JOB POSTING Volunteer Services Manager (Full-Time)

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JOB POSTING Volunteer Services Manager (Full-Time) Mission Empowering communities to eliminate hunger by providing food, education and resources through innovation and collaboration. Summary The Volunteer Services Manager leads the organization’s efforts to recruit, train, place, supervise and recognize community volunteers. Responsibilities 1) Oversee recruitment and placement of volunteers to support operational needs 2) Manage efforts to enhance volunteer orientation, education and recognition in order to create an overall positive experience for volunteers 3) Supervise the Volunteer Services team members 4) Develop strong relationships with community partners and promote volunteerism in to order to enhance collaboration and solicit volunteer support 5) Collaborate with leaders to forecast demand for volunteer services and new initiatives 6) Oversee the administration of a volunteer management system 7) Oversee volunteer appreciation events; provide ongoing informal recognition 8) Monitor volunteer engagement, satisfaction, performance and retention Requirements  Education and Experience Bachelor’s degree with a minimum five years of volunteer management experience and three to five years of supervisory experience, or combination of education and experience.  Technical Proficiencies Proficient knowledge of Microsoft Office, database management and volunteer software  Communication Skills Excellence in speaking, writing and presenting information; ability to deliver professional presentations to diverse audiences  Other Competencies Experience in developing and executing volunteer recruitment and engagement activities; analytic and problem solving skills to develop, access and enhance volunteer program; knowledge of philanthropic community Please submit cover letter and resume to [email protected]. Tarrant Area Food Bank is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Drug testing required.

Posted 3/22/2017