Holy Spirit Catholic Church

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5 days ago ... Bulletin Deadline: (Inserts & Articles) .... CATHOLIC RELIEF SERVICES: A special collection will be taken next ... tend the Shadow Stations, prayerfully presented by our Confirmation stu- .... [email protected].
Holy Spirit Catholic Church 245 2 45 W West e st P Pine ine S Street tre reet Palmyra, P almyra, PA PA 17078 17078

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Phone: P hone: 7 717 17-8 838 38-3 3369 369

Fax: F ax: 7 717 17-8 838 38-3 3065 065

Fr. F r. Anthony Anthony D Dill, ill, P Pastor astor Twenty Tw T wenty-F Fourth ourth Sunday Suun S unday iinn O Ordinary rdina nary T Time i me Mass Schedule

S September epte tembe ber 17, 17, 2017 2017


Saturday Vigil: 4:00pm Sunday Masses: 8:30am & 11:00am Daily Mass: 9:00am Monday, Thursday, & Friday 6:30pm Wednesday Holy Days: Vigil 6:30pm Day of: 9:00am & 6:30pm Confessions: Saturday 3:00-3:30pm Wednesday 7:00-7:30pm (or by appointment) Perpetual Adoration Chapel: We welcome your visits. Please park & enter at the West end. Regular Adorers and Substitutes always invited. Bart Kaminski: Adoration Coordinator, 838-3369, Ext 3

To Learn More about the Catholic faith (RCIA), please call the office. Marriage Preparation: Couples planning for the Sacrament of Matrimony should make an appointment one year prior to the wedding.

Baptism: The Sacrament of Baptism is held monthly. Please sign up for the preparation class in your second trimester of pregnancy.

Sponsor Forms: Certificates to be a sponsor for Baptism or Confirmation can only be given to one who is a registered and practicing member of the Parish.

Pastor: Father Anthony Dill [email protected], Ext 7 Finance Manager: Janet Parks [email protected], Ext 6 Maintenance & Facilities: Chris Wood [email protected] Religious Education: Daniel Colón [email protected], Ext 5 Parish Secretary: Lori Jasper [email protected], Ext 9 Parish Data/PREP Secretary: Connie Egenrieder [email protected] Choir Director/Organist: Richard Druby 717-533-5406 Sacristan: Marie Morton Office Hours: Monday 9:00am-5:30pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:00am-3:00pm Wednesday evening: 6:00pm-7:30pm Sunday: 9:30am-12:30pm Closed Friday & Saturday Bulletin Deadline: Three weeks prior to publication. Please use the forms on our website for all bulletin inserts, blurbs, or facility requests. Sick Calls: By law, hospitals and care facilities are prevented from notifying us of admissions or status changes. Contact the office to request visits and/or Communion calls.

Our Mission To seek to know the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ; to celebrate together as a Catholic family of faith; and to share our gifts and talents in loving service to others.

The Church of the Holy Spirit Palmyra, PA

Build up the Body of Christ, as a priest, sister or brother! y 657-4804,, x282. Call Fr Brian Wayne

Message From Father Anthony: This weekend we celebrate Catechetical Sunday, which allows us to emphasize the privilege and duty of each baptized person to witness to the gospel and hand on our faith. I want to look at the catechesis of Pope Francis, who has used much of his papacy to catechize about mercy. Our Pope, through his actions and words, repeatedly demands that we reevaluate our understanding of how we receive and show mercy; he even uses his papal motto as a form of catechesis: Miserando atque eligendo. This motto roughly translates to, “receiving needed mercy yet still chosen”. The phrase is originally in reference to Jesus calling St. Matthew to be an apostle despite being a tax collector. Subsequently for Pope Francis it is used in reference to God using him, despite his own need for mercy. WE ELCOME TO HOLY SPIRIT! Our parish family invites all of its members to participate fully in our spiritual and social life. New to the area? Welcome! Blue Registration Forms are available in the Narthex and parish office. Mark your calendar! Holy Spirit is having a MINISTRY FAIR the weekend of Sept 30/Oct 1. Look for a letter in the mail with the details soon. 7TH GRADE STUDENT & PARENT MEETING: There will be a meeting for 7th grade students and their parents this Sunday at 6pm in the Church. This is an important meeting! ALL 7th grade students and at least one parent or guardian MUST attend. CONFIRMATION CANDIDATES (9th Grade) will meet this Sunday afternoon from 4:00-5:30pm for interviews. All candidates MUST attend. Thank you for your generous support in last week’s Peter’s Pence Collection! Our contributions will be combined with those from our brothers and sisters around the world to help Pope Francis provide essential relief to people in need. If you missed the collection, it is not too late to give. Visit www.usccb.org/nationalcollections and click on “How to Give” on the left. Next week there will be a second collection for RELIGIOUS EDUCATION. Please give generously in support of our parish’s educational programs. RCIA INQUIRY SESSIONS: Our inquiry sessions have just begun, but we are still waiting for YOU! Are you searching for a deeper relationship with God? A sense of belonging in a faith community? A greater fulfillment of your mission in life? It is not too late to join us on Wednesdays at 7:00pm! You do not have to journey alone. If you, a friend, or family is interested in joining the Catholic Church or would like to find out more about Catholic beliefs and practices, please call the church office at 717-838-3369, or call Josette Houri at 717-838-4982. DIOCESAN WOMEN’S CONFERENCE: The 3rd Annual Diocesan Women’s Conference will be held Saturday, Oct 14, 2017, at Bishop McDevitt High School. The theme is “Lead All Souls to Heaven”: Mary’s Message to Us from Fatima and includes keynote speaker Susan Brinkmann, workshops, Mass with Bishop Gainer, and much more. Register online at www.hbgdiocese.org/women. Brochures for paper registration are also available in the Narthex and online.

