Instructions for Practicum / OJT

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Attend Practicum/OJT Briefing/Orientations set by the Department ... Encode the details, which are fitted for your purpose in the Letter of Endorsement document ...

University of Santo Tomas College of Commerce and Business Administration Instructions for Practicum/OJT: 1. Attend Practicum/OJT Briefing/Orientations set by the Department Chairs/Practicum Coordinator: - 1st Orientation: December - to be done by the Department Chair - 2nd Orientation (Procedural): 2nd Week of January - to be done by the Practicum Coordinator 2. Download Practicum/OJT Guidelines„ and all OJT documents from UST Commerce Website ( 3 . Read and understand the said Practicum/OJT Guidelines and the use of the other OJT documents. 4 . Choose a reputable Company/Institution or a company endorsed by two faculty members belonging to your discipline where you would like to have your Practicum. 5 . Encode the details, which are fitted for your purpose in the Letter of Endorsement document (date, addressee's name with appropriate title, position in the company, Company/Institution name, complete address). 6 . Check the Practicum Bulletin Board re: Schedule of Practicum Endorsement signing, supporting documents required, maximum allowable deficiencies, etc. 7. Ask the Practicum Coordinator to sign the Endorsement Letter to the Company/Institution. Practicum Coordinator's Office is located at the Consultation/Coordinator's Room, 4th Floor, St. Raymund's Building (Commerce Building), near room 406. 8 . Once accepted, ask the official Company/Institution Representative to sign the Practicum Confirmation and Acceptance document. 9. Prepare the following supporting documents to the Practicum Confirmation and Acceptance document: Original Temporary Transcript of Records issued by the Registrar's Office, the signed Practicum Confirmation and Acceptance document, the Waiver Forms signed your parents/official guardian, valid Identification Card of parent showing his/her signature, signed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) if already available. 10. Photocopy all of the documents, mentioned above. (2 sets of photocopies - one for the Practicum Adviser who will be assigned to you and one set for your file) 11. Submit the original and one set of photocopied documents in 2 separate brown envelopes, which must be properly labeled, to the Practicum Coordinator (label as follows: Name, Section, Class Schedules (if enrolled), Contact phone numbers (landline/cellphone numbers) on the left hand side; Original or Photocopies on the right hand side). Deadline: ten (10) working days after the start of reporting at OJT/Practicum. Regular students of Financial Management, Business Economics, Human Resource Development Management and Marketing Management should have their practicum by April 30, those with deficiencies by the last week of May. 12. Check the Practicum Bulletin Board. Names of students with their assigned Practicum Adviser will be posted, when ready or wait for phone call/text message from Practicum Adviser 13 . Check the Practicum Bulletin Boards, from time to time, for new announcements. 14 . Record all your daily activities, citing lessons learned for the day. 15 . Ask Practicum Adviser for schedule of your consultation meetings with him/her. 16 . Prepare the final requirements enumerated in the Practicum/OJT Guidelines. 17 . Submit the final requirements to your Practicum Adviser on the set deadline end of May for all other majors.