics insert new parts or repair worn parts with new materials. Replacing parts is an allopathic approach to a car. A homeopathic approach would be likened more to:  Filling the gas tank before the engine burns out its catalytic converter by running out of gas.  Topping off the radiator before the engine overheats and ruins its pistons, rings and cylinders.

 Keeping the oil level correct to preserve various bearings.  Adding brake fluid to prevent what might in a human be analogous to a sudden catastrophe like a stroke. Those are systemic or homeopathic actions. Replacing the tires or brake pads would be more of an allopathic action, akin to repairing a blown-out knee for a football player. Our bodies wear out too. The good Lord created our bodies to heal themselves. He knew that our bodies which He created would wear out, just like machines that we create. He made our bodies able to repair themselves, but we mortals have never mastered that trick for things we make. Our creations, being machines, cannot repair themselves, as in science fiction. When a machine’s part wears out, a human rebuilds or replaces it. Before a body part wears out, the built-in design is for the body to rebuild it, not replace it. A doctor could replace a knee or hip joint. That would be an allopathic action, but the body can rebuild the hip joint itself, if given the proper building materials. That’s a homeopathic action. The main building materials in this case are:  Calcium  Several cofactors of calcium like strontium and magnesium o These cofactors facilitate the absorption of calcium by critical cells  Glucosamine  Chondroitin  Gelatin (really!) The same gelatin you eat for strong, healthy fingernails helps rebuild your joints as they wear. Beef gelatin is best.

The body takes these building materials and via amazingly complex internal processes it rebuilds bone and even cartilage. Analogous to blueprints, it uses patterns encoded into its marvelous DNA. The DNA specifies exactly what needs to go where, molecule by molecule. When things are missing, DNA tells the body to scavenge around for what goes there. The body gets the raw materials from its internal storage or from nutrition. The Harvard School of Medicine has a beautiful, must-see animation series showing what happens in a human cell. It is called, “The Inner Life of a Cell.” Winkey Pratney showed me it, commenting that there’s more going on in one cell than in New York City. Here is a link for you to type into your browser.

This is only one such video of several. Follow other links. From there, other fascinating videos can be clicked. That cute little guy dragging a huge blob is called a motor protein. He is taking a protein module to the place it goes. He’s going somewhere with a purpose. How does he know where to go? I suspect that if you could ask him, he’d say the Creator tells him, using DNA as the blueprint. There are millions of motor proteins in every cell. You probably have a million cells in a fingertip. Here’s an image from a video shared by Harvard Medical School:

Flying on skis at the Olympics

MODULE 9 How Nutrition Works Oxygen, water, protein, carbohydrates and fats account for five of the 95 things we need to stay alive: There are 90 left to discuss. Of those 90, we need 60 essential minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids and at least 2 fatty acids. They are called “essential” because our bodies cannot manufacture those things. Consumption is essential. For example: cholesterol is something that our bodies need but can manufacture in the liver, although in insufficient quantity. Cholesterol is not considered an essential element for survival, because our livers can make most of what we need. Even so, if we starve our diets of cholesterol, we will get sick and die of nervous and brain degenerative diseases. We must consume some cholesterol to replace the stores of cholesterol our bodies continually need for scores of mental and nervous repairs.

Calcium is Essential. We cannot manufacture calcium in our bodies, so it’s called “Essential.” Nothing short of the sun or original creation can manufacture calcium. (Atomic piles could, at huge cost, millions of dollars for a piece the size of a grain of salt.) Plants cannot manufacture it, but they can pull it up from the soil, that is, if it is present into the soil. Calcium, in relatively large quantities, is absolutely essential to human life and all animal life. An ordinary human needs about 1,200 mg per day. Even boneless creatures like sharks and jellyfish have cartilage and muscle, which require calcium for formation and repair.

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body. We find it in bones and teeth, but the body needs it for many other essential activities. A severe calcium deficiency causes 143 different diseases, including the obvious one and its cousins, osteoporosis. The role of calcium in osteoporosis is logical. When the body is deficient in calcium, it pulls calcium from the bones, making the bones (osteo) porous and brittle. Less expectedly, calcium deficiency causes a diverse number of other diseases.  The brain needs calcium.  Calcium helps regulate the heartbeat.  It’s needed to transfer messages between and along nerves.  The muscles need calcium, and when they lack calcium, cramps are inevitable. As an aside, I used to fly airplanes for the Air Force and I was as fit as any pilot at age 30. However, unusual exercise would cause me muscle pain the next day sometimes lasting three days. That happens to everyone, right? That was a long time ago when I had somewhat more stamina and strength than I do now. It was worth my life to be in good shape because in a dog fight, except for surprise and a superior aircraft, the victor is the pilot whose body is best. Aerial combat is as demanding as an Olympic gymnastic floor exercise. In different ways, it requires greater skill and certainly greater mental ability. Success is far more obligatory! The victor gets to live, putting a premium on fitness. The defeated only hopes to survive a crash or a punishing ejection seat ride. Flying four easy hours feels like working hard for eight. This past Good Friday, 2014, I took a group of people to Hilltop Park in San Diego, where there’s a huge soccer field. I was showing them how to fly four-line stunt kites, quite an athletic endeavor. I was running all over the field helping this person or that person keep a kite in the air. They were spaced about 200 feet apart, but they were largely stationary. I was running around launching kites. After about three or four hours of my running around like this, they were asking me to go home. They were tired and they were sure their bodies would be sore the next day. So we went home but the next day we did it again.

I figured that I would be sore the next day but no. I was not. Once again, I ran all over the soccer field for three or four hours showing people how to fly kites. Toward the end, they were dropping like flies, winding up their strings and seeking park benches, while I still ran around showing the remnant how to fly. The next day, Easter Sunday, I was still not sore and I played the saxophone in church services, like I always do. I was 73 years old that day. I don’t exercise much. If I had tried that at age 30 or 40, unless I had worked up to that level of exercise, I would have been extremely sore for three or four days. I was a skier back in my 30s and I knew to begin about six weeks before ski season, exercising and practicing the moves in my living room. Even then, after I returned from the mountains, I would be hurting and barely fit to fly for a couple of days. The reason is that back in those days when I was a fit and healthy pilot, I was not taking enough calcium. Nobody knew. Today I take plenty of calcium, and that is, to me, proof that my body needs calcium to prevent muscle soreness and cramps.

This tree trimmer looks just like my brother John, but he’s someone else. Uncanny resemblance. The fact hit home again today. My nephew, Jason and I spent most of yesterday with a chain saw and hand loppers, lacing and pruning a tree, cutting the branches into two-foot lengths, raking, cleaning out bushes and the like. I haven’t done that for thirty years. Today, I have zero muscular soreness. The only thing I feel different is a bit stronger. Not so for 40-year old Jason. He’s hurting. As important as calcium is, we have rather significant amount of calcium stored in our bodies, and we can go without it for a lot longer than we can go without food. Calcium is, however, essential to human life, and without it the body will perish.

Role of Magnesium Magnesium is another mineral to which our bodies have become dependent and accustomed. Magnesium is something we can’t make, so it’s ‘essential.’ Magnesium helps the body absorb calcium and has other magnificent benefits. One thing it does is to open certain receptors on cells to allow the calcium to enter and exit. Magnesium is called a co-factor for calcium. There are other co-factors for calcium, such as strontium. You need them all.

Supplementation One of the lies that dead doctors tell until they die is that ordinary calcium supplementation will do the trick. They presume that most of the ingested calcium is used and not excreted. The big fat truth is that only calcium that has passed through the roots of plants is usable. Calcium from rocks is about 3% absorbable. Our bodies excrete the rest as waste. When calcium is derived from plants, the absorption rises to more than 97%.

The problem is that the calcium must be in the correct form, or our bodies cannot absorb it. It’s a matter of particle size and electrical charge.

As with most of the minerals, calcium supplements usually come from rocks. In the case of calcium the rock is dolomite, which is calcium magnesium carbonate, CaMg(CO3)2. You find the same material in seashells, coral and the hard-water deposits around your water faucets. Geologically, most dolomite came from seashells and coral. Over time, it got compressed into the rock dolomite.

In another form, it got dissolved and redeposited as crystals like these white ones.

Seashells and coral are mostly calcium magnesium carbonate, along with just a few other minerals. CaMg(CO3)2 is high in calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg). One would think that we can grind up dolomite into powder and then hard press it into pills for a good source of calcium.

Absorption The problem with that idea is that the pills are composed of minute granules of rock flour, or seashell flour or coral flour. Each particle is perhaps 1,000 times larger than a human cell, no matter how finely we grind the rocks. Because of that fact, hard pressed calcium pills, which are not very expensive, are only about 2% or 3% absorbable by the body. The rest is wasted. An ordinary person needs around 1,200 milligrams of calcium every day. A person fighting calcium deficiency needs far more, for a time. Many calcium pills on the market contain 1,200 mg per pill. If only 3% of the calcium a person takes is absorbable, that means they have to consume about 33 pills per day! If it’s 2%, then the math says they need to choke down 50 pills per day.

It gets worse. A body can only process about 500 mg at a time in this form (powdered rock,) so one would need eat those pills, spaced out evenly during the day and night. That could cause some digestive problems! A witty lady quipped to me that no it wouldn’t, because she’d be soon dead. The problem is that 3% absorbability.

Solutions The solution is getting calcium from food. However, it’s difficult to get enough calcium from food. Most people in the United States are severely calcium deficient. One wonders why. I remember loving milk as a kid. My parents said it was high in calcium and made for strong bones. I got plenty, until about age 12 when a pediatrician asked my parents to restrict milk so I’d eat more food and gain weight faster. I now think this milk contributed to my present health. One 8-oz glass of skim milk contains about 300 mg of calcium, about 1/4 th the daily need. The problem of insufficient calcium (and other minerals) in our diet has an elegant solution, provided by the earth, itself.

Humic Shale from Utah A long time ago, there was a gargantuan volcanic eruption in the state of Utah, covering 200 square miles. Over hundreds of years, a forest naturally grew up on top of that cap rock, as forests do. Their roots reached deep into the rock and extracted at least 71 different minerals, 60 of which are known to be essential to human life. The plants created their own thick, rich topsoil, containing all of those minerals. Then another geologic event placed another cap of rock over the plants, encapsulating and compressing their mineral goodness into a special kind of shale, called humic shale, for us to mine. These plant derived minerals are already in colloidal form, perfect for human consumption. So what are colloids?

Colloids Plants have the amazing, unmatched ability to make nutrient particles small enough to enter tiny plant cells. In this form, the mineral particles are called colloids. They are about 7,000 times smaller than a human cell, so they can pass into and out of human cells easily. They don’t accumulate into toxicity.

In the case of calcium, ground-up rock particles are far larger than human cells. They can’t fit in. It’s like trying to fit a Mack truck into a VW. Being millions of times smaller in comparison, colloidal calcium particles are about 7,000 smaller than human cells. This is like a flea hopping into a VW’s window. Easy. For this reason, colloidal calcium is about 97% absorbable by the human body, whereas rock-derived calcium is about 2% to 3% bioavailable. A colloid particle might be 1/7,000,000 the size of a grain of rock flour. In that instance a gram of colloidal calcium has almost two-trillion (1,993,815,104) times as much surface area as a gram of rock flour! That surface area is part of why colloidal particles enter and exit cell walls so readily. This also explains why a spoonful of sugar dissolves so much faster than an equal amount of rock candy. Dissolving occurs at the surface of each particle. Rock candy has a tiny amount of surface area, compared to granular sugar. It’s no wonder colloidal calcium is so much more bio-available than ground up rocks. There’s another reason, which is probably more important. Colloidal particles have the opposite electrical charge from cells. Colloids have positive charges. Rock particles have the same charge as cells. They both have negative charges. As you know, opposites attract. The same kinds of charges repel each other. So cells actively seek colloids. Just as actively, they repel rock particles. A poor rock can’t get an even chance! A person can get all of his or her calcium requirement out of 2 tablespoons, (one fluid ounce) of liquid, plant-derived, colloidal calcium, as opposed to 33-50 large calcium pills. Back to that ancient forest. The plants in that forest contained, in their tissues, all of the minerals we need for nourishment. Youngevity has exclusive rights to this encapsulated shale for all time. No one else can get it. It’s all on federal park land in the state of Utah. It’s nearly unique in the world.

To be complete, there is one other such deposit known, a small one in China. Dr. Ma Lan has visited and evaluated it. Unfortunately, that site’s mineral content is too low. Only about 40 minerals are available. Effectively, there is only one commercially available source of plant derived colloidal calcium in the world, and only Youngevity can mine it. Calcium is only one of 60 minerals that are essential to human life, and all 60 are in that shale, in correct proportions. In summary, colloidal sized minerals are supremely bio-available. Other forms of mineral supplements are simply not bio-available enough. You would have to take far too much, in the form of pills, to get enough. One fluid ounce (1/4 cup) of colloidal calcium is the equivalent of at least 33 large calcium pills.

Vitamins As dire as the mineral situation is, the story worsens. Plants need these minerals to make the vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids that are so essential to human life. Plants that grow in mineral-poor soil not only lose taste, they are deficient in vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids. Most commercial farmland soils are depleted of minerals so plants don’t taste as good and lose their ability to make these essential nutrients. For example, in year 2000, scores of square miles immediately to the west of our home were devoted to tomato farming, with a few strawberry operations interspersed. Today, that land is developed into housing. Recently, we discovered the reason. It wasn’t greedy housing developers. We had noticed it without knowing why. For decades, the tomato and strawberry growers tested their soils annually. Nutritional value was dropping. Tomatoes were losing their taste. Strawberries were too. We stopped buying produce from that area because it tasted too much like water. That’s what we’d noticed, without knowing the reasons. Finally, the land was so depleted that it was only usable for houses, so up sprang the housing developments west of our home. Of course, some homeowners try to grow vegetables there in their back yards. With supplementation, they can succeed. That accounts for vitamin and amino acid content. The story of fatty acids is similar in some ways. Humans can obtain fatty acids from evening primrose oil and flaxseed oil, but the primary source is ocean fish. Most fish live in waters relatively near the continents, where their food supplies are best. Rivers contain silt, which contains minerals. By way of the food chain, fish are dependent on the minerals in silt, to create the fatty acids we need. Mankind invented hydroelectric dams to generate electricity. These dams stop and store the river water, then release it to turn turbines and produce electricity.

The nutritional problem with dams is that the rivers’ silt no longer makes its way to the ocean. It builds up behind the dams, instead of falling out into the ocean to nourish fish. We are losing our oceans. Fish are rare out in the deep blue water. Fish near the coast are deficient in essential fatty acids. Thus, we must supplement our fatty acids too.

Leryn Franco, Javelin

MODULE 10 Farmland Depletion A U.S. gov’t study, produced in 1937, stated that the farmlands are depleted. That was 1937. Imagine today. In general, towns and cities are sustained by the farmlands within about 100 miles of them because of transportation costs. Earlier I wrote that when plants have taken all of the minerals out of the soil into their cells, there is no practical mechanism on earth to replace them. Atomic reactors made plutonium for the A-Bomb at a cost of twenty-five billion dollars (in 2008 money) for two softball sized spheres, half a century ago. The point is that what has gone from the soil is gone forever. Farmers are business people. They must run their farms at a profit, or they will go bankrupt and then there’s no farm. Farmers understand that plants grow nice and green and look very healthy, if they are given only three minerals: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). Fertilizer even has an N-P-K rating, which states the percentage of N, P and K in it. 20-20-15 fertilizer has those percentages of minerals and the rest (45%) is inert. That is a strong fertilizer, by the way, liable to ‘burn’ the leaves of plants. Using information dating back into the 1800s, Justus Von Liebig devised the theory that Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium levels are the basis for determining plant growth. Other ways of looking at how plants utilize nutrients, have largely been ignored, especially by those companies who produce the chemical fertilizers commonly on today’s market. Howard Garrett, writes in “Plants for Texas,” that it is clear that Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium are not necessarily the most important elements you need for your plants to row well. In fact, elements such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur, magnesium, copper, cobalt, sodium, boron molybdenum and zinc are just as important to plant development as N-P-K. However, Von Liebig’s convenient theory has become the dominant paradigm for how we grow our ornamental and edible plants.

