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Intermag is the premier conference on all aspects of applied magnetism and ... Many other individuals contributed significantly to make the Conference a ...



Intermag Conference 2012 Conference Chair’s Foreword


HIS volume contains selected papers from the 2012 International Magnetics Conference, Intermag 2012, which was held on May 7–11, 2012 at the Vancouver Convention Center in the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC, Canada. This Conference is sponsored by the Magnetics Society of the IEEE. Intermag is the premier conference on all aspects of applied magnetism and this year’s conference was a very successful meeting with 1254 attendees from 46 countries representing 6 continents, and with 1378 presented papers, including 72 invited presentations. No meeting of this size can succeed without a lot of support from the scientific community. The 76 member Program Committee, led by the three Program Co-chairs, Pallavi Dhagat of Oregon State University in Corvallis, Claudia Felser of the Johannes-Gutenberg University in Mainz and MPI CPfS in Dresden, and Jian Shen of Fudan University in Shanghai, truly represented the global scientific community in magnetism and magnetic materials. I greatly appreciate their hard work and dedication and their outstanding job in handling the large number of submitted digests. They had to review over 1750 digests in a matter of a few days, and from these assembled a very attractive program of diverse and high-quality sessions and symposia. Many other individuals contributed significantly to make the Conference a success. I am particularly grateful to the members of the Management Committee; Mingzhong Wu and Matt Carey who ably handled Student Awards and Student Travel, respectively; Wendy Walker and Kaizhong Gao who put together a very attractive Exhibit; Erol Girt for taking good care of local matters and publicity, as well as his student Tommy McKinnon for the very nice Conference webpage. I would especially like to acknowledge our treasurer, Petru Andrei, who steered us through the budget process with a steady hand, all while awaiting the birth of his first child—congratulations! I also thank the Publication Chairman, Tom Thomson, and his team of Conference Editors for the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MAGNETICS for the very efficient way in which publication of conference-related manuscripts has been handled. Finally, no Intermag conference in recent history would have been successful without the experience, effort and all-around wizardry of Diane Melton and her colleagues from Widerkehr and Associates. I would like to dedicate the final paragraph to the memory of Doug Lavers, his long-standing contributions to Intermag, and, personally, his friendship and mentorship. Doug, you are being missed! Thank you all for making Intermag 2012 a memorable experience and an outstanding conference! JAN-ULRICH THIELE, General Chair Seagate Technology Fremont, CA USA

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