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Mar 1, 2018 - Helpline Dashboard. UNHCR Jordan. Monthly Call Log. OVERVIEW. Distribution of Calls by Governorate. Answer

March 2018

Helpline Dashboard UNHCR Jordan

UNHCR Jordan has one of the largest refugee helplines in the world, answering nearly 150,000 calls per month. Since its inception in 2008, staff on the helpline have responded to over 1.7 million calls. The system uses Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, where automated information is delivered on key topics, while 14 dedicated staff are available for more complex and emergency calls. 160K 140K 120K 100K 80K 60K 40K 20K

The Rectification of Status campaign for regularising the status of informal and unregistered Syrian nationals in Jordan began on 4 March. A large number of calls to the Helpline in March were related to the campaign, with staff spending proportionately longer explaining the process; thus the total number of calls answered in March were slightly lower than the previous month.

Monthly Call Log Answered Lines full or caller hang up

Total calls in February 124,252 Answered calls 69%

Average call duration 01:06

Distribution of Calls by Governorate Irbid 20.1%

Ajloun 1.2% Jerash 1.1%

OVERVIEW Called once Called 2-3 times

17% 27%

Called 4-5 times


Called 6-10 times


Called 11-20 times Called > 20 times

12% 5%

87% 7% Iraq 3% Sudan 2% Yemen 1% Other

Balqa 4.1%


Amman 41.2%

Madaba 2.3% Karak 1.3% Tafileh 0.3%

69% 31% 4% 96%

Referred On the Spot

Mafraq 13.4%

Aqaba 0.7%

Zarqa 12.8%

Ma’an 1.5%