Indy - Westlock Elementary School

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Eb. F#. Each branch a part of a part of me. Bb (riff 3). This is my tree. F. Bb Eb Bb F. And Its a .... Hey there Delilah, What's it like in New York City? D. F#m.
Indiana Jones Grandpa: My name is Jacob. Some people called me Dr. Jones. I’m Indiana’s grandfather. She is strong, beautiful and intelligent, but sometimes she forgets that. We used to play hide and seek, collect stones from the river and climbs trees all summer long. But somewhere between nap time and grade 5 she began to feel a little insecure. She spent less time looking for bugs and animal tracks and more time looking for pimples and nail polish. She started worrying about her skin, her weight, and her friends. The truth is that from the day she was born even her parents knew how perfect she was. I wanted to tell her myself, but I ran out of time.

Whispered Lullaby He passed away. All alone on a stormy Tuesday night. He broke her heart. And she spent a whole year trying to forget. She tried to sleep the pain away, a little at a time. But she never could get tired enough to get him off her mind. Until that night. She put his picture in her hands and said a prayer And finally found a happy memory. Life is short but Indy’s heart was bigger And she found the strength to get up off her knees. They found his picture sitting on her pillow With a note that said “I love you Grandpa Jones”. And when they buried him beneath the willows An angel sang a Whispered Lullaby

Scene RED 01 SLEEp Pa: Indy? Are you asleep? Indy: Nope, not yet. I’m still having trouble falling asleep. Pa: You miss your grandfather, hey? Indy: I do. I spent so much time with him. Pa: I bet everything reminds you of him. It’s hard when you lose someone special. Indy: I remember how he used to fall asleep on the couch. He sounded like a pig in a cabbage patch. Pa: Or when he used to have a parade of campers behind him because he was driving so slow. Indy: And how he always smelled like a hospital. Pa: He had a great sense of humour though. He used to pretend to fall asleep with his walker in the middle of an intersection. Indy: I know. People would be honking for blocks. It was hilarious. Pa: And he tried doing everything. Indy: Sky diving, extreme kick boxing, hippo wrestling… not bad for an eighty five year old man. Pa: His motto was “You’re never too old to hurt yourself trying something new.” Indy: I think playing dodgeball with coconuts was going a little far. Pa: I can’t believe he talked the entire long term care to play. Some of those grandmas were in bed for a week. Indy: How did Grandpa and Grandma meet? Pa: Grandma was able to get his attention any time she wanted. Indy: By muting the TV? Pa: Sometimes. By most of the time it was with her smile. And her voice. Indy: Is that why Grandpa wears a hearing aid? Pa: Maybe. I guess you could say Grandma was a lot more verbal than Grandpa. They did have a special connection though.

Indy: Is that why Grandpa could tell when Grandma’s family was coming over by the pain in his left hip? Pa: I think he had a special connection with all his family. He had a special place in his heart for you. Indy: Do you really think so? Pa: I know so. He left you something. It’s a letter. Indy: What does it say? Start at the face of a mountain. Walk once with the light To the water of fire. Look from above And follow the tracks To the quiet halls. Of stone and wood It’s beneath a single board. Indy: Grandpa left me a treasure? Pa: If you can find it. Looks like you are going to have a big day tomorrow. You’d better get some sleep.

Beautiful Tree Bb (riff 1) Bent or broken Its the family tree Bent or broken Its the family tree Bb (riff 2) Eb F# Each branch a part of a part of me Bb (riff 3) This is my tree F Bb Eb Bb F And Its a beautiful tree

