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The Department of Factory Planning and Factory Management, which is headed ... Systems Engineering: Industrial Engineeri
Department of Factory Planning and Factory Management

Profile The Department of Factory Planning and Factory Management, which is headed by Univ. Prof. Egon Müller, employs about 27 staff members and is a competent partner for the planning and operation of holistic production and factory systems in education and research. The research focus is mainly set on the analysis and development of future production structures and novel factory concepts in machine and plant engineering, automotive industry and their suppliers. We are working in an innovative and growth-oriented manner on new methods and tools, which can be used for the planning and operation of production systems and energy-efficient factories. Our research is oriented towards trendsetting topics. Consequently, the development and realization of flexible and versatile factories as well as nonhierarchical regional production networks represent core areas of research. Moreover, the department offers strong competence in the field of computer-based factory planning, modeling and simulation as well as energy-efficient factory planning. Being co-organizer of industry-relevant events and competent partner for a number of industrial projects as well as integrating partners from industry in research projects, our department constantly underpins and ensures a practiceoriented research next to basic research.

Courses of Study Mechanical Engineering: n Bachelor n Master Systems Engineering: n Bachelor n Master Industrial Engineering: n Bachelor n Master Automobile Production: n Bachelor n Master



in Teaching, Research and Practice

Department of Factory Planning and Factory Management

Head of Department: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Egon Müller Room: Phone: Fax: E-mail:

C 016 +49 371 531-35309 +49 371 531-835309 [email protected]

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Visitor Address: Technische Universität Chemnitz Erfenschlager Straße 73 (Access via Reichenhainer Straße 219) 09125 Chemnitz Post Address: Technische Universität Chemnitz 09107 Chemnitz Germany

Factory Planning and Digital Factory

Factory Management / Factory Organisation

Logistics / Energy-Efficient Factory

Responsible: Phone: Fax: E-mail:

Responsible: Phone: Fax: E-mail:

Responsible: Phone: Fax: E-mail:

Dipl.-Ing. David Jentsch +49 371 531-37823 +49 371 531-837823 [email protected]

Dr.-Ing. habil. Ralph Riedel +49 371 531-35314 +49 371 531-835314 [email protected]

Dr.-Ing. Jörg Strauch +49 371 531-35325 +49 371 531-835325 [email protected]




Education of students on the basis of the latest methods and tools of the Digital Factory in combination with work experience through internships and accompanying planning projects. Lectures: n Facility Planning n Computer-Based Factory Planning n Process Simulation n Case-study in Factory Planning

Teaching of basic knowledge and methods. Developing competencies in problem solving in the context of factory planning and factory organisation through application-oriented teaching methods such as business simulations, case studies, group work and group discussions as well as internships. Lectures: n Basics of Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management n Factory Systems n Production Planning and Control n Project Management n Industrial Engineering / ERP-Systeme

The students are given the opportunity to apply the sound knowledge gained during their studies in business simulations and field trips. Lectures: n Material Flow and Logistics n Enterprise Logistics n Basics of Industrial Computer Science n Factory Ecology

Research Development of new planning methods and their implementation in tools used in the context of the Digital Factory. Projects, e. g.: Interactive Planning Guide competence cell-based production n networks (DFG transfer project) FMstar - Facility Management with help of Semantic Technologies n andAugmented Reality S-Pac - Saxon PhotovoltaicAutomation Cluster n

Practice Implementation of factory planning projects on the basis of current scientific findings; visualisation of processes, production systems and holistic planning concepts. Projects, e.g.: n Implementation of the Digital Factory n Support in the selection of modern planning tools n visualisation of the residual waste processing plant in Chemnitz

Research Development of new methodical approaches and innovative solutions for the organisation and processes in the context of business organisation and manufacturing organisation, production management, networks and cooperations. Opening new applications for established methods. Projects, e.g.: n KMUflex– Stability conducive use of flexibility strategies in SME (SMEflex) ProMedia - Planning and realization of production systems with the n support of social media applications IREKO - Sustainable Implementation of innovation in regional work n context

Practice Support regarding the contents and methods in the fields of production management/production planning and control, project management, organization of production networks and supply chains, process analysis and process optimisation, reorganisation. Projects, e.g.: Evaluation of the networking initiative “Automotive Supplier Saxony” n Process analysis and optimisation of project management procedures in n power plant engineering and construction "Production of tomorrow" - Study of central trends and guidelines for n appropriate response strategies for the East-German mechanical engineering industry

Research Development and implementation of new logistics concepts in the context of the Experimental Digital Factory as well as preparation of course materials. Projects, e.g.: n eniPROD- Energy-efficient product and process innovations in production engineering. Sub-topic: Energy-efficient systems and processes in Logistics and Factory Planning n Junior Research Group Autonomous Intelligent sensor networks in production n Sbahn- System modules for automatic vehicles with hybrid navigation – versatile, energy-efficient solutions for automatic guided vehicle systems

Practice Development and implementation of logistics concepts on the basis of current scientific findings as well as their implementation into practice. Projects, e.g.: n analysis and optimisation of the material flow, the logistics and the order Processing as well as the layout and the space concept for a Producer of truck dump bodies n support in the selection of modern planning tools n value stream mapping and -design