Farmers spread nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus on their fields for increased ‘yield’ and for plants that look pretty, long after the soils are depleted of the other minerals. Such good-looking plants don’t taste as good and they don’t have the vitamins that people crave. Plants grown in those environments where the soil is lacking minerals, are causing people to starve of most of the other minerals we need for life – as well as vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids. In this case, good looks is not so good. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to ship foods far across the country if they can be locally grown. This means that after only 10 to 20 years, when they land around a given city is mostly depleted of essential minerals, the people of that city, any city, are getting minerally deficient food. It also means that they’re getting food deficient in vitamins and amino acids because plants need minerals to make those things. It’s the same for small towns. That’s why houses now occupy the former tomato and strawberry fields west of our San Diego home. To reiterate, our bodies have storehouses of these minerals and vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids, and we can live for a long time with some deficiencies. Eventually, diseases will occur when essential minerals are missing. When the diseases ravage the body, sometimes the effects are long-lasting or permanent. In other cases the disease can be arrested and reversed by providing the body with the correct items. Our only recourse is supplementing our diets.


All Nutrients In Correct Amounts For any of the 95 essential nutrients, there is a minimum amount we need, and a maximum amount we can tolerate. If the nutrients are colloidal minerals, the span between minimum and maximum is quite wide. In metallic form, however, the nutrient span of metals can be rather narrow and toxicity is more likely. Arsenic, studied earlier is such an example. A more common example is iron. We need iron, especially during pregnancy but as pregnant women are taught, we can ingest too much iron. Each mineral has a proper, therapeutic level for optimum health. It’s the same for just about everything, even things like water and air. We need oxygen, obviously, but it is possible to have too much oxygen. Breathing high pressure, 100% oxygen for extended periods of time causes all sorts of bad things to happen to a body. Oxygen is quite corrosive but the body has elaborate mechanisms for keeping the corrosion, (oxidation) in the proper places. Our bodies use oxygen to corrode, that is, break down, hundreds of compounds, turning them into fuel. Too much oxygen, for too long, gets around the body’s controls. Even oxygen can be toxic. Oxygen helps cure some conditions because oxygen is quite toxic to many living things, especially at higher pressures. That’s called hyperbaric therapy. It can’t be extended indefinitely. Similarly we need water but if we drink too much water, the body can’t stand it and we get sick. If the water gets in the wrong places, such as the lungs, we drown and that’s not even what I’m writing about. People who drink too much water become sick from water poisoning. We need to drink the correct amount of fluid every day, enough but not too much. What all of this means is, for anything our body needs, there is a minimum amount and there’s a maximum amount. We must have at least the minimum and we should not have more than the maximum.

It’s the same for each of these:         

All 60 minerals, All 16 vitamins All 12 amino acids Both fatty acids Air Water Protein Carbohydrates and Fat.

We need each one of those nutrients and we need them of the proper amount, not too much but enough.

Colloids Over time, our bodies have learned to expect the 60 essential minerals, in the same ratios found in the semi-shale that Youngevity mines in Utah. Moreover, those minerals are colloidal in form. Their particles are exactly the proper sizes and carry the proper charges to enter into our cells, and to exit if cells have too much of them.

Shales These shales have exactly what our bodies have grown to expect. Notice that these shales are not from depleted farmland that has been used over and over again for decades! Youngevity calculated that there is enough humic shale in their Utah mining operation to supplement the entire world’s food supply for at least 200 more years.

Depletion Animals and fish live on plants or on other animals that eventually live on plants. Plants are at the bottom of the food chain. If their environments are depleted of minerals, even the animal and fish meat is low in the proteins, fats, amino acids and fatty acids we humans need. Plants need minerals too. Physician Understanding Unfortunately, medical doctors almost universally do not understand this process. It’s hardly their fault; they simply have almost no training in it. Moreover they are allopathic physicians, who are trained to treat specific pieces of the body, not the whole body at a time.

Supplementation There is only one inexpensive answer to our dilemma. We have to supplement our diets with the 90 Essential minerals, vitamins and fatty acids.

MODULE 11 The Problem of Big Pharma There are many things right with the large pharmaceutical companies and the FDA. Unfortunately, there are many things wrong, as well. Allopathic Training For one thing, they are training physicians to promote and prescribe drugs to treat specific part of the body, not the whole body. That’s allopathic medicine. Advertising For another, they lobbied successfully for the right to advertise directly to consumers instead of just to doctors. Their profits vaulted. Consider these facts: American TV is about 50% commercial time these days. A typical three-minute commercial for a prescription drug, is filled with images of people having a grand time, playfully enjoying a tire swing or jogging on the beach. The narrator spends 2-1/2 minutes reciting the mandatory list of terrible things that can happen to you if you take this drug, things such as death – and then has the temerity to say, “Ask your doctor if is right for you.” Well, duh! One of the currently advertised drugs, an anti-depressant, actually says that if you have increased depression or thoughts of suicide after taking it, you should stop taking it. That makes sense! It makes better sense not to take it in the first time because it causes depression and it’s billed as an anti-depressant.

It shouldn’t be on the market! Nearly all drug commercials follow the same pattern.

Outside-The-Laboratory Drug Testing Large pharmaceutical companies don’t just encourage doctors to prescribe their medicines. They pass out billions of dollars’ worth of free samples to try on patients. A Physician’s Assistant once told my wife, “This drug is pricey but I have some free samples. Let’s see if it works.” With my wife being the test animal, the drug company would get a free drug test. If the drug worked, they would then sell thousands of dollars in pills to her and pay the doctor a piece of the action. You and millions of other people would foot the bill but the drug company and the doctor would get a free increase in income. The prescription was for 180 pills. The drug had bad side effects and 179 pills got destroyed but at around $10 per pill, the drug company and doctor pocketed nearly two grand of insurance company money. A highly respected physician told my wife and me last year, “The average drug only works on 50% of the patients. The very best work about 70% of the time.” In other words, let’s try this and see what happens. If not, or if you have a dangerous reaction, let’s try something else. Don’t worry about the danger. This turns the patients into free Guinea pigs, because the doctors are sincerely interested in finding out if the drug will help the patient. Lab testing is hugely expensive because of enormous risks. Testing by physicians on patients is almost free because patients take the risks. They even sign forms saying they accept the risks and will hold the physicians harmless if something goes wrong. Because no drug company can stand the bad press of killing babies, (remember Thalidomide?) drugs are almost never tested on children under five years of age. There are a few exceptions. Instead, physicians do the testing “off label” and if the child’s health suffers, well the drug companies are off the hook. They aren’t held responsible.

Pushing Drugs I wrote a book called, “The Seduction of DoctoRx.” It’s a chiller and thriller of a novel, but it is also an expose’ of some of the worst practices by big pharmaceutical companies. “The Seduction of DoctoRx” begins with the fictional deaths of several children due to off-label prescriptions – all hushed up of course, but the new Governor of California happens to be one of the parents. What follows, the investigations, the cover-ups, the findings, the supersalesmanship, the intrigue, the conspiracy, the murders, the frame-ups, stretches the mind and is probably five percent of what would really happen. The governor discovers who really runs California and it’s not her government – and it’s not just California in trouble. Big Pharma’s salespeople are the best, most highly trained, most seductive salespeople on earth. You won’t see, for instance, a male salesperson visiting a male Physician. It will almost always be a female. She will be very good looking, extremely knowledgeable and certainly not dressed for a church service, if you get my drift. Similarly if that doctor is female, the salesman will be a hunk. Moreover, it’s not well known, but every prescription that every physician writes is recorded and tracked by the FDA. Allegedly, this is to prevent drug abuse by physicians, a serious and endemic problem. The big pharmaceutical companies have access to all of that information. So, if a doctor is not toeing the line, that is, if he or she is not prescribing a particular medicine made by a particular pharmaceutical company, the salesman knows that and knows exactly how to present that pharmaceutical company’s product. The salesman also knows what perks to offer and to deny. If a doctor accepts any kind of perk, most of which are not illegal, the massive database tells the sales person how to get to that doctor next time. Very sophisticated algorithms design sales approaches tailored precisely to individual physicians.

The doctor’s employer knows too. Since they receive a percentage of all drug prescriptions, they will call a doctor to task if enough paper isn’t being written. It’s potent. It works. I know a few doctors who have lost their jobs for not toeing the line. They find themselves basically unemployable. This process of targeting physicians begins the moment a student registers for premed! From that day, big-pharma is watching, evaluating, learning how to sway that student after graduation. Perks are offered long before graduation. Free courses, subtlely slanted, are offered. Study assistance is offered. Gifts, tickets, companions, seminars to exotic places, cruises and the like are lavished upon physicians who toe the line. It’s seductive. Doctors understand that they can make triple to quadruple their salary through kickbacks (which are never reported) just because they happen to prefer (genuinely) a particular medicine or procedure or machine. It’s no wonder that Physicians over-prescribe, prescribe inappropriate drugs and specify highly expensive procedures and scans which are not necessary.

Insurance Oh it gets worse. There is a problem with malpractice insurance. It’s very expensive. Doctors do not want to be sued for malpractice, because it could cost them their licenses and livelihoods. Doctors can and do over-prescribe medicines, procedures and tests, in the name of patient safety, but also to protect their licenses. After all, medical insurance will pay for it. Around 1967, we saw a Sacramento newspaper article on page 2 that a local doctor’s malpractice insurance premiums were so high that he had begun an Amway business to pay them! He did well in Amway. We knew him. Around 1972, our next door neighbor, a military flight surgeon, stopped practicing medicine when he left the Air Force. He deplored socialized medicine and huge insurance requirements. He told me, “please don’t think that doctors are the ones who make the money in medicine. It’s the drug and insurance companies.” Doctors don’t live in poverty. They are paid very well. So think of how much more money the drug and insurance companies make!

A New Form of Taxation Insurance is not free. It is very expensive. There is no free lunch. You then I pay the policy premiums. The net result is that the whole public is taxed (by insurance companies) to pay for these unnecessary medicines, procedures and equipment. But actually most of the diseases will go away when treated holistically with proper nutrition. That is such an important statement that I devote a new paragraph to reiterating that most of these diseases will go away if treated correctly with good nutrition. One would think that the insurance companies would be all over nutritional remedies, to prevent claims. What or who restrains them?

I suspect that they increase their profits the same way that Big Pharma does. After all, if most disease disappeared, there would be little need for huge insurance premiums. Big Pharma and Big Insurance executives alike might need to sell their jets and move out of their mansions.

Prevention is Better Than Healing Don’t wait for a disease to manifest itself so you can cure it. That’s foolish. It’s a lot harder to reverse disease than to prevent it. Diabetes, for instance, can cost you your limbs and eyes. Once they are gone, nutrition won’t bring them back. If your heart is severely damaged by a myocardial infarction, a simple mineral deficiency disease, regrowth may never occur before death. You must stay ahead of diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and cancer with proper nutrition throughout all of your life. You must prevent them and stay ahead of them. Mothers must prevent medical problems before becoming pregnant. They must build up stores of nutrients in their bodies long before conception. The new baby needs these things within the first few days of pregnancy! What things? We’re getting there. Hang on.

MODULE 12 Family Nutrition If you’re starting a family, what nutrition should you give your child? The first 1,000 days of life are critical. Medically, this period is the key to health for the rest of a person’s life. Look at infant formula. You’re going to find that most of the 60 required minerals are missing. If you look at dog food, even rat food or gerbil food, you will find far more minerals than in baby food. We feed our beloved pets better than we feed our babies. To be fair, very few new parents know this. They’d probably have to read this book or one by my friends Dr. Wallach or Dr. Glidden to find the truth. Hopefully, other authors and researchers will jump on the bandwagon. Science has proven that in farm animals, all birth defects can be prevented by giving the mother proper nutrition before she gets pregnant. All! At various stages of the pregnancy, various different trace minerals are needed to begin forming the heart, the brain, the nerves, the kidneys, liver, the palate, the fingers, etc. If those specific minerals are missing at the time that the mother’s body needs them, the child has a birth defect. The drug Thalidomide probably suppressed certain minerals when it prevented limbs from forming in human babies. It’s been that way with farm animals, for half a century. Half a century ago, livestock farmers discovered they could prevent virtually all birth defects by giving the mothers proper nutrition. This was wonderful news to them, because it prevented loss of baby animals, which was very expensive. Ever since that discovery, they feed their animals properly and they don’t have problems.

I’ve done some computer programming for an animal feed mill in Iowa. The nutrients arrive in a never-ending stream of trucks, to be stored in giant hoppers. Each mixture of food is different for different animals and birds. They make cattle food, turkey food, gerbil food, rabbit pellets, deer food, etc. They have a few 55-gallon barrels of black powder available and according to a specific recipe, a hand scoop of that powder might go into a hopper forty feet tall and twenty feet in diameter, where mixers distribute everything evenly before the mix is pelletized. I asked what that black powder was. The manager told me it was composed of minerals. I spoke to a rancher the other day. He confirmed that the only time he loses a calf is when a cow gets away from the herd and lives as a hermit for a long time, away from the good feed he gives his herd. It turns out, through much-much research that the same is true of humans. Yet millions of babies are born with mineral deficiencies and birth defects. Their mothers simply were not educated to know they should store up the vitamins and minerals for a good pregnancy. They did not take the required nutrients throughout the pregnancy and did not feed them to their newborns and growing children. They thought iron and prenatal vitamins were enough.

Drew Pearson, Dallas Cowboys’ Wide Receiver now has become a Youngevity Brand Ambassador.

Other Diseases As examples, I discussed several diseases above. There are other systemic, debilitating diseases to consider, in the light of nutrition. Arthritis Arthritis is a calcium deficiency disease. If your body is short of calcium, it’s logical to expect the disease called osteoporosis, and its relatives. When the body needs calcium, it pulls it from the bones, causing osteoporosis. As a result, the bones become porous, weak and brittle. When the body needs calcium for such things as regulating the heart beat or helping the memory, it absolutely WILL pull it out of its boney storehouse. That means that the bone matrix remains but that calcium in the bones, which strengthens the bones, disappears. Bones become, brittle and easily fractured. The mere act of walking can break bones. My dear friend turned over his mattress and caused permanent injury to his vertebrae. Despite morphine and a back brace, he will be in excruciating pain for the rest of his life. The relation between osteoporosis and calcium is logical. What is illogical, is that calcium deficiency causes arthritis in the joints, kidney stones, etc. What happens is the body pulls calcium from its normal stores and deposits calcium into other places such as joints and kidney stones. Then, you get arthritis, painful kidney stones and a host of other calcium deficiency diseases. There are 143 calcium deficiency diseases, many of them not very logical but very provable and reversible. If you have kidney stones or arthritis of its various forms, the way to get out of that trap is to add highly bioavailable calcium to your diet! If it’s from sea shells, coral or dolomite, it won’t work. You simply cannot ingest enough.

There’s more to the arthritis story. Scientists, including Dr. Wallach have found that ordinary gelatin made from the bones of calves, or even chicken cartilage, especially with glucosamine sulfate and glucosamine chondroitin, will rebuild joints. This even happens if the cartilage has been surgically removed. When a surgeon removes the cartilage in a joint, there always a few stem cells left behind, and if the body has the proper nutrients, it will rebuild the cartilage! Medically, it’s impossible. Nutritionally, it’s true. The act of taking 100% of the 90 essential nutrients and attacking the disease with glucosamine sulfate, glucosamine chondroitin and calves gelatin, reverses and even eliminates arthritis in a few months.

