Final Programme and Exhibition Catalogue

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Co-chairman: Norbert SZEITL. F2010A062 ... BELGIUM. F2010A074. Influence of Diesel Biofuels on Engine Oils Deterioration -. Extended ... Europe, ITALY. Prof. ... Mr. Tetsunori Haraguchi, Toyota Motor .... MBS Quarter Vehicle - Influence.
Automobiles and Sustainable Mobility

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World Automotive Congress 30 May – 4 June, Budapest, Hungary

Final Programme and Exhibition Catalogue Budapest, 30 May – 4 June 2010

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The FISITA World Automotive Congress is organised by GTE (Scientific Society for Mechanical Engineering) and FISITA (International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies) Design by Darren Cartwright, CJ Media Email: [email protected] Pictures courtesy of Géza Lörincze Tamás Kármán BMW Group Daimler AG Copyright © 2010 FISITA (UK) Limited


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Technical Programme - Tuesday, 1 June 2010 08:00 - 10:30 A1-3 : IC Engines, Goals and Development Chairman: Prof. Franz X. MOSER Co-chairman: Norbert SZEITL F2010A062 Heat Transfer Measurements Inside a Gas Fuelled Spark Ignited Engine for Model Validation Ir. Joachim Demuynck, Prof. dr. ir. Sebastian Verhelst, Prof. dr. ir. Michel De Paepe, Prof. dr. ir. Roger Sierens, Mr. Matthias Zuliani, Mr. Roger Sierens, Ghent University - UGent, BELGIUM F2010A074 Influence of Diesel Biofuels on Engine Oils Deterioration Extended Methods of Engine Oils Assessment Dr. Zbigniew Stepien, MSc. Wieslawa Urzedowska, Dr. Stanislaw Oleksiak, Oil and Gas Institute, POLAND F2010A084 The PCCI Combustion Process for Diesel Engines. A Key Element for Upcoming Euro 6. Mr. Anyelo Vanegas, Institute of Combustion Technology- RWTH Aachen, GERMANY F2010A166 Optimization of the Glow Plug Spray Interaction for Robust Lowtemperature Startability in Low Compression Ratio Diesel Engines by Means of Combined 3D-CFD and Design for Six Sigma Giovanni Cipolla, GM Powertrain Europe, ITALY Prof. Cornel Stan, Soeren Taeubert, West Saxon University of Zwickau, GERMANY Alberto Vassallo, GM Powertrain Europe, ITALY POSTER INTRODUCTIONS* F2010C081* Development of Principles and Methods of Estimation of Thermal Condition of Semitransparent Coatings in Complex Heat Exchange Combustion Chambers for Low-Heat-Rejection Diesel Engines Prof. Vladimir Merzlikin, Mr. Vladimir Timonin, Moscow State Technical University MAMI, RUSSIA F2010A009* Enhancement Potential of the Thermal Conversion Efficiency of Ice Cycles by Using of a Real Atkinson Cycle Implementation and (very) High Pressure Turbo Charging

Prof. Dr. Victor Gheorghiu, University of Applied Sciencies, GERMANY 08:00 - 10:30 A2-1 : Consumption and Emission Reduction Chairman: Iván Pollák F2010A137 Experiences of Retrofit Particulate Filters for Diesel City Buses and Passenger Cars Dr. Tamás Merètei, MSc. Pèter Bodor, Institute for Transport Sciences, HUNGARY F2010A015 A Study on AT Damper Clutch for Improving Fuel Efficiency and Driveline Vibration Mr. Sung Yeol Kim, Mr. Sung Yop Lee, Mr. Kwang Min Won, Mr. Jin Hyun Kim, Hyundai Motor Company, KOREA F2010A023 Feasibility Study of NOx Reduction with the Active Exhaust Control System when Engine Starting Mr. Jun Iwamoto, Mr. Katsuji Wada, Honda R&D Co., Ltd. Automobile R&D Center, JAPAN F2010A035 Potential of Natural Gas Powered Vehicles in Reducing CO2 and Pollutant Emissions under RealWorld Driving Conditions Mr. Robert Alvarez, Dr. Martin Weilenmann, Mr. Christian Bach, Empa, SWITZERLAND

