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from the plasma of normal volunteers by ultracentrifugal ... with a Model 50.3ti rotor (both from ... bound iodine on a 1 x 23 cm column of G-50 (Pharmacia, .... absorbance (y-axis) vs log Ape AU (x-axis). ... Delipidation of plasma samples: To determine if delipida- .... assaysin which pelyvalent antisera are used (11-15, 18).
CL1N.CHEM.32/6, 967-971 (1986)

Enzyme-LinkedImmunoabsorbantAssayof ApolipoproteinAll in Plasma, with Use of a MonoclonalAntibody Evan A. Stein, Linda DiPersio, Amadeo J. Peace, MotI Kashyap, Jau-Tsuen Kao, Laxml Srivastava, and Constance McNemey We produced a monoclonal antibody (C2-22) to human apolipoprotein (Apo) All and describe its use in an enzymelinked immunoabsorbant assay (ELISA) for Apo All in human plasma and lipoprotein subfractions. No cross reactivity of the antibody with Apo CI, Cli, Ciii, E, or albumin was detected. Apo Al and low- and very-low-density lipoprotein cross reacted by 0.25%,