Cancer is an interesting, terrible disease. In a 2013 interview, Dr. Wallach stated that cancer is never genetic but instead it is a self-inflicted disease. Of course, nobody would intentionally give themselves cancer but the facts remain that if a woman cooks her dinner meat well done, she increases her risk of breast cancer by 462%. That’s statistics for you. If she fries the dinner, it’s the same. He goes on to explain why. As noted elsewhere in this book, fats (especially vegetable oils) oxidize in a flash at frying temperatures, turning into carcinogens. So avoid fried food, period. Avoid high heats when cooking meat. Cook your steak rare or medium rare at low temperature. If you must use oil, make it butter only. Not even olive or coconut oil is safe. Use no mayonnaise, no salad dressing, no bottled oils at all. They go rancid in the bottle after air enters. Crumbled Blue cheese or Roquefort cheese makes a good salad dressing. Selenium is effective against several forms of cancer, whether or not you smoke! I sat through a 2 ½ hour lecture by Dr. Schrauser once, while he proved that statement medically, statistically, biologically, mathematically, chemically, physically, anatomically…. He proved in 22 separate ways, that selenium is effective against cancer of the prostate, breast and lungs. As he said, with little doubt, it’s effective against other forms of cancer, but he had not at the time, made those tests. I have checked at http://FDA.Gov and as I expected, other cancers have been added to that expanding list. The attachments at the end of the book give excerpts. As Dr. Schrauser stated, selenium is powerful but acts much better when added to the other 90 essential nutrients. Unfortunately for large pharmaceutical companies, but fortunately for us, selenium is a food and cannot be patented. Large pharmaceutical companies make billions upon billions of dollars from cancer every year. Cure it, and guess what! Billions and billions of dollars in profit and research grants disappear.

The ones who suffer are the poor people who get cancer, along with the rest of us who pay higher insurance premiums for unnecessary treatment, with the profits going into the medical profession. So what is selenium anyhow, other than being an electronic semiconductor like silicon and germanium? Until 1957, it used to be considered a poison. That was because of cattle that happened to graze on ground that’s extremely high in selenium. The constant exposure to the selenium caused hooves to split. The hooves were in constant contact with the mineral and absorbed massive doses. As you recall, too much of anything is harmful. It turns out that selenium is safe, compared to many other things and it is necessary for health. Where it doesn’t exist in the land, such as areas of Western Pennsylvania, Northeastern Iowa and a specific province of China, especially where people grow most of their own food and don’t import it, people have very high incidences of various diseases that go away when they get selenium. Selenium is just a mineral. It’s as common and inexpensive as dirt. Okay, one should refine it a bit. However, animals need it too and they eat dirt to get it. Diabetes Diabetes is a chromium and vanadium deficiency. It’s pure coincidence but chromium and vanadium are two elements added to make some of the highest quality steel. Through processes not well understood, these elements help the pancreas to regulate the amount of insulin it produces. Insulin counters blood sugar. If the sugar level is too high, then the pancreas emits additional insulin. If the level is too low, the pancreas secretes less insulin. So the pancreas has to know the current sugar level and also it must produce the proper amount of insulin.

The pancreas can become ‘tired’ from overwork and in extreme situations, it can even fail and shut down. I suspect that a tired pancreas is merely one that has exhausted its supply of minerals. If that happens, or if the person was born with a defective pancreas, or if the pancreas is surgically removed, the result is instant diabetes. Pancreatic cancer is highly dangerous, partly because the pancreas cannot be removed. Diabetes creates a high blood sugar level. That condition causes an inability of the body to heal. Sores take forever to heal, if they do at all. They can lead to gangrene and the necessity to amputate limbs. Eyesight deteriorates and blindness can result. Those are just the beginning of a long list of maladies associated with diabetes. Fortunately, if the body gets some extra chromium and vanadium, along with the ordinary 90 essentials, diabetes reverses. The body cures itself. The DNA tells it how, as the body reproduces cells and makes new, healthy ones. Now, that’s not the case with Type-I diabetes, in which the pancreas simply doesn’t produce insulin. In that case, insulin injection is often a must, although some insulin pills have been made. Adding the correct amount of chromium and vanadium helps the body use injected insulin, so that less needs to be administered. This is because chromium and vanadium have another function. They help the cells receive insulin more efficiently. Very recently, there have been several interesting areas of research. Human pancreas cells have been grown in mice, about seven miles from my San Diego home. In a British study, diabetic rats put on a 5-day water-only fast seem to reboot their bodies and regenerate their pancreases. That study has now involved humans with similar results.

Sticking a Landing Feels Great.

Home Tests and Equipment

You can purchase a considerable array of non-prescription medical tests and equipment at your pharmacy and even Walmart, to help you monitor your body’s condition. Here is a partial list.  Stethoscope for listening to the heart and lungs and for when used with a blood pressure cuff, for taking blood pressure. o Often the Stethoscope can detect heart murmurs and breathing problems such as pneumonia and bronchitis.  Blood pressure cuff, used with the stethoscope.

 Sphygmomanometer, which is a combination blood pressure cuff and stethoscope.  Blood pressure, Oxygen and other Monitors. Useful for the bedridden.  Automatic blood pressure machine. o Most pharmacies and Walmarts have blood pressure stations where you can take your blood pressure without buying a kit.  Thermometers of several kinds for taking body temperature. o Note: Ordinarily an elevated temperature indicates some kind of infection (fever.) In some people, an infection causes a lowering of body temperature below the normal 98.6 degrees F.  Blood sugar test kits. o Note: Most of these test the blood sugar almost instantly, from a tiny sample of blood, giving a snapshot. o An A1C test gives a more useful average over the past three months. An A1C test kit is available. It takes about five minutes to test a tiny sample of blood. o For those squeamish about blood, a urine test kit is available. It is less accurate. o High blood sugar has several other symptoms:  Being overly thirsty,  Frequent trips to the bathroom,  Sores that take forever to heal,  Craving sweets,  Sleepiness an hour or so after eating sugar or carbohydrates, when the blood sugar drops too low.  Various test kits for illegal drugs.  Blood alcohol tests.  Ketosis test strips.  Weight and Height measuring equipment.  DNA tests of various kinds. o Youngevity has a no-profit DNA genetic test that reveals a lot about what foods you must not consume, and which ones are good for you, especially when trying to control your weight. It is a bit spendy but worth it. o DNA Ancestry genetic tests.

 Several kinds of mail-in tests. The fecal occult can detect intestinal bleeding, which might indicate an ulcer or a tumor.  Pregnancy tests.  Fertility tests for men.  Pulse and Oxygen meters. The Oxygen meter reveals the percentage of oxygen saturation in the blood.  Dipstick test kits can reveal infections of the kidney, bladder, ureters and urethra. o A more comprehensive test involves a bacterial culture done by a lab.  Colon Cancer Test reveals biomarkers for colorectal cancer.  HIV tests.  STD tests.  A number of cancers are easily detected by self-examination. Be suspicious of lumps or persistent swelling, of moles that grow irregularly, and of persistent pain.  Most people know to check out a persistent cough.  You can get discounted blood work done via but I know nothing about their veracity. A medical professional will have to draw blood and send it to the lab.  Reading an EKG is an easy skill to learn. When a medical professional takes your EKG, you can get a copy and you can ask someone how to read it.  You have the right to a copy of nearly any medical test run on your body. Most facilities will be all too happy to provide you copies, perhaps for a nominal copying fee.

 Depression Friday, January 29, 2016, the federal government declared that all adults are to be tested for depression. If you’re a stock market investor, buy stock in the makers of anti-depressants because that statement is going to sell a ton of prescription pills! TV commercials are instructive. Because it’s the law, the advertisers must disclose the long list of side effects. Notice that some, possibly most, anti-depressants have a warning label to see your doctor if you experience increased depression and thoughts of suicide. That will increase doctor visits and doctor income, costing you money that probably will contribute to depression.  This is exactly what the pills are supposed to prevent. It brings to mind the physician’s Hypocratic Oath. Contrary to popular conceptions, the phrase, “First, do no harm” is not present in that oath. Most new doctors, as a rite of passage, do swear to “utterly reject harm and mischief.” Some graduating classes write their own oaths. Doctors graduating in Nazi Germany did not take oaths. Most French sign theirs. Youngevity has an excellent herbal remedy for depression, called D-Stress. It doesn’t make people want to commit suicide. That’s some of the physical side, or the physiological side of the matter. I’ll write more on that at a later date. For now, I want to spend some time on the psychological side of Depression. Usually, Depression comes from a fear of being unable to control the forces around you. It’s a fear that things can overwhelm you far too easily. It’s a fear of the unknown and as such, it is nearly universal to some extent in humans. Animals too.

Depression is common in the workplace, where it is known as Monday Morning Blues. It appears on Sunday afternoon as a dread of what the boss or coworkers or customers are going to do next. One has too little control of what these malcontents will do. They blindside you commonly and you feel like you have to walk on eggshells all the time. As a result, Depression sinks in. It’s a trap because you need the job. It’s a cage because your boss, coworkers and customers know you need the job. That knowledge empowers them to abuse you. Some of them do, within the limits of the law – and if they can get away with it, beyond those limits. After all, what are you going to do? Are you going to blow the whistle, be ostracized and possibly get fired, only to have to go through a long court battle to get your job back (if you win,) only to lose it again because now someone is gunning for you behind your back? It can be a very bad situation. If you could be relatively certain that you could control such things, the depression would leave you quickly. To the degree that you can control such things, you have no need to be depressed. So, let’s examine some things you can do. The more control you can win, the less Depression you have. First, if you are depressed, I want to divulge that I don’t have a very clear feeling for what assails you. That may not be very good news for you. I don’t suffer from Depression because I’m fearless. I’m devoid of fear, that is, I’m supremely confident that through God’s protection, I will always come out of any situation in better shape than I entered it. My motto is ‘Quocumque Vicimus.’ In Latin, that means, whatever happens, we win. It still true after 76 years of life. My first novel was initially titled Audaz, which in several romance languages means Fearless.

In a completely crazy example, being fearless doesn’t mean I’d be so stupid as to challenge a murderous driver to a duel, he in a speeding car while I’m armed only with a lance. It means that I’m bright enough not to do something that dumb. It also means that in the face of a speeding car, fear would not paralyze me. I’d negate some of his advantage. I’d run sideways off the road, not the direction the car is going. And as the car sped past, I’d probably try to impale the murderous driver so I could avoid a rematch. That was a crazy-extreme example. The point is that fear can paralyze a person. Fearlessness can free the same person. If someone has a bad case of Monday Morning Blues, it’s Depression. The best cure is not something chemical bought from Big Pharma or even nutritional bought from Dr. Wallach’s company, Youngevity. Yes, I make D-Stress available, but try these things instead. On Sunday, take a couple of hours to plan your Monday. Schedule your activities in advance. Go so far as to schedule interruptions by your boss, your fellow employees and your customers. Think deeply and decide what you will do when those various events happen. Expect those events and prepare for them. Just consider them to be tasks that are all in a day’s work, for which your boss is paying you. Look at possible ways people can blindside you and decide in advance what you’ll do when that happens. People know that I always have a Plan B. What they don’t know is that I always have Plans C and D in place and probably have three more plans in the wings awaiting the light of day. Here’s a true-life example of a man with a never-to-be-used plan. He was running a gas station in a rough East St. Louis neighborhood when he saw two gunmen approaching for a robbery. He grabbed his cell phone and ran for the women’s (not men’s) restroom. He had installed a powerful lock on that door. He locked the door and climbed on the toilet and from there to the top of the stall, where he lay on a board he had placed there, hidden and shaking.

Sure enough, he heard someone shooting up the other restroom. They couldn’t get through his door and fired a clip through it, missing him because he was up high. His 911 call resulted in sirens and the gunmen ran, only able to take a small stack of paper money. He always kept a small amount in the till and had his larger amount hidden behind a panel in the back room. Miles away, another man lost his life that night because he panicked at the cash register. Later, the police caught the murderers. In an interview, the first man told the police that this was his first robbery, but that he had planned what he’d do. That’s why he survived. The second man, obviously had no plan and his fear led to his demise. This is also an extreme example but it shows how planning leads to having a cool head in a crisis. If you have a plan, you no longer need to tremble inside when the boss approaches, scowling. You have a good idea of how you will say things, and possibly what he and you will say. Knowing that means your fear will be greatly reduced. I once told my boss quietly, “Mr. Hill, I do not react well to threats.” He backed off immediately, denying that his clear threat had ever been a threat at all. He valued me as an employee more than I valued my job because I’d made myself hard to replace and another job relatively easy to find. So his implied threat was completely hollow and we both knew it. I worked there for another year, at which time the company folded. It is very difficult to surprise me with a crisis. I spend most of my idle time thinking of ways people or events can surprise me and thinking of how to act or what to say if they succeed. Each time I run through a new crisis and my intended response, I have another anti-depression tool. So what should I fear? Whenever a blindside threatens me, I’ve probably been to that rodeo in my mind.

Even if someone does surprise me, I’ve ridden similar horses or bulls, so to speak. I merely adapt something I have pre-thought. Here’s how I learned about fear. During flight training, Irving Branch (Bud) Smith my instructor informed me that (simulated) our left main landing gear refused to extend. In an actual situation, that would mean that particular airplane would cartwheel into a fiery ball of aluminum a few seconds after we touched the ground. So I recited the standard emergency procedure. He told me that it didn’t work and asked what next, as he killed the engine to complicate matters. I restarted the dead engine for him, removing the most pressing threat, and flew to an appropriate crash site, a nearby airport directly beneath us. At least there would be a fire truck there. That’s when he taught me an invaluable life-lesson. Thank you Bud. “When you run out of options, there is always another option.” We landed and he spent about 90 minutes showing me option after option.  We could release the landing gear locks, fly upside down and then fly rightside up, and maybe the landing gear would fall into place.  If it went down partway, we could touch down lightly on that wheel alone, but have the plane in a ‘crab’ so that landing forces would scoot the landing gear fully into the proper position, where it could lock.  We might only have a burned out bulb in the landing gear locked light, and the landing gear was down and locked after all.  We could fly by the tower and ask them to check our landing gear with binoculars.  We could pull maximum negative and maximum positive G-forces a dozen times or so, while moving the gear handle up and down, to try to dislodge some wrench that might have fallen into the mechanism.  We had no parachutes but an option would have been to take them along.  He discussed several others. Then, as a last resort, we could raise all of the landing gear and land that way, messing up the airplane but probably saving our lives.

Each time, he stopped and asked if I were out of options yet. Then he would give me yet another option. His point was not the options; it was that we always had more of them. At the last, he admitted he was out of options but claimed there was still another. So I earned his respect by noticing Lake Oroville on a map not too far to the north. We had plenty of fuel to land there in the water without a fire. We’d probably lose the plane but we might be able to swim free. However, he snorted. “Not bad, but there’s still another option. We just haven’t thought about it yet. Okay, I know the ultimate one. We should have caught the problem and fixed it before takeoff. And yet there’s still another option.” I thought of two more while driving home that day. One was to short out a potentially defective circuit breaker. Pilots, see if you can come up with two more. Even if you do, did you consider my second one: landing in a snowbank? There’s always another option. Could someone grease the entire runway for you? How about prayer? Is there someone on the ground attached to a radio, who has yet another idea? One time when flying a four engine Boeing jet 1,000 miles from land, I marshalled about 10 Boeing engineers in Seattle for guidance. With your incoming robbers, your boss, your work, your employees, your customers, your coworkers, there is always another option. Pre-think everything you can. With each situation you pre-think, your confidence level will increase a notch and your stress level will decrease a notch. I’ve written elsewhere in my book, “World Class Negotiation” (Donald Trump has a copy) that the essence of civilization is cooperation. Civilization began and has continued to the extent that people of a group are in cooperation. Seek cooperation of your friends. They will augment and defend you, bolstering your confidence and reducing your Depression.

You know 200 to 2,000 people and 20 of them rather well. Some of them are wise in at least one area that besets you. Ask for their counsel. How can you handle situation-x or employee-y or customer-z. The chances are good that someone has already mastered that besetting area and will tell you. The chances are even better that someone can tell you what does not work. Remember that exhausted people give poor advice. Matt Armstrong, fifth-degree black belt in Tai Kwan Do teaches his students to avoid fights. It’s simple. Reach out your hand to your adversary, show respect and make a friend. Perhaps you’re getting the idea that Depression arises from fear. You’re right. Assailed by the fearsome unknown that you can’t control, who wouldn’t feel out of control and depressed. I love the lyrics from Louis Armstrong’s song, “Make Someone Happy.” He sang, “Love is the answer; someone to love is the answer … and then you will be happy too.” Happiness is the opposite of Depression. Loving doesn’t have to involve a spouse or family member. A mind dulled by anti-depressants is still depressed and moving further into Depression because the liver detoxifies the pills and you come out of the stupor. I heard today that Charles Swindall wrote, “a good attitude is 90% up to you. Depression is difficult if you have a good attitude. That means that depression is rather easy to manage. Believe it. You must believe it. It’s the truth. In “How To (be a) Genius” found at Amazon and http://MachBooks.Com, you discover the nub of depression. This book is not about the human condition of Depression. It is all about how to solve the most insolvable problems, which geniuses solve routinely, but which depress ordinary folk. It teaches how anyone can become a genius, merely by changing their method of approaching problems.

