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RBS Retail Banking Services // Piazzale dell'Industria, 46 - 00144 – Rome - Tel. 06 874171 - [email protected]. Interactive Web Contact. Integrated Multichannel ...
Interactive Web Contact Integrated Multichannel Services

Released on September 17th 2013 RBS Retail Banking Services // Piazzale dell’Industria, 46 - 00144 – Rome - Tel. 06 874171 - [email protected]

Multipoint Platform


• Web platform • Mobile platform


• Access Time • Tools


RBS - Retail Banking Services

• SLA • Marketing analysis


Range of services Desk Top Sharing Co browsing




Call me (now/back)

Sms, Fax, Mail

RBS - Retail Banking Services



Management platform Telephone e








Managing Calls


CRM Record (Script,Info,Results …)



Automated services


Managing customer’s application

Application integration


Second Level Trouble ticket

Email - Fax - Sms


Back Office Single portal (email,sms,fax,digital documents)



Customer Experience


On line Customer Care


Integrated management of relationship with customer RBS - Retail Banking Services


EasyChat •

LXChat Client allows the Website user to start a chat with an operator who is supervised by the ContactCenter platform. The Client LXChat is composed of a simple HTML page (this can be completely customized by the developers of the Web site) and uses a Javascript/Ajax technology to communicate with the WebServer The communication may be carried out using an HTTP or HTTPS protocol.


easy Chat What advantages for the Bank? The customer communicates What advantages for the - Reduction of the with his Bank in an easy and customer? interaction average cost How does it work?

immediate way. The customer does not need to install specific softwares on his computer

- Possibility to share documents and receive realtime answers to doubts, problems related with formfilling procedures or the execution of transactions


- Free to position the chat service inside the most interesting website areas for upselling and cross-selling operations and to increase the value of the transaction - Integration with collateral Satisfaction forms

Call Me Back •

The contact is included in the web call back contact list when inserting the phone number on which the Customer / prospect wants to be recalled inside the form and pressing the button on screen. It is thus possible to differentiate between the web call back service and the telephone service so that, for example, detailed data may be available for both services or it may be possible to activate/deactivate the services at different timings. The service may be customized by inserting recall date and time and, eventually, other personal information such as client code or personal details. Should a customer already be included in the DB, the record will immediately appear on screen displaying all personal details and previous contacts.


Call Me Back


Call me back How does it work?

What advantages for the Customer?

The customer receives in real-time a free-of charge automatic phone call from the Bank on his telephone

- Possibility to be directly supported by the Bank with an immediate, completely free of charge support


What advantages for the Bank?

- Data gathering process for Customer profiling and analysis of their behavior in order to fill up the ‘marketing oriented’ DB

ClickToTalk •

With this function, if the Client / operator is supplied with Webcams, the Customer surfing the Client website will be able to talk by VoIP, or even video call, with an operator of the ContactCenter. The VoIP contact transmitted by the “click to talk” channel is processed by the PhonesEnterprise/IVR Messenger platform and then passed on to the operator in charge, in the same way as it occurs for outbound / inbound phone calls.



The Customer presses the “Click to Talk” button




The contact is passed to the operator in charge



Skype •

Using the Internet band, it will be possible to call pre-configured numbers within the Business Control Panel and, thus, the Customer Contact, using a specific button on the web page or on the email signature or using the common SKYPE client, also on mobile devices. Once the call enters the ContactCenter system, it will be managed like a normal phone call. Just like for the “click to talk” channel, the information requested may be issued also on “Skype” with Self- Service systems (info on promos and so on), or customized assistance or in multichannel option while in queue to speak with an operator. The quality of the audio / video is linked to the band quantity and quality (latency period / jitter) available on the Internet channel.


Skype How does it work?

What advantages for the What advantages for the customer? Bank?

The Customer may choose to - Possibility of richer, easier use Skype to communicate and more immediate web with his Bank in an even interactions more integrated and advanced way, also on mobile devices


- Considerable Contact Center cost reductions. Skype calls are subject to the traditional management rules of the Contact Center (priority, reporting, dedicated operators, codes)

DeskTop Sharing •

With this function, the customer may share his desktop with a simple click, communicating to the operator the 9 numbers that appear on screen. Moreover, prior to authorization given, the operator may take control of the customer’s desktop to support him during the web surfing activities. The desktop sharing function also allows for: • Audio with Voip (lower telephone costs) • Integrated Chat • Pause/Play sharing • Multi-participants • Remote control


DeskTop Sharing How does it work?

What advantages for the Customer?

With a simple click on a link that is supplied by the - Possibility to be supplied by operator, the Customer the Bank with a direct, activates the desktop sharing immediate, completely free function of charge visible support


What advantages for the Bank? Quick management of phone calls Better customer care

Email-Sms-Fax • •

One of the most commonly used communication channels, after the telephone, is the one composed of emails, text messages and faxes. These channels are surveyed with an integrated CRM system allowing to automatically sort the procedures and the record operations in a quick way. Rbs developed a management system for this channel by increasing the security level when managing single procedures, integrating supporting trouble ticketing systems.




Tracking and analysis




• Use of services • Criticalities

• Improvement areas • Testing new services

• Integrated management of information • Simulations and forecasts

RBS - Retail Banking Services


Security and quality


Assures compliance with the current regulations

Guarantees the application of regulations specifically belonging to the banking system


Optimizing training processes and assessing the efficacy

Efficient and effective planning of implementations


Assures services continuity

Assures physical security of information

Compliance •D.Lgs 196/03 •D.Lgs 81/08 •PDS •MOG 231/01

Compliant supply of services for a continuous improvement

Assures IT security of information

Quality •SGQ UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 •Standard CCC UNI EN 15838:2010 / 11200:2010


Constant monitoring of SLA and KPIs

Analysis of customers’, buyers’ and resources’ satisfaction levels

Enables the prevention of identity thefts and frauds

Security •MOG 231 •SGSI ISO / IEC 27001:2006 •PCI DSS V. 2.0

Multipoint Continuity of service

Offer integration

Range extension

Multidimensional analyisis

SLA customization

RBS - Retail Banking Services