F2010A112* Effects of Hydrogen Addition to Intake Gas on Exhaust Emission of a Diesel Engine with EGR Mr. Toru Miyamoto, Mr. Hirokazu Hasegawa, Prof. Naoya Kojima, Prof. Masato Mikami, Yamaguchi University, Dr. Hajime Kabashima, Mr. Yasuhiro Urata, Honda R&D Co., Ltd., JAPAN F2010A013* The prospects of reducing fuel consumption with automobile basic efficiency Mr. Tetsunori Haraguchi, Toyota Motor Corporation, JAPAN 08:00 - 10:00 A4-1 : Noise and Vibration Reduction Chairman: Prof. Harry WATSON Co-chairman: Éva SZATMÁRI F2010A039 Adaptive Controllers for Active Noise Reduction of a Stripped Engine Mr. Tommy Luft, Mr. Stefan Ringwelski, Prof. Ulrich Gabbert, Dr. Wilfried Henze, Prof. Helmut Tschöke, Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg / Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, GERMANY F2010A123 Chain Noise Reduction Based on Precise Analyses of Link Motion Prof. Masao Ishihama, Mr. Hiroyuki Watanabe, Kanagawa Institute of Technology, JAPAN

POSTER INTRODUCTIONS* F2010A064* Effects of LPG - Air Enrichment with HRG Gas on Performance and Emissions of a SI Engine Prof. Radu Chiriac, University POLITEHNICA Bucharest, Dr. Eng, Cristian Petcu, Rokura Aplicatii Industriale Srl, Eng, Gheorghe Niculae, Eng, Adrian Birtas, Eng, Iulian Voicu, Prof. Nicolae Apostolescu, Lecturer Alexandru Racovitza, University POLITEHNICA Bucharest, ROMANIA F2010A025* Comparative Analysis of Transmission Efficiency for One Mode and Two Mode Power Split Transmission Mr. Jae young Kang, Mr. Jeongmin Kim, Mr. Yongha Kim, Prof. Hyunsoo Kim, Sungkyunkwan University, KOREA

F2010C036 Study of Chain Meshing Noise by Multi Body Dynamics Simulation Mr. Motoyasu Sakaguchi, Mr. Masaki Aguro, Mr. Shinji Yamada, Mr. Yuji Matsumochi, Mrs. Naoko Machida, Honda R&D Co.,Ltd, JAPAN F2010A095 An Experimental Investigation into the Effects of Injection Pressures and Swirl Ratio using Cluster Nozzle Configurations in a DI Diesel Engine Mr. Hyun Woo Won, ITV (Institute for combustion technology), GERMANY Mr. Seung Eun Moon, Kookmin University, KOREA Prof. Norbert Peters, ITV, GERMANY Prof. Sung Wook Lee, Kookmin University, KOREA Mr Vivak Luckhchoura, RWTH Aachen, GERMANY

08:00 - 10:30 B3-3 : Development of Steering and Suspension Systems Chairman: Prof Cedomir DUBOKA Co-chairman: Zoltán TATAI F2010C096 The Impact of Non Linear Steering Systems on Objective and Subjective Steering Evaluation Mr. Rob Kraaijeveld, Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Wolff, Dipl.-Ing. Theodor Vockrodt, FEV Motorentechnik GmbH, GERMANY F2010C126 Design and Implementation of an Active Suspension System with Terrain Preview Dr. David Purdy, Cranfield University, Mr Sanjay Mehrishi, Cranfield University (2006/7), Mr Larbi Berrouila, Cranfield University (2007/8), UNITED KINGDOM F2010C195 Toward eCorner: Energy Efficient Design of Mechatronic Suspension Systems Dipl.-Ing. Haymo Niederkofler, MSc. Andrès E. Rojas Rojas, Dipl.-Ing. Johann Willberger, Graz University of Technology , AUSTRIA F2010D022 Driving Torque Transfer System for FWD with Steering Wheel Torque Compensation Mr. Kiyoshi Wakamatsu, Mr. Takashi Nishimori, Honda R&D Co., Ltd., JAPAN F2010C220 Handling Analysis of a Passively Suspended Vehicle Influenced by Ride Motions Mr. Javad Arab, Saipa, Mr. Amir Torabi, Mr. Kourosh Tabatabaii, Mr. Majid FahimehAmiri, SAIPA, IRAN 08:00 - 10:30 C2-1 : Methods of Strength and Life Estimation Chairman: Petr PAVLATA Co-chairman: Dr. Csaba MOLNÁR F2010C010 Fatigue Life Estimation of Joints in Vehicle Body Development Based on a Local Approach and Mesh-independent Modelling Mr. Franz Ruprechter, MAGNA STEYR Fahrzeugtechnik AG & Co KG, AUSTRIA Dr. Matthias Martin, Dr. Andreas Ruf, Mr. Reinhard Weisner, Daimler AG, GERMANY Mr. Gerhard Kepplinger, Dr. Michael Hofer, Dr. Johannes Steiner, MAGNA STEYR Fahrzeugtechnik AG & Co KG, AUSTRIA


