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Lunaphore Technologies is a young start-up company active in the In Vitro Diagnostics. (IVD) field developing a product
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Software Developer


Develop Lunaphore’s GUI

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February 2017

Lunaphore Technologies is a young start-up company active in the In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) field developing a product based on a microfluidic technology to analyze tissue samples for cancer diagnostics. In order to develop the company and product properly, Lunaphore is looking for a highly motivated candidate to join our team for a permanent full-time position in our offices at EPFL Innovation Park and contribute directly to the creation of a unique user experience with the Lunaphore product. We are looking for a software engineer with experience in user interfaces and capable to deal with both low-level and front-end programming. He or she will be part of a multidisciplinary team and work on a daily basis with users of the device. Experience in the field of medtech is a strong plus.

Key responsibilities The software engineer reports to the Head of Engineering and is in charge of developing the graphical user interfaces (GUI) and the software required for Lunaphore’s products and prototypes. This includes:   Development of a GUI for Lunaphore’s products: o   Implementation of the GUI according to wireframes and visual designs. o   Implementation of a communication protocol from the device firmware to a GUI (low-level programming). o   Working together with the User Experience and Marketing teams. Lunaphore Technologies, EPFL Innovation Park, Building C, CH-1015 Lausanne  

o   Writing of unit tests for each function of the GUI. o   Creation of the software documentation according to the quality management system and regulatory pathway.   Software maintenance and troubleshooting: o   Upgrade and debug existing versions of drivers and GUIs at Lunaphore. o   Versioning control.

Skills   You master the following programming languages: C++, Java, Python.   You have a strong understanding of software design patterns.   You are capable programming both in high and low level settings.   You are familiar with back-end and front-end software development.   You have experience in unit test writing.   You have a strong sense of design for usability.   You enjoy working as part of a team.   You have an excellent command of written & oral English.   You have an interest for multi-disciplinary tasks and ability to adapt in a constantly changing environment.   You hold a valid B or C permit or Swiss nationality.   Experience with image-processing algorithms is a plus.

Preferred qualifications informatics or related field.   Experience in GUI development.   Experience in medical device interfaces is a plus.

We offer   A multidisciplinary industrial project within a young and strongly growing hightech startup.   An international working environment with high level of diversity and strong network.   A highly interactive team with strong personal and technical qualities

Contact information If you are interested, send your application to: [email protected]

Lunaphore Technologies, EPFL Innovation Park, Building C, CH-1015 Lausanne