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Dec 12, 2012 ... 1. Press Release. Firstsource Solutions' Chennai Centre Recertified. For COPC CSP Standard. Firstsource recertified for the 5th year in a row.
Press Release Firstsource Solutions’ Chennai Centre Recertified For COPC CSP Standard Firstsource recertified for the 5th year in a row

December 12, 2012, Chennai: Firstsource Solutions Limited (NSE: FSL, BSE: 532809), a global









recertification of “COPC CSP Standard – release 4.4” in their Chennai – Healthcare & Publishing delivery centre. This is the fifth consecutive year for the centre getting certified on COPC implementation. Other COPC CSC certified centres include Firstsource’s Bangalore Pritech and FDS Colombo premises. The certification indicates that COPC approves of Firstsource’s Chennai center that has maintained high standards and best practices in managing Client Relationships for the Healthcare & Publishing processes. This COPC standard is a crucial assessment of Firstsource’s processes relating to performance and customer satisfaction. It provides a mechanism for data-based decision making and enables setting up of an effective performance management system that delivers results. Shreekant Vijaykar, Principal Consultant and Head of Fulfilment, MattsenKumar LLC Implementation partners of COPC Inc. says, “COPC Inc. acknowledges that there is an increased sense of ownership and urgency in Firstsource regarding the continual usage of the COPC CSP Standard and for providing high levels of performance to benchmark standards. We also acknowledge that client relationships that Firstsource manages have been evolving to a more partnership–mode, where Firstsource contributes to initiatives like volume / contact reduction for the client. We congratulate them for their consistent efforts.” Rajesh Subramaniam, CEO & MD - Firstsource Solutions says, “We are pleased that Firstsource has been recertified for COPC CSC Standard. Our Chennai centre is unique as it specializes in data management work for clients across geographies. This certification helps us remain committed to the maximum yardsticks of consistent quality and benchmarks that we have set for ourselves while maintaining sustainability.”


Press Release About Firstsource Firstsource (NSE:FSL, BSE:532809, Reuters:FISO.BO, Bloomberg:FSOL@IN) is a leading global provider of customized BPO services to the Healthcare, Telecom & Media and Banking & Financial Services industries. Its’ clients include Fortune 500, FTSE 100 & Nifty 50 companies. Firstsource has a “rightshore” delivery model with operations in India, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Philippines, UK and U.S. ( About COPC Inc. Customer Operations Performance Center Inc. (COPC Inc.) is the world’s leading authority on service-chain operations management, including performance improvement for buyers and providers of customer service, customer contact center and business process outsourcing operations. Since 1996, COPC Inc. has helped more than 1,000 organizations in 50 countries improve customer service by using the COPC® Family of Standards, the industry’s first and most comprehensive set of performance management operating models for customer service operations. Today, it remains the only performance-driven and industry-governed global best practices model that simultaneously increases both customer satisfaction and profitability. For further information, please visit . For More Information Please Contact: Media:


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