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PRESS RELEASE The RC Act - A Novel by Vince Taplin Retail Release Date: September 28, 2012 Heroine Press Publishing Addicting Books. Period.™ Office: 612-568-7373 Robbery has evolved. Agent Dominick Craig is tasked with using extreme measures to gain profits for the U.S. Treasury. Just how far would the government go to balance the economy? Would it rob from its own citizens? Would it put innocent people in harm’s way? Agent Craig devises an ingenious scheme using remotely operated, miniature vehicles (RCs) to rob banks, casinos, and commercial airlines. Corruption ignites when Craig partners with Senator Royce, who helps create and pass the RC Act. The operation was meticulous. The plan was perfect. Until the laundered money fell into unsuspecting hands. Decklin Marks, an average Joe from the heart of the Midwest, becomes an instant millionaire because of a flaw in Dominick Craig’s money-laundering scheme. How far would Decklin go to protect his family? How far would Craig go to balance the nation’s checkbook? In his newest novel, The RC Act (266PP, SC $16.00), Vince Taplin brilliantly answers the question: How far would we go? Taplin creates a novel that will have readers forever in the future questioning the news regarding decisions in our government. His characters are realistic: some loving, others menacing. Taplin writes with unsuspecting plot twists, creating a real pageturner. Readers will be begging for more books by this author.

The RC Act: Endorsement by Joyce M. Gilmour, Editing, TLC The RC Act, a novel by Vince Taplin, is a crime drama/thriller that will undoubtedly rise to the top of reading lists. Suspensefilled sequences throw surprises at every turn. Readers will enjoy both loved and hated characters. Many of us like to keep our eyes closed to the possibility of evil within our government agencies, but The RC Act leaves the reader questioning just what lengths would the government go to for financial gain? Editing TLC highly recommends The RC Act by Vince Taplin. Author Vince Taplin works as the Senior Account Manager for an inc500 company outside of Rochester, Minnesota. He www.HeroinePress.com

carries a strong background in law enforcement, public safety, security, and private investigations. In college, he studied criminal law, receiving a specialization in criminal law. Aside from public safety, Vince also studied business management, marketing, writing, and military history. He is currently working on the second novel in the “Act” series, titled: The Shatter Act. Heroine Press encourages you to take a trip to The RC Act website at www.TheRcAct.com. The website hosts an official trailer, an “about the author” section, a webstore, and many other useful links. Additional information can be found at www.HeroinePress.com. ISBN: 978-0-9859519-9-3 (softcover) ISBN: 978-0-9859519-8-6 (audiobook) ISBN: 978-0-9859519-8-6 (electronic copy) Library of Congress Control Number: 2012913929 To place orders for the book, contact: Heroine Press 632 East Center Street | Suite 27 | Rochester, MN 55904 Phone: 612-568-7373 [email protected] [email protected] www.HeroinePress.com www.TheRcAct.com To arrange a book signing or interview, contact Karen Stahl at [email protected] or for general questions, please email: [email protected] For a review copy of The RC Act, contact: Shane Woodbury, Heroine Press, [email protected] ###