Fire by Kristin Cashore

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ing of enemy leaders. In the process, she is kidnapped by the boy mind-reader Leck. She refuses to join him, sees that he has killed her best friend, sets his ...
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Monsters can read people’s mind. Monsters are so beautiful that people offer themselves...often to death. Fire is a companion novel to Graceling.

Publication Information Publication Date: 2009 Publication City: UK Publisher: Gollancz

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Plot Summary The book starts with Fire being accidently wounded by a mysterious archer.

impending war. At first, Fire refuses, but then sees that her abilities can be used for

Fire accompanies Archer, her friend and aptly named for his archery skills, to a nearby Fort. There she meets Queen Roen, who is both lovely and accepting of Fire’s nature.

She wanders in the cold, is found by some villagers, and finally reconciled with her friends.

While there, she meets the two heirs to the throne: King Nashdell and Brigandell. Nash immediately falls in love with Fire and her beauty; whereas, Brigan hates her immediately. Fire is asked by the royal family to come to King’s City to help them interrogate spies and prisoners in the hopes of finding out any news of the

ing of enemy leaders. In the process, she is kidnapped by the boy mind-reader Leck. She refuses to join him, sees that he has killed her best friend, sets his house on fire, and pushes him down into a crack in a mountain.

Fire is conflicted about her feelings for Brigan as she loves him but fears his dying. good rather than bad, as her father, Cansrel, used his.

In the end, Fire returns to King’s City and is hailed as a hero.

Fire then aids the royal family in the plotting and murder-

My Recommendation If you are a lover the fantasy genre, you will find Fire to be everything you hoped for. This book has romance, adventure, and all the elements of fantasy you could want. Readers will love this novel

even if they have yet to read Graceling. Readers will enjoy the vivid story-telling, well-constructed secondary world, well thought out characters, gripping adventures scenes, and memorable love story.

Pick up this book if you’re looking for a book that will not only keep you on the edige of your seat in terms of plot, but that will also break your heart with its love story.



Praise for Fire Fire has won many awards such as:

 ALA Best Book for Young Adults.  A YALSA 2010 Teens’ Top Ten Nomination  New York Times bestseller  Publisher’s Weekly best seller.

The Dells and Pikkia

"[R]eaders will fall in love with [Fire].... More adult in tone than Graceling, this marvelous prequel will appeal to older teens, who will not only devour it, but will also love talking about it." -- Starred, School Library Journal

If she wished, they would abuse their power, crush nations and even destory their own kingdoms to please her.

If you liked Fire, you’ll also like... If you liked Fire, you’ll also love the companion novel Graceling. Graceling too is a novel full of love and adventure. This book picks up where Fire left off with the cruel boy who can also control the minds of others, Leck. In Graceling, Leck becomes King of Monsea and we see

his cruelty extended to his kingdom.

though timely death of her father.

Coming in May 2012, Bitterblue is another companion novel to Fire and Graceling. Bitterblue continues the story of the young princess, Bitterblue, made Queen after the tragic death of her mother and the gruesome, Cover for Graceling

Fire — Monster or Hero? Fire with her bow and arrow




Fire is the protagonist of the novel. She is the last remaining “monster” in the Dells.

father, Cansrel who had no qualms about entering the minds of those who were too weak to guard themselves against him.

strongest of minds to madness with want. Sometimes that want comes from a good place, other times, that want comes from a bad place.

Fire has the ability to control the minds of men and animals. Fire’s biggest fear is becoming like her

Fire is different in that she refuses to invade the minds of anyone who is unwilling.

Will Fire be able to forge her own path, or will the legacy of her father be her end?


Fire’s beauty drives all but the