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Technical Programme - Tuesday, 1 June 2010 F2010C026 Analytical Life Prediction Modeling for Diesel Fuel Filters Optimization Mr. Mathieu Petiteaux, SOGEFI Filter Division, FRANCE F2010C062 Thermal Fatigue Lifetime Prediction of Exhaust Manifold Mr. Kyung Wook Baek, Hyundai Motor Company, KOREA F2010C163 Fatigue Life Prediction Method of Wire Harness System in the Automotive Vehicle’s Door Prof. Chongdu Cho, Mr. Sang-kyo Lee, Dr. Heung-Shik Lee, Mr. Eun-young Choi, Inha University, Ms. Ji-hye Won, Mr. Hyoung-joo Seo, Mr. Sung-dam Kim, Mr Young-gil Kim, Mr. Seo Hyroyuki, Kyungshin Industrial Co.Ltd, KOREA F2010C158 The Thermal Fatigue Test and Analysis for Development of Railway Brake Disk Material Mr. Choong-Hwan Lim, Korea Railroad Research Institute, University of Science and technology, Dr. Byeong-Choon Goo, Korea Railroad Research Institute, KOREA 08:00 - 10:30 C4-1 : Testing and Simulation of Vehicle and Component Dynamics Chairman: Prof. Francisco APARICIO Co-chairman: Dr. Sándor VINCZE-PAP F2010C015 Driver-less Chassis Dynamometer Testing for EV Power-trains Mr. Vishwas Vaidya, Mr. Haresh Bhere, M/s Tata Motors Ltd., INDIA F2010C157 Vehicle Vibration - Field Complaint Analysis Mr. Buchi Reddy Thummeti, Tata Motors Ltd, INDIA F2010C095 Gear Rattle Modelling and Meshing Gear Teeth Behaviour Estimation Considering Lubrication Influence Mr. Kazuhide Togai, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, JAPAN Dr. Theo Potter, Romax Technology Limited, UNITED KINGDOM F2010C097 Look-up Based Synchronizer Logic for the Effective Actuation of the Countershaft Brake in a Heavy Duty AMT with Face Dog Clutch Mr. Gergely Bóka, Mr. Balázs Trencsèni, Dr. Huba Nèmeth, Budapest

University of Technology and Economics, HUNGARY

Boada, Prof. Vicente Diaz, Carlos III University, SPAIN


F2010D043 The Ability of People to Estimate Distances Along a Roadway and how their Education, Hobbies and Career Choices have an Affect on the Accuracy Dr. Mark Strauss, Ruhl Forenisc, Dr. James Carnahan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, UNITED STATES

F2010C011* Examination of Manual Transmission Gear Jump Out Behavior Mr. Takanori Nukata, Mr. Akihiro Fujii, Toyota Motor Corporation, Mr. Hideaki Koga, Mr. Tomohiro Isikawa, Toyota Motor Corporation , Mr. Katsura Naitoh, Toyota Technical Development Corporation, JAPAN


F2010C031* Methodology of Service Life Estimation for Automotive Rubber Component Dr. Changsu Woo, KIMM, Dr. Younggil Kim, DaeHeung R&T, Dr. Seonghoon Lee, Hyundai-Kia Motors, KOREA

F2010D002* Xenon Car Lighting as Safety Device Dr. Walter Schlager, Philips Technologie GmbH, GERMANY Mr. Lex Krzyzanowski, Chairman Clepa LightSightSafety, THE NETHERLANDS

F2010C055* MBS Quarter Vehicle - Influence of Damper Modelling on Simulation Quality Mr. Georg Klose, Dipl. -Ing. Mario L. Bergmann, TU Braunschweig, GERMANY

F2010D033* Design and Assessment of Informative Auditory Warning Signals for ADAS Mr. Frederik Diederichs, Mr. Claus Marberger, Mr. Philipp Jordan, University of Stuttgart, Mrs. Vivien Melcher, Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO, GERMANY

08:00 - 10:30 D3-1 : Active Safety Issues Chairman: Walter NIEWÖHNER Co-chairman: Dr. Pál MIHÁLFFY F2010D009 Benefit Analysis of an Advanced Emergency Braking System based on End User Tests in a Driving Simulator Mrs. Neli Ovcharova, Dr. Werner Uhler, Robert Bosch GmbH, Prof. Frank Gauterin, University of Karlsruhe, Dr. Stefan Benz, Robert Bosch GmbH, Mr. Firas Lethaus, DLR German Aerospace Center, Mr. Dino Silvestro, ADAC Technik Zentrum Landsberg , GERMANY F2010D034 A Rear-End Collision Warning System with Online One-Class Support Vector Machine Mr. Yuta Inoue, Prof. Kazushi Ikeda, Mr. Hiroki Mima, Prof. Tomohiro Shibata, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Dr. Naoki Fukaya, Mr. Kentaro Hitomi, Dr. Takashi Bando, Denso Corporation, JAPAN F2010D030 New Methodologies to Check the Wheel Alignment with a Sideslip Tester Mr. Manuel Perez-Rey, Dr. Daniel Garcia-Pozuelo, Prof. Maria Jesus L.

