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Languages: Website in English and Irish. Website: E: ... range of legal issues but also offers som



The Bar Council of Ireland represents barristers in Ireland. They are here to help, protect and promote barristers across Ireland.


LAW GOVERNING BODIES The Bar Council of Ireland &

E: [email protected]

Barrister’s Professional Conduct Tribunal

The Bar Council publishes a Code of Conduct and a Disciplinary Code that all barristers must obey. If a barrister does not follow the Code of Conduct or the Disciplinary Code, a client may complain about them to the Tribunal. There are various steps that should be taken to prior to complaining about a barrister to the Tribunal. Languages: Website in English

The Law Society of Ireland

T: +353 (0)1 817 5000 F: +353 (0)1 817 5150 Bar Council Administration Office Four Courts Dublin 7 Barristers’ Professional Conduct Tribunal 145/146 Church Street Dublin 7

The Law Society of Ireland represents solicitors in Ireland. They are here to help, protect and promote solicitors across Ireland, as well as deal with any complaints.


Lists of solicitors and a search tool to find a local solicitor is available on the Law Society website.

T: + 353 (0)1 672 4800 F: + 353 (0)1 672 4801

Languages: Website in English.

Blackhall Place, Dublin 7

E: [email protected]

Complaints and Client Relations Section E: [email protected]. T: +353 (0)1 879 8700 F: +353 (0)1 879 8785 George's Court, George's Lane, Dublin 7 OMBUDSMEN Office of the Ombudsman Oifig an Ombudsman

The Ombudsman reviews complaints and take action to redress any injustice where possible in cases where public bodies are failing / have not acted properly / have provided a poor service in relation to Ireland’s government department, or one of its agencies. Complaints can be made only after the complainant tried to redress situation with organisation involved first. The Ombudsman also provides outreach services in various towns and cities across Ireland on specific dates.

Website: E: [email protected] T: +353 (0)1 639 5600 F: +353 (0)1 639 5674 18 Lower Leeson Street Dublin 2

Languages: Website in English and Irish Garda Ombudsman Commission (GSOC)


The GSOC deals with complaints made by the public about the conduct of the garda. If you have a complaint to make against a garda officer, you should contact the Commission.


Complaints are expected within 6 months of the incident in question, but the GSOC may extend this time limit if it considers that there are good reasons for doing so.

T: +353 (0)1 871 67 27 LoCall: 1890 600 800

E: [email protected]

150 Abbey Street Upper Dublin 1

LEGAL ADVICE Citizen’s Information

The Citizens Information Board is an organisation that supports the provision of information, advice and advocacy on a broad range of public and social services





Faisnéis do Shaoránaigh

. This is a national agency which is responsible for giving information and advice on social services and money matters. It also provides advocacy services. Information is available through the citizen’s information services in person, by phone or on the website.

T: 076 107 4000 (9am-8pm, Monday-Friday) T: +353 761 07 9000 F: +353 1 605 9099

Citizen’s Advice has a Self-help website with legal and practical advice from Citizen’s Information Centres across the country. Languages: Website in English and Irish, with some information also available in certain in Polish, French and Romanian. Free Legal Advice Centres (FLAC)

FLAC is an independent human rights organisation dedicated to the realisation of equal access to justice for all. To this end it campaigns on a range of legal issues but also offers some basic, free legal services to the public. FLAC currently concentrates its work on four main areas: Legal Aid, Social Welfare, Credit & Debt and Public Interest Law.

Citizens Information Board Ground Floor George's Quay House 43 Townsend St. Dublin 2

Website: Information & Referral Line: 1890 350 250 T: +353 (0)1 8745690 F: +353 (0)1 8745320 13 Lower Dorset Street, Dublin 1

Legal Aid Board An Bord um Chúnamh Dlíthiúil

The Board is responsible for the provision of legal aid and advice on matters of civil law to persons unable to fund such services from their own resources (e.g. to victims of human trafficking and asylum seekers).


Please Note: The Legal Aid Board does not provide legal aid in criminal matters.

T: +353 (0)66 947 1000 LoCall: 1890 615 200 F: +353 (0)66 947 1035

E: [email protected]

Quay Street, Cahirciveen, Co. Kerry.

HUMAN RIGHTS Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL)

The Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) is Ireland’s leading independent human rights watchdog, which monitors, educates and campaigns in order to secure full enjoyment of human rights for everyone

Website: E: [email protected] T: +353 (0)1 799 4504 F: +353 (0)1 799 4512 9-13 Blackhall Place, Dublin 7


IPRT campaigns for the rights of people in prison and for prison reform. IPRT have a number of priority areas including: human rights within the prison system – aiming to build respect for and awareness of human rights standards in the penal system; and youth justice – highlighting human rights issues in relation to young people and the law.

Website: E: [email protected] T: +353 (0)1 874 1400 1 Green Street, Dublin 7

CHILDREN / YOUNG PRISONERS Children’s Rights Alliance

The Children’s Rights Alliance is a coalition of non-governmental organisations working to secure the rights of children in Ireland.


You could contact the Alliance if you had any questions about your rights as a child or young person.

E: [email protected] T: +353 (0)1 662 9400 31 Molesworth Street Dublin 2




SPIRASI is a humanitarian, intercultural, non-governmental organisation that works with asylum seekers, refugees and other disadvantaged migrant groups, with special concern for survivors of torture. SPIRASI aims to protect, rehabilitate and integrate survivors of torture and other vulnerable people. Teams of medical doctors, psychologists, therapists and psycho-social workers aid survivors of torture in their rehabilitation.



E: [email protected] T: +353 (0)1 8389664 F: +353 (0)1 8823547 213 North Circular Road Phibsborough Dublin 7