From the ADORATION CHAPEL: Jesus Himself said, “His Heart in the Blessed Sacrament is a fountain flowing with living waters" and cried out for everyone to come to Him. (Jn 7:38) Each time we come to Him we are sanctified. Only when we drink of the living waters are we able to grow in love for Jesus and receive the strength necessary to become a true disciple for Him and witness this love to others. St. Teresa of Calcutta said: Jesus has made Himself the bread of life to give us life. Night and day, He is there. If you really want to grow in love, come back to that hour of adoration. Contact Bart Kaminski at 717-838-3369, x3. God Bless!

Tithing: God’s Plan For Giving Sunday Offering 9/3 Online Sunday 8/27 Missionary Co-op Hurricane Harvey Noah’s Buddies

$10,040 $ 1,255 $ 150 $ 6,630 $ 21


Sunday Offering 9/10 $ 7,292 Online Sunday 9/3 $ 1,100 Hurricane Harvey $ 305 Peter’s Pence $ 1,850 Noah’s Buddies $ 29.31 From The Noah’s Buddies Envelopes: ”I behaved in school for my teacher.” Debt Collection: Debt on the New Church Pledge 8/27 & 9/3 Non-Pledge 8/27 & 9/3 Balance on Debt \

$ 500,424 $ 160 $ 2,907 $ 497,357 ,

Thank T Th haan nk you yyo ou for for your fo yyo our ur ggenerosity! en ener neerros ossititityy!! Holy H oly Spirit now offers ONLINE GIVING GIVING! G! You can use a credit card or your checking account to make your Sunday donations. Find out more by visiting our website: HolySpiritPalmyra.com and click the Online Giving link.

The Church of the Holy Spirit is a parish of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg 717-657-4804 www.hbgdiocese.org 4800 Union Deposit Road Harrisburg, PA 17111


Saturday, Sept 16 (4:00pm) † Leon Fulginiti (Leo, Angela, Kate, & Thomas Fulginiti)

Sunday, Sept 17 (8:30, 11:00am) For the People of the Parish † Monica Petrino (Janet, Bob, Alicia, & Chris Parks)

Monday, Sept 18 (9:00am) † Tom Binner (Janet Binner)

Tuesday, Sept 19 No Mass

Wednesday, Sept 20 (6:30pm) † Leonardo de la Cruz (The Saplala Family)

Thursday, Sept 21 (9:00am) † Sarah Schappell (George Pichini)

Friday, Sept 22 (9:00am) † Remedios de la Cruz (The Saplala Family)

Saturday, Sept 23 (4:00pm) For the People of the Parish

Sunday, Sept 24 (8:30, 11:00am) † Lucy Blantz (Carol Evans & Family) † James E. Wible (His wife, Norma) Holy Spirit Page 2

Please Consider Remembering Holy Spirit Church Your “Last Will And Testament”

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time September 17, 2017

A AHEAD A LOOK LOOK AHEAD are listed Scheduled Masses Scheduled on theMasses front cover are listed unless onotherwise the front cover noted:unless otherwise noted.

Sunday, Palm Sunday, Sept 17 Apr 9 Monday, Apr Sept10 18 Apr 11 Tuesday, Sept 19 20 Wednesday, Sept Apr 12 Thursday, Apr Sept13 21 Friday, Sept Apr 14 22 Saturday, Sept Apr 15 23 Sunday, Apr Sept16 24

8:00am Mass, 9:15am 8:30am 9:30am PREP, Parish Council, 11:00am10:30am Mass, 12:00 RCIAnoon Candidate Baptism, Reception 2:00 Oblates, Mass,4pm 6:00pm 9th Gr Seder Interviews, Service, 6pm No6th PREP & 7th Classes Gr PREP

