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(MountainsMap® instantly recalculates analysis steps). - Minidocs: create a Minidoc (macro) that can be reapplied on ot

Contour Module for MountainsMap

All the essential tools for geometric dimensioning & tolerancing of profiles Calculate dimensions of profiles using interactive tools Define & display pass/fail criteria with tolerances for any dimension Easy-to-use icon-based user interface Save time with automation features Generate analysis reports quickly and easily Export results to quality management systems


Contour Module for MountainsMap

Smart dimensioning Origin and alignment Setting the origin. The origin of the drawing can be set using the Modify the origin tool. Click on an existing point to set X-origin, Y-origin or X- and Y-origins or alternatively enter coordinates manually. Alignment. Before dimensions are defined a profile can be aligned vertically or horizontally as a whole or with respect to a segment.

Aligning a profile

Create geometrical elements Intelligent element creation tools. Elements are created using intelligent tools that lock onto shapes. •

Segments: create segments on profiles quickly and easily.

Arcs: create arcs on profiles.

Circles: create circles on profiles.

Points: click anywhere on a profile to create a point or enter coordinates manually.

Intersection points: nearest or farthest intersection point of two elements, extend element to intersection point. Creating a segment

Dimensioning Once all elements have been created, a set of powerful dimensioning tools is available. Every tool has its own icon to make it easy to find and simple to use. The Contour Module for MountainsMap® allows you to obtain the dimensions of: •

Distances: horizontal, vertical and oblique distance between two points on the profile.

Radii: radius of an arc or circle.

Diameters: diameter of a circle.

Angles: angle between two segments, supplementary and reflex angles.


Obtain dimensions of segments, arcs and circles


Contour Module for MountainsMap

Keep track of your work Identify dimensions quickly and easily by creating personalized labels or displaying each dimension’s unique ID number. Dimension format (color, decimal places, arrow style, etc.) is user-definable. As you work, a table of results is completed automatically and can be displayed at any time (only available with certain MountainsMap® product packages).

Table of results. Useful for grouping together all the dimensions obtained on a profile.

Basic tolerancing A table of analysis results listing all dimensions and their pass/fail status can be displayed (only available with certain MountainsMap® product packages).

Pass/fail criteria with tolerances can be defined for any dimension.

Pass/fail status can be displayed on the profile or shown graphically



Contour Module for MountainsMap

Save time & increase productivity with automation features The Contour Module for MountainsMap® allows you to save your contour analysis steps and reapply them on other profiles.

Templates: save your analysis document as a template and apply it to another profile or to a folder containing a set of profiles

This can be achieved in several ways:

The position of the profiles analyzed (the absolute coordinates in the XZ plane) should be roughly the same as that of the original profile.



Substitution: substitute your profile with another in the analysis workflow (MountainsMap® instantly recalculates analysis steps)

However, even if the profile’s position is a little different, it is still possible to manually adjust it.

Minidocs: create a Minidoc (macro) that can be reapplied on other data

2. Substitute this profile for another in the workflow

1. Carry out contour analysis on your first profile

4. You may adjust position if necessary

3. Analysis is instantly recalculated for the new profile


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Contour Module for MountainsMap

What kinds of profiles can be analyzed with the Contour Module for MountainsMap®? Contour Analysis is essentially applied to profiles measured on mechanical parts. The following profile types may be analyzed with the Contour Module for MountainsMap®: - Horizontal profiles - Vertical profiles - Parametric profiles (allowing overhangs and closed elements). Patching multiple profiles It is possible to open several profiles at the same time. Using the Patch profiles operator, two or more profiles can be patched into one (parametric) profile which can then be analyzed. Options for extracting contours You may also extract horizontal contours from 3D surfaces or images using the Extract contour operator. Options are available for defining how contour should be extracted as well as for smoothing the resulting profile.



MountainsMap SEM

Contour Module for MountainsMap

Analyze & report on your data The MountainsMap® way With the Contour module, benefit from MountainsMap® software’s unique, intuitive design with its easy-to-use tools allowing you to achieve results quickly and efficiently.

Visual analysis reports In MountainsMap you build a visual analysis report frame by frame, page by page, working in a comfortable desktop publishing environment. Frames contain views of your data, results, analytical studies, ISO and national parameters, measurement identity cards, comments and illustrations. You can navigate to any frame in a report by selecting it in the page viewer.

Smart user environment The smart user environment - with logical top-down organization of all functions and contextual objectoriented ribbons – means that you can go from idea to action with minimum effort. A full screen mode provides maximum comfort when you are carrying out a specific analytical study. Furthermore you can work in your own language thanks to the fact that the user interface - including expanded graphical tooltips that provide a first level of help – is available in 11 languages (EN, FR, DE, ES, IT, PL, BR, JP, CN, KR, RU). In addition, a complete reference manual (EN, FR, DE, JP) with illustrations and examples can be accessed simply by pressing the F1 key.

Full metrological traceability

Export multi-page analysis reports

Every analysis step is recorded in a hierarchical analysis workflow to assure full metrological traceability. Analysis steps in the workflow can be fine tuned at any time. All dependent steps are recalculated automatically.

Intuitive icon-based toolbars

Powerful automation features Once an analysis report has been completed it can be applied as a template to automate the analysis of multiple measurement data files. In addition, common sequences of analysis steps can be saved in a library for insertion into future analysis reports to save time.

Data export Frames and pages can be exported as bitmaps up to 1200 dpi for poster sessions. Finished reports can be exported in PDF and RTF formats for easy circulation. All numerical results, including pass/fail status, are accessible in the Results Manager panel and can be exported in Excel-compatible text files for interfacing with third party software, including quality management software.

Work in your preferred language



Contour Module for MountainsMap Contour Module for MountainsMap® software Selected features Dimensional analysis

• Linear dimensions: horizontal, vertical and oblique • Radial dimensions: radius of arc, diameter of circle • Angular dimensions: angle between two line segments, open angle of arc, supplementary, reflex or salient angle


Specified for any dimension Defined by value and tolerance or upper and lower limits

Intelligent nominal form definition

•Elements (points, lines, arcs, circles) lock onto shapes •Interactive dimensioning

Profile compatibility

•Horizontal or vertical open profile support •Parametric profile support •All existing profile file formats are supported

Patch profiles

•Assemble multiple contours for analysis

Contour extraction

•Extract a horizontal profile from the X,Y plane (available on 3D surfaces & images)

Data normalization

•Set origin on any constructed element with automatic recalculation of dependent values •Profile alignment and rotation: manual, vertical/horizontal alignment with respect to selected element or two points on profile


•Define elements by clicking on the profile •Modify elements and dimensions at any time with automatic recalculation of dependencies •Move and resize dimension labels •Change colors of individual elements and objects


•Automatic analysis of series of measurements •Automatic data export (spreadsheet or text file) for interfacing with third party systems

User interface

•Icon-driven from toolbars •Full screen mode with zoom in/out •Unlimited undo/redo •Instant report generation

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