If you were an expert genius regarding your besetting problem, it would be no problem at all. In that case, you’d feel no depression over it. You might even welcome an opportunity to shine, by defeating it. Here is the simplicity of being a genius: First, seek the most impossible part of any problem and focus your entire energy on that. The book gives you ways to increase your focus intently, progressively and efficiently. As you focus on that aspect, identify the greatest reason it is impossible and refocus your entire energy on that minute aspect. It’s probably impossible to solve that one (such as the law of gravity) so ask what’s the most impossible part of that one and refocus on that most-most impossible aspect. Keep drilling down. Most people stop at the third to the fifth level and give up, depressed. That is precisely why most people think the solution is impossible. There is always another option, so continue. Dig deeper, each time listing the reasons that it cannot be solved and focusing on only the most difficult of those. Don’t waste time on the lesser difficulties. The trap is to think like this, “Wait a moment. I can solve this aspect…” and then divert to solve it. Avoid that trap and find the most-most-most impossible thing to solve. They figure out what part of THAT is most impossible. About the seventh level deep, you will discover something really cool. You will think of something mostly unrelated to solve it and the rest will fall apart like dominoes knocking each other over. The problem will solve itself, you genius, you. After all, dandelion seeds, bats, condors and the Wright brothers solved that impossible problem with gravity, long ago, In Four Distinct Ways.

In this way, you will routinely be able to solve problems, any kind of problems, that have stumped lesser people for generations. Me? I actively seek the most impossible of problems to solve and in my wake, I leave solutions. As a result, here is what you will gradually discover.  New confidence, with humility, that you can solve any problem. Almost any? No, any problem. Get the book. You’ll see.  A new lack of fear because there’s no problem you can’t solve.  A new lack of Depression because you have fewer and fewer things left to depress you.  That you don’t need anti-depressants, which only have one purpose, to dull your mind. They generally have other side effects that are dangerous enough to cost you your health or life.  That you don’t even need Dr. Wallach’s natural D-Stress pills which won’t take your health or life. Or at least you don’t need them for long.  That you have no need to be anything other than humble. (Humbleness is very different from being humiliated.)  That you know who you are and you’ll become delighted with who you are. So humility will become you.  That as your confidence level increases, so will your income.  That confidence is very attractive and sexy.

MODULE 13 OBTAINING THE ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS You Can Grow Them Plants (and the animals that eat the plants) are our best source of nutrition. When that source is inadequate, supplementation is the only sensible answer. One way to get the nutritious food we need is to grow it personally. If our back yards aren’t depleted farmlands, like the tomato fields to the west of our home, the soil should be better, so one would think. There are three major problems with that idea. 1. The earth is not homogeneous. Rocks and minerals occur in bands. Soil rich in selenium, for example, might be only ten miles from soil that has none. So even untouched back yard soil is likely to be deficient in certain minerals, and without expensive testing, one would never know which. 2. Furthermore, most back yards have been treated with various pesticides, for prettier grass, at a rate of 5 to 15 times what farmlands get. In other words, most back yard soil is poorly suited for gardening. A good gardener doesn’t use it. He or she imports better soil to the food garden. 3. Many subdivisions have sprung up over depleted farmland that is worthless for crops. That’s why some lawns do poorly. Even the grass has trouble finding nutrients. So owners apply fertilizers and pesticides they might not put on their food plants. Most grass requires very little in the way of minerals.

Supplementing Your Soil



Youngevity sells a plant supplement called Bloomin’ Minerals. It’s specifically for your plants. In one form, it consists of their humic shale in granule form. In liquid form, it contains the minerals derived from that shale. You just spray that on the plants about three times during the growing period. Given the 60 minerals that you and I need, garden plants produce fruit more bountifully and with more taste than what you can get elsewhere. Going Organic Organic food is great (but expensive in the grocery markets.) Organic only means that the food has had no pesticides applied to it for the past several years. That’s all. It doesn’t even mean that the land has never been treated with pesticides. The term Organic says nothing about the minerals in the soil. If you don’t put pesticides on your crops and they are organic. That’s not enough. Plants need more than just being grown ‘organically.’

GMO The term GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms. Here’s the story. Monsanto and some other giant companies got permission from the government to genetically modify corn, and many other crops. They unleashed a highly profitable nightmare on the world. At first, the world was concerned about GMO seeds taking over and producing plants that would crowd out native species. So Monsanto and others genetically modified the seeds so that they would grow food but would to fail to reproduce new plants. That satisfied the world’s concern about rogue species but it also ensured that farmers could not grow their own seed from patented GMO strains. The farmers are bound to the seed companies. How profitable is that! As soon as the companies had permission to plant those seeds in test fields, gene research went further. Companies produced herbicide and pesticide resistant crops. Now, the farmer gets a boon. If he wishes, he can apply two-hundred times as much Roundup and other pesticides/herbicides to his crops. His new GMO seeds can take the punishment. Bugs and weeds cannot. Nor can humans. The result is higher crop yields and higher farm profits because losses to bugs and weed competition are far lower. However, the plants grown in these conditions contain far greater levels of herbicides and pesticides than those grown before GMO seeds were produced. The result for you and me is lower food cost but there is a price. GMO foods don’t digest as well as other foods. As my parents said, the “Food Value” is reduced. Moreover, we eat those herbicides and pesticides in far greater quantities than we did before GMO came into being. Those chemicals are designed to Kill (cide means kill) certain living things. GMO science says they do not harm people or livestock. I question such statements because those reports fail to take into account the higher levels of pesticides occurring in GMO foods.

Per the arsenic discussion above, everything has a therapeutic level and a toxic level. If we need the item at all, we need at least the therapeutic level and cannot tolerate the toxic level. Some levels have not been established. Even those that have been established are for the general population, not people who are uncommonly sensitive to certain things. Science can err. Famously, Thalidomide was allegedly safe as a tranquilizer, even for mothers-to-be, whose children were subsequently born without limbs. More recently, we’ve seen science’s admitted errors on salt, eggs and cholesterol. There are many more. Consider mercury in that light. Science says that the smallest trace amount of mercury is dangerous to health, even though other science shows that our bodies absolutely must have a small, trace amount of colloidal mercury to thrive. Larger amounts, in gaseous, metallic form, are very harmful. If scientists proclaim such contradictions, then how could they possibly state that small amounts of Roundup and other pesticides and herbicides cause no ill effects? It’s a rhetorical question. In the same breath, how could they say that up to 200 times more Roundup causes no ill effects? In either case, a wise person disregards such foolish statements – and becomes suspicious of other statements from the same scientists. I’m a scientist. I’m well educated. I testify that degrees and education do not substitute for the common sense God gave a goose, a bird that chooses its diet to suit its natural needs.

Small Plot Gardening It’s difficult – or at least it’s financially infeasible – for a farmer to broadcast all of the essential minerals out into his vast acreage. A tiny number of specialty farmers do, but they have to charge more for their superior food. You can afford to do that with a small home garden. Here in San Diego, most people don’t even own lawnmowers. We have postagestamp lawns and concrete patios filled with chairs and a table with an umbrella. There’s little extra space. You may live in Texas or Kansas where people have actual yards. We have a huge lawn by San Diego standards, but it’s about half the size of the Omaha lawn we left behind. Whereas I could plant a nice garden in my San Diego yard, I don’t know about previous pesticides and herbicides. I chose gardens that only occupy a few square feet of space and plant them over concrete in my patio. I could even put them inside the home or garage – by providing enough light. In our temperate climate, I don’t need to do that but you might consider it for a couple of reasons:  Winter harvest and year-round harvest.  Hiding your food supply from prying eyes, in case there’s a national disaster. A winter garden is entirely feasible. Plants that somehow know when summer and winter are, grow nicely indoors so you can fool them into producing delicious December tomatoes. You merely have a larger electric bill for the grow lights. In San Diego, where it rarely freezes, you can probably have December beans, squash, carrots, lettuce and tomatoes outside. Just cover them when freezes threaten. Warmth from the ground or the patio will protect them. In the mountains of Julian, California, you’ll have to watch the weather more. The key to tight spaces is to use Vertical Gardens.

Vertical Gardens These gardens only occupy spaces from 2x2 feet to 2x4 feet to 4x4 feet. You can plant several on your patio. They are simple, quick and inexpensive to build. My first one cost zero for materials, until I added an inexpensive dripper system. (Details below.) Okay, I did use some wood screws I already had and maybe a nickel’s worth of electricity running my drill. That doesn’t count GMO-free seeds, potting soil (or dirt) and Bloomin’ Minerals fertilizer. You need those anyhow. Most of the plants are from knee to shoulder level, making harvesting easy and preventing most bugs from finding them. What a concept!

Recycle Your Water Maintenance and watering are very easy and it’s best to recycle the nutrient-rich water by pouring it back on the plants. Water lightly with the systems I’ll detail below. 80% of your water will be recycled and only 20% or less will be new water. Watering once a week, is about right. You can add a timed dripper system. When you recycle your plants’ water, you help ensure your plants have the minerals they crave. If you throw that water down the drain, you are throwing away precious minerals and soil nutrients. Your plants thrive on that water.

Rotating Crops You’ll discover later that if you plant your garden on a rotating basis, you can arrange for salads, beans, peas, tomatoes, carrots, radishes to appear just in time for meals year round. It’s merely a matter of when you plant what, and the seed packages will tell you everything. GMO Seeds you plant either are GMO or they are not. Look for the label Non-GMO on the packets.

The Water Bottle Vertical Garden Using all free materials, this garden costs nearly nothing. You might have to buy a

box of screws.

Tools  Screwdriver or electric drill with a screwdriver bit. Give in and buy a cordless drill with a bit. It has a zillion uses. Harbor Freight has great ones for under $20. Ditto for Home Depot, Lowes, etc.  1/8” drill bit. It can be any size from 1/8” to 5/16”.  Scissors or shears. Don’t use someone’s sewing shears if you value your head.

 Possibly a claw hammer to rebuild palates.

Materials  Scrap palates, the kind that forklifts carry. Damaged but repairable ones are free.  Scrap soda or water bottles. 

1” wood screws, the kind with very sharp points. If you’re going to rebuild palates, get some 1-1/2” long in addition.

Construction I began with three donated, scrap palates. Stores give them away for firewood when they become too damaged to carry a lot of weight. They’re perfect for a vertical garden. I used wood from one to rebuild two palates. All I wanted was a set of vertical boards. Since a few boards were missing or broken, I salvaged boards from the third, most damaged palate. I used recycled water bottles, with the caps. I use 2-liter and larger bottles for larger plants. Bottles last several years. They’re free, unless you consider that you can’t turn them for VAT refunds. Plastic milk cartons are for larger plants, such as potatoes and onions. Use a pair of scissors or kitchen shears, for the cuts. Knives work but shears are safer.

The basic idea is to cut most, not all, of the bottom out of each inverted bottle, push the plastic inside for added strength and use a screw to attach the bottle to the palate. Make the cuts at an angle of about 20-degrees, from a point perhaps two inches up from the bottom, down to the bottom on the other side – but leave about an inch of plastic intact. The cuts don’t have to be exact. See the photos. Invert each bottle and screw it to the palate. You can nail it but screws make it easier to replace bottles. The palate will outlast your bottles. Below each bottle is another bottle, with bottles dripping into each other. Each one waters another so you only need to water the top row. What a concept! The bottom bottles drip into a trough which drains into a bucket. That’s the water you recycle. Four water or soda bottles in a vertical line fill up a palate and you can have six columns, for a total of 24 bottles. Then use the other side of the palate for 24 more plants. I began with two palates, two sides each, for 96 plants and merely screwed them together in a line. I perched them on top of a low patio fence near the place where we already had a dripper system for ornamental plants. It could hardly be simpler. Plants need drainage. Drill each bottle cap with a small bit. You can poke a hole with a nail. I used a 1/8” drill bit but larger sizes will be fine. You are only using the cap to keep the soil in the bottle and to let the excess water drip out. You can just as easily leave caps slightly loose, or put an irregular rock in the neck of each bottle. At first, I used loose caps but found a small hole worked better. Press potting soil into each bottle and use water to get it compacted properly. Then plant. Add Bloomin’ Minerals from Youngevity – there’s nothing else like it on earth. It contains 71 minerals. Add fertilizer. Then just watch your garden grow. In two days, you will already have tiny bean and radish sprouts!

If you drink beverages in 6-paks, save the rings that hold the cans together. Don’t cut the rings. Just tack them in appropriate places and let the vining plants, like beans use them for climbing. Or, ask your buddy across the street for some rings. You’ll probably get an interested visitor in the process and get to know your buddy better.

The Tomato Cage Garden Most tomatoes like to climb away from the ground, where most bugs exist. Gardeners have long used special tomato cages to enclose tomatoes planted in the ground. This is a different use for the cages.

Tools 




Materials 

Tomato Cages from a nursery or hardware store.

Landscape Cloth. Even an old sheet would do.

Drainage bucket.

Construction A tomato cage is a tube of fencing wire about a foot in diameter, standing on three long wires that the gardener pokes in the ground. The fencing wire has large holes, perhaps barely small enough to keep rabbits at bay. The wire legs hold the cages erect. Line each cage with landscaping cloth on the inside. Give the cage a bottom to keep soil from falling through. Landscaping cloth will do.

Spread the wire legs somewhat and put the cage over a container to catch the valuable, nutrient-rich water that flows through the soil, because you will want to pour it back into the top as it collects. Fill each cage with potting soil. You’ll be using a lot more soil than with the Water Bottle garden above. Use a sharp knife to cut an X through the landscaping cloth, everywhere you want to plant something along the sides of the cage. You can push a seed into the hole or you can take a plant that you’ve already started in your window or palate garden and install it there. It’s going to be very happy with the good soil and water. Add Bloomin’ Minerals and liquid fertilizer to the water. Every few days, scoop out enough water to wet the plants and pour it into the top. Alternately, have a small pump do the watering for you, on a timer.

The Plastic Picnic Plate Garden NASA engineers invented this kind of garden for the International Space Station, to save weight. It uses no soil and it grows plants faster than any other known method. I merely modified it using free and nearly-free materials. This garden is aeroponic, not hydroponic. That means the roots grow in air, not water. Nutrient-rich water drips over exposed roots that need no soil around them, although I start plants in soil and transfer them to the Plastic Picnic Plate Garden. Water recycles continuously via a small pump. It is so small it can run on batteries but I plug mine in. House current is far cheaper than batteries. You can buy a solar powered pump for a lot of money. For safety, use a low voltage system, such as the ones used for sprinkler valves.

Tools 


Nail, Awl, Ice Pick.


Materials 

Plastic picnic plates.

Tomato cages or wire fencing material with 2” holes or larger.



Pump and power supply.

1/4” Dripper pipe.

Misc. Dripper fittings.

Button Drippers, one per plate.

Construction First, have a picnic. Okay, that’s optional. Have the picnic so you can save the plastic plates. That makes them free, right? Wash them of course. Get a tomato cage or craft the equivalent from fencing material. You can stack one tomato cage on top of another. Some landscaping cloth forms your pots. You don’t line these cages. Roll twelve inch squares of cloth into cones. Eventually, the plant roots will penetrate the cloth. Alternately plugs of rock wool or even wads of newspaper will start your plants. When the plants are established, the newspaper will rot away but the plants will remain in place. You can put some loose soil in each cone and plant a seed there. The soil is actually optional. Rock wool, fiberglass and similar materials work. Even cloth or newspaper would work. It wouldn’t hurt to soak the material overnight in water, just in case there were some water-soluble binder chemicals in it. Push the cones into holes in the tomato cage four or five in a circle. Now build the watering system. Drill 7/32” holes in the centers of the plates. The holes should not be too large because the 1/4" dripper tubing should be a push fit for minimal leakage. Build your drip system. If your plant cones are 5” above each other, cut 5” sections of 1/4" hose. Attach button drippers and inverted plates alternately. When you’re finished, the drippers will support the plates, with the drippers beneath their upside down plates. Have a feed tube at the bottom and cap the 1/4" hose at the top. There are several ways to cap the hose. You can bend it over and secure it with a clothes pin or some wire. Alternately, you can use a T connector and attach two ends of the T with another hose so water can go nowhere.

