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An affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, the History Center is the largest history ... and increase the number of to

    JOB  POSTING   Group  Tour  Coordinator     About  the  Senator  John  Heinz  History  Center   From  the  pre-­‐revolutionary  drama  of  the  French  &  Indian  War  to  the  legendary  match-­‐ups  of   the  Super  Steelers,  discover  250  years  of  Pittsburgh  history  at  the  Senator  John  Heinz  History   Center.  An  affiliate  of  the  Smithsonian  Institution,  the  History  Center  is  the  largest  history   museum  in  Pennsylvania  with  six  floors  of  long-­‐term  and  changing  exhibition  space.  The  History   Center’s  museum  system  includes  the  Western  Pennsylvania  Sports  Museum,  a  dynamic   museum-­‐within-­‐a-­‐museum;  the  Fort  Pitt  Museum  in  Point  State  Park;  Meadowcroft  Rockshelter   &  Historic  Village,  a  National  Historic  Landmark  located  in  Avella,  Pa.  in  Washington  County;   and  the  History  Center’s  Museum  Conservation  Center.  The  History  Center  presents  the  most   compelling  stories  from  American  history  with  a  Western  Pennsylvania  connection,  all  in  an   interactive  environment  perfect  for  visitors  of  every  age.     Job  Posting   The  Heinz  History  Center,  a  14  year  affiliate  of  the  Smithsonian  Institution  and  the  largest   history  museum  in  the  Commonwealth  of  Pennsylvania,  is  currently  seeking  a  fulltime  Group   Tour  Coordinator  to  become  part  of  a  dynamic  and  growing  Education  Department  program.     The  Group  Tour  Coordinator  works  as  a  key  member  of  the  Senator  Heinz  History  Center’s   Education  Department.  This  individual’s  primary  responsibilities  are  to  market  and  arrange   group  tours  for  the  Heinz  History  Center.  The  Group  Tour  Coordinator  maintains  the  database   reservation  system  and  ensures  that  group  tour  arrangements  are  successful  from  the  initial   tour  request  until  the  arrival  of  the  group  on  their  scheduled  date.  This  position  works  to   establish  and  maintain  an  efficient  and  effective  reservation  process,  works  closely  with  other   team  members  to  provide  a  positive  experience  for  groups,  collaboratively  create  new  tour   experiences,  and  increase  the  number  of  tour  reservations  through  outreach  and  marketing   efforts.     This  is  a  fulltime  position  that  reports  to  the  Education  Manager.       Requirements     This   position   requires   a   minimum   of   a   Bachelor’s   degree,   with   a   degree   in   communications,   marketing,  or  hospitality  related  field  preferred.    

The  ideal  candidate  will:  have  a  minimum  of  one  to  two  years’  experience  with  demonstrated   skills   in   cultivating   and   coordinating   group   tour   audiences,   with   preference   for   non-­‐profit   experience;  demonstrated  experience  providing  high  levels  of  customer  service;  excellent  oral   and  listening  skills  and  the  ability  to  work  effectively  with  people  of  diverse  cultures,  ages,  and   economic  backgrounds;  demonstrated  positive  approach  to  problem  solving,  collaborating  with   others,  and    in  approaching  new  tasks;  excellent  project  management  skills;  and  the  ability  to  use   Microsoft  Office  suite  of  programs  and  a  reservation  database.     Application  Process     We  are  an  Equal  Opportunity  Employer.  We  do  not  discriminate  on  the  basis  of  race,  religion,   color,  sex,  age,  national  origin  or  disability.  Minorities  are  encouraged  to  apply.       Qualified  applicants  should  submit  a  cover  letter,  including  salary  requirements  and  how  you   learned  of  this  vacancy,  and  a  resume  to:       Renee  Falbo,  Director  of  Human  Resources     Senator  John  Heinz  History  Center     1212  Smallman  Street,  Pittsburgh,  PA  15222     412-­‐454-­‐6357     [email protected]