5:30pm Chrism Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral 9:00am Mass 9:30am Senior 10:00am Legion Mary, 7:00pm Untold Blessing, 7pm Cenacle, 7pm Folk Choir No Mass, 10:15am LegionSpirit, of Mary, 7:00pm Folk of Choir, 7:00pm Cenacle 6:30pm 9:00am Mass, 4:00pm 7:00pm Sparks Confessions, Choir,7:00pm 7:00pmRCIA RCIA Holy Thursday 9:00am Mass, 7:00pm 6:30pmSunday The Lord’s Choir Supper, 8pm Exposition in Adoration Chapel Good Friday 9:00am Mass 2pm Solemn Commemoration of the Passion of the Lord Holy Saturday 3:00pm Confessions, 8:00pm 4:00pm EasterMass Vigil Mass (Note: There is NO 4pm Mass today!) Easter Sunday 9 & 11am Mass (Note special PREP Classes 8:30am Mass, 9:30am PREP, 11:00am Mass,Mass 12:00times!), noon No Baptisms, 6:00pm 6th & 8th Grade PREP

Scripture Readings: Week of Sept 17, 2017 Sunday Sir 27:30 -28:9; Rom 14:7-9; Mt 18:21-35 Monday 1 Tm 2:1-8; Lk 7:1-10 Tuesday 1 Tm 3:1-13; Lk 7:11-17 Wednesday 1 Tm 3:14-16; Lk 7:31-35 Thursday Eph 4:1-7, 11-13; Mt 9:9-13 Friday 1 Tm 6:2-12; Lk 8:1-3 Saturday 1 Tm 6:13-16; Lk 8:4-15 Sunday Is 55:6-9; Phil 1:20-24, 27; Mt 20:1-16

MINISTRIES Saturday, Sept 23 (4:00pm) John Zemba, Tom Coleman, Ed Ejike, Gabi Terrill, Kathie Bertrand Beth Valentine, Anthony Lubbers Rebecca Kennelly

Sunday, Sept 24 (8:30am) Maripat Wehman, Marie Morton, Doris Witmer, Carol Forsyth, David Wanner Hannah Gorrell, John Migash, Victor Wanner Rebecca Luckenbaugh

Sunday, Sept 24 (11:00am) Jeanne Lantzy, Harry Poland, Lisa Haus, Jorge Reyes, Bing Saplala Rachel & Reagan Bates, Jack Francis Brenda Poland The Sanctuary Candle Burns In Loving Memory of Harry Lacey From Julia Citsay

This Week is Food Collection for Caring Cupboard SPECIAL THANKS to our Bulletin SPONSOR: Pennsylvania CatholicMatch.com/datePA Be sure to thank them by using their services! Holy Spirit Page 3

With joy and thanks to God, we baptized Dawes Winston Swanson, child of Douglas and Lauren Swanson, on Sunday, September 10. WHY BE CATHOLIC? Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio, Director of the Crossroads Initiative, will present three evenings to remember why we love being Catholic! The presentations will be held at 6:00pm at St. Theresa Church, 1300 Bridge St, New Cumberland. Sept 17: Why Be Catholic?, Sept. 18: Who Needs Confession?, and Sept. 19: Getting More Out of the Mass. For more information, visit dritaly.com or www.crossroadsinitiative.com. The KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS is sponsoring a Soccer Challenge open to all boys and girls ages 9 to 14 on Sunday, Sept 24, at Palmyra High School starting at 1:00pm. Contestants will make a series of penalty kicks into designated scoring zones into a regulation size goal. High scorer in each age group for boys and girls will advance to the next round of competition and receive an award. Entry forms may be picked up at the church office or in the narthex and returned at the time and place of the event. For more information, contact Steve Kristich at 717-507-2744. MARRIAGE ANNULMENTS: The Tribunal of the Diocese of Harrisburg will hold its final presentation within the diocese concerning marriage, divorce and annulment according to Church teaching, Sept 25 – St. Philip, Millersville, at 7pm. Fr Anthony Dill will be the presenter. This presentation will be helpful for divorced Catholics, those divorced who wish to marry Catholics, those parish leaders involved in the RCIA process, and any others who may have a vested interest because of family or friends. No prior registration is required. For further information, please call 717-657-4804, x304, or email [email protected]. LEFT TO TELL…A Story of Faith, Hope and Forgiveness: Hiding in a tiny bathroom with seven other women as machete-wielding killers hunted for her, Rwandan genocide survivor Immaculee Ilibagiza experienced a terror few can imagine. Do not miss this award-winning author’s inspirational story of faith, hope and forgiveness. Sept 27 & 28 at 7pm (same program each night). Doors open at 6pm. Seven Sorrows of the BVM Church, 280 N Race St, Middletown. For information, call 717-944-3133 or visit www.ssbvm.org. 90th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION of St. Joan of Arc School! You are invited to a celebration on Sunday, Oct 8, beginning with 12:00 noon Mass and followed by a buffet lunch at the school. Price per person is $30, children $15. Please RSVP online at http://school.stjoanhershey.org/ alumni.html or call Deb Rizzotto at 717-533-2854. St. Joan of Arc CYO Basketball registration is open for the 2017/2018 Basketball season. Please see the St. Joan of Arc CYO website located at http://school.stjoanhershey.org/ cyo-basketball.html for more information.


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