ION Update - Rapid Transit

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Construction to remove vegetation and build ... GrandLinq will begin to build the track and road crossings at Quiet ....
ION Update May 2015 LRT construction in Waterloo On Caroline, between Allen and Erb, work continues to ready the area for ION. This work involves relocating and upgrading the underground utilities and third party services. On Caroline from Willis Way to William, work is underway to relocate and upgrade the remaining underground utilities, such as watermain and stormwater. This work requires a temporary closure of the sidewalk adjacent to the South Parking Lot along Caroline from Willis Way to Alexandra. Signage is in place to help detour pedestrians. Work also began to relocate and upgrade the remaining underground utilities from Willis Way to Erb. Construction to remove vegetation and build the railway embankment along the CN railway tracks continues, from Northfield to King South. Crews are currently working from Weber towards Quiet Place and from Columbia to Bearinger. Weather-permitting, starting as early as May, GrandLinq will begin to build the track and road crossings at Quiet Place, Bearinger,

Columbia West, University Ring Road, University and Seagram. During this time, these road crossings will be closed for up to two weeks at a time. To stay updated on these closures, please keep in touch with

Crews work on the train wash facility at the OMSF on Dutton Drive. This is the facility where the ION trains will be stored and maintained.

Please note that the timing of all construction is subject to weather. Local access for emergency services, businesses and residences is maintained throughout construction.

LRT construction on King

or find out more on this video:

Work continues on King, from Union to Wellington, to accommodate the relocation and upgrading of underground utilities, such as watermain, stormwater and sanitary. GrandLinq continues to progress with the initial construction work which includes removing trees and brush from select areas, removing concrete and pavement from the roadway, and installing a temporary watermain. GrandLinq also began upgrading the sanitary system starting near King and Union progressing towards Green and on King and Wellington progressing towards Green. In order to reduce speed in the area, stop signs were placed at the following intersections: King West and Green, King West and the Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate Institute/Central Fresh Markets, and King West and Agnes. Traffic lights were decommissioned and covered up. We will monitor the traffic situation in the area. Student crossing signs will also be placed near the intersections. Traffic is one directional going northbound from Wellington to Green. In front of Grand River Hospital from Union to Green, two-way traffic will be maintained. For more information visit

Work progresses on King in Kitchener-Waterloo

LRT construction in Kitchener

Replacement of the underground water services at the Gaukel and Charles intersection has begun and will continue into May. Starting mid-May, GrandLinq will begin to relocate and upgrade the underground services starting at Gaukel and moving towards Victoria. Traffic will be one directional on some portions of Charles with traffic moving from Victoria to Benton.

Construction continues on Charles

Traffic is one directional going southbound from Benton to Borden and work continues on Charles to install the new watermain from Eby to Cameron. A work crew has also begun stripping asphalt on Charles from Borden heading towards Cameron. Work also continues on Charles, from Victoria to Benton, to accommodate the relocation and upgrading of underground services. Initial work includes staging traffic, removing trees and brush from select areas, removing concrete and pavement from the roadway and installing the temporary watermain.

Work began to upgrade and relocate underground utilities on Borden, from Courtland to the CN railway tracks in Kitchener is underway. Initial work includes staging traffic, removing tree and brush from select areas, removing concrete and pavement from the roadway, and installing the temporary watermain. Work also continues on Borden, from Charles to Courtland, to relocate and upgrade the remaining underground services.

ION LRT construction: Did you know?

Yes, we’re open!

Waterloo Region businesses are open during ION construction. Continue to support local businesses throughout ION construction. Building ION involves replacing ageing infrastructure, some of which is over 100 years old. This image shows some of the new infrastructure that's being put in place: storm and sanitary underground pipes on Charles in Downtown Kitchener.

ION aBRT construction Construction continues at the ION aBRT stops along Hespeler and the remaining work will require some rolling lane closures from time to time. Construction will be complete this summer ahead of service launch in September. ION aBRT is the first step towards bringing LRT to Cambridge. Watch for public information sessions later this year on the

transit project assessment process for Stage 2 LRT to Ainslie Street transit terminal.

Stay in touch: construction website

Hydro One construction Hydro One’s work to relocate and bury a section of existing overhead transmission infrastructure is continuing to progress along Hydro One’s right-of-way, between the Fairview Park Mall parking lot and Courtland Avenue East. This work will accommodate the future construction of ION. In recent months, the installation of the new underground cables along the right-of-way has been completed. Installation of new steel structures in the junctions located near Courtland Avenue and in the Fairview Mall Parking lot was also completed. In the coming months, crews will complete grading and restoration in the junctions and the existing overhead wire and towers will be removed. The entire project is expected to be completed this summer. For any project inquiries, please contact [email protected] or 1-877-345-6799.

A website dedicated to ION construction is available for residents and visitors. The site features an interactive ION route map, information on ION stops as well as an opportunity to sign-up for regular construction updates. A link to Grand River Transit (GRT) is also included in construction updates for areas where construction may affect GRT service. The website contains the most up-to-date information on all aspects of ION construction. Visit the website at Sign-up for Construction Updates:

#IONbiz promotes local businesses during construction Twitter users in Waterloo Region are encouraged to use the #IONbiz hashtag to highlight the fact that businesses along the ION corridor are open and accessible during construction. This could be an #IONbiz tweet that says your favourite Waterloo Region business is offering a great lunch special, or that an exciting twofor-one deal is taking place. ION will continue to promote Waterloo Region businesses on social media by retweeting all tweets with the #IONbiz hashtag. This is a simple way to show your support for all the businesses that make Waterloo Region unique.

About ION ION, the Region of Waterloo's rapid transit service, which was approved by Council in June 2011, is a visionary plan that will help shape the community for the future by bringing LRT to the region in two stages. Stage 1 includes a 19-kilometre LRT route from the Conestoga Mall transit terminal in Waterloo to the Fairview Park Mall transit terminal in Kitchener, with stops at 16 destinations including the University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier, UpTown Waterloo, Grand River Hospital, King/Victoria transit hub and Downtown Kitchener. Stage 1 also features a 17-kilometre route of aBRT from the Ainslie Street transit terminal in Cambridge to the Fairview Park Mall transit terminal in Kitchener. Stage 2 ION will see the Region convert the aBRT line to LRT, creating a seamless 37kilometre ION route with 23 stops between Cambridge and Waterloo.