Scene RED 02 cLASS Teacher: Remember class, tomorrow we have our field trip. Montana: Where are we going again? Teacher: The Rocky Mountains. Montana: Aren’t those in British Columbia? Brother: Some are in British Columbia, But we’re going to the Alberta ones. Montana: What’s the capital city of BC, anyway? Teacher: It’s on the island. Montana: What island? Teacher: Vancouver Island. Montana: Oh, so it’s Vancouver. Vancouver is the capital city? Teacher: Victoria. It’s Victoria. Montana: There’s a Victoria Island now? Teacher: No it’s Vancouver Island. The capital city is Victoria. Montana: Where’s Vancouver then? Teacher: Not on the island. Montana: Why would someone put Victoria on Vancouver island and Vancouver off Vancouver island? Teacher: It’s a secret. Brother: Victoria’s Secret. Teacher: OK, take out your spelling books. First word: “rough” The water looks quite rough today. Brother: Oh, I know this one. It rhymes with stuff. Montana: That doesn’t look right. Teacher: Next word: though …. Even though she was lost, she wasn’t scared. Brother: Rhymes with “snow”. Montana: I don’t think this is right. Teacher: “Slough” We got our quad stuck in the slough Brother: Rhymes with “grew”. Montana: OK. Miss Wormswood. I don’t think I understand spelling. You remember what you told us about spelling words we don’t know?

Teacher: You look it up in the dictionary. Montana: Yeah, and I spent forty five minutes trying to find “knife”. Who knew there was a “k” in front of it? Brother: I googled it and found it in point two seconds. Montana: That’s the other thing. I can’t use a computer either. It takes me forever. Teacher: What do you mean? Montana: Who put the letters on the keyboard? It’s like someone sneezed them on there. What’s a QWERTY anyways? Brother: Isn’t that the little dude who jumps on blocks? Teacher: That’s Q-bert. OK, time to go. Somebody wake up Indianna. Don’t forget sunscreen tomorrow. It’s going to be hot. It’s Friday

D G D There's a place in school where we all hang out D A Where the grade six girls go and the boys get loud D G Bm When the whistle blows we make quite the crowd D A D We all play dodgeball on Friday From the halls in Halifax to Calgary From the east coast to Alberta Beach And every little town here in between We all play dodgeball on Friday Chorus: G D G A And the game plays no head shots allowed Bm G A The craft club’s yelling but our song is too loud D G Bm A come a Monday morning I will atone D A D But today ain't Monday it's Friday

Scene RED 03 weather Ranger: Looks like it’s going to be a nice day. Police: Well, You know what they say… Red sky in the morning, … ummmm sailors … ummm …. Corning? Ranger: Corning? I don’t think “corning” is a word. Police: The host used Corningware for supper. It’s dishes you use for corn. Ranger: What are you doing here, anyway? Don’t you have “police” things to do? Police: We had some bear sightings out here. Ranger: Aren’t you a little scared to be out here then? Police: When I was in grade five, I was the fastest one in my class. Ranger: There’s no way you can outrun a bear. A black bear can run up to …. Police: I don’t have to outrun the bear. I just have to outrun you. Ranger: That’s not funny. You know when we were kids and I got mad at you? Police: Yeah, you used to run into me with your bike. Ranger: Well, now I drive a truck. Big one… 4 wheel drive. Police: OK, ok. So you have a field trip coming in today? Ranger: Yep. The grade 5’s from Westlock Elementary. Police: You think that’s a good idea? Ranger: What do you mean? It’s the perfect time of year. Leaves are changing colour. The weather is hot and dry. Police: You’re taking slow elementary kids out into bear country when there’s no food for them. Ranger: What do you mean slow? Police: Come on, some of those boys run like they are wearing snowshoes. Ranger: Not to worry. I always bring back most of the kids safely. Police: Most?! What do you mean “most” of the kids? Ranger: Last year out of 24 kids I brought back ninety two percent. That’s pretty good.

Police: You lost two kids?! Ranger: Ninety two percent. If I was in class, I would be an honour student. Police: I can’t believe you lost two kids. Ranger: I didn’t lose them. They showed up eventually. I called it the “Wilderness Survival Experience”. Police: And you still have a job here? Ranger: So, anyhoo, you were the fastest in your class huh? Police: Yep. I also got perfect attendance and I was the class valedictorian. Ranger: Wait a second. Weren’t you homeschooled. Police: Top science award. Top male athlete and Most Improved Student. Ranger: You were the only one in class. That doesn’t count. Airplanes Capo on 2nd Fret Em Can we pretend that airplanes G In the night sky C Am Are like shooting stars Em G C Am I could really use a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now) Em Can we pretend that airplanes G In the night sky C Am Are like shooting stars Em G C Am I could really use a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now) Em G C Am - Basically the same chords for the rest of the song

