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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 – Core Setup and Finance Certification Exam (# MB7-701),. • Subscription addendum to the SPA – without it, partners will not be ...
Microsoft Dynamics C5 2014 NAV2013R2 Small Business Role Center or C5 2014? I am in small confusion. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV2013R2, we have Small Business Role Center. What is this actually, Microsoft Dynamics NAV2013R2 or Microsoft Dynamics C5 2014? The last information says that this is the same product. Microsoft Dynamics C5 2014 will share platform with Microsoft Dynamics NAV from 2013R3 version. Depends of NAV or C5 implementation, you can choose images to show correct brand in product, as you can see on my picture ‘About…’:

You can see that this is Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2, version W1 7.10, but with C5 logo. What is a different? I know that the difference is only in license. If you use standard NAV perpetual license, you have NAV and you can use simplify Small Business Role Center, but you can use rest of NAV features, as well. If you use C5 licensing, you can use only Small Business Role Center features, called Microsoft Dynamics C5 2014.

Dynamics C5 2014 – license & price What is a price difference between Microsoft Dynamics NAV2013R2 and Microsoft Dynamics C5 2014? The difference is large. I think, all of you know price and NAV licensing model (if you don’t know, ask me). C5 2014 price is defined as subscription and this is per month. You can choose only one country – Denmark, and I need to check can we busy this product in other countries. Informations are opposing. I will find out this asap and I’ll inform you. You can choose three variants of licensing: 

 

Basic Pack: It is the prerequisite for all other items in licensing. It contains all SB role center objects and first user. You can use this as full application with one user with limited number of transaction (only