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WHO ARE WE? PlayerTek, and our parent company Catapult Sports, are pioneers in wearable technology for sports. Having launched the first performance monitoring system over 10 years ago, Catapult has been used by elite professional and collegiate football teams across North America to unlock insights on athlete performance. The PlayerTek GPS player tracking system is designed for the specific needs of football coaches. Whether it is a college team, a high school program, or a youth organization, PlayerTek provides an easy-to-use, affordable way for coaches to make informed, data-driven decisions using athlete monitoring technology.


WHAT PLAYERTEK CAN DO FOR YOU Make Better Coaching Decisions Decisions backed by data are much more likely to stand up to the pressures of competition. That’s why elite teams have been using GPS athlete monitoring for years. Now you’ll have access to the same type of data to make decisions on personnel, schemes, and workload for your team.

Attract and Develop Better Athletes Your team will stand out with potential players through its commitment to cutting edge sports technology. It will help get better athletes through the door but once they’re on your team, PlayerTek will help you better quantify strengths and weaknesses to help them develop even further.

Keep Players Healthy GPS player tracking provides insights on your athletes that you never thought possible. With PlayerTek, you will be able to identify metrics and trends in your players that may result in injury and make adjustments in training to prevent them before they even happen.

Maximize Your Practice Time Your practice time is limited so you need to make the absolute most of it. PlayerTek provides you with the data to know exactly what your team needs. The result is practice sessions that are tailored to the precise needs of the athletes for that specific day or part of the schedule.

COACHING DECISIONS BACKED BY DATA Analyze Your Team Get detailed information on each player, and the team as a whole, so you can track your season progress and know who’s most ready to compete.

Unlock Insights The head-to-head comparison tools gives coaches insights into who’s working the hardest and who’s improving the most. Let your data answer your questions.

Informed Tactical Decisions Have concrete data from practice sessions to determine which of your defensive backs has the best acceleration to cover the opposing team’s explosive receiver.

ATHLETE PERFORMANCE IMPROVED BY SCIENCE Better Training Sessions Know exactly how much and how hard your players have worked so you team can be better rested and prepared for game day.

Reduce Injuries Monitor player metrics through practice sessions and games to determine when fatigue levels are too high – before they result in an injury.

Return to Play Compare your players’ historical performance to better inform you when they’re are back to 100% after an injury and ready to get back in the lineup.

TEAM SOLUTIONS The one thing all coaches need is more time. PlayerTek can help provide all the insights you need on player performance while streamlining communications with your team.

EVERYTHING ONLINE Secure access to the entire cloud-based system so you can make smarter decisions.

ATHLETE CONTROL PANEL Data driven dashboards allow for oversight over your entire team. Set up a limited view for a healthy competition among players.

CUSTOM REPORTS Using PDF reports, you can export the insights you need to share or analyze further with your players and coaching staff.

GET STARTED Ready to get started? Request a free quote to see how affordable PlayerTek GPS athlete monitoring can be for your team.