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Globally recognised identity management expertise

Integrated identity management solutions As a global technology leader for the Aerospace & Transportation and the Defence & Security markets, Thales has a unique capability to design, develop and deploy equipment, systems and services that meet the most complex security requirements. Thales is a long-standing supplier of identity management systems, biometric systems and secure documents to the French authorities and governments around the world.

Provision and management of end-to-end secure identity management systems Thales develops and deploys secure solutions that meet all the requirements at every step of the identity document issuance process: • Acquisition of personal details and biometric data • Management of citizen databases including biometric databases and the application processing engine • Production and personalisation of secure ID documents • In-country and border identity control systems. Thales also provides user training and support services to help customers operate their systems on a day-to-day basis and during system evolutions.

TAME3S enrolment system TAMMIS biometric identification solutions TI2S document production solution TBCS Thales’ Border Crossing Solution TIDMS central workflow solution


Securing a complex world In a hyperconnected world, with exponential growth in personal mobility and data exchanges and a sharp increase in migratory flows, governments and public administrations face a major challenge: enabling travellers to move around easily at the same time as fighting illegal immigration, cybercrime and terrorism.

Thales, trusted partner of French government agencies Thales has contributed to four of France's largest civil biometrics programmes in recent years. In early 2013, Thales was selected to provide through-life support and upgrades for France’s biometric passport enrolment system. In 2012, the company was selected by the French Ministry of the Interior to develop the software used to incorporate fingerprints as well as photos on the electronic residence permits issued to foreign nationals. In 2010, the Ministry of the Interior awarded Thales a contract to deploy biometric enrolment and data transmission stations to handle Schengen visa applications in several countries. In 2009, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Immigration selected Thales to design and develop the national biometrics system, which provides the biometric functions needed to manage the residency status of foreign nationals.

More than 300 million identity documents issued worldwide More than 25 countries have selected Thales to produce secure ID documents and operational control systems, and a total of more than 300 million documents have been produced by Thales systems to date. Thales is recognised for its expertise as an integrator of secure identity management systems, and has supported the French government in this area for more than 30 years. In Morocco, the company recently awarded Thales a follow-on contract to supply an additional 5 million cards a year. In Kenya, Thales has already produced more than 30 million identity cards.

Biometric visas: a top priority Governments are well aware of the economic and social importance of the free movement of people, and at the same time they recognise the need for tighter control over migration flows. To regulate mobility while enabling as many people as possible to benefit from these new opportunities, many countries have agreed to work together to establish minimum requirements for issuing travel documents such as visas. Based on its expertise in secure biometrics systems, Thales was selected by the French Ministry of the Interior in 2010 as part of a plan to outsource BioNET visa application processing.

The rise of border control solutionss The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has established new international standards for electronic passports, which now include biometric data in a secure chip embedded in the document. To process these new travel documents, governments are deploying border control systems in airports and other ports of entry along the country's land and maritime borders. These large-scale equipment programmes make it easier to check travellers' ID documents as they enter or leave the country, playing a significant role in enhancing national security. Thales designs and deploys national border control solutions and electronic visa systems that offer maximum security while protecting the traveller's right to privacy. In 2013, for example, Thales provided border control systems to Uzbekistan.

In Cameroon, the company is supplying a system to produce and manage national ID cards and residence permits.


Trusted partner of the French government Governments are responding to international pressure as well as popular demand for new government services by modernising their organisations, and offering citizens access to a range of additional government services associated with their identity documents while still protecting their personal details. Thales offers turnkey identity management solutions that provide governments with the hardware, software and specialist skills they need to make the shift to a more integrated form of e-government.

France's first computerised national identity card production system In 1980, Thales supplied the French government with its first computerised national identity card production system, which was later used as the basis for issuing residency permits to foreign nationals. The system has been used to produce 500,000 residency permits a year, acquiring data from application forms submitted at administrative offices around the country. Since 1988, Thales has provided the system used for acquisition of citizen identity data, secure personalisation (photo, signature), production and automatic authentication of France’s national identity cards. The system has been in use nationwide since 1995, producing an average of 6 million ID documents every year. Starting in 2001, Thales further developed the production system to incorporate new physical security features and bring the ID documents into line with European regulations.

France's secure e-passport personalisation system Over a five-week period in early 2006, Thales installed a complete graphic and electronic personalisation system (printed photo and electronic chip) at the government printing office to launch production of


France's first e-passports. The system has been in service since May 2006, enabling France to meet its commitments to its European partners by issuing ICAO-compliant passports to its nationals. By November the same year, France had used the system to issue 1 million e-passports.

France's national biometric system for foreign residents In 2009, Thales was selected by the French Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Immigration to design and deliver the AGDREF II national biometrics system, which provides the biometric functions needed to manage the residency status of foreign nationals. At the heart of this system is the TAMMIS automatic fingerprint comparison solution developed by Thales. Under an extension to this initial contract, Thales launched AGDREF1 Bio in 2012, developing biometric data capture software to incorporate fingerprints as well as photos into the residence permits. This biometrics system has been installed on 600 work stations so far and will ultimately equip 1,200 enrolment terminals.

