DVT Facility Progress Report

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Jul 1, 2017 - automotive industry. • aerospace and .... R&M Genuine Replacement Parts™ | Training. • Two-component epoxy paint. • CSA c/us rating as well ...
Vibration Testing for Full-Scaled, Complicated Structures and Machines under Real Environment

Albert C J Luo Dynamics Vibration Testing, LLC 3501 Mayflower Blvd, Springfield, IL 62711,U.S.A Tel: 1-217-679-4280 Fax: 1-217-679-4238 Email: [email protected] 1

DVT 3-D Shaker Video


Dynamics Vibration Testing Plant

• • • • • •

79,000 sqft for this plant at USA midwestern area 41,500 sqft for manufacturing and testing shop 37,500 sqft for storage 8 cranes (30T, Three 15T, Four 5T, many 1T) Two painting rooms for dangerous testing One isolated testing room and one underground testing room 3

DVT Plant Side View • • • • • • • • •

5000 sqft for office area 30,000 sqft testing area 3-D 5T Shaker in house for testing: Installed 3-D 10T shakers in house for testing: May 1, 2017 Two 35T shaker in house for testing: Installed 3-D shaker chambers in house for testing: Installed 8 million BTU burners in house for testing: Installed 7T shaker in house for testing: Installed 10T shaker in house for testing: May 1, 2017


A Global View of Testing Shop


Outline For DVT Facility Capability • DVT Objectives • Initial DVT Facility – – – – – –

Two 35 T 1-D shakers (Largest in USA) One 5T 3-D shaker (best testing situation in USA) One 10T 3-D shaker (Largest in USA ) One 10T 1-D shaker One 7T 1-D shaker Other equipment, sensors and instruments

• DVT Controls • Testing Projects and Specific Requirements


DVT Objectives Dynamics Vibration Testing, LLC (DVT) provides a wide spectrum of testing and modeling services for dynamics, vibration and fatigue of full-scaled, complicated structures and machines under real environment. Such services enable us to serve clients across a variety of business types, included but not limited to • • • • • •

automotive industry aerospace and aircraft electronics and packages telecommunication equipment defense industry computer equipment


Real Environmental Testing


The Multi-Excitation Testing(MET) shaker system • For strength and shock vibration tests • For real environmental stress and reliability tests • For simultaneous dual-axis or tri-axis for sine, random & classic shock tests. • With vibration test magnetics independently controlled from test requirement. • With the temperature & humidity chambers. • Chambers for 3D shakers


Fully Installed 3-D, 5 Ton Shaker Systems 5 ton shaker in DVT is ready to do testing for you


Capability System Performance Sine Force Random Force Shock Force (6ms) Useful Frequency Range Continuous Displacement Maximum Velocity Work Area of Platform Insert Size Grid Pattern Natural Frequency-Thrust Axis

X-axis 4,000kgf 4,000kgf 8,000kgf

Y-axis 4,000kgf 4,000kgf 8,000kgf

Z-axis 5,000kgf 5,000kgf 10,000kgf

5Hz-2500Hz 30mm p-p 1m/s 762mm x 762 mm 3/8-16 50.8mm Grid