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Aug 16, 2017 - Key Responsibilities. Leadership. • Provide leadership to the Log Quality and Scaling team with a stron

August 16th, 2017

Job Posting Manager, Production Planning & Quality Control Reports To: Location:

Chief Operating Officer Nanaimo

The Opportunity Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, the Manager, Production Planning and Quality Control provides leadership and drive continuous improvement and superior results in safety, environmental stewardship and overall management of our Log Quality, Scaling, Grading and Log Inventory activities.

Key Responsibilities Leadership 

Provide leadership to the Log Quality and Scaling team with a strong focus on achieving world-class performance on safety and the environment, and adhering to living, and promoting the TimberWest values on a daily basis. Attend and be an active participant in Leadership Team meetings as well as operational and strategic planning meetings as required.

Integration 

Strive to maximize financial performance through coordination of North and South Island product mix with third party log purchases and Log Sales and Marketing activities. The nature of the integration role for this position means that it must achieve alignment throughout the company in supporting business objectives. Teamwork and a results oriented culture underpin this position.

Coordinate manufacturing strategies across the operations in order for timely response to market change and to fulfill marketing objectives outlined in the annual sales plan. This requires an intimate knowledge of the coastal second growth timber profile and traditional sales products. A working knowledge of domestic and international log markets would be a significant asset Through subordinates, directs the activities of professional log scaling staff and facilitates appropriate functional support (eg. Business Information Systems).

Planning 

Interpret inventory requests, production schedules, orders, and other do u e ts to oordi ate log ha dli g a ti ities ith the orga izatio ’s current and anticipated demand for logs.

Plan, direct and monitor all log inventory planning, inventory control, and storage activities in multiple facilities, so that the organization has access to the inputs, materials, goods, and services it needs for its current and future operations.

Manage and support long-term planning and annual budgeting processes; strong analytical skills and computer skills are essential.

Quality & Scaling 

Ensure log quality and product specifications are consistently aligned ith usto er eeds. Doi g so ill e a le Ti erWest’s ra d alue to be maintained or enhanced in the market place.

Maintain a strong working knowledge of coastal scaling methods and processes as well as the regulatory framework that governs these activities.

Provide feedback to contractor and company operations personnel on log quality, scaling and wood utilization performance.

Systems 

Oversee and provide systems support for the Log Information Management System (LIMS) and Log Quality Information systems.

Liaise with functional or operational area managers (Marketing & Sales, Timberlands operations, or forest resource specialists) to support the systemization of all aspects of production planning.

Provide LIMS and End Use Sort (EUS) prediction guidance and assistance to the Log Marketing group ensuring inventory control and maximizing corporate returns.

Key Accountabilities Annual 3.2 to 3.4 million M3 scaled and graded 20- 30 Sites for log scaling & quality activities Annual Operating Budget $ 5.1 million 5 Direct Reports 1 Indirect Report Page 2 of 3

Required Experience, Qualifications, Skills & Attributes 

A minimum of 10 years forest industry experience with emphasis in the area of log scaling and quality control.

Extensive knowledge in BC Coastal Log Scaling with a preference for Log Scaling Ticket.

Preference for a University Degree, an RPF.

Embraces personal health and safety as a priority.

Respectful and honest in all relationships.

Superior interpersonal, oral and written communications skills.

Superior data analytic capabilities including the ability to design and coordinate business intelligence tools to enhance business decision making capabilities.

Effectively organizes, plans work and prioritizes resources to deliver divisional and departmental plans and activities

Understand business operations, the structure and role of different departments, and how the log quality and scaling function contributes to support business results.

Makes it a priority to educate direct reports about business issues, challenges, opportunities and priorities.

Looks for creative approaches to improving services that may increase productivity and decrease cost.

Possesses strong leadership skills and works well in a team environment

Interested candidates should submit their cover letter and resume by email to [email protected].

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