BioNET: France's extension to the Schengen visa application processing system In 2010, France's Ministry of the Interior and Immigration commissioned Thales to extend the deployment of the BioNET system for managing Schengen visa applications to include Algeria, Turkey and the United Kingdom. The TAME3S system from Thales ensures rapid, reliable capture of the applicant's personal details and biometric data (face, 4-4-2 fingerprints, signature) of visa applicants. Applications are transmitted using the secure TIDMS solution to ensure data integrity and confidentiality. In 2013, the system is being extended to other parts of North Africa, West Africa as well as South Africa and several countries in Asia and the Gulf region. The solution has been deployed to more than 15 countries to date, with 100 enrolment terminals already equipped.

Managing France's biometric acquisition system for secure e-documents In 2013, Thales signed a new contract with ANTS, France's national agency for secure identity documents and part of the Ministry of the Interior. The company will be working with Orange to provide through-life support for the biometric data acquisition system for French passports, as well as designing and delivering new acquisition systems for the country's future electronic national identity card. This new civil biometrics programme further strengthens Thales's leadership in the French identity management market. The biometric acquisition system currently comprises 4,400 data acquisition devices installed at local and

regional government offices in metropolitan France and the country's overseas departments and collectivities. These devices are used to take photographs, capture digital fingerprints and record the personal details of individuals applying for French passports. The throughlife support services contract includes commitments on the availability and quality of service of these biometric data acquisition systems.

Thales is the French market leader in civil biometrics, contributing to the four largest biometrics programmes undertaken by the government.


More than 300 million identity documents ID systems have a major role to play in a country's social and economic development (access to elections, employment, social services, etc.). With unique experience spanning all the key technologies required for ID management systems - sensors, networks and secure information systems - Thales has achieved global leadership in this field as a systems integrator and value-added service provider. Thales provides intelligent, fully integrated security solutions to meet the requirements of identity management systems around the world while protecting the personal data of citizens.

Market leader in civil biometrics in FRANCE Thales is a long-standing supplier of identity management systems, biometric systems and secure documents to the French authorities, with more than 30 years' experience supporting government programmes to deploy secure identity management systems. In the 1980s, Thales developed and supplied the first identity data acquisition systems and document production systems for French national identity cards and residency permits for foreign nationals. Building on this experience, Thales won a contract in 2006 to install the graphic and electronic personalisation system for France's new e-passports. In 2009, Thales designed and developed the AGDREF II national biometrics system to manage residency


status for foreign nationals, and continued its initial contract with AGDREF1 Bio in 2012. In 2010, Thales was commissioned to extend the deployment of the BioNET Schengen visa application system. Thales is continuing to consolidate its leadership in identity management solutions. In early 2013, the company was selected for France's biometric acquisition system for secure e-documents, including e-passports and the future electronic national identity card. Thales has supported the French State in these areas for more than 30 years

issued worldwide

Trusted partner of KENYA for nearly 20 years In 1995, Thales supplied a complete document production system for national identity cards, residence permits for foreign nationals and refugee cards. The system, delivered to the National Registration Bureau (NRB), has the capacity to produce up to 10 million cards a year. The project marked the beginning of a long-standing partnership with Thales, which has provided regular updates and enhancements to the original system. In 2004, Thales delivered a new biometric identification management system to replace the manual biometric system previously used. The Automated Fingerprint Identification System “AFIS” system was integrated with the existing secure production and management systems. The system makes it possible to issue secure identity documents and identify holders based on their fingerprints. A total of 15 million cards

have been produced to date with the new biometric ID system developed by Thales. In 2011, Kenya's immigration ministry awarded Thales a contract to upgrade the ID card production system in Nairobi. The new ID cards include a colour photo on a composite substrate with a lifetime of more than 10 years. They also include additional security features. Four million national identity cards have been produced on this composite substrate to date. The new card production system is also used for resident permits.. As a trusted partner of the Kenyan government, Thales is supporting the continuing development of the country's ID management system and helping to upgrade existing systems as new needs emerge.

End-to-end secure document issuance in CAMEROON for 20 years In 1994, Thales was awarded an initial contract by government of Cameroon (Délégation Générale de la Sûreté Nationale - DGSN) to install an end-to-end identity management solution incorporating enrolment, production, authentication and issuance of national identity cards and residence permits.

Thales has been operating in Cameroon for close to 20 years and has produced almost 20 million ID cards as well as 1 million residence permits. Thales is continuing to develop these systems and to stay abreast of the country's growing requirements.

In 2005, Thales was selected to supply a biometric recognition system based on the AFIS, a database containing the fingerprints of more than 8 million people. In 2008, Thales signed a new contract to upgrade the national identity card system. The new-generation ID document includes a colour photo of the holder as well as additional security features.


