Donate a Gift Wishlist [PDF]

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Shape sorters. Light up toys. Inset jigsaws. Musical instrument sets. Noisy / pop-up books. Post box game. Toddler pens. Building bricks. Musical instruments.
TIS' THE SEASON Below is a list of what presents you might like to pick up, to make a child's Christmas better during their stay in hospital.

0 - 6 months Musical toys Mobiles Rattles Pram or cot toys 6 months - 1 year Noisy toys (ELC, Mothercare, Boots, Argos) Cause & effect toys, hammer toys, pop-up toys, push balls Posting games, post box game etc Shape sorters Light up toys Inset jigsaws Musical instrument sets Noisy / pop-up books

1 - 2 years Post box game Toddler pens Building bricks Musical instruments Car and garage set Nursery rhyme CD’s Happy land sets (ELC) 3 - 5 years • Playdough sets • Hairdressing / dressing up sets • Baking sets • Jigsaws • Musical toys/instruments • Farm / Train set • Art & craft sets • Lego sets • Superheroes / Princesses • Duplo / Playmobil • Dolls

6 - 8 years Lego Playmobil Knex Art Sets Barbies Superheroes Making kits Blow pens Games Jigsaws 9 - 13 years Make & do sets (Hobbycraft) CD’s DVD’s Lip balm / nail polish sets Jewellery making sets Scarf & hat sets Bags Drawstring bags (Nike, Adidas etc) Backpacks (Nike, Adidas etc) Older Lego sets Make a car sets

14-16 years Stationery set DVD’s Toiletry sets (Boots, Lush, Superdrug, Body Shop) CD’s Makeup / nail polish sets Lip balm sets Board games Portable Bluetooth speakers Funky over ear headphones Computer games Baseball caps Sports bags Jewellery 17 - 19 years Bags Jewellery DVD’s Toiletry sets (Boots, Lush, Superdrug, Body Shop) CD’s Makeup sets Nail polish sets Lip balm sets Board games Computer games