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Duration: 6 weeks from 18 Oct (TV and digital activity will alternate for 6 ... Why TV advertising? ... video clips, epi
DORK DIARIES: #10 Rachel Renée Russell

Campaign Objectives • Continue to build Dork Diaries as one of the most successful girls’ brands and maximise Rachel’s position as the 8th biggest selling children’s in Australia • Position DD#10 as the ‘must’ read for this audience and ideal Xmas gift • Create awareness for the new release and back catalogue series Core target audience: Girls and tweens 7 to 12 years Duration: 6 weeks from 18 Oct (TV and digital activity will alternate for 6 weeks, print will run for 4 weeks from 18 Oct)

Campaign budget: $20K

What do we know about tweens? Key characteristics of todays tweens: 1. Highly participative – enjoy fun, interactive things. 2. Highly connected – internet and mobile – see electronic devices as an extension of themselves. 3. Achievement orientated – stress from school grade, pleasing parents, friends, popularity & looks. 4. Love their social time. 5. Use internet for social expression and for escape from parents and pressures – most sites have strong parental controls and strict no bullying policies. 6. Different levels of maturity – activity vary per tween from childlike play to adult activities.

Why TV advertising? TV is still the top entertainer among young audiences, and today’s kids are highly engaged with the medium: • 74% multi-screen (2 screens, TV & internet) • In two thirds of households, TVs are on during meals • In 75% of households, TVs are on when no one is watching them • More than 70% of kids have TVs in their bedrooms

TV advertising The positive impact of our previous TV campaigns on sales for Dork Diaries is clear, and we will continue to use TV to spread the word about DD#10. Advertising through the Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon – two hugely popular children’s TV channels – gives us the greatest reach with our target audience.

Our schedule will be further optimised to target our audience at key viewing times: • Weekday (school days) 6am to 9am and 3pm to 9pm • Weekends & school holidays 6am to 9pm

Why Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network? Both networks rank highest among our target audience:

TV advertising Our advertising will target the tween market, and screen regularly during the programs that are most popular with 7 to 12 year old girls including:

Print advertising We’ll extend our Dork Diaries message into print with the November issue of Total Girl magazine (on-sale 19 Oct): Coverage to include: • Full page advertisement • Full page ‘Book Club’ reader review - 5 x Total Girl readers to read and review DD#10 • Comps Club promotional giveaway – approx $1,000 worth of prizing including books and coin purse. Circulation – 34,721 Readership – 255,000 Duration: 4 weeks from 18 Oct

Print advertising • Full page advertisement • Full page book club page • Comps Club promotion

Online advertising – YouTube •

To support our TV and print activity a major YouTube advertising campaign will run for 3 weeks (25 Oct, 8 Nov, 22 Nov) alternating with our TV campaign.

• 15 sec video pre-roll advertisements will play before highly targeted content that is popular with our audience (eg. Taylor Swift, One Direction, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomeze video clips, episodes of The Voice, X Factor, movie trailers – anything that is currently ‘hot’ with girls aged 7 to 12 years).

Online advertising – YouTube While tweens watch a lot of TV they ‘top up’ their viewing by watching videos on platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and the Vine.

Good Reading – PK Magazine Especially for primary school students, Good Reading’s PK magazine is distributed to schools and libraries nationally. Through this network we will continue to build Dork Diaries as a solid educational brand. PK will promote the October release of DD#10 and continue to include editorial coverage of the Dork Diaries events / activity days we are holding with schools and libraries this year.

Giveaways We’ll also arrange giveaways with the leading kids’ TV programs: • • • •

Kids’ WB (Nine / Go!) Toasted TV (Ten) Saturday Disney (Seven) Move It (Nine)

Total reach: approx 100K+ kids

Dork Diaries: #10 20 Oct 2015