F2010D027* A Test Programme for Active Safety Systems - Latest Developments of the eVALUE Project Mr. Micha Lesemann, Mr. Adrian Zlocki, Mr. Jörn Lützow, Institut für Kraftfahrzeuge - RWTH Aachen University , GERMANY F2010D042* Vision-Based Safe Backing-Up Maneuvers with Obstacle-Free Space Detection Mr. Christophe Vestri, Mr. Remy Bendahan, IMRA Europe S.A.S., FRANCE 08:00 - 10:30 E1-1 : Intelligent Vehicle Systems Chairman: Prof. László PALKOVICS F2010E011 Collision Damage Mitigation System Using Millimeter-Wave Radar Mr. Hyok-jin Chong, Hyundai Motor Company, KOREA

Kluin, Mr. Sebastian Geyer, Prof. Dr. Hermann Winner, TU Darmstadt, GERMANY F2010E050 Individual Adaptation of ADAS in Car-Following State Based on Naturalistic Driving Behavior Modeling Dr. Pongsathorn Raksincharoensak, Prof. Masao Nagai, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Dr. Masamichi Shimosaka, Prof. Tomomasa Sato, The University of Tokyo, Mr. Shintaro Saigo, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, JAPAN F2010E018 Real-Time Driver Assessment Dr. Peter Miller, Mr. Eric Chan, Mr. Tom Robinson, Ricardo, UNITED KINGDOM POSTER INTRODUCTIONS* F2010E020* An Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Integrated Control Approach for Improving Vehicle Handling and Stability Ms. Rana Farag, Prof. Dr. Ms. Maria Jesus Lopez Boada, Prof. Dr. Mr. Vicente Diaz Lopez, Prof. Dr. Ms. Beatriz Lopez Boada, University of Carlos III of Madrid, SPAIN F2010E060* Intelligent Transportation Systems - Demands and Needs for Security Supply Chain in the Brazilian Market Prof. Dr. Eduardo Mario Dias, Mr. André Carvalho, Mr. Alberto Kotsuka , Miss Graciellen Alves, Mr. Caio Fontana, Mr. Fabio Mori, GAESI - Escola Politècnica da Universidade de São Paulo, BRAZIL F2010G008* Intelligent Transport Systems - Standardization for Brazilian Market Prof. Dr. Eduardo Mario Dias, Universidade de Sao Paulo - Escola Politecnica, Mr. André Carvalho, Connectics - Connectivity and Telematics Consulting, Mr. Caio Fontana, Mr. Alberto Kotsuka, Miss Graciellen Alves, Mr. Fabio Mori, GAESI - Escola Politecnica da Universidade de São Paulo, BRAZIL

F2010E045 Development and Validation of Manoeuvre Based Driver Assistance Functions for Conductby-Wire with IPG CarMaker Mr. Stephan Hakuli, Mr. Matthias


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FISITA World Automotive Congress

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Automobiles and Sustainable Mobility



Lee, Sang-kyo*, 1Lee, Heung-shik, 1Choi, Eun-young, 1Cho, Chongdu, 2Won, Ji-hye, 2Kim, Young-gil, 2Hiroyuki,Seo, 2Kim, Sung-dam, 2Seo, Hyoung-joo

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Department of Mechanical Engineering, Inha University, South Korea , Kyungshin Industrial Co. Ltd, R&D Center, South Korea

KEYWORDS – Wire Harness, S-N curve, FEM, Equivalent wire model, Fatigue life ABSTRACT - In this study, the wire, bundle and assembly level of a wire harness system are investigated to predict the fatigue life by using both finite element method (FEM) and experimental analysis. To obtain stress-life (S-N) histories of the wires of the system, AVSS wires are experimented subject to repeated bending motion using specially developed fatigue test equipment. An equivalent wire model from the rule of mixture theory is proposed to simplify the analysis. Various influence conditions such as contact between wires, taping holders, optimally composed wires, and the number of wires in a bundle are investigated through the bundle level test and numerical analysis. Wire and bundle level results are adopted for the assembly level analysis. For the assembly level analysis, real wire harness systems including bundle and gromat are numerically modeled with contact condition between composition elements as wire and gromat through simulating door opening motion. The fatigue life of the assembly was predicted using FEM more than 300,000 cycles found to be in a good agreement with the experimental result.