flier sensory stsrems 2nd edition

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Sensory Systems 2nd Edition. Anatomy and ... sensory receptors and the structures that conduct the sensory ... sensory nervous system are also discussed. The.
Sensory  Systems  2




Anatomy  and  Physiology   Aage    R.  Møller  

The  University  of  Texas  at  Dallas  School  of  Behavioral  and  Brain  Sciences,     Richardson,  U.S.A.      



The  information  provided  in  this  book  is   comprehensive  for  individuals  with  diverse   educational  backgrounds.  While  primarily   intended  as  a  text  for  teaching  in  neuroscience  the   book  is  ideal  for  students,  teachers  in  life  sciences,   the  basic  scientist,  clinical  researchers,  residents  in   neurology,  and  neurotology  –  and  anyone   interested  in  our  senses  and  their  functions.  

  Sensory  Systems  covers  all  five  senses   with  detailed  information  about  the  anatomy  and   function.  This  includes  the  basic  function  of   sensory  receptors  and  the  structures  that  conduct   the  sensory  stimuli  to  the  receptors,  as  well  as  the   neurophysiologic  basis  for  sensory  processing.  The   book  enlarges  on  the  classical  pathways  for   sensory  information  and  the  non-­‐‑classical   pathways  and  their  role  under  normal  and   pathologic  conditions.  Topics  include  parallel   processing,  stream  segregation  and  the  dynamic   nature  of  sensory  processing,  together  with  the   different  targets  for  sensory  information  such  as   the  emotional  brain.  New  developments  in   neurosciences  such  as  the  findings  that  sensory   stimulation  engages  many  areas  of  the  brain  that   were  earlier  not  regarded  to  be  activated  by   sensory  stimuli  are  covered  in  the  book.    The   recent  findings  that  connections  in  the  central   nervous  system  are  dynamic  and  play  important   roles  for  normal  and  pathologic  functions  of  the   sensory  nervous  system  are  also  discussed.  The   role  of  neural  plasticity  in  processing  of  sensory   signal  completes  the  text.  


KEY  FEATURES:   • Comprehensive  description  of  the  anatomy  and  physiology  of  all  five  sensory  systems   • Focuses  on  central  processing  of  sensory  information   • Describes  parallel  processing  and  stream  segregation.   • Emphasizes  the  dynamic  nature  of  sensory  processing  and  generation  of  pain   • Richly  illustrated   ISBN-­‐‑13:  978-­‐‑1478175872,  ISBN-­‐‑10:  1478175877,  Soft  cover,  417  pages.  Aage  R.  Møller,  July.  2012.   List  Price:  $20.00