One final button dripper goes on a very short piece of hose, just above the top plate to water that plate’s plants. Lower the drip assembly into the cage. Just below each plate, insert a plant cone. The cones support the plate edges. If you are planning larger plants, increase the spacing of the plates and construct a different-sized drip system. The entire cage stands on its three legs in a 5-gallon plastic bucket, which is a few dollars at Home Depot. The plates are there to distribute water to the roots, which are not in the center of the garden, but are around the edges. Since you want water to drip on the roots, pierce each plate’s rim with a nail just above its column of plants. That way, the water always hit roots instead of falling through to the next plate. In operation, the roots will tend to find the water drips. Keep the plates level so water goes through all of the holes more or less evenly. Use wire as necessary to level the plates. Notice that each plate not only waters the plants directly below it, it waters other plants at the lower levels. That is perfectly okay. Lower plants get more water but that doesn’t matter because this is an aeroponic system, not a soil-based system. NOTE: When you over-water a plant that’s in soil, the plants are susceptible to root rot, a fungus condition that destroys roots and kills plants. When you over-water a plant whose roots are in air, that is NOT a problem whatsoever. So your pump can supply a continuous stream of water to the plants. A forceful jet of water can damage roots but a constant drip through a nail hole is perfect. Most pumps are designed for more water flow than you need. The button drippers give you the desired flow. One might be tempted to pierce the feed tube to water the plates. That could work but upper plates will starve of water. The drippers maintain constant water flow.

I have read that it’s good to water during the day and not at night. Personally, I believe it’s better to run the pump continuously and avoid drying the roots. The NASA versions distribute nutrient-water through a central tube that goes up through the plates, and the disks distribute the water to the edges for the plants. The tube is pierced just above each plate. It extends down to the pump at the bottom. The piercings have to be carefully sized. I simplified this arrangement with a standard 1/4” tube drip system. One-gallon per hour dripper disks are above each plate, because each one supports the plate above it. The top plate has one more dripper disk immediately above it. The bottom plate is only supported by its plants and wires. It’s rather important that the plates be level for even watering, so I tie them at three points around their edges. Pull ties hold them to the cage. It’s a rickety arrangement but I don’t travel with it, so it works. Investigate the dripper holes periodically to ensure they don’t plug and deprive one of your plants of water. Use liquid fertilizer that won’t plug your holes. Add Liquid Bloomin’ Minerals. After plants are established, spray some Bloomin’ Minerals on their leaves.

The Fencing Garden A variant of the Tomato Cage garden uses ordinary fencing wire. Tools 




Materials 


Landscape Cloth

Fencing material

Wire – or just clip of some fencing material for wire.

Construction Cut 3-1/2 foot lengths* of fence and curl them into a one-foot circle, wiring the ends together. As with the Tomato Cage garden, line with landscaping cloth, cut your X marks and plant. * Pi is 3.14. the circumference of your garden is Pi x Diameter. Allow 6” more to wire things together. The dimensions aren’t that exact. Just use 3 for Pi. So: If you want a 1’ diameter garden, the calculation is 3 x 1 + 1/2. That comes out to 3 -1/2 foot lengths.

It also works in inches or meters. If you want an 18” diameter garden, the length is 3 * 18 inches plus 6 inches. That comes out to be about 60” or 5’. If you want a garden 0.5 meters in diameter, the length is 1.5 meters plus the length of your hand. You use the excess 6” of wire to hook things together. Or, you can clip off some extra wire from the fence and use that. Support the fencing wire over a drainage bucket. Periodically, transfer a quart or so of nutrient-rich water from the bucket to the top of the garden.

The Wall Garden This garden is particularly good for starting seeds to be transplanted elsewhere, but you can leave the plants right there. It is a bit more complicated than the other gardens but it is also more versatile.

Tools Electric drill. 1/4” drill bit. Bit to drive the screws. Hammer. Wire cutters. Pliars. They often have wire cutting ability.

Materials Ask your lumber person for safe wood. There is a “blue wood” but I don’t know what chemical they use to prevent it from rotting. It’s supposed to be safe. Green wood contains unacceptable amounts of arsenic salts. Untreated wood is obviously safer. I prefer plastic decking material, which is more expensive but which does not rot.

Cedar and redwood are long-lasting. Cypress will never rot. Pine will last several years and overall may be the cheapest. Nobody cares about knots or imperfections, so construction grade material is fine. You can paint it for added protection but of course don’t use lead based paint, even if you can find the poisonous stuff. Two 4’ lengths of 2x4 lumber. 2x2 will do. This is for the frame’s horizontal width. You can also make it wider or narrower. Two 5’ lengths of 2x4 lumber. 2x2 is okay. This is for the frame’s vertical pieces. You can make it taller or shorter. The fence wire does a good job of holding the cloth. 1/8” x 1” Tacking strips, secured with screws, make it easier to rebuild the assembly in future years. Lengths of landscape cloth to fit the frame all around, on both sides, wrapping. A 4’ x 5’ garden would require 8-1/2 feet of 5’ cloth. Lengths of wire fence to wrap around the cloth. The length is the same as the cloth. The holes should be at least 2” wide and at least 2” tall. Fencing should be rust resistant. Galvanized* is okay. Plastic coated is even better. *Galvanizing is a process of dipping in zinc to prevent the underlying iron from rusting. Chemically, the zinc goes first as a sacrificial material. When it’s gone the iron starts to rust. Our bodies love zinc, with the exception of the rare few of us who are sensitive to it. Rock wool to fill a space 3” x 4’ x 5’ for the 4’ x 5’ garden. That would be 5 cubic feet. The rock wool will be compressed somewhat. Rock wool is used as wall insulation. Larger or smaller frames would mean less or more rock wool. 16 deck screws 3-1/2 or 4” Long. They should be rust resistant. There are many kinds of rust resistant screws. You can probably get a small box of screws cheaper than buying 16 individual ones. Box of 1” deck screws, also rust resistant. You can use nails but screws let you change the cloth and interior rock wool more easily in a year or two.

Construction Build a frame or 2x2 or 2x4 lumber to stand by itself or to lean against something else. Almost any size frame will do. Mine measures 4’ wide by 5’ tall and I found 2x4 lumber cheaper than 2x2. For better strength, cut the 2x4 ends at 45-degree angles and screw them together with four screws per joint. Offset the screws slightly so one doesn’t hit another and split the wood. Tack landscape cloth on one side of the frame but not around to the other side yet. Drive a few screws or staples if that makes the job easier. Tack the fencing over the landscape cloth, again on one side only. I use tacking strips and screws for easier disassembly later. Turn it over and overfill it with rock wool. Push the wool in to compact it. Wrap the landscape cloth around the other side. Wrap and tack the fencing to the other side. I use plastic coated wire, because I have some. Cut an X-shaped hole where you want to put a plant. Push a seed in there (not too far) or make a plug for the seed or plant a preestablished plant. For water distribution, drill many holes in the top and bottom. I drill ¼” holes every two inches. You can see that the top and bottom boards are going to be wet most of the time. For this reason, I prefer aluminum or one of the new plastic decking materials for the frame, especially the top and bottom. Wood that is well-coated with Urethane or Epoxy is a good alternative. Go so far as to coat the interiors of your drip holes. A syringe filled with Urethane or Epoxy, or some pipe cleaners will do the job.

You need a trough at the bottom that can collect water into a bucket. I make troughs out of corrugated fiberglass roofing material, that wavy stuff. I cut it with a Dremel tool. It splits if you try to shear it. Recycle that water into the top because it is highly nutritious to plants. You need a trough at the top, in which you can put water. For this, you can merely attach a strip of wood on each side of the top, extending up a half inch or so. I used tacking strips for the upper trough walls.

Planting Plants need these things:    

Water Light Nutrition Air

Water Water weekly. First, add a small amount of fertilizer to the nutrient-rich water that has drained through your plants and follow up with fresh water. It’s easy to tell if you are over-watering or under-watering. Just look at your runoff bucket. If the amount of water there is increasing, you are over-watering. If the bucket is running dry, you are under-watering. Excess water automatically drains through the plants and falls out the bottom. My preference is to water after a family dinner on the patio. After I’ve drained my water glass, I scoop a glassful of runoff water from the bucket, heavy in fertilizers and minerals, and dump as much as I can into the top plants of each row. They will drain down into the lower plants and I don’t have to water those. I do anyhow, because I know I can’t over-water. The drain holes in the caps ensure each plant gets the right amount of water. I do that about once a week and it might take ten minutes. I get to look at the new greenery that way. If anything has not sprouted, I drop a new seed in that bottle. I have a dripper system and rarely use it because water from it has no nutrients. That water tends to leach minerals out of the soil, to be captured by the bucket. When my bucket runs low, I turn the drippers on and fertilize at that time so the plants always have plenty of fertilizer and minerals. Then when my bucket is getting full after a week, I turn it off and return to manual watering.

Some people prefer rain water because it is devoid of chlorine and fluorine, which some plants won’t tolerate well. I disagree. I don’t recommend rain water because it probably fell on the shingled roof and drained off. I have no idea what chemicals the shingle makers put in their asphalt or fiberglass shingles, but their roof making doesn’t have to be fit for human consumption, so I don’t use rain water. If I had a tile or cement tile roof, that might be a different matter. There’s yet another issue. Storing rain water is problematic. Even if loosely covered, it becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The West Nile and Nika Viruses are spread by mosquitoes and you certainly don’t want to catch those. They are such debilitating diseases that our county has a well-funded initiative to eliminate standing water and mosquitoes. We tried pouring cooking oil on the water in our barrels. That didn’t work. It got smelly and mosquitoes got in anyhow. Jason Richardson solved the mosquito problem. Use ordinary window screens in a frame cover. The rain water goes through the screen easily but the mosquitos can’t get in to lay eggs. That presents another problem – how to remove the water. Home Depot has screened water barrels used for collecting rainwater. They have spigots at the bottom. If you have a water softener, it probably removes most of the chlorine and fluorine. It doesn’t make sense to buy a water softener just for your garden. You might buy bottled water for your garden but I don’t.

Tap water is perfectly okay. In most communities, it’s already pure enough for human consumption and the garden plants purify it further before putting it into their cells. They are extremely good at purifying contaminated water. For example, coconut water is sterile enough to substitute for blood plasma in wartime. Jungle vines and exposed roots of some trees produce pure water for the thirsty. Tap water is far cleaner than what plants are accustomed to getting from the ground. Moreover, hard tap water has calcium and other minerals the plants love. When watering plants in the ground, too little water dries them out and too much leads to root rot, one of several fungi that destroy roots and thus the plants. These, on the other hand, are hydroponic and aeroponic gardens. Root rot is rarely a problem, except that when you use potting soil, the fungi can be in the potting soil. For that reason, gardeners ensure good soil drainage. Use a dripper system and adjust its little valves so each plant gets the right amount of water. You can water manually and should recycle your runoff water that way. Also ensure excellent drainage so the roots stay moist but not wet when in soil. Light Typical gardens get about six hours of effective sunlight a day. The sun is up far longer, of course, but plants shade each other. Early morning and evening hours are usually full of shade. Find the sunniest place in your yard and install your garden there so one side gets morning sun and the other gets afternoon sun. A wall garden would be aligned North-South. Or, have sun-loving plants on the south side and shade loving plants on the north side of an East-West garden. A pocket compass can tell help you find North, or you can look for the North Star (Polaris) at night. Find the Big Dipper. Its outer cup stars point to Polaris and on the other side of the North Star is Cassiopeia, the big W in the sky. If you know your latitude in degrees, the North Star is that many degrees above the horizon. If that’s too much trouble, use a road map and estimate your personal North from that. Or just notice where the sun is at noon. That’s due South.

Nutrition There are two nutrients you will probably want to add to your water. One is Bloomin’ Minerals from Youngevity and the other is a good liquid fertilizer. Don’t over-fertilize. The packages tell you how much to use.

Air Plants use carbon dioxide from the air and through photosynthesis release oxygen. Ordinary air is fine for them.

Temperature Don’t let plants freeze because ice crystals burst their cells and kill them. Some plants have built-in anti-freeze but most die when the weather freezes. Similarly, don’t burn the plants with too much heat. Even well-watered plants wither when it gets too hot. If it’s relatively comfortable for you, the plants will be okay. You might want to shade your plants. If the weather will be too cold, cover your plants with something to keep out the wind. Sheets may do the trick. Foam cones will save ordinary tomato plants from frost several degrees below freezing. They work because the ground is not frozen. It is perhaps 10-30 degrees warmer than the chilling air. If you cover plants, the ground keeps them warm. When I was growing up, I heard on the radio that it was 100 degrees in the shade. I asked my dad what that would be in terms of degrees in the sun. I was always asking questions like that. He gave me a thermometer. Shortly afterward, I came back in, sweating, saying the thermometer had maxed out at 120 and it was hotter than that. My tomatoes out back didn’t mind the heat at all. I won second place with them at the county fair that year.

Your Planting Schedule You can live beautifully with nature and have year-round harvests. Merely plant at the right times. Seed packets tell you how long it will be before you can harvest any given plant. So if you want peas during July, for instance, plant your peas that many days early. Then if you want more peas during August, plant more peas four weeks later. Or you can plant half as many peas every two weeks. Do keep track of what you plant where. It’s the same for all plants. Look up the time from planting to harvest for each crop and plant early. It’s just like planning a meal. You wouldn’t pour the milk and then put the roast in the oven. Plan backwards from the desired outcome. A planting schedule ensures a nice selection of vegetables all year round but it does require constant planting. You can plant for excess, to sell or trade at the farmer’s market. In an economic crisis, food will become extremely valuable.

Tips to Live and Love Well Past 100: 1. Avoid GMO foods. Pay extra money for good food. 2. Choose Organic foods. Pay extra money for pesticide-free food. 3. If you garden, fertilize, using Bloomin’ Minerals. A little goes a very long way. 4. Supplement your diet with the 90 Essential Nutrients in liquid and capsule form. Pay extra money and consume what your body needs. If you do those things, you will: 5. Live longer. 6. Live younger. 7. Have superior energy. 8. Enjoy greater stamina. 9. Get more done. 10.Enjoy life more. 11.Prosper more. In general, you will Live More. And Better. And Younger. You’re worth the price.

Summary 1. Humans need 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids and at least 2 fatty acids, total of 90, to thrive. 2. Our soils are depleted so farmlands can no longer produce the high quality food we need. 3. Even pristine, undepleted soils are deficient in various minerals because the earth’s crust is not homogenous. Minerals occur in bands of rocks. As evidence, miners seek concentrations of minerals to make mining more profitable. They mine gold where the gold is. This also means that farmlands devoid of particular minerals may be only a hundred feet or a hundred miles from soils containing plenty of those minerals. 4. Bottom land, that is land composed of silt from mountains, and plains brought in by rivers, is the best farmland. 5. If farmers could supplement their acreage, profitably, they would. However, such full supplementation is prohibitively expensive. 6. Plants need minerals to make vitamins and amino acids. Fish need minerals to make essential fatty acids. 7. People must supplement their diets with the 90 essential nutrients because they cannot buy adequately nutritious foods at any reasonable cost. 8. It’s feasible for individual families to grow much of their produce in high quality environments, year round. They supplement their potting soil with the 60 essential minerals and their plants do the rest. 9. One can grow more produce in vertical gardens than horizontal, while keeping most bugs at bay.

10. Families can earn good livings by spreading the word about nutrition. We do and we know thousands of others who do just that.

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Literature Youngevity doesn’t sell books or CDs, due to conflict of interest and FDA rules. Wellness Publications handles all of Dr. Wallach’s publications, as well as publications by other eminent people. You can reach Wellness through us or directly at 800-755-4656. They will take normal forms of payment. Their website is http://DrJWallach.Com. This book, “Nutrition Revolution” is available In Full Color for $49.97 at: http://Amazon.Com, http://MachBooks.Com, http://WillDMitchell.Com and http://DM1.US. The color version is a bit pricey because it’s printed on special color paper. It is also available in Black and White (color cover) for about $10. The Kindle version is available. We do not plan to offer an audio version because we’re always revising the book.

