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Improve decisions with data. With Microsoft Power BI,. Cortana Intelligence, and Azure. Machine Learning built in,. Dyna

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Introducing: Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 to reduce costs and be a real enabler of business growth. By managing your customers as well as new sales leads effectively within a cloud-based environment that works with the rest of your business applications, you’ll be able to

delight clients, manage growth, protect data, and empower employees - wherever they work.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Tap into the Power of Dynamics 365 from Outlook Use the familiar Outlook interface to integrate core functionality from Dynamics 365 and connect Outlook contacts. Track Outlook emails to

any Dynamics 365 record type with a single click

Respond to emails with templates, sales resources and knowledge resources from Dynamics 365.

Update and create Dynamics 365 activities and other actions.

View related Dynamics 365 information when composing or reading an Outlook email.

Works with Outlook for desktop and Outlook web / mobile apps.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Focus On What Matters

Quickly create personalised views

Get real-time insight across all teams

that dynamically list the data you

and CRM processes including service,

need to work with

sales & marketing

Make quick inline edits from grid views

Easily interpret data using contextual

charts and drill down for further analysis

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Visualize Data in New Ways Improve decisions with data. With Microsoft Power BI,

Cortana Intelligence, and Azure Machine Learning built in, Dynamics 365 helps you turn big data into actionable plans.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Relationship Insights

Relationship Assistant notifies users about upcoming meetings and events

Cloud services and embedded artificial intelligence continually analyses Dynamics

365 data and Microsoft Exchange Online emails to present notifications that prompt action and increase productivity.

Alerts users to customers questions and potential new sales opportunities by analysing tracked emails.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Reach Your Goals Create individual and system dashboards, and share team displays with Dynamics 365 users

View insights about your business performance and track progress against key performance indicators

Real-time actionable insight

Nimble decision-making

Embed Power BI analytics

Drill-down dashboards Add charts and list views to Add interactive, real-time visualizations in Dynamics 365 with embedded Power BI dashboards and tiles

user defined dashboards

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Get a Complete View of Every Customer Unify and share complete customer data, across virtually any device to create engaging

interactions. Gain visibility into past and planned customer interactions and activities across marketing, sales and service teams.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Transform Business Processes

Follow guided processes to reach

Easy access to critical

successful outcomes supported by your

record data

business rules and best practices

Develop intelligent business processes using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help you target and win customers. Implement processes to facilitate natural tailored experiences that will keep clients for the long-term.

Collaboration and recent interactions at the forefront

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Connected Business Apps & Processes Microsoft Dynamics 365 individual apps work brilliantly on their own, or together. Tailor a solution to your unique needs and do even more using add-in applications from Appsource designed by Microsoft and its partners.






Lead Management

Case Management

Resource Management

Work Orders

General Ledger

Opportunity Manager

SLA Support

Project Contracts

Service Agreements

Purchase Orders

Pipeline Forecasting

Account Management

Project Planning

Schedule & Despatch

Sales Invoicing

Sales Automation

Service Automation

Resource Scheduling

Schedule Board

Bank Reconciliation

Quote Management

Customer Web Portals

Manage Work Hours

Inventory Management

Pricing & Discounting

Marketing Lists

Contract Management

Project Hours

Mobile Productivity

Job Management

Email Marketing

Service Analytics

Customer Billing

Connected Devices

Returns & Cancellations

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Do Business Anywhere Work and connect with your team from anywhere using virtually any mobile device. Free tablet and mobile apps are available with every Microsoft Dynamics 365 licence to increase productivity and make every second count! Get the benefits of a productive mobile team that can work together wherever they are.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Connect Marketing Automation Integrate Microsoft Dynamics with leading marketing automation tools including ClickDimensions and dotmailer. Empower marketers to generate and qualify high quality leads while enabling sales to prioritise the best leads and opportunities.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Manage Any Relationship & Business Process Microsoft Dynamics 365 pulls together all your business processes and familiar Microsoft Office 365 tools to help everyone be more productive and work efficiently using a single connected solution.

Listen Everywhere. Analyse Sentiment. Drive Engagement. Microsoft Social Engagement connects with Dynamics 365 putting powerful social tools in the hands of sales, marketing and service teams - helping you to gain insight into how people feel

about your business and proactively engage with with customers, fans and critics.

Field Service Automation Get the right person to the right place, at the right time, with the right skills and equipment. Ensure customer satisfaction and maximise field service resource productivity by fitting in more appointments.


Use principles from fantasy sports games to motivate users to do more. Any data track in Dynamics 365 can be used as the basis for individual and fantasy team based games that will increase productivity through user engagement and competition.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Connects Your Applications & Data Sources Built on an extensible platform with shared data and digital intelligence, Dynamics 365 gives you single view of your data - and a single platform for business growth.

with Accounting - access client order histories & financial details in Dynamics 365 & send completed orders for processing

with Websites - import new enquiry forms & create new lead records

with Web Tracking - identify which companies visit your website & track these clicks to uncover new prospects & increase online ROI

with Surveys - match customer satisfaction responses & other survey replies to contact records

with Document Libraries - connecting Dynamics 365 with the document management capabilities of Sharepoint and OneDrive

with Customer Portals - enabling clients to log service tasks online, check cases and make updates on-demand

+ Dynamics 365 integrates with many more applications & data sources

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Scalable Database Architecture

Simple tools to configure record forms, views, reports, workflow and security Supports Managed Solutions for Controlled Delivery Highly scalable platform, minimal need for custom coding

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Flexible Licensing Options Choose TEAM MEMBER licenses for users who only require light usage.

Or, choose a PLAN or APP to access the full capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Licence users with an individual Dynamics 365 APP that defines their role, e.g. Sales App.

Mix and match Dynamics 365 licenses with a combination of PLANS, APPS and TEAM MEMBERS to fit each user requirement.

DYNAMICS 365 PLANS INCLUDE Microsoft Social Engagement

Licence users with a PLAN to utilise

10GB Cloud Data Storage

functionality across all Dynamics 365 apps

Non-Production Licence

to fit specific role requirements.

Voice of the Customer Mobile Offline 1 x Web Portal

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Presentations

Demonstrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Teams [50:58]

Manage Service Cases in Microsoft

Self-service customer web portals

Microsoft Dynamics 365 App for

Dynamics 365 [2:04]

in Dynamics 365 [2:25]

Outlook [1:35]

Preact is a specialist Customer Relationship Management consultancy and a Microsoft CRM Gold Partner. Our business is built on enabling organisations to achieve outstanding success from CRM. With hundreds of successful

implementations under our belt since 1993 we would be delighted to discuss how Preact can help you implement Microsoft Dynamics 365. To get in touch phone us on

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