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Nov 22, 2016 - Cirrus Networks Receives $1.2M R&D Tax Rebate ... Assists in continued investment in the Cirrus Cloud
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22  November  2016      

Cirrus  Networks  Receives  $1.2M  R&D  Tax  Rebate    

Highlights     • Cirrus  receives  $1.2  million  Research  and  Development  (“R&D”)  tax  Incentive  cash   rebate   • Assists  in  continued  investment  in  the  Cirrus  Cloud  and  other  innovative  solutions   • Provides  continued  support  to  focus  on  value  based  innovation       Cirrus   Networks   Holdings   Limited   (“Cirrus”   or   the   “Company”)   (ASX:CNW)   is   pleased   to   announce   that   it   has   received   a   $1.2   million   cash   rebate   in   respect   of   its   eligible   R&D   activities  undertaken  during  the  financial  year  ended  30  June  2016.     This  sum  will  supplement  the  Company’s  cash  holdings  and  provide  support  for  its  continued   investment  in  and  development  of  the  Cirrus  Cloud  and  other  innovative  solutions.         For further comment and information Mr Matt Sullivan Managing Director

Mr Matt Green Chief Financial Officer

Tel: (08) 6180 4222 [email protected]

About Cirrus: Cirrus Networks Holdings Limited (ASX: CNW) is an IT solutions provider that helps businesses understand their technology needs to implement solutions that are world leading, best of breed, cost effective and efficient for long term operational gain. Cirrus’ innovative approach has resulted in the swift establishment of a blue-chip customer base and its success was recently recognised at the Deloitte Australia’s Technology Fast 50 Awards, where it was named in second place for 2015. This followed the second placing received in the fastest growing “Rising Star” technology company category in Australia in 2014.