However, you can buy a CD that contains the PDF version of the printed book. Just call or write us.

Product Selection Simplified With a score of Healthy Body Packs, Youngevity has something for nearly everyone, covering some 900 diseases. Navigation can be difficult so here are some simplifications worked out by Dr. Wallach and our friend Todd Smith. One basic Healthy Body Start Pack is what a 100# person needs every month, to stay healthy. For instance, I weigh 175# so I consume two a month (unless I get forgetful about it.) The Healthy Body Start Pak comes in flavors because one of its components, Beyond Tangy Tangerine comes in two flavors: Original Tangerine and Citrus Peach Fusion 2.0. The same Pak is available with tablets instead of powdered Tangy Tangerine. The three are basically equivalent. It’s a matter of taste, but the 2.0 costs $3 more than the Original and uses a greater variety of fruits and vegetables in its manufacture. We like original’s taste better but about half of our friends like the 2.0 Peach flavor better. The tablets have almost zero taste. The Healthy Body Start Pack is the basis for most of the other Healthy Packs. For instance, if you have blood sugar problems, Dr. Wallach adds Sweet Eze to the Healthy Body Start Pack. That creates the Healthy Body Blood Sugar Pack – in the two versions mentioned above: tangerine and peach. The process is similar for Weight Loss, Bones and Joint problems, as well as Heart and Brain problems. The Packs are named:  Healthy Body Start Pack. o For people already in good health. o This pack contains Beyond Tangy Tangerine (Original) or BTT 2.0 Citrus Peach Fusion, functionally the same product in two flavors, or BTT Tablets. All three are equivalent, nutritionally. o The pack also contains Osteo-Fx, the only liquid calcium source that is 97% bio-available. o Rounding out the package, it contains Essential Fatty Acids: Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9.  Healthy Body Blood Sugar Pack.

o For people with high or low blood sugar. This pack helps the pancreas adjust blood sugar to optimal levels. o This pack adds Sweet-Eze to the Healthy Start Pack. o It’s not available with BTT Tablets but we have constructed a Quantum Pax™ that comes with tablets instead of powder.  Healthy Body Bone and Joint Pack o For people with various hard tissue problems. Hard Tissues include the bones, cartilage and the collagen that holds softer tissues together. o It’s not available with BTT Tablets but we have constructed a Quantum Pax™ that comes with tablets instead of powder.  Healthy Body Brain and Heart Pack o For people with various soft tissue conditions. Soft tissues include the brain and heart, of course, but also the various organs and muscles in the body. o This pack adds Gluco-Gel and CM Crème. The Gluco-Gel supports joint health and even helps regrow cartilage in the joints. CM Crème is a safe analgesic crème to rub on anything that hurts, including sore joints and even sore muscles. o It’s not available with BTT Tablets but we have constructed a Quantum Pax™ that comes with tablets instead of powder.  Healthy Body Weight Loss Pack o For people desiring to lose weight down to their optimum. o This pack adds A.S.A.P. for powerful weight loss. These are drops absorbed under the tongue. They cause the body to burn adipose (brown) fat as fuel. This is the kind of fat that is hardest to lose and is the most dangerous. o It’s not available with BTT Tablets but we have constructed a Quantum Pax™ that comes with tablets instead of powder.  Our Quantum Pax™ creations also list combinations of the above. For instance, there is a Quantum Pax™ for people who are overweight and have blood sugar problems. There is another for people who have blood sugar and digestion problems. Some people want all powders, for easier traveling. Others want to ensure there are no products derived from shellfish or tuna. Others want everything in liquid form, or at least in powders that can be mixed with water or juice – that is, no pills or capsules. Others want absolutely no sweeteners in their products.

There are packs for all of those contingencies.

Other Quantum Pax™ You may hear about the Pig Pack or the Pig Arthritis Formula, They are available. The Ferret Fat Pack is replaced by the Healthy Body Weight Loss Pack. We can supply the ingredients of the Stud Horse Pack. It’s the Healthy Body Start Pack plus Prost-fx for reproductive health. All components of the packs are available separately. Buying a pack usually saves a few dollars. If you need a unique specialty pack, you can get the deed done. For example, if you have bone and joint problems and also have blood sugar problems, you shouldn’t go to the expense of two packs: (1) bone and joint and (2) blood sugar. Doing that would double up on three products: Osteo-Fx, Tangerine and EFA. Your best choice would be to add Gluco-Gel and CM Crème to the Healthy Body Blood Sugar Pack. We created the Quantum Pax™ Bone & Joint + Blood Sugar, specifically for you. Similarly, if you have kidney failure and diabetes, Dr. Ma Lan recommends the Healthy Body Blood Sugar Pack plus Ultimate Daily. Feel free to call me. Dr. Wallach and Dr. Ma Lan trust me to help you correctly. 858-5382911. 9-9 Pacific time.

When to be Cautious It would be economically prohibitive to overdose on these particular minerals and vitamins. In other words, overdosing is quite difficult. There are rare situations in which one should take care, however. For example, if you are under a physician’s care for a replacement kidney or other organ, you must continually watch your immune system for signs that the body is rejecting the organ. Dr. Wallach’s products strengthen your immune system, so if you have a donor kidney or other organ, it’s possible that the immune system will become too strong. You don’t want to risk organ rejection, so consult with your physician. The minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids are still required in your diet for long life. You still want to be careful about your total immunity, because of the possibility of organ rejection. You definitely don’t want to lose that new organ. I’m not a doctor. Our panel of physicians also can help you. I can put you in touch with the right ones.

Catalogue A book like this cannot possibly keep up with everything in the Youngevity catalogue but below are the most important items, taken directly from the Youngevity catalogue. To browse the complete set of products, thousands of them, go to http://DM1.US. Click the button to Shop Youngevity. In the next page of that website, click the central All Products button or select a category like Healthy Packs from those in the oval. You can browse all of the ingredients, check wholesale and retail prices, etc. Disregard the retail prices; they’re only there for reference. DM1.US always sells at Wholesale. I can’t guarantee the prices of course, because Youngevity does have to make price changes on occasion, as ingredient costs rise and fall. Yes, if ingredient costs fall, Youngevity reduces prices! When prices change, I’ll revise this book and be happy to email you a new copy, free. I need your up-to-date email, of course. You can send it to me here: [email protected] http://DM1.US lists the current prices. Youngevity Customer Service is 800-982-3197 8-5 Pacific, weekdays and you can call me at 858-538-2911 or 858-538-9455 from 9-9 Pacific time, except Sunday AM when I put my cell phone on vibrate.

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Guarantee Youngevity guarantees everything for 30 days, no questions asked. If a product is bad or damaged, they extend the guarantee much longer for you. Sometimes, they charge an 8% restocking fee for returns but never if there was any problem with the order.

Once when they sent the wrong products to someone we know, they merely told her to keep or return the item at her option, on their dime, and they express shipped the correct items the same day. She got a free $42 canister of the wrong product. It was just a packing error. Another of our customers got to keep nearly $100 worth of products due to their shipping error, but don’t count on it. They are very good. About one shipment in 3,400 gets lost because UPS mis-delivers it. In that case, Youngevity immediately forwards the replacement and several months later receives reimbursement or the product back from UPS. If a lost product arrives after you’ve received the replacement, the easiest thing for you to do is refuse the second shipment. If you incur a shipping expense due to a Youngevity or shipper error, Youngevity will refund that money.

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Prices We’re all subject to inflation and occasionally (hooray) deflation. I do my best to keep up with prices but please don’t hold me to the prices below if Youngevity decides to change them. They are the last word. Prices are subject to change without notice. When they do, I will do my best to get you a revised copy of this book. I’ll need your most current email address to do that. If you change, let me know. [email protected].

Alternately, you can go to DM1.US, click the Shop Youngevity button and on the next page click the central button to go to All Youngevity products. What you find there is accurate. Once, however, the price at Youngevity was slightly lower than the price at the order desk. It was timing, a matter of minutes into a price change. The later price prevailed and we had to call a customer explaining that it went up $2.00. Or, we could have just pay the $2. We opted to do that but we told the customer it would be $2 higher next month. I can’t guarantee we’ll do that on a huge order, but for $2.00 at wholesale, well, we ate the loss.

Products So here are photos and descriptions of the most popular products. Yes, proper nutrition can be complicated, overall. My crusade is to make it simple for each individual case. Please feel free to call me, David Mitchell, Nutritionist, at 858-5382911 from 9-9 Pacific time. Dr. Wallach and Dr. Ma Lan trust me to help you sort out the products and reverse chronic disease. For more difficult problems, I enjoy easy access to these wonderful doctors and about twenty others.

Basic Health Body Start Pack HEALTHY BODY START PAK

(Original) #10245 $123.00 (NOT $166.00)

Contains ALL of the 90 nutrients:

 60 Minerals,  16 Vitamins,  12 Amino Acids and  2-4 Fatty Acids Essential for life and health. Nothing left out. The Healthy Body Start Pak is for you if you are already in good health. Other Paks use it as the basis and add various booster ingredients for various conditions people have.

NOTE , To keep this book shorter, when I discuss other packs below, I won’t reiterate the items in the basic pack. I will just display the items ADDED to the basic Healthy Body Start Pack. Take one serving a day per 100# of body weight. For example, I weigh 191 and take it twice -- once at breakfast and once at supper. A 300# person should add it at lunch as well, for three times a day. It is NOT necessary to take it with meals. It just happens to be convenient then and it tastes great as a beverage, especially combined with Osteo-Fx. Mix a scoop with water. It tastes good separately but even better when all in the same glass with Tangerine and Osteo-Fx. Adjust the amount of water for best taste, just as you would with a glass of lemonade. On occasion, when I want a taste of sharp tartness, I will open a tube of Tangy Tangerine (same product sold in one-serving tubes) and just enjoy it from the tube. It makes me feel like a kid eating a tart treat. TIP: It works well with water or juice. It tastes fantastic with orange juice or lemonade AND ABSORBS BETTER. The EFAs are capsules of course.

Beyond Tangy Tangerine is Youngevity’s most popular product. Essentially, it is the freeze dried nutrition of more than 100 vegetables and fruits, fortified with the 60 essential minerals. Mix a scoop with water or juice. Add ice if desired. It also mixes tastily with Osteo-Fx, Rebound, Pollen Burst, as well as other liquids and powders and even with lemonade crystals.

At 97%, Osteo-fx is the world’s most bio-available source of calcium and magnesium. In contrast, Most pills are about 3% bio-available, meaning you need to consume about thirty 1200 mg pills to get 1200 mg of calcium. One fluid ounce of liquid Beyond Osteo-Fx has the same power to deliver calcium and its cofactors. It is also available in canisters of powder (mix with water or juice) and in one-serving tubes for convenience of travelers.

EFA (Essential Fatty Acid) soft gel capsules are made possible by Dr. Wallach’s successful lawsuit against the FDA, probing that Omega-3 and Omega-6 Essential Fatty Acids promote the health of the heart, brain and other organs. Because they are oils, they don’t mix with liquids and must come separately from the liquid nutrition.

EFAs come from northern deep sea fish far from shores. The processing is exceedingly strict to avoid contamination. Alternately, Youngevity has Multi-EFA, which is entirely from plants. As a bonus, it also contains Omega-9 fatty acids.

Healthy Body Start Pack 2.0 Contains ALL of the 90 Minerals (60), Vitamins (16), Amino Acids (12) and Fatty Acids (2-4) that are Essential for life and health. Nothing is left out. The Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0 is for you if you are already in good health. Other 2.0 Paks use it as the basis and add various booster ingredients for various conditions people have. Take one serving a day per 100# of body weight. I weigh 191 and take it at breakfast and supper. A 300# person should add it at lunch as well, for three a day. This is the updated version with Citrus Peach Fusion Beyond Tangy Tangerine. Mix with water to taste. It tastes good but even better when all in the same glass. The EFAs are separate capsules of course. TIP: It works well with water or juice. It tastes fantastic with orange juice or lemonade AND AS A BONUS, IT ABSORBS BETTER. You probably noticed that BTT means Beyond Tangy Tangerine. They just didn’t want to call it “Beyond Tangy Tangerine Citrus Peach Fusion 2.0” but that’s what it is.

HEALTHY BODY START PAK 2.0 Citrus Peach Fusion #10252 $125.00 (NOT $168.57)

The BTT 2.0 Citrus Peach Fusion is like the original Beyond Tangy Tangerine powder, except that its nutrients come from a larger number of vegetables and fruits. Its flavor is more like peaches than tangerines. The Healthy Body Start Pack 2.0 merely substitutes this orange capped product for the original blue capped Beyond Tangy Tangerine original. It is $3 more expensive.

Additions to the Healthy Body Start Pack

For High or Low Blood Sugar. Blood sugar diseases are especially devastating. They cause loss of healing oxygen to the extremities, loss of eyesight, mental problems and a particularly nasty kind of pain called neuropathy as nerves die. Infections that would heal in a few days take months to heal, if ever. Your pancreas is the organ that controls blood sugar. As the sugar level increases, the pancreas releases more insulin, and vice versa. By consuming large amounts of sugar in the diet, the liver tells the pancreas to produce more and more insulin, but the pancreas can become overworked and exhausted. That condition can become chronic. Trace minerals Chromium and Vanadium, coincidentally two that create high quality steel, are needed by the pancreas, in very tiny amounts. Other things like cinnamon have components to assist your pancreas. None of this happens with predictability until the body is getting all of the 90 Essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids it needs. If you are fighting blood sugar problems, Dr. Wallach has created the Healthy Body Blood Sugar Pack. It adds his Sweet-Eze capsules to the basic Healthy Body Pack, with both the original flavor and 2.0 citrus peach fusion, your choice.

HEALTHY BODY BLOOD SUGAR PAK (Original) #10246 $144.00 (NOT $199.00) 2.0 Version is $3 more (wholesale)

When Sweet-Eze is added to the Healthy Body Start Pack, the result is a powerful combination of ingredients that support pancreas health and stabilize blood sugar. Trace minerals chromium and vanadium combine with well-known herbal benefactors like cinnamon, ginsing and others.

For Bones and Joints People having problems with their bones, joints, kidney stones, bone spurs and the like have calcium deficiencies. The Healthy Body Start Pack supplies the calcium they need. One quartercup of Osteo-Fx is the biological equivalent of around thirty 1200 mg of calcium pills because most of the calcium in the pills cannot be absorbed, but 97 of the calcium in Osteo Fx is absorbed. That’s because it is in liquid form and it’s derived from plants as colloids. To assist with cartilage regrowth, proven possible by Dr. Wallach, add Gluco-Gel capsules. These contain Glucosamine Chondroitin and Calves Gelatin. It’s almost like lubricating the joints but that’s not what happens. Dr. Wallach, Dr. Glidden and others proclaim that even when a physician removes cartilage, it will grow back. Joints are often very painful and stiff when the body is short of calcium. While it is healing itself through improved nutrition, a good analgesic crème is in order. CM Crème gets added. You can rub it anywhere, neck, joints, muscles. It is nontoxic and is not habit forming, so you can use it as much and as often as you desire. Even tinitis, or ringing in the ears, is often relieved by applying a small amount of CM Crème inside the ear canal with a Q-Tip. The result is the Healthy Body Bone and Joint Pack. As you’d expect, the 2.0 version uses BTT 2.0 instead of the original Beyond Tangy Tangerine.

HEALTHY BODY BONE AND JOINT PAK (Original) #10247 $180.00 (NOT $250.50) 2.0 Version is $3 more. Two products help the Healthy Body Start Pak stabilize bones and joints. The calcium and its cofactors in the Healthy Body Start Pak help rebuild bone mass. Gluco-Gel helps rebuild painful joints. While the problem is going away and the body is healing, we've included CM creme, a potent analgesic to rub where it hurts. You can't overdo CM Creme. TIP: Adding a squirt of Peppermint Oil and stirring it into CM creme with a Q-tip Supercharges it.

GLUCO-GEL also comes in liquid form and two sizes. A brand-new liquid version, GLUCO-GEL PLUS is sold separately. It has added anti-oxidant potency from delicious Mangosteen and Aai fruit. It’s a wonderful addition to fruit juices, teas and smoothies.