Scene BLUE 01

Field Trip

Ranger: Good morning grade 5’s. Welcome to the Jasper National Park. Teacher: These guys are really excited to be here. Ranger: Now before we get started, do we have any questions? Montana: Why is the word abbreviation so long? Ranger: Ummm, I mean questions about nature. Montana: How long can you walk east before you start heading west? Ranger: I mean about plants … or animals. Montana: Why does the Easter Bunny lay eggs? Chickens lay eggs, not bunnies. And where did Noah put those two woodpeckers on his ark? JUNIOR: If I’m a vegetarian, can I still eat animal crackers? Ranger: I mean about animals here, in the park. Montana: What do you do when you see an endangered animal eating an endangered plant? Ranger: OK, let’s just get started. Over my shoulders you can see the Rocky Mountains? Teacher: They go all the way into the United States. Ranger: Nope, they are only in Canada. Just like the beaver, the loon and the maple leaf. Teacher: I’m pretty sure they go all the way into the states, even into Mexico. Ranger: Did you want to give the tour? All right then. On this mountain you can see evergreen trees which are found all over the Cordillera region. Any tree that has needles stays green all year long. Montana: What about the tamarack? Ranger: The what? Teacher: It’s a tree that has needles which turn orange and fall off every fall. Ranger: Oh, a tomahawk tree. There aren’t any of those around for thousands of miles. Montana: It’s tamarack, and there’s one right there.

Ranger: You’re grounded. Now keep your eye out for any bears near the trails. Teacher: Bears? Oh my. Ranger: Not to worry. Let me share some interesting facts about bears with you. The polar bear who lives in the Canadian Arctic has white skin and fur. Teacher: Actually the polar bear’s skin is black and it’s fur is clear, it only appears to be white. Montana: So the white bear is black? Ranger: Black bears are black. All black bears have black fur. Teacher: Except the spirit bear. It is a black bear that has white fur. It’s a special albino bear. It lives near the Island. Montana: So the black bear is white? Is this another Victoria Secret thing? Ranger: You’re grounded too. Teacher: You can’t ground me, I’m a teacher. Montana: So, what colour of bear are we looking for? Ranger: We’ll take a break. If you need to use the washroom, now is a good time. Hey there Delilah INTRO D, F#m, D, F#m

VERSE 1 D F#m Hey there Delilah, What’s it like in New York City? D F#m I’m a thousand miles away, But girl tonight you look so pretty, Bm G A Bm Yes you do, Time Square can’t shine as bright as you, A I swear it’s true. CHORUS D Bm Oh it’s what you do to me, D Bm Oh it’s what you do to me, D What you do to me.

D Bm Oh it’s what you do to me, D Bm Oh it’s what you do to me,

SCENE BLUE 02 LOST Police: So kid, you ready to go back? Scout: You don’t know the way do you? Police: You’re a boy scout. Are you lost? Scout: Are you answering everything with another question? Police: This can’t be that hard. We should be able to tell which way is north by… ummm… Scout: Don’t you carry a compass with you? Police: I’m a police officer, not a Boy Scout. Scout: Maybe we should call the Boy Scouts. Police: Oh, hey there’s some signs over here. Scout: What do they say? It looks like they are written in Teletubby. Police: It’s Cree. A Native American language. Scout: Well. Can you read it? Police: I studied Cree in college. This one says (Suicide)Vulture Ridge is three kilometres that way. Scout: That doesn’t sound very reassuring. What about that one? Police: Black Widow(Murder) Crest is two kilometres east. Scout: What about that trail? It has flowers and cute little bunnies. Police: It says “Trail to Neverending Heartache and Disappointment” Scout: So, I guess we’re making our own trail? Police: I can’t believe it. We took ten steps and now we’re in the middle of Sweden. Scout: My scout leader says that we should stay where we are until help arrives. Police: Maybe we should build a fire. You get some dry wood. I’ll start with this grass. Scout: I have a magnifying glass in my pack. Did you want it? Police: No, I can see just fine. I’m not finding bugs. Scout: No I mean use it for the … ummm… Never mind. Hey! Chocolate Covered Almonds.

