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74. DECEMBER 2013. HUDSONMOD. PRICELESS Look for Giorgio Armani's complete compact for face, eyes and lips that features a weightless powder, satin  ...

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he holidays—and all its pomp and circumstance—are upon us and looking great is everything. This is the season to let your inner (ice) princess out for a spell and that begins by hydrating your skin, hands and hair. The winter chill is a monster for anti-aging enthusiasts. Don’t I know it. As the sporting world turns its focus to the Winter Olympics in a couple of months, you, too, should go for the gold—Omorovicza. The

core of this brand’s philosophy is something called Hydro Mineral Transference. Essentially, it’s Hungarian cures that transform ancient healing mineral waters, science and dermal penetration that empowers genuine healing. Can’t get to Omorovicza’s renowned medieval Racz Spa springs? Then use its Deep Cleansing Mask or unique Thermal Cleansing Balm with Moor mud, sweet almond oil and orange blossom. Then tone or refresh throughout the day with Queen of Hungary Mist. The company’s Copper Peel is a foaming two-phase peel (truly awesome), combining a blue copper paste and a lactic acid activator. The entire moisturizer line is top shelf, but Instant Plumping Cream provides overnight success—literally.; Neiman Marcus, The Mall at Short Hills The Aussies have done it again. If you like your existing skincare brand, yet want to seriously amplify your results, then ASAP Skincare can show you the actual vitamin ABCs of it. Be your own mixologist to attack specific spots, lines and sagging with ASAP’s full-strength serums (A+B+C) and hydrators—the range is concise. GOLD NIGHT DROPS The ultimate rewind night treatment with Vitamins A and C, gold ferment and Omega 6 Ceramides.




PRICELESS Look for Giorgio Armani’s complete compact for face, eyes and lips that features a weightless powder, satin eye shadows and sheer matte holiday lip wax.

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Get a handle on adult acne or breakouts prior to your holiday soirees. Doctors are swapping medication for light therapy. clearclinic. com Red for scars, blue for acne. I was genuinely amazed. Become your own outpatient with your own device.

TIP: If your face is bacteriasensitive, find a spot in your bathroom for a roll of paper towels—using a cloth face towel repeatedly may not be the best choice.

Don’t miss this! Your very own lipstick shade can now be yours by customizing your own blend at SoHo-based lab. This is an absolute must (but don’t tell your girlfriends about it).

What’s all the rage in the world of supplements, you ask? PürBlack Shilajit Resin from Siberia naturally assists your body reach its maximum genetic potential while acting as a supreme healing substance. Just fascinating. — MARCO MEDRANO