Dallas Cowboys Football Legend Drew Pearson says CM Cream is his favourite product. He is a Youngevity “Brand Ambassador” You can’t overdo CM crème. It’s 100% safe and non-toxic. Apply where it hurts and typically about 80% of the pain goes away for 4-5 hours. Reapply as desired. A little bit inside the ear relieves Tinitis, or Ringing in the Ears, helping people sleep better.

HEALTHY BODY WEIGHT LOSS PAK (Original) #10243 $185.00 (NOT $255.71) 2.0 version is $3 more. Dr. Wallach adds REV to a Healthy Body Pak to create the Healthy Body Weight Loss Pak. At least 15 minutes before or after eating, you place .75 ml from the dropper under your tongue and let it absorb there for 3-5 minutes, then swallow. REV drops let your body release the dangerous and hard-to-lose adipose fat under your stomach muscles, so your body can burn it as fuel.

ANTI-AGING HEALTHY BODY PAK (Original) #21204 $159.90 (NOT $219.86) The 2.0 version is $3 more. Dr. Wallach adds Cell Shield RTQ to the Healthy Start Pak to lessen and reverse aging. A super-potent blend of antioxidants and free radical scavengers prevents cell damage and lets the body heal quickly. Tip: A newer product named Imortalium is even more potent at this anti-aging process. I expect it may replace Cell Shield RTQ in the future. I recommend the Healthy Body Start Pack plus Imortalium instead of the Anti-Aging Healthy Body Pak. It’s $19 higher in price though. Tip #2: Youngevity’s new BTT 2.0 Tablets sport an incredible 160,000 ORAC per serving (4 tablets.) There is no taste and the tablets are about 20% cheaper. We love them.

Cell Shield alone is $40.50.

Imortalium is $59.50. BTT Tablets are only $47.50 and under $41 in larger quantities.

Aptly named, Imortalium contains ingredients that (1) increase Telomere length and (2) prevent premature Telomere shortening. Telomeres shorten each time a cell divides. When they get too short, that cell can no longer reproduce itself. That’s why people age. Imortalium is a potent anti-aging product. As a side effect, it eliminated my age spots!

It may just be mental, but I feel younger every day.

HEALTHY BODY BRAIN AND HEART PACK (Original) #10249 $185.00 (NOT $258.00) The 2.0 version is $3 higher. This Pack is more than its name states. It is designed for soft tissues, including the brain and heart, but also the kidneys, liver and other organs. It includes larger amounts of the wonder mineral selenium with special cofactors to make selenium work better. Selenium is effective against cancers of the prostate, breast and lungs, as well as four other organs. Dr. Wallach spent millions of his money and battled the FDA for years to allow all people to say that. Recent research shows that selenium is important in the health of most organs. It is inexpensive and is not toxic, although until 1957, it was considered toxic. It also includes larger amounts of Essential Fatty Acids, in this case the Ultimate EFA because aging people simply need more. Ultimate EFAs contain Omega 9 as well as 3 and 6. The body manufactures 9 from 3 and 6 but in insufficient quantities as we age.

Selenium alone is $25.50 wholesale. Retail is $36.43.

Ultimate™ EFA™ features a proprietary blend of essential fatty acids derived organically grown flaxseed oil, herbicide- and pesticide-free borage oil, and fish oil. Delivering a healthy balance of Omega 3, 6, and 9s, Ultimate™ EFA™ is a must-have for people who want to derive the benefits of a full range of essential fatty acids--organically. Sold separately for $42.50. Retail is $60.71.

DEFICIENCY CHART The following deficiencies are known to cause the respective diseases and conditions but the reverse is not necessarily true. Various diseases and conditions can have other causes.

1. Blood Sugar Imbalance (Chromium and Vanadium) 


Adrenal failure,


Bed Wetting,

Bipolar disorder,

Cardio-vascular disease,



Elevated cholesterol and triglycerides,

Fainting spells,





Learning disabilities,

Migraine headaches,



Night sweats,

Peripheral neuropathy.

2. Calcium Deficiencies (Calcium, Magnesium, Glucosamine and Chondroitin) 


Back pain,

Bell’s palsy,

Bone spurs,

Bone fractures,

Brittle nails,

Calcium deposits,

Cartilage damage,

Cognitive impairment,


High/low blood pressure,



Joint pain,

Kidney stones,

Ligament damage,

Muscle cramps,




Panic attacks,


Prolonged Blood Clotting Time,

Receding gums,

Restless legs,

Tooth decay,


3. Digestive Disorders (HCL, Enzymes, Flora) 

Acid Reflux


Athlete’s foot,





Crohn’s disease,




Food sensitivities,



Hiatal hernia,


Intestinal pain,

Irritable bowel,

Leaky gut,

Stomach pain,

Yeast infections.

4. Essential Fats and Cholesterol Deficiencies (Omega 3, 6, 9 and Selenium) 





Blood clots

Brittle hair

Cracked heels


Extended menopause,



Fried Food Cravings,


Growth retardation,


Kidney dysfunction

Low libido,

Low sperm count,

Multiple sclerosis (MS)

Muscular dystrophy (MD)



High Fructose Corn Syrup Increases Levels of Three Indicators of Cardiovascular Disease. Study author, Kimber Stanhope, UC Davis. Written up 5/12/2015 in the San Diego Union Tribune. Kimber Stanhope and colleagues asked healthy young adults to consume drinks sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup. After just two weeks, the young adults weren’t so healthy, showing increases in three key risk factors for cardiovascular disease. The recently published results are the first to demonstrate a direct, dose-dependent relationship between the amount of added sugar consumed in sweetened beverages and increases in specific risk factors for cardiovascular disease. “These findings clearly indicate that humans are acutely sensitive to the harmful effects of excess dietary sugar over a broad range of consumption levels,” says study author Kimber Stanhope. The three elevated factors were blood level changes in lipoproteins, tryglicerides and uric acid, - all known to be indicators of cardiovascular disease risk. Risk increased with size of highfructose corn syrup dose. The effects were greater in men than in women and independent of body weight gain.


Cancer and Tangy Tangerine (From Clemson University)

AL International (JCOF) Announces Results of Youngevity Clinical Research Studies Performed by Clemson University – Institute of Nutraceutical Research San Diego, CA – January 25, 2013 – Youngevity Essential Life Sciences (, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AL International, Inc. (OTC Pink: JCOF) (, a fast growing, innovative, global direct marketer of healthy lifestyle and nutritional products and gourmet fortified coffee, announced today the exciting results of a series of clinical research studies performed by Clemson University – Institute of Nutraceutical Research (“INR”). The INR is a national leader in nutritional research and one of the most highly regarded organizations in the field of phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. The goals of the INR are to develop greater confidence in product quality, effectiveness, and enhance consumer demand for quality nutraceutical products.

The clinical studies were performed to identify the potential benefits of Youngevity’s signature core products, Beyond Tangy Tangerine and Ultimate Classic. Youngevity’s mission was to truly understand and clinically substantiate the health promoting benefits of these two products. Individually, each product targets specific areas, needs, and nutritional deficiencies of the body. Multiple studies were recommended by Clemson University scientists to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the Youngevity products. Specific biomarkers were chosen to study in the areas of safety, inflammation, and when Beyond Tangy Tangerine and Ultimate Classic were administered to cancer cell cultures. Youngevity Clinical Research Study Highlights: 

Dietary supplement safety is the most highly regarded aspect of any of the Youngevity various products and has become synonymous with the Youngevity name and brand. Although Youngevity only uses nutrients that are absolutely needed by the body and in forms that are highly bioavailable, Youngevity felt it was important to show empirically the range and degree of safety through looking at (3) factors – Genotoxicity, AntiGenotoxicity, and Anti-Mutagenicity. The results of the experiments showed that Beyond Tangy Tangerine and Ultimate Classic at various concentrations did not show any genotoxicity.

When Beyond Tangy Tangerine and Ultimate Classic were administered to healthy human cell lines; they did not induce or create any inflammatory response in levels above and below the recommended dosage. Beyond Tangy Tangerine and Ultimate Classic showed inflammation protective properties and heightened the body’s protective responses to possible inflammation.

When Beyond Tangy Tangerine and Ultimate Classic were administered to healthy human colon cells; there was no significant death of healthy human cells compared to cancerous colon cells. Ultimate Classic killed 95% of cancerous colon cells, 65% of cancerous liver cells, 65% of cancerous stomach cells, and 30% of cancerous breast cells. Beyond Tangy Tangerine killed 60% of cancerous colon cells, 65% of cancerous liver and stomach cells, and 30% of cancerous breast cells.

Beyond Tangy Tangerine and Ultimate Classic both exhibited efficient inhibition on proliferation of cancerous cells at the recommended dosage levels. Both products showed there was inhibition of the growth of more cancerous cells, preventing further malignant multiplication and growth of unhealthy cells.

The Clemson University studies have provided Youngevity greater confidence in their products, scientist, formulators, and manufacturing processes and helped to understand some of the pathways the Youngevity products may be working through in order to provide these benefits. AL International CEO, Steve Wallach, adds, “At Youngevity we have always sought to provide high quality and safe products, these studies have added to the assurance we have in all of the Youngevity products.” About Youngevity(R) Essential Life Sciences Youngevity Essential Life Sciences ( ), headquartered in San Diego, CA, is a nutrition and lifestyle-related services company dedicated to promoting vibrant health and flourishing economics. Founded in 1997 by Drs. Joel Wallach, DVM, ND, and Ma Lan, MD, as AL Global, Inc., the

company adopted the name Youngevity in 2006. Youngevity is the only direct selling company to have a qualified FDA Health Claim. Dr. Wallach’s work has been published in more than 70 peer-reviewed and referenced scientific journals and books. About AL International AL International, Inc. (OTC Pink: JCOF) ( is a fast-growing, innovative, multidimensional company that offers a wide range of consumer products and services, primarily through person-to-person selling relationships that comprise a “network of networks.” The company also is a vertically-integrated producer of the finest coffees for the commercial, retail and direct sales channels. AL International was formed after the merger of Youngevity Essential Life Sciences ( and Javalution Coffee Company in the summer of 2011. Safe Harbor Statement This release includes forward-looking statements on our current expectations and projections about future events. In some cases forward-looking statements can be identified by terminology such as “may,” “should,” “potential,” “continue,” “expects,” “anticipates,” “intends,” “plans,” “believes,” “estimates,” and similar expressions. These statements are based upon current beliefs, expectations and assumptions and are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, many of which are difficult to predict. The information in this release is provided only as of the date of this release, and we undertake no obligation to update any forward-looking statements contained in this release based on new information, future events, or otherwise, except as required by law.

Youngevity University of Manitoba Study Youngevity International (YGYI) Announces Results of Youngevity Research Studies Performed by the Richardson Center for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals – University of Manitoba San Diego, CA – May 28, 2014 – Youngevity International, Inc. (OTCQX: YGYI) (, a global direct marketer of lifestyle and nutritional products and gourmet coffee, announced today the exciting results of research studies performed at the prestigious Richardson Center for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals (RCFFN) at the University of Manitoba ( The RCFFN is one of the most advanced bioprocessing and product development facilities in the world that focuses on the research, discovery, and development of innovative functional foods and nutraceuticals. The research team at the RCFFN evaluated the safety and health benefits of the following Youngevity signature products; Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 and the Healthy Start Pak 2.0, which consists of the Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0, Beyond Osteo-Fx 2.0, and Ultimate Essential Fatty Acids. The study was overseen by Dr. Peter Jones, Director of the RCFFN and one of the world’s foremost researchers in dietary and nutraceutical determinants in the control of fat, energy metabolism, and various other critical health issues. Additionally, the study was conducted by Dr. Ramprasath Vanu Ramkumar, Adjunct Professor and Research Associate for the Department of Human Nutritional Sciences at the University of Manitoba. “When initially developing the study outline for Youngevity, it was critical to investigate the important areas where the products could be of benefit and demonstrate a high level of safety, I believe we have accomplished that, these were very well thought out studies,” said Dr. Peter Jones, RCFFN Director. Youngevity Research Study Results: Safety: RCFFN tested various levels of organ functions and metabolism to demonstrate the safety of Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0, Beyond Osteo Fx 2.0, and Ultimate Essential Fatty Acids. The biochemical indicators and measurement showed normal functioning and metabolism of the liver, kidneys, and heart after supplementation with Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 and the Healthy Start Pak 2.0 demonstrate no adverse reactions to these organs. Weight Loss: Consumption of the Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 as well as the Healthy Start Pak 2.0 significantly reduced the absolute weights of White Adipose Tissue (WAT) as well as WAT weight percentage of whole body weight. The study showed a significant reduction in adipose tissue weight and body fat mass. Bone Health: Significant reductions in plasma concentrations of Alkaline Phosphatase, ALKP, an enzyme that promotes breakdown of bone were observed along with increases in concentrations of the bone building minerals, calcium and phosphorus. Support for Normal Inflammatory Response: Inflammation was induced in the animal models by feeding them a high fat and sugar diet that triggers the Interleukin-6 inflammatory marker. After supplementation with both the Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 and Healthy Start Pak 2.0 a significant reduction of the inflammatory marker was observed demonstrating support for normal inflammatory responses when placed under stressful conditions. “It’s very important that studies such as these are done in a unbiased, highly respected, academic setting. Consumers can feel confident in the results of these studies because of the “arm’s length” relationship that RCFFN had with Youngevity, we reported everything we found,” said Dr. Ramprasath Vanu Ramkumar, University of Manitoba Associate Professor. “Building on the previous research Youngevity performed with Clemson University, the RCFFN study results further substantiate the incredible potential value and benefit our consumers can receive with the Youngevity products. Youngevity is one of the few companies that provide such comprehensive research along with their products and we are proud to do so,” said Sanjeev Java, Youngevity Scientific Advisory Board Member. “For over 15 years, Youngevity has been committed to science backed nutrition and providing the highest quality nutrients, dietary supplements, and wellness products to our distributors and customers,” said Steve Wallach, CEO and Chairman of Youngevity. “We are very excited and proud of the research results achieved on our signature products by the world-class researchers at the prestigious Richardson Center for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals. The research studies performed on our products at Clemson University in 2012 and the University of

Manitoba provide further support for the value and health benefits that we believe can be obtained from our products and Youngevity’s dedication to research and innovation.” About Youngevity International Inc. Youngevity International Inc., (OTCQX: YGYI) ( is a fast-growing, innovative, multi-dimensional company that offers a wide range of consumer products and services, primarily through person-to-person selling relationships that comprise a “network of networks.” The Company also is a vertically-integrated producer of the finest coffees for the commercial, retail and direct sales channels. The Company was formed after the merger of Youngevity Essential Life Sciences ( and Javalution Coffee Company in the summer of 2011. The company was formerly known as AL International, Inc. and changed its name to Youngevity International Inc. in July 2013. Safe Harbor Statement This release includes forward-looking statements on our current expectations and projections about future events, including our continued growth. In some cases forward-looking statements can be identified by terminology such as “may,” “should,” “potential,” “continue,” “expects,” “anticipates,” “intends,” “plans,” “believes,” “estimates,” “encouraged” and similar expressions. The forward looking statements include statements regarding our expected future growth, international expansion and improved profit. These statements are based upon current beliefs, expectations and assumptions and are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, many of which are difficult to predict such as our ability to continue our financial performance. The information in this release is provided only as of the date of this release, and we undertake no obligation to update any forward-looking statements contained in this release based on new information, future events, or otherwise, except as required by law.

Salt and water are plentiful on earth.

