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Dangerous Speech Global Fund Guidelines The Dangerous Speech Global Fund aims to support efforts to reduce Dangerous Speech and the potential it has to catalyze mass violence. Goals of the program include:  Supporting locally-driven projects focused on understanding, identifying, monitoring, countering and/or analyzing Dangerous Speech;  As needed, providing the knowledge, research, connections, and resources needed to support work in these areas, particularly from other civil society organizations and experts around the world also working on Dangerous Speech;  Strengthening both local and global communities working on Dangerous Speech. Criteria Proposals to the Dangerous Speech Global Fund must clearly describe: 1. How Dangerous Speech in their communities has the potential to catalyze mass violence, 2. How their proposed project contributes to the understanding, identification, countering, monitoring and/or analysis of Dangerous Speech in their communities. Proposals that do not communicate this clearly will not make it past the initial stage of the application process. Proposals can be focused on projects to understand, identify, monitor and/or counter dangerous speech - and this can be for online and/or offline speech. Please note: applicants are not expected to concentrate on all of these aspects - in fact, applicants are more likely to have their proposals funded if they are targeted and focused in their efforts. Grant amounts range from US $1000 - $10,000. The average grant is $5,000. Both smaller and larger amounts may also be considered but only if the case for the project is extremely compelling. The proposed budget can include staff time, overhead costs, and efforts to monitor and evaluate the project(s). Eligibility requirements Proposals can be submitted by:  Applicants of all ages  Individuals and organizations who wish to apply Process Proposals to the Dangerous Speech Global Fund are accepted and considered on a rolling basis, but should be submitted no later than September 9, 2016. Proposals should be submitted online, per the instructions below: 1. Access the online proposal form, create a new account and complete the registration process. 2. After registration is completed, click the “Apply” button on the left-hand side of the page, and select “Dangerous Speech Global Fund” to fill out the proposal form.  Once you have registered, you can start your proposal, save your information and log-in again to edit/complete it at a later time. After submitting your proposal, you can view it at any time.

For more registration guidance, please watch this tutorial. If the tutorial does not cover your questions, contact [email protected]. Applicants - or those considering applying - are welcome to reach out to The Nexus Fund with ideas to run them by our staff for our consideration and input before developing full proposals. The Nexus Fund may be contacted at: [email protected] Proposal Guidelines  Proposals should be submitted online. The link and instructions to apply can be found on our website.  Proposals should include a timeline for the proposed project and a brief outline of a monitoring and evaluation plan for the proposed project (which can be accounted for in the budget). o The monitoring and evaluation plan should describe the process for tracking project progress and capturing project results. There is no specific template for monitoring and evaluation - the applicant should decide the best way to do this based on their context, needs and capacity.  Proposals should include an overall budget for the project, and should briefly mention any staff, overhead, and monitoring and evaluation costs. Funding guidelines are mentioned below.  Proposals should clearly identify how the project will contribute to either the understanding, identification, monitoring, tracking, or countering of dangerous speech in the targeted area/community. Proposal Stages  Once a proposal has been received, it will be initially approved or denied by Nexus staff, who will follow up with any further questions as needed.  Once the proposal is finalized with additional information from the applicant (as needed), it will then be submitted for final approval or denial.  If approved, funds will then be disbursed to the applicant through wire transfer. We fund:  Projects focused on understanding, identifying, monitoring, countering dangerous speech - this can be done online or offline  Projects that are actively engaging local communities/members of the community on an ongoing/regular basis  Projects focused on building infrastructure to prevent violence triggered by dangerous speech that can catalyze mass violence  Staff time and overhead costs  Workshops and trainings are unlikely to be funded unless they are specifically attached to follow-up projects We do not fund:  Stand alone workshops or trainings  Scholarships  Refreshments  Per diems for participants  Posters (unless this is part of a wider campaign)  Handbills (unless this is part of a wider campaign)  T-shirts and other clothing items (unless part of a wider campaign)