More than 300 million identity docume

Secure driving licenses for SOUTH AFRICA In 1998, Thales teamed with local partners to deploy the driving license management and issuance system for South Africa. The driving license includes biometric data about the holder in a two-dimensional bar code. Data is encrypted and electronically signed to guarantee confidentiality, integrity and authenticity. Operational

MOROCCO: the first national contactless smart ID card In 2007, Thales launched a ground-breaking project in Morocco to introduce the first biometric national identity card using contactless chips to provide maximum document security while guaranteeing citizens' privacy rights and protecting individual freedoms. The solution includes provision of national identity cards, software to control


since 1998, the system has an annual production capacity of 2 million driving licenses. In 2013, Thales continued to provide support and maintenance services.

the high-rate graphic personalisation stations used for secure printing of personal details, and electronic personalisation stations to load biometric data onto the chip. By 2013, more than 20 million cards had been produced using this innovative system.

nts issued worldwide

Identity cards and passports for the CZECH REPUBLIC In 2000, the national printing office of the Czech Republic (STC) selected Thales to introduce the country's national identity card and passport production system. The contract included setting up the personalisation lines for both types of document as

CWIC: a pilot project for the national ID card in the UNITED KINGDOM

In 2008, the British government awarded Thales a contract for the Critical Workers Identity Card project.

Latest-generation e-passports for UZBEKISTAN In 2010, Thales was awarded a contract with Oberthur Technologies to introduce a comprehensive e-passport management system for Uzbekistan's Ministries of Internal Affairs and Finance.

well as interfaces with the enrolment stations where citizens apply for new cards and passports. The automated document production system produced an annual average of 1.7 million identity cards and 1.5 million passports for the Czech Republic annually, and was in service until the end of 2011.

Under the contract with the Home Office, Thales was to supply the pilot system for the United Kingdom's future national identity card programme. The initial system was designed to issue identity cards for staff employed at critical infrastructure such as airports, and was intended as a pilot for the full-scale roll-out of the country's national ID card scheme. Thales installed 20 TAME3S enrolment stations in government offices around the country to acquire applicants' biometric data and personal details, and its TAMMIS identification solution was interfaced with the existing system. The set-up was used to produce 500,000 secure ID cards. The project was stopped following a change of government. By 2013, more than 4 million biometric passports had been issued throughout the country every year. The entire endto-end secure ID management solution was supplied by Thales.

Thales supplied 411 TAME3S data acquisition stations, including a number of mobile terminals, which were installed throughout Uzbekistan and in Uzbek embassies abroad. Thales also provided its TIDMS centralised workflow solution for managing passport applications and document production, as well as its TAMMIS, Thales’AFIS for biometric identification of applicants. Under this contract, 56 border control stations were equipped with the TBCS Thales Border Control System in 2013.


Biometric visas: a top priority Visas are issued in addition to passports to provide proof that the holder has been authorised to enter the country, and biometric visas are a key component of efforts by state authorities to manage migration flows. France's BioNET system for issuing biometric Schengen visas Thales was selected by the French Ministry of the Interior in 2010 to develop the BioNET system under a plan to outsource Schengen visa application processing. Thales manages enrolment of visa applicants and provides end-to-end security management for the system. Built on the TAME3S enrolment software platform, the solution is used to acquire the personal details and biometric data (face, 4-4-2 fingerprints) of visa applicants. It is interfaced with the TIDMS data management solution for secure transmission of visa applications with guaranteed data integrity and confidentiality.


The system is used to manage visa applications by nationals of the countries concerned, working in conjunction with the interior and foreign affairs ministries. The system was first deployed to French consulates in Algeria, the United Kingdom and Turkey. In 2013, the system is being extended to other parts of North Africa and West Africa as well as South Africa and several countries in Asia and the Gulf region.

The rise of border control solutions Responding to steady growth in traveller numbers and the emergence of new threats, governments have taken steps to automate border control procedures at airports as well as land and maritime ports of entry. Their key objective has been to ensure rapid authentication of travellers' identities to speed up border crossings while assuring high levels of reliability and security. Border control system for UZBEKISTAN In 2010, the government of Uzbekistan awarded Oberthur Technologies and Thales a contract to provide an e-passport management system . For this project, Thales provided the Ministry of the Interior and Foreign Affairs with TAME3S enrolment systems, the TIDMS central workflow system, the biometric passport issuance system and the TBCS Thales Border Crossing Solution, with interfaces in the four main languages used in Uzbekistan. By 2013, Thales had supplied all the components required to read data stored on the electronic chip embedded in the passport for authentication of individual

travellers. These components have been integrated with third-party legacy applications and deployed at the 56 ports of entry equipped with the TBCS Thales Border Crossing Solution. Approximately 20 fixed and mobile passport control stations have been installed at ports of entry to optimise authentication and improve flows of travellers entering or leaving the country. Thales has proposed border control solutions including the supply and management of a secure system based on a high-reliability, scalable infrastructure.


Thales, a market leader at the forefront of digital identity programmes around the world

Meeting a dual requirement Guaranteeing secure identity documents for citizens and addressing governments’ requirements as globalisation advances. Turnkey solutions A modular, scalable architecture. Unique expertise in secure document design and production. Biometrics know-how suited to civil requirements. Complete, interoperable, scalable systems Complete systems compatible with international standards and regulations International presence Thales has operations in more than 50 countries, with more than 25 identity management systems in service worldwide. Hundreds of millions of fingerprints managed and more than 300 million ID documents issued by Thales systems. Thales: a trusted partner for identity management and biometrics

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