Police: Don’t touch them. There’s a lot of moose around here. Scout: No, seriously. I have some chocolate covered almonds in my pack. We are always doing some kind of fundraiser. Want one? Police: Oh, sure. Hey you have a everything in here: bandages, water, ukulele, Kleenex… is this a cell phone? Scout: Yeah, I always have it with just in case I need to call home. Police: I was ready to sleep out here in a birch bark sleeping bag and you have a cell phone. I can’t believe you have a cell phone. Scout: Hey, there’s our group. Thanks for taking me to the bathroom. Touch the sky

A5 D G D A When cold wind is-a calling, and the sky is clear and bright, Bm A G D A Misty mountains sing and beckon, lead me out into the light. Bm G I will ride; I will fly, D A Bm Chase the wind, and touch the sky. G I will fly, D A D Chase the wind, and touch the sky. D Na-na Na-na Na-na Na-na

G Na-na Na-na D Na Na Na-na D Na-na Na-na D Na Na Na-na

A Na G Na-na A Na

A D G Where dark woods hide secrets, D A and mountains are fierce and bold, Bm A G D A Deep waters hold reflections of times lost long a-go. D G D A I will heed every story, take hold of my own dream, Bm A G D A D Be as strong as the seas are stormy, and proud as an eagles scream.

SCENE BLUE 03 Bathroom Brother: So where’s the bathroom Indy: There’s one there, and there, and a nice scenic one over there. Brother: Those are trees. Pa: Not just any trees. Those are lodgepole pine trees. Indy: And guess what you use the leaves for? Brother: What if there’s a snake? Pa: There’s no snakes around here. Brother: There’s one right there. Indy: This one can’t hurt you. Watch. I’ll let it bite me and it won’t even leave a mark. See? Pa: Yep. That’s a ____ Indy: You want to try? Brother: Ok. (bites her arm) Indy: I meant let the snake bite you. Don’t you have to go to the bathroom? Brother: I changed my mind. The ranger said there’s moose, mountain sheep, squirrels and elk around here. Indy: So? Brother: What if they watch me? Indy: I think a squirrel has better things to do than watch you pee. Pa: That’s fine. We can just sit and take a look around. Look at that beautiful, clear lake. Indy: And that rushing waterfall. It’s like you can feel the water flowing. Pa: And that mountain stream. I love to listen to it flow and splash and splash…. Brother: OK. I have to go. I’ll be right back. If I’m not back in five minutes… just wait longer. Indy: Dad? Do you think the treasure is near here? Pa: It might be. There are a lot of mountains around.

Indy: I need to start at the face of a mountain. Maybe the face of a mountain means it looks like a face. What’s that mountain over there? Pa: It’s Pocahontas. I think you’ve found it. Indy: It does look like a face. Now I have to find the water of fire Pa: It could be gasoline, kerosene, diesel… Grandpa had firewater, but I don’t that’s appropriate for here. Indy Or it could be hot water. Like in a hot spring. Miette Hot Springs. Pa: You’re right. They are just beyond those ridges. Indy: And it would take about one day to walk there from Pocahontas . Pa: Once with the light. Just like the letter says. Brother: Pa, I’m hungry. Did we bring anything to eat? Indy: There tons of stuff to eat. There’s tree bark, wild rose petals and aloe leaves. They’re natural laxatives. Pa: There’s some berries right there. Indy: Be careful. Some wild animals mark their territory. Brother: What do you mean “mark their territory”? Indy: You just marked that tree. Brother: (spits out berries) Pa: We should make some noise while we’re out here. Indy: You mean the song? GUmmi bears

