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We're looking for a new Executive Director to help take Inside Out to the next level. ... Maximize current sources of re

Inside  Out   Executive  Director     For  25  years,  Inside  Out  has  brought  LGBTQ  communities  together  in  celebration  of  the   best  queer  film  from  Canada  and  around  the  world.  Through  our  annual  Festivals  in   Toronto  and  Ottawa,  our  filmmaker  development  initiatives,  our  year-­‐round  events  and   screenings,  Inside  Out  challenges  attitudes  and  changes  lives  every  day.       Inside  Out  has  grown  to  produce  one  of  the  top  three  film  festivals  in  Toronto,  has  an   annual  operational  budget  of  over  $1  million,  and  has  a  talented,  professional  full-­‐time   staff  team  of  seven,  and  200  volunteers.     We’re  looking  for  a  new  Executive  Director  to  help  take  Inside  Out  to  the  next  level.     Are  you:     a  visionary  strategist  who  can   • Work  with  the  Board,  staff,  and  stakeholders  on  Inside  Out’s  strategic  plans,  and   drive  execution   • Bring  innovative  new  ideas  and  approaches  to  the  table  and  encourage  others  to   do  the  same   • Further  develop  high-­‐quality  film  experiences,  industry  development   programmes,  and  Inside  Out’s  commitment  to  culture  and  community     • Leverage  team  talent  to  maximize  audience,  industry,  and  community  impact   • Build  and  grow  the  Inside  Out  brand,  profile,  and  reputation     an  experienced  fundraiser  who  will   • Maximize  current  sources  of  revenue  and  attract  new  ones  to  support   programming  and  operations   • Develop  partnerships  and  close  deals  with  individual,  government,  and  corporate   supporters,  supported  by  a  strong  staff  team   • Nurture  a  culture  of  philanthropy  across  every  aspect  of  the  organization     passionate  about  storytelling  and  will   • Act  as  Inside  Out’s  principal  spokesperson  and  advocate,  tailoring  messaging  to   resonate  with  a  wide  variety  of  stakeholders   • Promote  storytelling  as  a  tool  for  empowerment,  education,  and  social  justice     an  effective  team  and  organizational  leader  who  will  be   • Responsible  for  fiscal  and  operational  management,  including  budgeting,   forecasting,  reporting,  project  management,  and  process  improvements  


  • •

A  motivating  manager  for  staff  and  volunteers,  inspiring  a  collaborative  culture   and  nurturing  individual  development  and  performance   And  will  work  closely  with  the  Board  and  its  Chair  to  ensure  sound  governance,   strong  engagement,  and  effective  leadership  

  with  these  qualifications,  skills,  and  qualities:   • Committed  to  the  LGBTQ  communities,  has  a  deep  understanding  of  its  complex   issues,  and  is  passionate  for  the  inclusion  of  marginalized  populations   • Strong  not-­‐for-­‐profit  experience  with  solid  business  acumen.  Experience  in  arts   and  culture  an  asset   • Experience  managing  a  professional  staff  team  and  overseeing  comparably  sized,   or  larger,  budget   • Results-­‐  and  relationships-­‐driven   • Reputation  for  ethics,  transparency,  and  accountability   • Lives  for  the  work  cycle  of  the  Festival  and  is  flexible  to  accommodate  evening   and/or  weekend  meetings  and  events   • Passionate  about  LGBTQ  cinema  and  arts     …and  excited  by  the  opportunity  to  leave  your  mark?  Then  Inside  Out  is  looking  for   you.     The  Board  of  Directors  is  seeking  qualified  applicants  and  hopes  to  fill  this  position  in   early  2016.     Interested  candidates  should  send  a  CV  detailing  relevant  education  and  experience,   accompanied  by  a  cover  letter  indicating  where  you  saw  the  posting  and  outlining  salary   expectations.  Please  send  as  a  single  pdf  document  and  do  not  imbed  cover  letter  in   body  of  email.  All  applications  should  be  emailed  in  strictest  confidence  to:   [email protected]  by  January  11,  2016.     Inside   Out  is  committed   to  access   and  equity,  which   includes   a   commitment  to   achieve   diversity   among   its  staff,  board   and   other   volunteers.     We   encourage   applicants   who   reflect   the   broad   diversity   of   the   LGBT   communities   and   communities   that   we   work   with,  in   particular  those   who   are   members   of   the   Aboriginal,   ethno-­‐racial   and  trans   communities.     We  thank  all  candidates  for  their  application  however  only  those  candidates  who  have   been  selected  will  be  contacted  for  an  interview.