Salt, 3/4/2015 Study Title: Cutaneous Na+ Storage Strengthens the Antimicrobial Barrier Function of the Skin and Boosts Macrophage-Driven Host Defence Jonathan Jantsch, Valentin Schatz, Diana Friedrich, Agnes Schröder, Christoph Kopp, Isabel Siegert, Andreas Maronna, David Wendelborn, Peter Linz, Katrina J. Binger, Matthias Gebhardt, Matthias Heinig, Patrick Neubert, Fabian Fischer, Stefan Teufel, Jean-Pierre David, Clemens Neufert, Alexander Cavallaro, Natalia Rakova, Christoph Küper, Franz-Xaver Beck, Wolfgang Neuhofer, Dominik N. Muller, Gerold Schuler, Michael Uder, Christian Bogdan, Friedrich C. Luft, Jens Titze Co-first author

Highlights 

Na+ (sodium ion) accumulates at site of bacterial skin infections in humans and in mice

Salt boosts classical macrophage (MΦ) activation and wards off infection

Salt increases NOS2 activity in MΦ via p38/MAPK and NFAT5 signaling

High-salt diet promotes skin Na+ storage and ameliorates cutaneous leishmaniasis

(Salt continued)

Summary Immune cells regulate a hypertonic microenvironment in the skin; however, the biological advantage of increased + skin Na concentrations is unknown. +

We found that Na accumulated at the site of bacterial skin infections in humans and in mice. We used the protozoan parasite LEISHMANIA MAJOR as a model of skin-prone macrophage infection to test the + hypothesis that skin-Na storage facilitates antimicrobial host defence. Activation of macrophages in the presence of high NaCl concentrations modified epigenetic markers and enhanced p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase (p38/MAPK)-dependent nuclear factor of activated T cells 5 (NFAT5) activation. This high-salt response resulted in elevated type-2 nitric oxide synthase (NOS2)-dependent NO production and improved LEISHMANIA MAJOR control. +

Finally, we found that increasing Na content in the skin by a high-salt diet boosted activation of macrophages in a NFAT5-dependent manner and promoted cutaneous antimicrobial defences. We suggest that the hypertonic microenvironment could serve as a barrier to infection.

TEXT You can find the entire study, including copious diagrams and the experimental methodology, here:

RELATED WORK ON SALT New England Journal of Medicine, August 2014

This graph is reprinted from the San Diego Union Tribune, March 4, 2015. Important points: 1. The American Heart Association AHA recommends limiting salt intake to only 1.5 grams a day. The study found that this limitation Increased the risk of a major heart event of death By 75%. 2. Despite the AHA recommendation, most Americans consume 3.4 to 3.7 grams per day, more than twice what the AHA recommends. 3. The lowest incidence of major heart events and death occurred among people consuming 4.5 grams of salt a day. 4. Even at a massive 12 grams a day, the risk of a major heart event or death is only increased by 25%. 5. The graph has a conclusion. 3 to 6 grams of salt a day is associated with Lowest Odds of a major heart event or death. The newspaper article also makes statements like these: “It’s the latest chapter in research exploring the role of salt in the human body, a story that keeps growing more complicated. “That’s also true of fat and cholesterol, which have long been highlighted as causes of poor health. This original stance has been undermined by recent research that tells a more complex story than what has been advanced through decades of government health advisories. “In February (2015), the federal government said it would drop its caution about cholesterol intake. “Also last month (2/15) previous warnings to cut dietary fat were undercut by a new report.

“Last year (2014) multiple studies found that predicted benefits from restricting sodium intake weren’t justified. One of these studies concluded that the federal government’s recommended levels of sodium intake actually could be low. “In short, the latest science emphasizes that old notions about fat, cholesterol and salt are far too simplistic for a complex system such as human metabolism. It also reflects a growing contention among some scientists that medical and dietary standards should be customized for each patient or particular groups of patients, not for an entire nation.” As further evidence, Jens Titze said that one patient with an infected leg developed a salt buildup that didn’t appear in the uninfected leg. Regarding the salt limit of 1.5 grams a day, in 2013, the Institute of Medicine wrote, “Overall, the committee found that both the quantity and quality of relevant studies to be less than optimal.” That is about as stern a rebuke as one finds in the self-congratulating medical science community. The Institute of Medicine went on to state, “…there wasn’t enough evidence to conclude that lowering sodium intake below 2.3 grams per day would increase or decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease or death in the general population.” Noted Scripps Clinic cardiologist in la Jolla, CA, Dr. Eric Topel underlined these findings, adding that “Some people are exquisitely sensitive to salt intake, while others are remarkably resistant.” He continues, stating that everyone is quite different and each person needs a different diet, including a different level of salt intake. It’s almost like Topel is parroting Dr. Joel Wallach, who has said for more than a decade, “Salt to taste,” as well as this book which declares that your body, tongue and palate will tell you EXACTLY how much salt is best for you.

BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Study and article debunking low salt limitations. in one line)


Also, http://utsandiego/saltinfection 2. Article and transcript about no longer restricting cholesterol. (citation coming soon) 3. Joel Wallach and Ma Lan: Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, Wellness Publications. CD and DVD also available. 4. Will David Mitchell: The Seduction of DoctoRx, Intellectual Properties SD. 5. Robert Kobarg and Will David Mitchell, Essential Nutrition, Intellectual Properties SD. CD set available. 6. Joel Wallach and Ma Lan: Hell’s Kitchen, Wellness Publications. CD available. 7. Joel Wallach and Ma Lan: Epigenetics, Death of the Genetic Theory of Disease Transmission, Wellness Publications. 8. Joel Wallach and Ma Lan: Energy Crisis, Wellness Publications. CD available. 9. Joel Wallach and Ma Lan: Let’s Play Doctor, Wellness Publications. 10. Joel Wallach and Ma Lan: Let’s Play Herbal Doctor, Wellness Publications. 11. Joel Wallach and Ma Lan: Rare Earths: Forbidden Cures, Wellness Publications. CD available 12. Joel Wallach and Ma Lan: God Bless America, Wellness Publications. 13. Joel Wallach and Ma Lan: Black Gene Lies, Wellness Publications. CD available. 14. Joel Wallach and Ma Lan: Immortality, Wellness Publications. CD available. 15. Valerie Nielson: Gluten-Free and Loving It, Wellness Publications.

Making Colloidal Silver We buy it from Youngevity but we also make our own. A bottle lasts a very long time. Store it in a brown bottle to keep light away from it. You need some pure silver, some pure water a clean glass and some ordinary DC electricity. Don’t use house current. It is AC and the voltage is too high. I use silver wire from a jeweller. I spent about $10 (delivered) for 12” of 14-gauge wire, being careful to get the four-nines kind. It is 99.99% pure. It lasts a very long time. Five-nines (99.999%) silver is extremely expensive. A prominent MD who specializes in silver therapy told me that a pair of old silver dollars will work just fine, and they are only about 90% silver. The other metals in them, primarily copper are beneficial for nutrition anyhow. Don’t use sterling silver tableware. It contains too much nickel, to harden it. Silver wire is cheap. You can get enough for $10 to make several gallons of colloidal silver. If you use silver dollars, do NOT use the so-called sandwich coins that are silvery on the sides and have a copper core. You can see from the edges what they are. You will get something but it won’t be silver! Of course, don’t use coins which have numismatic (collectable) value. Silver wire is far cheaper than rare coins are. The water must be pure. That means using distilled water, which is a few dollars per gallon from the supermarket. Demineralized water is not pure enough. Do not dip your finger in the water. If you do that, just use the water on the house plants and pour some more. The problem with your finger is that salt from it contaminates the water and helps it form sodium and silver chloride instead of silver colloids. That’s not what you want at all. Wash the glass tumbler very well and rinse it thoroughly. At the last, rinse with distilled water and air dry. I consider this to be one of the most important steps. Don’t use a plastic tumbler. A glass Mason jar would be nice though, as long as it is clean and glass. Rig a way to immerse silver and only silver in the water. There must be nothing but silver getting wet. All I do is bend two 6” wires of silver so they will hang over the lip of the glass with most of the silver inside the water. The next time, I immerse the other end and reverse the polarity.

Clean the silver completely. Use a plastic abrasive sponge like a brand new Scotch-Brite pad. If you use soap, be careful not to leave soap residue on the silver. Do not use a metal scrub pad or steel wool, which would contaminate the silver with metal. The silver wires must not touch each other in the water and short out the electricity. There would be no danger if they did, except to the power supply, which might overheat and fail. Attach a pair of clip wires to the silver wires. The other ends of the clip wires go to the power source. Don’t use house current. An ordinary battery charger will do. I use an 18 volt charger from a defunct electric drill. I have used four 9-volt batteries in series, for 36 volts. Other people have used three batteries. Electricity from four 9-volt batteries is far more expensive than power from a small battery charger, only because the batteries are not cheap. Higher voltage shortens the process. You make more colloidal silver per hour at 36 volts than at 18 or 12 volts. Some people claim that lower voltages for longer times create superior colloidal silver. I don’t have the equipment to know. Just fill the glass or jar with distilled water, dip the wires in the water and turn on the power. Before you go very far, pick up your laser pointer, you know, the one that makes a dot your cat loves to chase. Shine it through the glass. You’ll see that distilled water does not disperse the beam. You get a nice dot on the other side of the glass. As you generate colloidal silver, use the same laser pointer to check your progress. Colloids disperse the beam. Instead of a straight beam, you will see a fan shape. Also, the beam through water will not show up as a beam of light. When there is silver in the water, the beam shows clearly like a rod of light. Ionic silver will not disperse the beam. Expect to spend 30-90 minutes generating your silver water. Other than a dispersed laser beam and a brownish tint in the water, you can’t tell much difference between ordinary water and colloidal silver water. The silver water weighs more because it has silver in it. It has no appreciable taste or smell. It does a number on a sore throat or a skin abrasion. Many people drink a fluid ounce or so of colloidal silver every day to ward off infection. We don’t do that, but we see nothing wrong with that practice. You might note that WebMD and Mayo Clinic scoff at that practice.

As the silver is going into the water, you will see tiny hydrogen bubbles on one wire. Just let them escape into the atmosphere. The other wire turns black because oxygen generated there turns silver into silver oxide. It’s ordinary silver tarnish and is harmless. A small amount flakes off and falls to the bottom of the container. It’s silver oxide, not pure silver, so discard it when you decant the colloidal silver water. Colloidal silver is measured in parts per million (ppm). You can get a rough measurement of your silver concentration by the color.  30 ppm silver is honey color.  20 ppm silver is a light tan in color.  15 ppm silver has barely begun turning brownish.  10 ppm silver is still quite clear but it will fan out the laser. The clear liquid is mostly ionic silver, which has a lower therapeutic value. Colloidal silver will form in increasingly large amounts over some time. If the water is totally clear, you may have silver in it but not colloidal silver. Ionic silver does not change the color of the water, whereas colloidal silver does. Ionic silver combines with chloride readily and chloride is always present in the body. The problem with ionic silver is that the body’s chloride level destroys the silver’s effectiveness almost instantly. Stomach acid is HCl and the Cl part is chloride. So ionic silver will not survive the stomach. Moreover, ionic silver in the stomach forms AgCl which is toxic. Colloidal silver does not combine with chloride at all, so the colloidal silver remains effective against microbes. Colloidal silver survives the stomach easily. Ionic silver is effective on skin abrasions because there is very little chloride on the skin. Wash the area with soap and water first, as always. Soap kills bacteria very well. If the water blackens, it is easy to make another batch, but this is not bad because it just contains some non-toxic silver oxide. You can clean your wires with the plastic abrasive pad every five minutes or so as a preventative. I run my generator until the water is a nice amber. It’s not thick like honey, of course. Pour off the clear liquid and store in a dark bottle. Light could degrade the colloids over time. I use an empty, clean, Imortalium™ bottle. It could also be kept in a dark medicine cabinet.

For a sore throat, swish about a teaspoon around in your mouth and get it all over the back of your throat. It tastes like water. If the sore throat is bad, this might burn for a minute, just like anything does when you swallow. Healing is fast and in a few moments the throat will be much better. Repeat as often as you desire because the silver doesn’t harm human cells. It’s not toxic. For an infection or a rash, use a cotton ball to apply some colloidal silver water directly. Expect things to get better quickly. If they don’t, you may need to see a physician. There are some very nasty super-bugs like MRSA in the environment, mostly in hospitals. Silver does not ‘fight’ with antibiotic ointments. Use the silver first and then cover with the ointment if you desire. Colloidal silver seems to be good for digestion, unlike some antibiotics that kill most of the good bacteria in your stomach and intestines. We find that a teaspoon helps fight respiratory diseases and indigestion.

Hospitals New Little Helper in Killing Bacteria: Copper by Lena H. Sun, San Diego Union Tribune, 9/21/15, for the Washington Post. (extracted)

“Ancient Egyptians used copper to sterilize chest wounds and drinking water. Greeks, Romans and Aztecs relied on copper compounds to treat burns, headaches and ear infections. Thousands of years later, the ancient therapeutic is being embraced by some hospitals because of its ability to kill bacteria and other microbes on contact, which can help reduce deadly infections. At least 15 hospitals across the country have installed, or are considering installing, copper components on “high-touch” surfaces easily contaminated with microbes – faucet handles on sinks, cabinet pulls, toilet levers, call buttons and IV poles.” Before the death of Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan in 2014 “… at a Dallas hospital, two nurses caring for him caught the virus because of poor infection control. And even before that, public health officials had identified nearly two-dozen dangerous pathogens – many of them resistant to virtually all antibiotics – whose spread in health facilities and elsewhere could result in potentially catastrophic consequences. “They include MRSA, a potentially deadly infection that is increasingly in community settings; VRE, which can cause a variety of infections; and C, diff, which causes life-threatening diarrhea and sends 250,000 people to the hospital every year. “On any given day, about 1 in 25 patients in acute care hospitals has at least one health-care-associated infection, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “Pneumonia and surgical site infections are among the most common. In 2011, about 75,000 patients with health-care-associated infections died in the hospital.” “…Copper can kill or inactivate a variety of pathogens by interacting with oxygen and modifying oxygen molecules. In bacteria, this disrupts the outer layer, damaging the genetic material and cell machinery, which can lead to cell death. A recent study found that copper also destroys norovirus.”

“…Researchers said the study, which took place between July 2010 and June 2011, showed that copper surfaces reduced infection rates by 58%.” Emphasis is by author. No comments necessary.

Toxic Sunscreen? Our son’s godmother sounded livid as she scolded her daughter. “You went to the beach without sunscreen? Do you realize that you just increased your chance of skin cancer by ten or maybe fifty?” Her daughter was scared. I kept my peace but I remembered something Tank Kobarg asked me about sunscreen a decade earlier. “Would you drink that stuff?” Well of course nobody would drink it. What few people realize, however, is that if you slather sunscreen into your skin, your body absorbs it, EXACTLY like your stomach and intestines absorb what you eat and drink. If your skin absorbs the chemicals and injects them into your capillaries, it’s no different from what happens if you drink it and your intestines inject them into your capillaries. Your skin is just another way your body absorbs things. So if you wouldn’t drink it, why would you want to put sunscreen all over your body? As further evidence, consider nicotine patches and pain patches. The skin absorbs the nicotine or pain medication directly into your blood stream via capillaries beneath the skin surface. Most sunscreens contain parabens, which are dangerous to our health. The answer, of course, was to prevent sunburn. It does that quite well. New research has shown that while it is painful, sunburn may not be the major culprit in skin cancer! Diet definitely is. Sunburn is a kind of inflammation. Your diet is your most potent weapon against inflammation, whether the inflammation be on the surface of the skin or on the interior walls of your arteries. Your diet for the summer should carry increases in Vitamin D3

RADIO STATION WDM Founded on 2/15/2016 by the author, http://WDMradio.Com is a commercial station that broadcasts 24/7, worldwide on the Internet. Between easy-listening music, the format includes topics on Nutrition for the body, soul and spirit. The station is available on any computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. You can expect to hear talks by Dr. Wallach, Dr. Glidden and the author. Some radio shows feature phone-in question and answer sessions. The shows are in English with translations into Spanish, French, Swahili and Kirandi planned.

OTHER WORKS BY MITCHELL The author has written novels, non-fiction and even books that cannot be classified as either! Besides fiction and non-fiction, what else is possible? Un-books! He found an affordable way to produce unwritten journals for people. Each one is for one specific person, with their specified title, their name as author and the cover they want. They make excellent, unique $20 gifts, instead of the $6,000 to $12,000 apiece, which they would have cost ten years ago. Some of David’s 150+ websites are: 




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Archery is therapeutic. Surprisingly, people suffering from depression often find that the sport of Archery helps. It’s certainly better than the animal tranquilizers that are being contemplated by some physicians to service the huge number of depression diagnoses they expect soon. Dr. Wallach has a capsule called D-Stress, which is calming without dulling the mind. It is inexpensive, which further reduces stress.

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