SCENE Green 01 climb Montana: Why are we walking up this mountain again? Scout: Indy thinks she knows where the treasure is. Montana: So…. Why are we walking up the mountain? Police: You’re her friend. That’s what good friends do.…. Montana: Couldn’t I just colour a picture for her instead. This is hard. Scout: No kidding. Look at all these people who are taking a break. Police: Be nice. They’re old and tired. Montana: How that’s stairmaster working out for you? Police: Montana. Be polite. They can hear you. Montana: Come on. We’ve been walking for what? About 3 minutes? Scout: At least they made it further than Mr. McKenna. Montana: So, are there any wolves out here? Police: Wolves? Oh goodness no. The cougars scared them off. Scout: Cougars? There are cougars out here? Police: I haven’t seen any in a few days. I think we’re ok. I’m pretty sure the Grizzlies scared them off. Montana: You don’t have kids, do you? Man, I’d hate to be in your daycare. Police: Don’t worry. You’ll be fine. Scout: What are we supposed to do if we see a bear? Police: I think you’re supposed to play dead. Montana: Why? So he can go, “Look! Free food. Didn’t even have to run.” Police: Relax, I brought a bear bell. We’ll just let it jingle while we walk. Montana: They have bells on the ice cream truck. Scout: Yeah, and look how fast kids swarm around that. Montana: A bear will be on me like a kindergarten (Swedish) kid on a fudgsicle.

Police: There’s nothing to worry about. People sleep outdoors here all the time. Montana: We call those people McNuggets. Police: If you take care of your campsite, clean up your garbage, don’t leave food out, you’ll be fine. Scout: I’ve got a wiener in my pocket. Maybe I should eat it before the bear smells it. Police: We’re almost there. See I told you I was a fast hiker. I was the fastest in my class. Scout: Weren’t you homeschooled and an only child. Police: Yeah, I was. Scout: Who did you play with? Police: We didn’t have neighbours so I played games like “hide”. Montana: You mean “hide and seek”. Police: No, just “hide”… or throw. Scout: You mean catch. Oh, I see what you mean. I’m sorry… Montana: Hey, I see it. I see what Indy was looking for. There it is. The old Miette Hot Springs. Police: Halls of Stone and wood. Scout: I though it sounded like it was angry birds. Montana: Let’s go tell her. The Cave Capo: 4th Fret Am C It's empty in the valley of your heart Am C The sun, it rises slowly as you walk Am Away from all the fears C G C And all the faults you've left behind C F C But I will hold on hope C F C And I won't let you choke F C G On the noose around your neck Am F C And I'll find strength in pain Am F C And I will change my ways F C G I'll know my name as it's called again

SCENE GREEN 02 Pool Indy: Look at this place. No one’s been here for years. Teacher: It’s still in good shape. You can still tell what the rooms looked like. Indy: It smells like rotten eggs. Park: Someone must have forget to tell everyone about the Easter Egg hunt. Teacher: It’s sulphur. Hot springs often have a strong sulphur, or rotten egg smell, because the water is heated underground by the earth. Park: Those eggs must be a hundred years old. Indy: Well, we better start looking. There are lots of rooms with lots of boards. Park: So we are looking for just one board? That’s what the letter says? Indy: Wait a minute. If it’s just one board, I know which one it has to be. Park: The invisible one? Teacher: How did you even get an interview for this job? Invisible one? Really? Indy: We are in Miette Hot Springs. Famous for it’s pool. And in this old hotel, the pool had one board. The diving board. I’ll be right back. Teacher: It was pretty amazing that her Grandfather did this for her. He showed her he believes she is intelligent, brave, not to mention determined. I wonder what he gave her. Park: I hope it’s not something lame like a note that says “Your treasure is LOVE”. Teacher: You know, this is why Santa has you on the naughty list. Indy: I found it. It says “to Indy, love Grandpa Jones: I knew you could do it.” Park: Well, what is it? What’s inside?

Teacher: OK, she’s not four years old on Christmas morning. Give her a second to take it in. This is a very special moment between a Grandfather and his favourite granddaughter. Indy: Oh wow. It’s a scholarship to any college or university I want to go to. For anything. Park: (scoffs) College? I didn’t go to college and I turned out just fine. Teacher: If you need any help applying, just let me know. Indy: I could be a doctor, an engineer, a hairdresser, a firefighter… I can be anything. Park: I believe that. You are an amazing girl. Indy: I want to get back and tell the others. Park: I guess it’s back to the cabin for another night of solitaire and Cut the Rope. Boulevarde of Dreams

