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ambitious new guide to the arts and crafts of Scotland's ... call to action from the region's arts and craft makers (as



HIGHLAND ARTISTS ASKED TO STEP UP TO BE INCLUDED IN A UNIQUE NEW BOOK PROJECT NORTHWEST HIGHLANDS & ISLANDS: Hatchet Green Press (the independent ‘small press’ publisher based in the Northern Highlands) is to publish “a unique and ambitious new guide to the arts and crafts of Scotland’s Highlands & Islands” in 2019, and artists and craft makers are being asked to, come forward to register and be included, now! The book, titled NORTH-NORTHWEST is currently in the first phase of development, and its Editor, Ian McKay, has issued a call to action from the region’s arts and craft makers (as well as from galleries, exhibition venues, and other cultural sites) to compile a comprehensive listings section on a scale never before attempted. Says Ian McKay: “We have a registration form, accessed via www.hatchetgreen.com/register, where artists and makers can register their details. Our intention is not just to compile a complete guide to what is going on in the Northwest arts and craft scene, but also a guide on how to access it. It’s not just about the ‘established name’s but ‘emerging talent’, too – a truly comprehensive survey.” AMONG THE BOOK’S CONTENTS WILL BE: Contemporary Artist/Maker Profiles and Features. Contextual Essays by Leading Writers and Critics. Interviews with Selected Artists & Makers. Regional Maps & Guides on where to see their work. An Extensive Listings Section with contact details for Painters, Sculptors, Craft Makers, Open Studios, Galleries, Museums, Arts Centres & Venues, plus other key sites of cultural interest. A ‘Further Reading’ section + High Quality Images showcasing the best work.

Due Spring 2019 Publication details being announced soon Press information and images Ian McKay | [email protected] Ian McKay Hatchet Green Press Tongue Post Office Tongue (via Lairg) IV27 4XF Cell: 07555 613898 Desk: 01847 611775 Web: www.hatchetgreen.com Twitter: @hatchetgreen

“We are viewing this publication as a long-term commitment to the arts scene of the region,” says Ian McKay, “and over time it may well become an important historical record.” NOTES FOR EDITORS:

HATCHET GREEN PRESS has previously published books on the arts, the environment, and social history. IAN McKAY (b. 1962) is a writer and art critic, with a keen interest in promoting the visual arts and crafts of the far Northern Highlands. For over 25 years, he worked as a senior lecturer in cultural studies, and has been writing on the arts and crafts since the mid1980s, His work has appeared in over thirty countries worldwide.

TO BE INCLUDED IN THE BOOK’S LISTINGS SECTION artists and craftspeople should log on now, and register at https://hatchetgreen.com/register. Following registration, they will be contacted for further details. AN ALL INCLUSIVE PROJECT: The idea is not to showcase the ‘select few’, but to reveal ‘the sheer diversity of the art and craft scene of the Highlands & Islands, with particular emphasis on the remotest locations that typically receive the least attention. If the book is a success, it will be published biannually to maintain an up to date record of artists, craftmakers, culture contacts, and exhibiting venues across the Northern Highlands.

THE COVER OF THE BOOK – shows work by Skye-based artist Helena Emmans (www.helenaemmansart.com).