Capo 1

E G I walk a lonely road D A E The only one I that have ever known G Don't know were it goes D A E But its home to me and I walk alone E G I walk this empty street D A E On the boulevard of broken dreams G Where the city sleeps D A E And I'm the only one and I walk alone D A G I walk alone I walk alone D A I walk alone I walk aChorus C G D A My shadows the only one that walks beside me C G D A My shallow hearts the only thing that's beating C G D A Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me C G D A Till then I'll walk alone

SCENE GREEN 02 Bedtime Brother: Dad, how come grandpa didn’t get me anything? Pa : Oh, he did, I have it right here. Brother: Really? What is it? Pa: He gave you a letter too. It’s a riddle. A father and his son were in a hiking accident. The ambulance took them both to the hospital. While the father was being treated in one room a doctor came into to the other room to do surgery on the boy. Suddenly the doctor said, “I can’t operate on this child. He is my son.” Brother: Wow. Pa: Why would the doctor say such a thing? Brother: Because he just woke up and wasn’t thinking straight? Pa: Good guess. Brother: That’s what my grade five teacher always says. It means I got it wrong. OK, ummm. He was completely blind? Pa: And able to operate at a hospital? Brother: We he from Calgary? Pa: SHE was from Edmonton. Brother: A woman can’t be a doctor… can she? Pa: Yep, women can be doctors, architects, firemen, even heavy duty mechanics. Brother: You’re kidding me. I’ve never heard of that. Pa: What do you mean? Dr. Coulson is your doctor. Mrs. Biro is a firefighter and Mrs. Goeller looks after our truck. Brother: I guess you’re right. Does that mean men can be nurses? Pa: Of course. Men make great nurses. Brother: This is a lot to take in tonight. Pa: Men can also be secretaries and hair dressers.

Brother: wasn’t he? Pa: Brother: tomorrow. Pa:

OK, that’s enough for now. Grandpa was pretty smart Dr. Jones? He sure was. I’m sure there’s a lesson here, but I’ll figure it out Good night.

ANgel Capo 3rd Fret Intro: C







(hammeron A|0-2 in the C chord)

Play the C/B chord like this C I’ve got an angel C/B Am She doesn’t wear any wings F Dm She wears a heart that compelled my own G C She wears a smile that can make me wanna sing C She gives me presents C/B Am Where the presents are loans F Dm She gives me everything I could wish for G C She gives me kisses on the lips just for coming home C She could make angels C/B Am I’ve seen it with my own eyes F Dm You gotta be careful when you got good luck G C Cause the angels will just keep on multiplying Dm G But you’re so busy changing the world Dm G Just one smile can change all of mine C We share the same soul C/B Am Oh oh oh oh oh ohhh C We Share the same soul F Oh oh oh oh oh ohhh G

(riff 1) Bb E | ---------------------------------------: B | ---------------------------------------: G | ---------------------------------------: D | ---------------------------------------: A | ---------4-5---------4-5---------------: E | -6-6---6-----6-6---6-----66---6--44-5--: (riff 2) Bb Eb F# E | -----------------------------------------------B | -----------------------------------------------G | -----------------------------------------------D | -----------------------------------------------A | ---------4-5---------4-5-6-6---6-4-6-----------E | -6-6---6-----6-6---6------------------2-2---2-2(riff 3) Bb F B Eb Bb F E | --------------------------------------------------------B | --------------------------------------------------------G | --------------------------------------------------------D | --------------------------------------------------------A | ---------4-5-------------------5---6-6---6-6-4-----4-5--E | -6-6---6-------1-1---1-4-5-6-6---6-----6-------6-6-----1(riff 4 - refrão) Bb F B Eb E | ----------------------------------------------B | ----------------------------------------------G | ----------------------------------------------D | ----------------------------------------------A | ---------4-5-------------------5---6-6---6-6-4E | -6-6---6-------1-1---1-4-5-6-6---6-----6------E B G D A E

| | | | | |

Bb F Bb Eb ---------------------:-----------------------------: ---------------------:-----------------------------: ---------------------:-----------------------------: ---------------------:-----------------------------: -----4-5-------------:--------5-5--5-6-6--6-7-7--8-: -6-6-----1-1---1-4-5-:-6-6--6----------------------: What a beautiful tree...